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Find below all kinds of persons from Bayern (Bavaria) and Baden-Württemberg.

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Schaier, Matthias (TolerogenixX GmbH 201612– Managing Director) Managing Director TolerogenixX GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schalper, Claus (XL-protein 201410 Managing Director (CEO) before Pieris 201101 CFO) Managing Director XL-protein GmbH (XLp) Bayern (federal state)
Scharrer, Nicola (ITM Isotopen Technologien München 201603 Head of Marketing) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager ITM Isotopen Technologien München AG Bayern (federal state)
Scheek, Sigrid (Ascenion 200801 Technology Manager) IP Manager Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft (HGF) (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Scheidle, Jörg (Immatics 200501– CFO before BrainLab) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Immatics (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Scheipers, Andreas (sense2care 201101 Managing Director) Managing Director sense2care GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schell, Simone (Trelleborg 201704 Project Developm Engineer Life Sciences Europe at Trelleborg Sealing DE) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Trelleborg (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schendel, Dolores J. (Medigene 201602– CEO before CMO before Trianta Immunotherapies + HelmholtzZentrum München) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Medigene (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Schenke-Layland, Katja (Univ Tübingen 201805 Prof + Managing Director of NMI) Managing Director University of Tübingen (Eberhard-Karls-Universität) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Scherer, Dieter (Novaliq GmbH 200904– CBO before Apis Pharma + SKyePharma CH + LTS Lohmann) Chief Business Officer (CBO) HOPP Group (family of Dietmar Hopp) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Scherer, Mirko (MPM Capital 201207– Managing Director Munich + KI Capital before GPC Biotech CFO) Managing Director MPM Capital (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Schetter, Christian (Arix Bioscience 201812– Entrepreneur In Residence before Rigontec + Fresenius Biotech + Coley GmbH) Investment Manager Arix Bioscience (Group) Greater London (region)
Scheule, Albertus M. (Univ Hospital Tübingen 201506 Prof + CaveoMed GmbH 201404– Managing Director + Founder) Professor University of Tübingen (Eberhard-Karls-Universität) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schiewe, Hajo (Proteros 200708 EVP Business Development) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Proteros (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Schirmers, Bernhard (SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement 201110 Partner + Managing Director) Managing Director SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schlesinger, Monika (TVM Capital Life Science + Healthcare 201507 Global Communications Manager) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager TVM (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Schlick, Erich (Wellington Partners 201009 before 3i Healthcare Deutschland 200403) Investment Manager Wellington Partners Venture Capital GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Schlingensiepen, Karl-Hermann (Antisense Pharma 201107 Supervisory Board member + consultant before Managing Director) Supervisory Board Member Isarna Therapeutics GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Schmalbein, Dieter (Bruker Corp 200809 Managing Director of Bruker BioSpin GmbH) Managing Director Bruker Corporation (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schmid, Gerhard (Wacker 200501) n. a. Wacker (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Schmid, Heinz (Greiner Bio-One GmbH 200710 managing director) Managing Director Greiner (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schmid, Ingrid (Infoteam Software 201404 Key Account Manager Life Science) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Infoteam Software (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Schmid, Jochen (Cascat GmbH 201504 Managing Director) Managing Director Cascat GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Schmid, Thomas (Roche Diagnostic GmbH 200711– before Roche Pharma AG) n. a. Roche (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schmidt, Kristina (Lipid Therapeutics GmbH 201205– COO before Graffinity 200601–201204 CEO + Founder) Chief Operating Officer (COO) Lipid Therapeutics GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schmidt, Manfred (GeneWerk GmbH 201709 Managing Director) Managing Director GeneWerk GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schmidt, Ralf (High Tech Corporate Services GmbH 201402 Managing Director) Managing Director High Tech Corporate Services GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Schmidt, Ronny (Sciomics 201411 Business Development Manager) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Sciomics GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schmidt-Brand, Jan (Wilex 201404– CEO before CFO + Heidelberg Pharma 200109– CEO + CFO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Heidelberg Pharma (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Schmidt-Bäse, Dieter (Bio-Rad 201705 Sales Manager Central Europe) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Bio-Rad (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Schmitt, Markus (Multiplexion GmbH 201206– Managing