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Find below all kinds of persons from Bayern (Bavaria) and Baden-Württemberg.

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Parrisius, Jürgen (ActeaVentures 201403– Managing Partner before JP BioConsulting + Pfizer + Roche + Cardion) Managing Director ActeaVentures GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Paschlau, Joachim (ERC GmbH 201105 Managing Director) Managing Director ERC Gesellschaft für den Vertrieb wissenschaftlicher Geräte mbH (ERC GmbH) Bayern (federal state)
Paul, Les (Molecular Health 201607– CMO based in Boston before Caris Life Sciences + Intermune + Novartis) Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Molecular Health (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Pauli, Peter (BayBG 201110 Managing Director) Managing Director BayBG Bayerische Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH Bayern (federal state)
Paulista, Michael (Biopharm GmbH 201311 Managing Director) Managing Director Biopharm (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Pelster, Dirk (Trion Pharma 201106 COO) Chief Operating Officer (COO) Trion Pharma GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Perl, Thomas (Eyesight & Vision 201110 Managing Director Sales + Marketing) Managing Director Eyesight & Vision GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Persigehl, Peter (Eurofins 201405 Managing Director at Eurofins Genomics GmbH) Managing Director Eurofins (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Peter, Jochen F. (SensScreen 200909– CEO + founder) Managing Director SensScreen Technologies GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Peters, Malte (MorphoSys 201703– Chief Development Officer before Sandoz International + Novartis + Micromet) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) MorphoSys (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Peukert, Uwe (ActeaVentures 201403– Managing Partner before Roche + Lilly + Onyx + NewVac) Managing Director ActeaVentures GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Pfahlert, Volker (LipoFIT GmbH 201001– Managing Director COO before Roche Diagnostics + Dräger Medical) Managing Director Roche (Group) Indiana (federal state)
Pfeiffer, Christian (da-cons GmbH 201504 Managing Director + CO-Founder) Managing Director da-cons GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Pfleiderer, Wolfgang (Chemogenix 2000) n. a. Roche (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Pfuhl, Andreas (Luxendo 201701 Managing Director) Managing Director Bruker Corporation (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Phelps, Robert (Lophius Biosciences 201311– Director Business Operations before SuppreMol + PARI Pharma) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Lophius Biosciences GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Pichler, Garwin (PreOmics GmbH 201601– Managing Director + Co-Founder) Managing Director PreOmics GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Pick, André (Cascat GmbH 201504 Managing Director) Managing Director Cascat GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Picot, Arnold (Univ München before TU München before Univ Hannover Professor) Professor LMU Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) Bayern (federal state)
Pieken, Wolfgang (Inveni Capital 200805 Inveni Capital GmbH Munich before MWG Biotech CEO) Partner (venture partner) Inveni Capital (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Pinkernell, Kai (Medigene 201602– CMO before Miltenyi Biotec + Cytori Therapeutics) Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Medigene (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Plaggenborg, Rainer (Grünecker 201604 Patent Attorney) Patent Attorney Grünecker Patent- und Rechtsanwälte PartG mbB Bayern (federal state)
Planck, Christian (Ethris 201301 Managing Director + Co-founder) Managing Director Ethris GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Plate, Klaus (Technologiepark Heidelberg 200501) n. a. Heidelberg (govt city) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Platte, Ulrich (sinYmed UG 201510– Managing Director) Managing Director sinYmed UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Bayern (federal state)
Plesch, Andreas (MetaSystems 200905 Managing Director) Managing Director MetaSystems (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Plum, Achim (Curetis 201505– CCO before Siemens + Epigenomics 200812 SVP Corporate Development) Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Curetis (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Plückthun, Andreas (Univ Zurich 200605) Board member, non-executive University of Zurich (UZH) Zürich (region)
Plümpe, Jörg (Active Motif Chromeon GmbH 200901) n. a. Active Motif (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Plöger, Frank (Biopharm GmbH 201311 CSO) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) Biopharm (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Poddevin, Bruno (Eurofins 201007 SVP Genomic Services) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Eurofins (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Pohl, Jens (Glycotope 201011 Managing Director Glycotope Biotechnology GmbH) Managing Director Celonic (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Pohl, Peter (GATC Biotech AG 200611 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Eurofins (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Pohl, Thomas (GATC 200804 Executive Boad Director) Board member, executive Eurofins (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Polack, Axel (Joint Polish Investment Fund 201503 General Partner before TVM since 2000 General Partner Life Sciences) General Partner (venture partner) Joint Polish Investment Fund (JPIF) (Group) Netherlands_o
