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Pulse Controlled Amplification technology (PCA technology) PCR technology GNA Biosolutions GmbH 2018-03-24
Alofisel® stem cell therapy Takeda (Group) 2018-03-23
ambr® 250ht perfusion automated parallel bioreactor system bioreactor Sartorius (Group) 2018-03-19
MetXtra metagenomic library genomic library (database/availability) BRAIN Biotech (Group) 2018-03-17
SP8 confocal microscope platform microscope, optical Danaher (Group) 2018-03-14
Ventech Capital V Fund fund, venture capital Ventech (Group) 2018-03-07
Beer Freshness solution (Bruker / FlavorActiv) food analysis (food testing)_o Bruker (Group) 2018-02-26
Edible Oil solution (Bruker) food analysis (food testing)_o Bruker (Group) 2018-02-26
MPA II FT-NIR Multi Purpose Analyzer spectrophotometer Bruker (Group) 2018-02-26
quantum cascade laser (QCL) technology microscope_o Bruker (Group) 2018-02-22
SEE-Tx platform (Site-directed Enzyme Enhancement Therapy platform drug discovery technology_o 2018-02-20
Vero suspension cell line rPP [recombinant protein production] Nuvonis Technologies GmbH 2018-02-18
GlucoMe Digital Diabetes Clinic (DDC) digital health (healthcare informatics)_o GlucoMe Ltd. 2018-02-14
Quasi Vivo® System cell culture system Lonza (Group) 2018-02-12
Genedata Selector® for Biosafety genomic software tools Genedata (Group) 2018-02-06
FluidFM® BOT cell analysis technology Cytosurge AG 2018-02-01
Silvacx technology (based on silicon dioxide nanoparticles) drug delivery technology_o Silvacx (project group at LSI) 2018-02-01
Xofluza® virostatic agent Shionogi (Group) 2018-02-01 E-health eTherapists GmbH ( 2018-01-30
Lupuzor™ immuno modulatory compound (IMO)_o Teva (Group) 2018-01-27
Genevestigator® software genomic software tools Immunai (Group) 2018-01-24
Genedata Selector® for Precise Genome Editing genomic software tools Genedata (Group) 2018-01-11
Diamond-SGC-iNEXT (DSI) Poised Library chemical compound library (availability) Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) (Oxford Univ + Univ of Toronto) 2018-01-10
Cellario lab automation scheduling software LIMS (laboratory information management system) HighRes Biosolutions Inc. 2018-01-09
Heracell CO2 incubator laboratory equipment and instruments_oo Thermo Fisher (Group) 2018-01-09
NucleoCounter® NC-200™ automated cell counter cell analysis technology ChemoMetec (Group) 2018-01-09
Global Cancer Database Solution (Indivumed) biobank Indivumed (Group) 2018-01-08
Prevymis™ virostatic agent Merck (US) (MSD) (Group) 2018-01-08
cobas® Plasma Separation Card sample extraction (technology)_o Roche (Group) 2018-01-04
RNAoptimizer® genomic technology CureVac (Group) 2018-01-04
Centrifuge 5910 R (Eppendorf) centrifuge_o Eppendorf (Group) 2018-01-01
DiagCORE Near Patient Testing system diagnostic device, in vitro Qiagen (Group) 2018-01-01 gut flora self-test diagnostic test Biomes NGS GmbH 2018-01-01
Luxturna® gene therapy_o Roche (Group) 2017-12-19
Ada personal health companion digital health (healthcare informatics)_o Ada Health (Group) 2017-12-18
Hadean Capital I fund fund, human health Hadean Ventures AS 2017-12-18
Pept-in™ protein knockdown technology drug design technology Aelin Therapeutics (BE) 2017-12-11
ADVOS (Advanced Organ Support) technology medical device_o Hepa Wash GmbH 2017-12-07
FastFinder real-time PCR interpretation software PCR software tools UgenTec N.V. 2017-12-05
Cyto-Mine® Single Cell Analysis System cell analysis technology Sphere Fluidics (Group) 2017-11-27
Idylla™ ctKRAS Mutation Test (IVD) clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Biocartis (Group) 2017-11-27
Idylla™ ctNRAS-BRAF Mutation Test (IVD) clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Biocartis (Group) 2017-11-27
xarvio™ digital farming solutions AGRI LIFE SCIENCES, digital Bayer (Group) 2017-11-27 (Boehringer Ingelheim) compound database Boehringer Ingelheim (Group) 2017-11-20
bio.logis Genetic Information Management Suite (GIMS) genomic software tools bio.logis (Group) 2017-11-16
Hemlibra® bispecific antibody Roche (Group) 2017-11-16
Molecular Health Effect® (MH Effect) s/w technology software tools (bioinformatics)_o Molecular Health (Group) 2017-11-16
pulmonary valve (Xeltis) medical device_o Xeltis (Group) 2017-11-15
Lumify mobile app-based diagnostic ultrasound solution diagnostic device_o Philips (Group) 2017-11-13
Pharos V8 real-time PCR system real-time thermocycler GNA Biosolutions GmbH 2017-11-13
Stericup® Quick Release filtration system filter (laboratory/biochem production)_o Merck (DE) (Group) 2017-11-13