Director) Managing Director Multiplexion GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schmitt-Kopplin, Prof. Dr. (Helmholtz 201312 Prof at Helmholtz-Zentrum München) Professor Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft (HGF) (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Schmoll, Andrea (Osborne Clarke 201612) Attorney / Lawyer Osborne Clarke (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Schmolz, Manfred (HOT Screen GmbH 201403– Managing Director) Managing Director HOT Screen GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schmuhl, Heike (Dechert LLP 200809 Munich) n. a. Dechert (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Schnappauf, Georg (ZSP Patentanwälte 201704 Partner) Patent Attorney ZSP Patentanwälte (Zwicker Schnappauf & Partner Patentanwälte PartG mbB) Bayern (federal state)
Schneider, Christian (Vesalius Biocapital 201006 Investment Manager before Polytechnos since 2001 before Centocor) Investment Manager Vesalius Biocapital (Group) Luxembourg (cl=4)
Schneider, G. F. (Astellas Pharma GmbH 200512 Director Licensing + Sales) IP Manager Astellas (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Schneider, Stephan (BF-Biolabs 200312– founder) Company Founder BadenBioTec GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schnell, Beate (InSphero 201601– Head of Sales before Promega + Abbott Diagnostics) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager InSphero (Group) Zürich (region)
Schnell, Ralf (Siemens 201408 General Partner at Siemens Financial Services Venture Capital) General Partner (venture partner) Siemens (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Scholl, Dirk (Dynamic Biosensors GmbH 201301 Managing Director (CFO)) Managing Director Dynamic Biosensors (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Scholl, Michael (Leukocare AG 201105 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Leukocare AG Bayern (federal state)
Schollmeier, Klaus (SuppreMol 201304– Managing Director before Santhera CEO + ING BHF-Bank + Abbott/Knoll/BASF) Managing Director Baxter (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Scholz, Martin (Leukocare AG 201105 CSO) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) Leukocare AG Bayern (federal state)
Schork, Stefan (Artel 201106 Business Development Europe) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Artel (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schottelius, Arndt (Kymab 201806 EVP RnD before MorphoSys 200812–201701 Chief Developm Officer before Genentech) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) Kymab Group Ltd. East of England (region)
Schotters, Markus (Aceos GmbH 201104 Managing Director) Managing Director Aceos GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Schrader, Marion (Rentschler 201602 Senior Director Company Communication + PR) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Rentschler (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schrödel, Carsten (Wörner & Partner Consulting GmbH 201109 Managing Director) Managing Director Wörner & Partner Consulting GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Schröder, Carola (Octapharma 201209 Managing Director of Octapharma Biopharmaceuticals GmbH) Managing Director Octapharma (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schröder, Christoph (Sciomics 201304– Managing Director + Founder) Managing Director Sciomics GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schubert, Sören (Univ München 201007 Research Group Leader Max von Pettenkofer Institute) Researcher (university / research institute) Max von Pettenkofer Institute for Hygiene and Medical Microbiology of LMU München Bayern (federal state)
Schultheiß, Sebastian J. (Computomics 201301 Manaing Director + Co-founder) Managing Director Computomics (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schulz, Wolfgang (Zweckverband Landeswasserversorgung in Langenau 201504) n. a. Zweckverband Landeswasserversorung (Baden-Württemberg / Bayern) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schulz-Drost, Michael (Siemens Business Services 200608) n. a. Siemens (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Schulze, Stefan (GME Medical Engineering GmbH 201112 Managing Director) Managing Director GME Medical Engineering GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Schulze, Thomas (Avontec 200307– Managing Director before november AG + Bayer AG) Managing Director Avontec GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Schunk, Markus (AstraZeneca 201809– COO at Definiens before CEO at Holtzbrinck Digital joined Holtzbrinck 2004 + KPMG) Chief Operating Officer (COO) AstraZeneca (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Schuricht, Jan (abcr GmbH 201809 Managing Director) Managing Director abcr GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schuster, Steffen (ITM Isotopen Technologien München 201603 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) ITM Isotopen Technologien München AG Bayern (federal state)
Schwandner, Ralf Thomas (Assay.Works GmbH 201607– Managing Director (CEO) + Co-Founder before Amgen Research GmbH) Managing Director Assay.Works GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Schwandner, Wolfgang (Arnika Beteiligungen 201703 Managing Director) Managing Director Arnika Beteiligungen GmbH (family office) Bayern (federal state)
Schwartz, Stephan, Gero (Univ Regensburg 200705 Institute for Pathology) Researcher (university / research institute) University of Regensburg, Institute for Pathology (IPUR) Bayern (federal state)