Polifke, Tobias (Candor Bioscience 201310 Managing Partner) Managing Director Candor Bioscience GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Pollano, Federico (Rentschler 201803– SVP BusDev before Polpharma Biologics + Richter-Helm + BioGeneriX) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Merckle (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Poth, Harald (Landesbank Baden-Württemberg 201105 Senior Investment Manager LBBW Venture Capital GmbH) Investment Manager LBBW (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Poustka, Anne-Marie n. a. Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft (HGF) (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Prause, Burkhard (Bruker 200804– President of BEST joined 2002 before MPI Tuebingen) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Bruker Corporation (Group) Massachusetts (federal state)
Precht, Engelbert (Medigenomix 200809 and BIO Deutschland) Managing Director Eurofins (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Prehn, Guido (DPE Deusche Private Equity 201706 Partner) Partner (venture partner) DPE Deutsche Private Equity GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Prescher, Horst (SialoTec GmbH 201601– Managing Director) Managing Director SialoTec GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Pretsell, Douglas (Northbank Communications Munich 200508) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Instinctif Partners (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Proll, Christiane (Numares 201612) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Numares (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Proll, Günther (Biametrics GmbH 201105 Managing Director + Founder) Managing Director Biametrics GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Przybylski, Michael (Univ Konstanz 2009 Professor Analytical Chemistry) Professor University of Constance (Universität Konstanz) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Pröll, Florian (Biametrics GmbH 201105 Managing Director + Founder) Managing Director Biametrics GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Pröschel, Michael (Galenica 201102 Managing Director of Vifor Pharma Deutschland GmbH) Managing Director Vifor Pharma (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Puchta, Josef (Helmholtz 201810 Commerical Board Director at DKFZ) Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft (HGF) (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Pultar, Thomas (Biomeva GmbH 201104 Managing Director) Managing Director Asahi Glass (AGC) (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Puttar, Thomas n. a. Asahi Glass (AGC) (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Pöhlchen, Martin (Sinfonie LS 201206– Managing Director before Revotar + SuppreMol + Pieris) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sinfonie Life Science Management GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Pöpping, Bert (FOCOS GbR 201703– Co-Owner before Mérieux NutriSciences + GROFOR + Eurofins) Research & Development Manager FOCOS GbR (FOCOS Food Consulting) – Dr. Bert Pöpping + Dr. Carmen Diaz-Amigo Bayern (federal state)
Pötting, Sierk (BioNTech 201409– CFO before Sandoz Inc/Novartis + McKinsey) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) BioNTech (Group) Rheinland-Pfalz (federal state)
Pötz, Oliver (Signatope GmbH 201608– Managing Director + Co-Founder before Univ Tübingen Researcher at NMI) Researcher (university / research institute) Signatope GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Rampf, Stefan (Rentschler 201605– CFO before ABL Technik Entlackung GmbH + Volvo Financial Services in Ffm) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Rentschler (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Rant, Ulrich (Dynamic Biosensors GmbH 201301 Managing Director (CEO) + Founder) Managing Director Dynamic Biosensors (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Rapp, Ulf R. (Universität Würzburg 200504) n. a. University of Würzburg Bayern (federal state)
Rasche, Michael (AstraZeneca 201707– promoted CCO at Definiens joined 201602 as SVP Global Sales before Ayoxxa + Dako) Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) AstraZeneca (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Rasche, Thom (Earlybird 200809 Partner) Partner (venture partner) Earlybird (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Rascher-Eggstein, Gesa (Nanion Technologies 201607– Marketing Director before Anaxon + Axiogenesis + Cytocentrics) n. a. Nanion (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Rathgeb, Frank (Sygnis Pharma 201109 CMO) Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Expedeon (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Rauch, Jörg (Univ Heidelberg 201404 Managing Partner of Technology Transfer Heidelberg GmbH) Managing Director University of Heidelberg (Ruperto Carola) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Rauch, Peter (Candor Bioscience 201310 Managing Director) Managing Director Candor Bioscience GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Rausch, Oliver (Storm Therapeutics 201702 VP R&D before Cellzome + UCB Celltech + GSK) Research & Development Manager Storm Therapeutics Ltd. East of England (region)
