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Find below news from the Western German Federal States of Hessen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland. Listed are news about this region as well as from organisations located there.

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MC Services AG. (4/14/15). "Press Release: MC Services Further Expands Its Financial Communications Expertise with the Appointment of Fabian Lorenz as a Senior Consultant". Düsseldorf. 2015-04-14
Boehringer Ingelheim. (4/13/15). "Press Release: Hydra Biosciences and Boehringer Ingelheim Enter Research Collaboration Focused on Renal Diseases and Disorders". Cambridge, MA & Ingelheim. 2015-04-13
Accovion GmbH. (4/13/15). "Press Release: Accovion Signs Agreement to Be Acquired by Clinipace Worldwide". Frankfurt & Eschborn. 2015-04-13
Biofrontera AG. (4/8/15). "Press Release: Biofrontera Stabilizes Shareholder Structure. Block Trade Completed Off-market – Biofrontera Enters Essential Growth Phase with Long-term Investors". Leverkusen. 2015-04-08
Merck KGaA. (4/7/15). "Press Release: Global Strategic Partners Merck and Pfizer Finalize Agreement to Co-Promote Xalkori (crizotinib)". Darmstadt & New York. 2015-04-07
Merck KGaA. (4/1/15). "Press Release: Merck Serono and Medicines for Malaria Venture Sign Agreement to Develop Potential Antimalarial Therapy". Darmstadt. 2015-04-01
Bayer AG. (4/1/15). "Press Release: New Phase 3 Study in China Confirms Vision Improvement for Patients with Wet Age-Related Macular Degeneration when Receiving Aflibercept Solution for Intravitreal Injection [Not intended for U.S. and UK Media ]". Berli 2015-04-01
Lead Discovery Center GmbH. (3/31/15). "Press Release: LDC and HZI Enter Partnership for the Discovery of New Drugs against Multi-resistant Bacteria". Dortmund. 2015-03-31
Bayer AG. (3/31/15). "Press Release: Personalized Cardiology. Bayer HealthCare Expands Collaboration with Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to Develop Therapies for Cardiovascular Disease [Not intended for UK Media]". Leverkusen. 2015-03-31
Direvo Industrial Biotechnology GmbH. (3/31/15). "Press Release: Direvo Announces the USPTO Issuance of a Patent Claiming the Use of Enzyme Mixes In Biorefineries". Cologne. 2015-03-31
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (3/31/15). "Press Release: A Consortium Led by High-Tech Gründerfonds and Innovationsstarter Invests in Sonormed. E-health Solution Tinnitracks Can Alleviate Tinnitus". 2015-03-31
Merck KGaA. (3/30/15). "Press Release: Merck Serono and Intrexon Announce Agreement for the Development and Commercialization of CAR-T Therapy". Darmstadt. 2015-03-30
Bayer AG. (3/30/15). "Press Release: Bayer Issues EUR 1.3 Billion in Hybrid Capital". Leverkusen. 2015-03-30
Bayer AG. (3/26/15). "Press Release: Bayer Receives Approval for Gadovist (gadobutrol) Injection in Japan [Not intended for U.S. and UK Media]". Leverkusen. 2015-03-26
Analytik Jena AG. (3/26/15). "Press Release: Analytik Jena AG Leaves the Stock Exchange". Jena. 2015-03-26
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (3/24/15). "Press Release: Rigontec GmbH Raises €4.8m in a Second Closing of Its Series A Financing. Brings Series A Total to €14.25m to Advance RNA-based Immunotherapeutics for Cancer and Viral Diseases". 2015-03-24
Evotec AG. (3/24/15). "Press Release: Evotec FY 2014 – Strong Performance in EVT Execute and Acceleration of EVT Innovate". Hamburg. 2015-03-24
Boehringer Ingelheim. (3/20/15). "Press Release: Boehringer Ingelheim’s Investigational Biologic Cleared Skin Better than Ustekinumab in Head-to-head Phase II Psoriasis Study [For non-UK / non-Canadian media only]". San Francisco, CA & Ingelheim. 2015-03-20
NEO New Oncology AG. (3/17/15). "Press Release: New Oncology Closes Financing Round to Promote Genetic Testing from Blood". Cologne. 2015-03-17
Lead Discovery Center GmbH. (3/17/15). "Press Release: Nature’s pharmacy – Plant-based Active Substance Kills Renal Cancer Cells. Collaboration with the LDC to Explore the Development of a Englerin-A Inspired Cancer Drug". Dortmund. 2015-03-17
Qiagen N.V.. (3/16/15). "Press Release: Qiagen Expands Leadership in Liquid Biopsies with New Circulating Tumor Cell Technology for Development of Companion Diagnostics". Germantown, MD & Hilden. 2015-03-16
Artes Biotechnology GmbH. (3/16/15). "Press Release: Artes Biotechnology and Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Announce Collaboration". Langenfeld. 2015-03-16
Bayer AG. (3/11/15). "Press Release: »Meet Management« Investor conference. Bayer Aspires to Significantly Expand Life Science Businesses". Leverkusen & Berlin. 2015-03-11
Evonik Industries AG. (3/11/15). "Press Release: Evonik Wants to Acquire Monarch Catalyst in India". 2015-03-11
BRAIN AG. (3/10/15). "Press Release: CRISPR DFG Research Group Visits BRAIN". 2015-03-10
Merck KGaA. (3/10/15). "Press Release: Merck Serono and Illumina Enter Strategic Collaboration for Diagnostics in Oncology". Darmstadt. 2015-03-10