Schwarz, Gerold (Biotecon 201701– Product Manager before Analytik Jena + Bruker Datlonics + PANATecs) Product Manager (personnel) Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schwarz, Harald n. a. Medical Strategy GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Schwarz, Rainer (Cunesoft GmbH 201410 Managing Director (CEO)) Managing Director Cunesoft GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Schweitzer, Gretchen (Trophic Comunications 201801 before MacDougall European Office) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Trophic Communications GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Schweizer, Pascal (Thermosome GmbH 201604 Managing Director) Managing Director Thermosome GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Schwenzer, Anette (Promega 201101 Promega GmbH Head Digital Marketing/PR) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Promega (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schwiezer, Jürgen (Roche Diagnostics GmbH –200605– designated CEO Division Roche Diagnostics 200801) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Roche (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schühsler, Helmut M. (TVM) n. a. TVM (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Schüler, Julia (BioMedServices 201101– before BioRegion Rhein-Neckar 200910–201012 Managing Director + E&Y Mannheim) consulting (economic) BioMedServices, Dr. Julia Schüler Hessen (federal state)
Schüller, Ulrich n. a. LMU Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) Bayern (federal state)
Schüßler, Andrea (Huber & Schüßler 200809 Munich) n. a. Huber & Schüssler Patentanwälte (Munich) Bayern (federal state)
Schächtele, Christoph (ProQinase 200805 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Klinik für Tumorbiologie Freiburg (KTB) (Tumor Biology Center Freiburg) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schäfer, Elmar (Biogenerix 200503) n. a. Merckle (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schäfer, Gerhard (Novartis/Sandoz + before Hexal + Stada + Noll + Azupharma) n. a. Novartis (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Schäfer, Jochen (GATC Biotech 201011 Director Custom Sequencing) Laboratory Manager (industry) Eurofins (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schäfer, Klaus (Altana Pharma 200503) n. a. Takeda (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Schäffer, Michael (Probiodrug 201810– CBO joined 201808 as EVP Business + Strategy before Crelux + Sireen) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Probiodrug (Group) Sachsen-Anhalt (federal state)
Schöndube, Jonas (Cytena GmbH 201403– Managing Director + Co-Founder) Managing Director Cytena GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Scriba, Jürgen (Advalytix co-founder) n. a. Danaher (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Sebald, Walter n. a. University of Würzburg Bayern (federal state)
Sehlmeyer, Rasa (HighQu GmbH 201504 Managing Director) Managing Director HighQu GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Seibert, Daniel (Life Technologies 201105 CFO of Geneart AG LEFT Geneart BEFORE 7/12) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Thermo Fisher (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Seidel, Mathias (Denk Pharma 201611 Business Development) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Denk Pharma (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Seidler, Jörg (SGS 201110 Project Scientist at SGS M-Scan GmbH) Laboratory Manager (industry) SGS (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Seifert, Martin (Genomatix 201103 CEO existent before 200808 VP Business Development + Consulting) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Genomatix Software (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Seizinger, Bernd R. (GPC Biotech 199810– CEO before BMS Pharma Research Institute) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) HOPP Group (family of Dietmar Hopp) Bayern (federal state)
Sekhar, P. Chandra (Brand 200705 Consultant Indian Contact) n. a. Brand (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Sen, Michael (Siemens 201711 Manamgent Board Member) Board member, executive Siemens (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Senker, Jürgen (Univ Bayreuth 201802– Prof of Inorganic Chemistry + Head of Northern Bavarian NMR Centre) Professor University of Bayreuth Bayern (federal state)
Senne, Wolfgang (Oridis Biomarkers 201107 CEO LEFT BEFORE 5/12 before CFO before GeneScan + Carl Zeiss Medical) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Oridis Biomarkers GmbH Steiermark (Styria)
Serrar, Karim n. a. GoingPublic Media AG (FSE: WKN 761 210) Bayern (federal state)
Sheridan, Gerry (Molecular Health 201607– CFO based in Boston before Seno Medical + GDC Technics) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Molecular Health (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Sievert, Dominik (Inveox GmbH 201702– Managing Director + Co-Founder) Managing Director Inveox GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Sievert, Jörg (SAP 201209 Managing Director of SAP Ventures) Managing Director SAP (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Sikka, Vishal (SAP 201206 Executive Board Member) Board member, executive SAP (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Silverman, Bob (Gilde Healthcare 201305– Operational Partner before mtm laboratories 200807– CEO joined mtm 2005) Investment Manager Gilde Investment (Group) Netherlands_o
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