Rauschenbusch, Alex (Grazia Equity GmbH 201412 Managing Partner) Managing Partner (investment firm) Grazia Equity GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Rehmann, Wolfgang (Taylor Wessing 201510 München + Head Life Sciences) Attorney / Lawyer Taylor Wessing (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Reimann, Andreas (Agilent Technologes Sales & Services GmbH & Co. KG 200706) n. a. Agilent (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Reindl, Max (Wavelight CEO + Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Novartis (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Reinecker, Marcus (Neopharm 201308– CFO at Neovii Biotech GmbH) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Neopharm (IL) (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Reinemer, Peter (Proteros Biostructures 201405– COO before SVP BusDev + Operations before EVP Scientific Marketing) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Proteros (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Reinhardt, Carsten (Immatics 200910– CMO before Micromet 200506– CMO before Roche) Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Immatics (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Reinhardt, Erich R. (Siemens Medical Solutions 200604 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Siemens (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Reinhardt, Marc n. a. Capgemini (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Reis, André n. a. University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Friedrich Alexander University, FAU) Bayern (federal state)
Reisenauer, Mark (Micromet 200709– Senior VP + CCO) n. a. Amgen (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Reitermann, Michael (Siemens 201306 CEO of Siemens Healthcare Diagnsotics before President Molecular Imaging) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Siemens (Group) Hessen (federal state)
Reithinger, Holger (Forbion 201004– Managing Director Forbion Capital Partners Munich before GLSV Munich + 3i Germany) Managing Director Forbion Capital Partners (NL) Bayern (federal state)
Rentschler, Nikolaus F. (Rentschler Biotechnologie 201604– Supervisory Board before Managing Director (CEO)) Supervisory Board Member Rentschler (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Resch, Heide Marie (NanoTemper 201504 Application Specialist + Marketing) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager NanoTemper (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Reschauer, Stephan (Epidauros 200603 Patents + Licensing) n. a. Danaher (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Reski, Ralf (Univ Freiburg 1999 Professor + Greenovation Biotech GmbH Co-founder) Professor University of Freiburg (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Ress, Heiko (Bruker 201503 Marketing Communications Director at Bruker AXS) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Bruker Corporation (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Reuter, Bianca (Bio-M 201211 Business Development Manager) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Bavaria (govt region) Bayern (federal state)
Richter, Karl (Bio-Gate AG 201104 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bio-Gate (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Ricker, Mathias (Wallinger Ricker Schlotter Trastmann 201409 Patent Attorney + Founding Partner) Patent Attorney Wallinger Ricker Schlotter Tostmann Patent- und Rechtsanwälte (WRST) Bayern (federal state)
Rickert, Jörn (CorTec GmbH 201011 Managing Director) Managing Director CorTec GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Ridder, Ruediger (mtm laboratories –200707– CSO) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) Roche (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Ried, Georg (Bavaria (govt) 201607 Managing Director of Bayern Kapital) Managing Director Numares (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Riedl, Claudia (Gutjahr-Löser) (MC Services 201710– Managing Director before MorphoSys 2002–2017 + Cassiopeia + DB) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager MC Services AG Bayern (federal state)
Rieger, Markus n. a. GoingPublic Media AG (FSE: WKN 761 210) Bayern (federal state)
Rinecker, Markus (Definiens 201210 CFO) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) AstraZeneca (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Ripplinger, Peter (Subitec GmbH 201207 Managing Director) Managing Director Subitec GmbH Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Risse, Bernd (Roche Diagnostics 200503) n. a. Roche (Group) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Ritter von Onciul, Andreas (SciMax 200209 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) SciMax Scientific Software Distribution Bayern (federal state)
Ritter, Johannes (Roche 201106 Head Communications Roche Penzberg) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Roche (Group) Bayern (federal state)
Roesky, Christian (Hopp Group 201611– CEO of Novaliq GmbH before Bausch + Lomb + Abbott + Alcon) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) HOPP Group (family of Dietmar Hopp) Baden-Württemberg (federal state)
Rolka, Felix Shimon (Evanium Healthcare 201905 Managing Director) Managing Director Evanium Healthcare GmbH Bayern (federal state)
Roschmann, Elke (Epidauros 200707– promoted to Head Strategic Development + Licensing) n. a. Danaher (Group) Bayern (federal state)
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