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Find below all kinds of products and services from companies Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Sargénor pharmaceutical_oo Æterna Zentaris (Group) 1990-01-01
Skinoren® dermatic_o Bayer (Group) 1990-01-01
Teldane® antiallergic_o Sanofi (Group) [since May 2011] 1990-01-01
Impletol® Lokalanästhetika / Neuraltherapeutika_s (qm) Bayer (Group) 1989-09-01
Alveofact® Phospholipide [qm] Boehringer Ingelheim (Group) 1989-01-01
Buscopan® Spasmolytika 1989-01-01
Cymevene® anti-infective drug_o Roche (Group) 1989-01-01
Dopergin dopamine agonist Bayer (Group) 1989-01-01
Gammaferon® cytokine Rentschler (Group) 1989-01-01
MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry technology mass spectrometry (MS) 1989-01-01
MAT900 mass spectrometer sector mass spectrometer Thermo Fisher (Group) 1989-01-01
Noctamide® Hypnotica / Sedativa_s (qm) Bayer (Group) 1989-01-01
Polyferon® cytokine Rentschler (Group) 1989-01-01
Proleukin® cytokine Rentschler (Group) 1989-01-01
Saizen® anterior pituitary lobe hormone or analogue Merck (DE) (Group) 1989-01-01
Surfactant Thomae® Phospholipide [qm] Boehringer Ingelheim (Group) 1989-01-01
Kybernin® anticoagulant_o Sanofi (Group) [since May 2011] 1988-03-04
Femovan® OC (3rd generation) Bayer (Group) 1988-01-01
Novodigal® Kardiaka_o [qm] Beiersdorf (Group) 1988-01-01
Omnipaque® Bayer (Group) 1988-01-01
Taurolin® chemotherapeutic Boehringer Ingelheim (Group) 1988-01-01
Tramal® opioid Grünenthal (Group) 1988-01-01
Ultravist® contrast medium / imaging agent Bayer (Group) 1988-01-01
Voltaren® non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug Novartis (Group) 1988-01-01
Actilyse® fibrinolytic agent Boehringer Ingelheim (Group) 1987-10-13
Actigall® gastrointestinal drug_o Novartis (Group) 1987-01-01
Ciprobay® fluoroquinolone Bayer (Group) 1987-01-01
Roferon® cytokine Roche (Group) 1986-06-01
Decapeptyl® cancer drug_o Ipsen (Group) 1986-01-01
Finnigan TSQ 70 mass spectrometer triple quadrupole mass spectrometer Thermo Fisher (Group) 1986-01-01
MAT90 mass spectrometer sector mass spectrometer Thermo Fisher (Group) 1986-01-01
Finnigan ITMS mass spectrometer ion trap mass spectrometer Thermo Fisher (Group) 1985-01-01
Nimotop® calcium channel blocker Bayer (Group) 1985-01-01
European Collection of Authenticated Cell Cultures (ECACC) cell bank_o United Kingdom (GB) (govt) 1984-01-01
Buscopan® compositum Spasmolytika Boehringer Ingelheim (Group) 1983-01-01
Finnigan ITD mass spectrometer ion trap mass spectrometer Thermo Fisher (Group) 1983-01-01
Fortum® cefalosporin GSK (Group) 1983-01-01
Mycospor® antimycotic Bayer (Group) 1983-01-01
Finnigan TSQ 45 mass spectrometer triple quadrupole mass spectrometer Thermo Fisher (Group) 1981-01-01
Grafalon® (formerly ATG-Fresenius S) polyclonal antibody Fresenius (Group) 1981-01-01
Polyglobin® immunoglobulin G Bayer (Group) 1981-01-01
Temgesic® opioid Roche (Group) 1981-01-01
Biltricide® anthelmint(h)ic_o Bayer (Group) 1980-01-01
Stilamin® hypothalamic hormone Merck (DE) (Group) 1980-01-01
Multipette® dispenser (product series) dispenser Eppendorf (Group) 1979-01-01
Zinacef® cefalosporin GSK (Group) 1978-01-01
Baypen® penicillin Bayer (Group) 1977-01-01
Rheumon® non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug Bayer (Group) 1977-01-01
Securopen® penicillin Bayer (Group) 1977-01-01
Canesten® antimycotic Bayer (Group) 1973-01-01
albumin, human serum derivate (qm) Sanofi (Group) [since May 2011] 1970-01-01
Trasylol® proteinase inhibitor Bayer (Group) 1959-01-01
CH4 mass spectrometer (Atlas MAT) sector mass spectrometer Thermo Fisher (Group) 1958-01-01
CH3 mass spectrometer (Atlas MAT) sector mass spectrometer Thermo Fisher (Group) 1950-01-01
MS1 mass spectrometer (Atlas MAT) sector mass spectrometer Krupp (Group) 1948-01-01
analytical chemistry science 1900-01-01
Climodien® OC (oral contraceptive) Bayer (Group) 0200-12-01
1,4-butanediol (BDO) chemicals (excl. pharmaceuticals)_oo
2D gel analysis-s/w proteomic software tools
2D gel electrophoresis electrophoresis
3D bioprinting_ooo 3D bioprinting_o
accelerator, particle analytical instrument_other
ACTIV by Aphea.Bio® biostimulant seed treatment AGRI LIFE SCIENCES_o
Adalat® CR calcium channel blocker Bayer (Group)
ADVIA Centaur Immunoassay System diagnostic device, clinical Siemens (Group)
Affibody® technology (antibody mimetics) antibody technology Affibody Medical AB
Alzheimer test (blood) diagnostic test
Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing Amazon (Group)
amino acids for animal nutrition AGRIFOOD
AmpliChip™ clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Roche (Group)
antibiotic susceptibility test clinical test_other
atomic absorption spectrometer (AA spectrometer)_o atomic absorption spectroscopy
automated PCR CDx system molecular diagnostics
AVANCE™ NMR spectrometer (product series) NMR spectroscopy Bruker (Group)
ben-u-ron® paracetamol (class_3)
Benlysta® therapeutic antibody GSK (Group)
Bepanthen Wund- und Heilsalbe woundbare product, chemical Roche (Group)
biological fish/aquatic treatment DRUGS, VETERINARY
biology (science) science
blood test diagnostic test
bone replacement material_o biomaterials
C3DNA gene delivery technology (covalently closed and circular DNA) gene therapy technology
CAD106 (Cytos/Novartis) Alzheimer drug Novartis (Group)
CAP® technology (Cevec) rPP [recombinant protein production] Danaher (Group)
cardiac infarction marker_o diagnostic marker_o
cardiovascular device_oo cardiovascular device
CCMS technology (Capture Compound Mass Spectrometry) mass spectrometry (MS) Caprotec Bioanalytics GmbH
CDMO (CAGT) contract manufacturing (drugs)
cell line/system (recombinant protein production)_o rPP [recombinant protein production]
ChatGPT artificial intelligence_o
chemical synthesis chemical and biological services
chemistry (science) science
chip configuration (BCS)_o biochip service (array, bead, lab-on-a-chip)_o
Chromolith® monolithic HPLC column (product series) liquid chromatography (LC) Merck (DE) (Group)
Claritin® antihistamine Merck (US) (MSD) (Group)
clinical research software_o clinical software tools
coagulation test diagnostic test
cobas® 4800 BRAF V600 Mutation Test clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Roche (Group)
contract research (medical devices) medical device_o
cord blood bank biobank
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