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miniscope (miniaturised microscopes for in-vivo animal brain imaging) microscope_o Bruker (Group) 2022-11-08
Trusted Collaboration Environment (TCE) (BC Platforms) data management and workflow software (bioinformatics) BC Platforms (BCP) (Group) 2022-11-08
Biodata Network (Centogene) genomic database Centogene (Group) 2022-11-03
Reverse Clinical Engineering® testing procedure personalised medicine / precision medicine CellPhenomics (incl. ASC Oncology) (Group) 2022-11-01
E.MPD translational molecular patient data platform clinical database Evotec (Group) 2022-10-25
CHOnamite® cell line platform rPP [recombinant protein production] Canton Biologics (Group) 2022-10-20
EnPC® drug delivery technology (Engineered Protein Capsules), drug delivery technology for crossing blood-brain-barrier (BBB drug delivery) Neuway Pharma GmbH 2022-10-12
Monipa real-time monitoring system (mid infrared spectroscopy-based system for biopharma process analytical technology) infrared spectroscopy Irubis GmbH 2022-10-06
Cardioids (human cardiac organoids) 3D cell culture technology AG 2022-10-05
PPI-FIT approach (Pharmacological Protein Inactivation by Folding Intermediate Targeting approach) drug development technology Sibylla Biotech S.p.A. 2022-10-04
AveloCollect breath aerosol collector diagnostic device, clinical Avelo AG 2022-09-20
ScaiVision single-cell analytics platform cell analysis technology Scailyte AG 2022-09-19
proteoCHIP LF 48 sample preparation (technology)_o Bico (Group) 2022-09-13
Biofloat™ 96-well-plate with highly anti-adhesive surface coating plate (laboratory)_o faCellitate GmbH 2022-09-07
EchoLUTION technology nucleic acid purification (technology) BioEcho (Group) 2022-09-02
Spevigo® dermatic_o Boehringer Ingelheim (Group) 2022-09-02
heliX® biosensor system analytical instrument_other Dynamic Biosensors (Group) 2022-09-01
LabX™ Balance software device software_o Mettler-Toledo (Mettler Toledo) (Group) 2022-09-01
affinity matrix for the isolation of antibodies that is controlled by light (Lumatix Biotech) sample purification / sample separation (technology)_oo Lumatix Biotech GmbH 2022-08-26
Digital LightCycler® System thermocycler (thermal cycler)_o Roche (Group) 2022-08-23
KIN001 (Kinarus) virostatic agent Kinarus Therapeutics Holding AG (SIX: KNRS) 2022-08-22
Cimerli™ (FYB201, ranibizumab biosimilar) ophthalmic_o Formycon (Group) 2022-08-03
Somnia Digital Health Solution digital health app ResMed (Group) 2022-08-02
Forty51 Ventures Fund I SCSp, FIAR fund, human health Forty51 Ventures (Group) 2022-07-18
SHS VI fund fund, human health_o SHS Capital (Group) 2022-07-18
ATAC® technology drug development technology Heidelberg Pharma (Group) 2022-07-13
Cotellic® MEK inhibitor Roche (Group) 2022-07-07
flowDx technology point-of-care diagnostic device Highfield Diagnostics Ltd. (HDx) 2022-07-05
MolYsis™ technology nucleic acid purification (technology) Molzym GmbH & Co. KG 2022-06-29
Primariz OEM XYZ-Autosampler laboratory automation equipment_o Knauer (Group) 2022-06-27
Carma Fund I fund, human health Carma Fund (Group) 2022-06-21
Kranus Edera prescription digital therapeutic disease/treatment management software Kranus Health (Group) 2022-06-20
High-Tech Gründerfonds IV (HTGF IV) fund_o High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) (Group) 2022-06-14
Forbion Growth Opportunities Fund II (Forbion Growth II) fund, human health Forbion (Group) 2022-06-09
FramePro platform drug discovery technology_o CureVac (Group) 2022-06-08
ACINDA® drug discovery platform drug discovery technology_o Invasight AG 2022-06-07
ACTallo® platform (allogeneic gamma delta T cell therapy platform) cell therapy technology Immatics (Group) 2022-06-02
HH2E-Werk hydrogen power station Versorgungsunternehmen HH2E (Group) 2022-06-01
KET01 (HMNC 202210, oral, prolonged release ketamine formulation) narcotic_o (qm) HMNC (Holsboer / Maschmeyer) (Group) 2022-06-01
BRT-DA01 transplantation (pluripotent stem cell-derived dopaminergic neurons) stem cell therapy Bayer (Group) 2022-05-31
Mercurius™ Blood BRB-seq sample preparation, nucleic acid (technology) Alithea Genomics S.A. 2022-05-24
Mercurius™ BRB-seq sample preparation, nucleic acid (technology) Alithea Genomics S.A. 2022-05-24
Volta technology (Avantium) industrial biotechnology_o Avantium (Group) 2022-05-17
BioEngine® enzyme engineering platform industrial enzyme Enzymaster (Group) 2022-05-12
BioSpec® Maxwell 3 Tesla MRI system magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Bruker (Group) 2022-05-09
BioSpec® Maxwell 7 Tesla MRI system magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Bruker (Group) 2022-05-09
BioSpec® Maxwell 9.4 Tesla MRI system magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) Bruker (Group) 2022-05-09
M-gager® antibody technology antibody technology CDR-Life AG 2022-04-13
