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Find below all kinds of products and services from companies Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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e-Stroke platform (stroke imaging solution) AI-based healthcare/medical product Brainomix Ltd. 2021-12-16
Patronus Prehab App digital health (healthcare informatics)_o Patronus Health GmbH 2021-12-16
Quantum X bio 3D bioprinter bioprinter (bioprinting system) Bico (Group) 2021-12-15
Recursion Operating System (Recursion OS) drug discovery software Recursion Pharmaceuticals (Group) 2021-12-07
UCB0599 (Novartis / UCB / Neuropore Therapies) Parkinson drug UCB (Group) 2021-12-02
UCB7853 (UCB) therapeutic antibody UCB (Group) 2021-12-02
LabDisk technology (smart centrifugal microfluidics) biochip technology (array, bead, lab-on-a-chip)_o Dermagnostix GmbH 2021-11-26
PsorX-LabDisk test diagnostic test Dermagnostix GmbH 2021-11-26
AlphaMeld® cloud-based AI platform drug discovery software BioXcel (Group) 2021-11-24
Brukinsa® BTK inhibitor BeiGene (Group) 2021-11-23
gammy-CUBE preclinical micro-SPECT scanner PET/CT device Bruker (Group) 2021-11-19
X-CUBE preclinical micro-CT scanner PET/CT device Bruker (Group) 2021-11-19
ß-CUBE preclinical micro-PET scanner PET/CT device Bruker (Group) 2021-11-19
proteoCHIP™ single cell proteomic sample prep consumable sample preparation (technology)_o Bico (Group) 2021-11-15
Sporosan® disinfectant (biocide based on peroxynitrite acid) biocide Nebula Biocides GmbH 2021-11-10
TrojanDC technology cancer immunotherapy (immuno-oncology, I-O) Asgard Therapeutics AB 2021-11-09
CustomGlycan glycoengineering platform drug development technology GlycoEra AG 2021-11-05
LSP 7 fund (Life Sciences Partners) fund, human health EQT (Wallenberg family) (Group) 2021-11-04
BeatBox platform sample preparation, protein (technology) Bruker (Group) 2021-11-01
sciDROP Nano precision dispensing technology biochip print/spotting technology Bico (Group) 2021-10-27
spheroONE® single large-particle sorter and dispenser cell dispenser Bico (Group) 2021-10-27
Deraphan® Alzheimer drug Exciva GmbH 2021-10-26
Enzymatic DNA Synthesis (EDS) genomic technology DNA Script (Group) 2021-10-26
COMET® pulsed electric field focal gene therapy delivery system (Intergalactic Therapeutics) gene therapy technology Intergalactic Therapeutics Inc. 2021-10-07
iOTarg target discovery platform drug discovery technology_o iOmx Therapeutics AG 2021-10-05
Tab-cel® cancer immunotherapy (immuno-oncology, I-O) Atara Biotherapeutics (Group) 2021-10-04
Tavneos® anti-inflammatory drug_o ChemoCentryx Inc. 2021-10-01
Advent France Biotechnology Fund II (AFB Fund II) fund, venture capital AdBio Partners (Group) 2021-09-30
Hadean Capital II fund fund, human health Hadean Ventures AS 2021-09-27
Delta Q isotope ratio mass spectrometer mass spectrometer_other Thermo Fisher (Group) 2021-09-23
Digital Pathology Open Environment (Roche) data integration and analysis software (bioinformatics) Roche (Group) 2021-09-15
uPath software data integration and analysis software (bioinformatics) Roche (Group) 2021-09-15
Ventana DP 200 slide scanner slide scanner / slide reader Roche (Group) 2021-09-15
Brisa app (digital companion for MS patients) digital health app Temedica GmbH 2021-09-14
EndolucinBeta® (n.c.a. 177Lu) RADIOPHARMACEUTICAL (RPT) ITM (Group) 2021-09-13
Gallium Generator RADIOPHARMACEUTICAL (RPT) ITM (Group) 2021-09-13
PepMap Neo LC columns liquid chromatography (LC) Thermo Fisher (Group) 2021-09-08
Vanquish Neo UHPLC system liquid chromatography (LC) Thermo Fisher (Group) 2021-09-08
ChromSword AutoRobust HPLC software cheminformatics software tools ChromSword (Group) 2021-08-16
ChromSwordAuto HPLC software cheminformatics software tools ChromSword (Group) 2021-08-16
Vanquish Method Development HPLC and UHPLC system cheminformatics software tools Thermo Fisher (Group) 2021-08-16
Berkeley Lights Platform cell analysis technology Bruker (Group) 2021-08-11
Brimochol™ ophthalmic_o Visus Therapeutics Inc. 2021-08-10
Xerna™ TME panel diagnostic test OncXerna Therapeutics (Group) 2021-08-09
ArchiMed MED III Fund fund, human health 2021-08-05
Synthace Life Sciences R&D Cloud software tools (bioinformatics)_o Synthace (Group) 2021-08-02
AlphaFold AI-based proteomic software system proteomic software tools Alphabet (formerly Google) (Group) 2021-07-22
AlphaFold Protein Structure Database proteomic database Alphabet (formerly Google) (Group) 2021-07-22
xSeedScore® technology plant breeding Computomics (Group) 2021-07-22
MyopiaX® digital health product for childhood myopia disease/treatment management software Dopavision GmbH 2021-07-14