IO-Panel services (Definiens) drug development services AstraZeneca (Group) 2017-11-08
Exovax platform vaccine technology Nouscom (Group) 2017-11-06
GalXC™ RNAi technology platform RNAi technology Dicerna Pharmaceuticals Inc. (Nasdaq: DRNA) 2017-11-02
3D InSight™ PDX Microtissues tissues InSphero (Group) 2017-10-26
Charon aerosol inlet for PTR-TOFMS mass spectrometry (MS) Ionicon (Group) 2017-10-24
histoCAT™ Imaging Mass Cytometry™ software mass spectrometry software (MS software) Fluidigm (Group) 2017-10-24
Hyperion™ Imaging System ICP mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) Fluidigm (Group) 2017-10-24
Universal Lateral Flow Assay-Kit (LFA-Kit) (Innova Biosciences) diagnostic test, rapid (point-of-care) 2invest (Group) 2017-10-24
Orbitrap GC-MS HRAM Metabolomics Library spectral database (spectral library) Thermo Fisher (Group) 2017-10-23
Unyvero IJI Invasive Joint Infections cartridge diagnostic test OpGen (Group) 2017-10-23
VeV technology (Variable electron Voltage technology) mass spectrometry (MS) Thermo Fisher (Group) 2017-10-23
Rydapt® cancer drug_o Novartis (Group) 2017-10-20
DCOne® cell line rPP [recombinant protein production] Immunicum (Group) 2017-10-19
3D InSight™ Human Liver Fibrosis Model tissues InSphero (Group) 2017-10-18
fluorescence image guided surgery_oo fluorescence image guided surgery 2017-10-18
Silktran®5621 hybrid polymer emulsion biological materials Zschimmer & Schwarz (Group) 2017-10-18
CodeEvolver® protein engineering platform protein engineering Codexis (Group) 2017-10-12
pharma.sensor app bio.logis (Group) 2017-10-12
Allrounder 570 S with Multilift V robotic system plastic moulding machine 2017-10-11
CentoMD® rare disease variant database genomic database Centogene (Group) 2017-10-09
cobas® Zika test clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Roche (Group) 2017-10-06
ACTengine® cell therapy approach cell therapy technology Immatics (Group) 2017-10-04
Navify Tumor Board Solution (cloud-based oncology care s/w) healthcare informatics_o Roche (Group) 2017-10-03
Alpha II Compact FTIR system spectrophotometer Bruker BioSciences (Group) 2017-10-02
LiMAx™ test diagnostic test Humedics GmbH 2017-10-01
ARM-D® real-time PCR kit clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) 2017-09-28
Cell-Free DNA BCT® direct-draw blood collection tube sample preparation (technology)_o 2017-09-28
Cell-Free RNA BCT® direct-draw blood collection tube sample preparation (technology)_o 2017-09-28
Zulu RT™ real-time thermocycler real-time thermocycler Streck Inc. 2017-09-28
Micronaut™ system for specialty susceptibility testing diagnostic technology_o Bruker (Group) 2017-09-26
CellClone technology antibody technology Vir Biotechnology (Group) 2017-09-21
PASEF technology (parallel accumulation and serial fragmentation) mass spectrometry (MS) Bruker (Group) 2017-09-18
timsTOF™ Pro mass spectrometer hybrid mass spectrometer Bruker (Group) 2017-09-18
BC|RQUEST integrated data analytics genomic and clinical data ( data integration and analysis software (bioinformatics) BC Platforms (BCP) (Group) 2017-09-13
Lunaris™ system (beads-on-a-chip multiplex protein analysis system) protein chip system (array, bead, lab-on-a-chip) Ayoxxa (Group) 2017-09-11
ZeptoCHIP protein chip product (array, bead, lab-on-a-chip) University of Tübingen (Eberhard-Karls-Universität) 2017-09-11
MediSilk technology tissue engineering / regenerative medicine_o MorphoMed GmbH 2017-09-07
RegACL regenerative medical silk ACL (anterior cruciate ligament)) transplant tissue engineering / regenerative medicine_o MorphoMed GmbH 2017-09-07
D8 Discover Plus™ X-ray diffraction (XRD) system X-ray technology Bruker (Group) 2017-09-06
Pharmacoscopy® ex vivo drug response profiling platform drug development technology Exscientia (Group) 2017-09-04
Lutathera® RADIOPHARMACEUTICAL (RPT) Novartis (Group) 2017-09-01
Kymriah® CAR T-cell therapy product Novartis (Group) 2017-08-30
BioReliance® End-to-End Solutions drug development services Merck (DE) (Group) 2017-08-29
Cyltezo™ (biosimilar adalimumab-adbm to Humira) TNF antibody Boehringer Ingelheim (Group) 2017-08-29
Mavenclad™ cancer drug_o Merck (DE) (Group) 2017-08-25
Imraldi® (SB5, biosimilar adalimumab) TNF antibody Biogen (Group) 2017-08-24
Eiger2 R 500K Hybrid Photon Counting (HPC) pixel detector analytical instrument_other Dectris Ltd. (CH) 2017-08-22
STEP® cell line technology Batavia (Group) 2017-08-22
SupraAntigen™ platform antibody technology AC Immune S.A. (Nasdaq: ACIU) 2017-08-22
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