OGAP® drug discovery platform drug discovery technology_o Oxford BioTherapeutics Ltd. (OBT) 2022-04-13
DiscoveryEngine software (PharmAI) drug discovery software PharmAI GmbH 2022-04-06
MAST® platform (automated bioreactor sampling system) laboratory automation equipment_o Merck (DE) (Group) 2022-04-05
synTQ® PAT software manufacturing software_o Bruker (Group) 2022-04-05
FluidFM® CellEDIT CRISPR cell line engineering service (based on its FluidFM® technology) genomic services Cytosurge AG 2022-03-30
Avatar-Rxy genomically-enabled drug discovery platform drug discovery technology_o LifeMine Therapeutics (Group) 2022-03-23
Omics Playground platform proteomic software tools BigOmics Analytics S.A. 2022-03-17
VizioNize Lab Suite LIMS (laboratory information management system) Eppendorf (Group) 2022-03-17
Gilde Healthcare Private Equity IV fund (GHPE IV) fund, human health_o Gilde Investment (Group) 2022-03-16
LED Thermo Flow cell analysis technology 2022-03-10
ALiCE® eukaryotic cell-free protein expression platform protein expression technology LenioBio GmbH 2022-03-07
Kurma Partners Growth Opportunities Fund fund, human health Eurazeo (Group) 2022-03-07
Ella® high-throughput egg screening machine AGRI LIFE SCIENCES_o In Ovo B.V. 2022-03-01
Celeris One™ platform AI-based drug discovery technology Celeris Therapeutics (CelerixTx) (Group) 2022-02-24
protein splicing technology drug development technology SpliceBio S.L. 2022-02-16
TOCscan® (68Ga-edotreotide) companion diagnostic diagnostic test ITM (Group) 2022-02-16
CellScrew technology (for cell culture consumables) cell culture technology_o Green Elephant Biotech GmbH 2022-02-11
Catuvab® blood management device medical device_o Lindis Blood Care GmbH 2022-02-09
BEC technology platform (BRAIN Biotech, CRIPSR) genomic technology BRAIN Biotech (Group) 2022-02-08
Kimmtrak® cancer immunotherapy (immuno-oncology, I-O) Immunocore Holdings plc (Nasdaq: IMCR) 2022-01-26
Zircofit™ fused silica connectors laboratory equipment and instruments_oo Bruker (Group) 2022-01-19
Zirconium™ cap-UHPLC system liquid chromatography (LC) Bruker (Group) 2022-01-19
Zirconium™ Qube autosampler laboratory automation equipment_o Bruker (Group) 2022-01-19
Zirconium™ split-less pump technology liquid chromatography (LC) Bruker (Group) 2022-01-19
Zirconium™ Ultranano-UHPLC system liquid chromatography (LC) Bruker (Group) 2022-01-19
FluidFM® OMNIUM system cell analysis technology Cytosurge AG 2022-01-18
Plasmitec® pDNA develpment + production platform genomic technology Wacker (Group) 2022-01-17
Permea Insights health data analytics platform health data analysis software Temedica GmbH 2022-01-12
Permea Monitor health data analytics platform health data analysis software Temedica GmbH 2022-01-12
Early Warning System (EWS) for SARS-CoV-2 Variants (BioNTech/InstaDeep) AI-based diagnostics_o BioNTech (Group) 2022-01-11
ISABO point-of-care device (portable blood transfusion security device) diagnostic device, blood screening 2021-12-22
e-Stroke platform (stroke imaging solution) AI-based healthcare/medical product Brainomix Ltd. 2021-12-16
Patronus Prehab App digital health (healthcare informatics)_o Patronus Health GmbH 2021-12-16
Quantum X bio 3D bioprinter bioprinter (bioprinting system) Bico (Group) 2021-12-15
Recursion Operating System (Recursion OS) drug discovery software Recursion Pharmaceuticals (Group) 2021-12-07
UCB0599 (Novartis / UCB / Neuropore Therapies) Parkinson drug UCB (Group) 2021-12-02
UCB7853 (UCB) therapeutic antibody UCB (Group) 2021-12-02
LabDisk technology (smart centrifugal microfluidics) biochip technology (array, bead, lab-on-a-chip)_o Dermagnostix GmbH 2021-11-26
PsorX-LabDisk test diagnostic test Dermagnostix GmbH 2021-11-26
AlphaMeld® cloud-based AI platform drug discovery software BioXcel (Group) 2021-11-24
Brukinsa® BTK inhibitor BeiGene (Group) 2021-11-23
gammy-CUBE preclinical micro-SPECT scanner PET/CT device Bruker (Group) 2021-11-19
X-CUBE preclinical micro-CT scanner PET/CT device Bruker (Group) 2021-11-19
ß-CUBE preclinical micro-PET scanner PET/CT device Bruker (Group) 2021-11-19
proteoCHIP™ single cell proteomic sample prep consumable sample preparation (technology)_o Bico (Group) 2021-11-15
Sporosan® disinfectant (biocide based on peroxynitrite acid) biocide Nebula Biocides GmbH 2021-11-10
CustomGlycan glycoengineering platform drug development technology GlycoEra AG 2021-11-05
LSP 7 fund (Life Sciences Partners) fund, human health EQT (Wallenberg family) (Group) 2021-11-04
BeatBox platform sample preparation, protein (technology) Bruker (Group) 2021-11-01
sciDROP Nano precision dispensing technology biochip print/spotting technology Bico (Group) 2021-10-27
spheroONE® single large-particle sorter and dispenser cell dispenser Bico (Group) 2021-10-27
Deraphan® Alzheimer drug Exciva GmbH 2021-10-26
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