LC-TDS drug delivery technology (Langerhans Cell Target Delivery System) topical drug delivery technology Cutanos GmbH 2021-07-05
ATOM AI-powered image analysis platform drug discovery software Nucleai MD (IL) 2021-06-25
QuEEN™ protein degradation platform drug development technology Monte Rosa Therapeutics (Group) 2021-06-23
Lucullus Process Information Management System (PIMS) data integration and analysis software (bioinformatics) Sartorius (Group) 2021-06-22
SIMCA® data exploratory tool (Sartorius) data integration and analysis software (bioinformatics) Sartorius (Group) 2021-06-22
3D CoSeedis™ technology platform 3D cell culture technology (organoid technology) ABC Biopply AG 2021-06-14
Lifebit REAL platform AI-based diagnostics_o Lifebit Biotech Ltd. 2021-06-09
eNKab platform cell therapy technology MedXCell (Group) 2021-06-04
Lindera SturzApp AI-based mobility analysis digital health (healthcare informatics)_o Lindera GmbH 2021-06-03
LTech Lindera Software Development Kit digital health (healthcare informatics)_o Lindera GmbH 2021-06-03
GoSilico ChromX software software, scienctific_o GoSilico GmbH 2021-06-02
GoSilico DSPX software software, scienctific_o GoSilico GmbH 2021-06-02
nRavel™ AI Platform for Cancer Research and Drug Development AI-based drug discovery technology Indivumed (Group) 2021-06-02
PaSER proteomics software proteomic software tools Bruker (Group) 2021-06-01
timsTOF™ Pro II mass spectrometer hybrid mass spectrometer Bruker (Group) 2021-06-01
timsTOF™ SCP mass spectrometer hybrid mass spectrometer Bruker (Group) 2021-06-01
DiscoverHAYA™ drug discovery engine drug discovery technology_o Haya Therapeutics S.A. 2021-05-20
Lambda-cap™ technology antibody technology Numab (Group) 2021-05-20
2PP technology (Two-Photon Polymerization technology) 3D bioprinting_o Bico (Group) 2021-05-19
QIAcuity digital PCR instrument (product series) thermocycler (thermal cycler)_o Qiagen (Group) 2021-05-17
T-LITE platform (small molecule-dependent activation of T-cell engagers) cell therapy technology 2021-05-17
Abingworth Clinical Co-Development Fund 2 (ACCD 2) fund, human health Carlyle (Group) 2021-05-10
EchoLUTION Viral RNA/DNA Swab Kit nucleic acid purification (kit) BioEcho (Group) 2021-05-10
PSARlink™ drug-linkers drug development technology Mablink Bioscience S.A.S. 2021-04-27
3D3 Technology for patient-specific drug response analysis personalised medicine / precision medicine PreComb Therapeutics AG 2021-04-26
Zynlonta™ antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) ADC Therapeutics (Group) 2021-04-23
Endeavour Medtech Growth II (EMG II) LP fund, human health Endeavour Vision (Group) 2021-04-22
J.POD® technology biopharmaceutical production technology Evotec (Group) 2021-04-20
Veros™ platform genomic diagnostic technology Sherlock Biosciences (Group) 2021-04-20
Centrifuge 5910 Ri (Eppendorf) centrifuge_o Eppendorf (Group) 2021-04-16
VisioNize® Digital Lab Suite device software_o Eppendorf (Group) 2021-04-16
DECODE™ discovery platform (Repertoire Immune Medicines) drug discovery technology_o Repertoire Immune Medicines (Group) 2021-04-13
Lopain (MTX-071) pain drug 2021-04-12
Qutenza™ pain drug Grünenthal (Group) 2021-04-12
Gemtesa® urological drug_o Sumitomo (Group) 2021-04-01
Axinon® diagnostics software software tools (bioinformatics)_o Numares (Group) 2021-03-24
Axinon® GFRNMR IVD test clinical NMR-based test Numares (Group) 2021-03-24
AI-Advanced Data Analytics platform drug discovery software Indivumed (Group) 2021-03-18
ePlex® system diagnostic device, clinical Roche (Group) 2021-03-15
HypoxE test® clinical test_other InfanDx (Group) 2021-03-11
AblaView® ablation catheter system cardiovascular device MedLumics S.L. 2021-02-10
SOPHiA Radiomics Platform (medical images analysis for research use) data integration and analysis software (bioinformatics) Sophia Genetics (Group) 2021-02-08
InfanDx HypoxE-test clinical test_other InfanDx (Group) 2021-02-04
Abingworth Bioventures 8 (ABV 8) fund, human health Carlyle (Group) 2021-02-03
BAMS™ research test (bead assisted mass spectrometry test) research test Adeptrix Corporation 2021-01-28
BAMS™ SARS-CoV-2 research test research test Adeptrix Corporation 2021-01-28
BAMS™ technology (bead assisted mass spectrometry multiplexed immunoassay platform) proteomic technology Adeptrix Corporation 2021-01-28
HDAd vector platform gene therapy technology GeneQuine (Group) 2021-01-26
Chemical.AI Computer-Aided Synthesis Planning (CASP) system chemical technology_o Chemical.AI (Wuhan Zhihua Technology) (Group) 2021-01-25
CrossTAg technology immunotherapy_o Medigene (Group) 2021-01-13
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