Lead Discovery Center GmbH. (3/10/15). "Press Release: LDC Receives 1 Million Euros from the Max Planck Foundation for the Development of New Drug Candidates". Dortmund. 2015-03-10
908 Devices, Inc.. (3/4/15). "Press Release: 908 Devices Announces International Expansion". 2015-03-04
Merck KGaA. (3/3/15). "Press Release: Merck Finishes Year of Key Strategic Moves with Record Figures". Darmstadt. 2015-03-03
Imevax GmbH. (3/2/15). "Press Release: Imevax Welcomes KfW to Investor Syndicate in Second Closing of Series A Financing". Munich. 2015-03-02
Zedira GmbH. (3/2/15). "Press Release: Dr. Falk Pharma and Zedira Enter Phase I Clinical Trials for a Celiac Disease Drug". Freiburg & Darmstadt. 2015-03-02
Ablynx N.V.. (2/26/15). "Press Release: Ablynx Announces 2014 Full Year Results". Ghent. 2015-02-26
Finistere Ventures LLC. (2/25/15). "Press Release: Finistere Ventures Announces First Closing of New $150 Million Agtech Fund in Collaboration with Bayer CropScience and AVAC Ltd.". 2015-02-25
Prexton Therapeutics S.A.. (2/24/15). "Press Release: Prexton Therapeutics Raises €8.7 Million ($10 Million) in a Series A Round". Geneva. 2015-02-24
NBE Therapeutics AG. (2/20/15). "Press Release: NBE-Therapeutics Closes CHF 3.0 Mio Series A Financing". Basel. 2015-02-20
Merck KGaA. (2/20/15). "Press Release: Merck Serono and Sysmex Inostics Announce First Liquid Biopsy RAS Biomarker Testing Center Opens. Important Milestone for mCRC Patients". Darmstadt & Barcelona. 2015-02-20
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (2/18/15). "Press Release: Dr. Michael Otto Invests in Innovate Immunotherapy to Prevent and Eliminate Cancer and Viral Infections". 2015-02-18
Genedata AG. (2/18/15). "Press Release: Boehringer Ingelheim Selects Genedata Biologics as Antibody Discovery Workflow Platform". Basel. 2015-02-18
Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft. (2/11/15). "Press Release: Helmholtz Funds Three New Spin-off Projects". 2015-02-11
BRAIN AG. (2/11/15). "Press Release: Successful Research in NatLifE 2020. Alliance Partners Share a Positive Outlook Following the Annual Meeting". Zwingenberg. 2015-02-11
MeVis Medical Solutions AG. (2/6/15). "Press Release: Joint Reasoned Statement of Executive Board and Supervisory Board of MeVis Medical Solutions AG. Voluntary Public Takeover Offer of VMS Deutschland Holdings GmbH". Bremen. 2015-02-06
Bayer AG. (2/5/15). "Press Release: New Collaboration Agreement Signed. Bayer CropScience and GLOBALG.A.P. Intensify Their Cooperation Aimed at Improving Farm Practices". Berlin. 2015-02-05
Evonik Industries AG. (2/3/15). "Press Release: Evonik Explores Collaboration with Scientists of Technion". Essen. 2015-02-03
Zedira GmbH. (2/3/15). "Press Release: Zedira Receives further Funding to Develop Factor XIIIa-blockers for Safe Anticoagulation". Darmstadt. 2015-02-03
Neuway Pharma GmbH. (2/15). "Press Release: Neuway Pharma GmbH Signs License Agreement with University Zürich". Bonn & Zürich. 2015-02-01
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (1/29/15). "Press Release: Molecular Diagnostics Company Oncgnostics GmbH Closes Series A Financing Round for CE Mark and Market Entry of Its Cervical Cancer Diagnostics Test GynTect". 2015-01-29
Symphogen A/S. (1/29/15). "Press Release: Symphogen Regains Rights to Sym004. Announces Organizational Changes". Copenhagen. 2015-01-29
Evonik Industries AG. (1/29/15). "Press Release: Venture Capital – Evonik Invests in Finnish Nanophotonics Company". Essen. 2015-01-29
Bayer AG. (1/29/15). "Press Release: European Association of Haemophilia & Allied Disorders (EAHAD) Annual Congress. Bayer to Present New Hemophilia Treatment Data at EAHAD 2015 [Not intended for U.S. and UK Media]". Berlin. 2015-01-29
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (1/28/15). "Press Release: High-Tech Gründerfonds Investing in Farm Tech Startup fodjan". 2015-01-28
Bayer AG. (1/27/15). "Press Release: Bayer Forms Collaboration with Academic and Governmental Institutions for Rivaroxaban Study in Patients with a recent Embolic Stroke of Undetermined Source [Not intended for U.S. and UK Media]". Berlin. 2015-01-27
Bayer AG. (1/23/15). "Press Release: Bayer Receives Recommendation for Approval for New Treatment Option with Aflibercept Solution for Injection in EU [Not intended for U.S. and UK Media]". Berlin. 2015-01-23
Spectro Analytical Instruments GmbH. (1/21/15). "Press Release: New Spectro Arcos High-resolution ICP-OES Spectrometer for Elemental Analysis Surpasses Performance Limitations". Kleve. 2015-01-21
Bayer AG. (1/20/15). "Press Release: Bayer CropScience Offers Growers Innovative Solution with Outstanding Safety Profile. New Insecticide Sivanto Registered in the USA". Monheim. 2015-01-20
BIO Deutschland. (1/19/15). "Press Release: New Study Shows Salaries Have Increased in the Biotechnology Sector – HR Experts from the Life Sciences Sector Meet in Frankfurt". Berlin. 2015-01-19
Evocatal GmbH. (1/19/15). "Press Release: German Enzyme Company Evocatal GmbH Acquires the Majority Stake of Potsdam based Carbohydrate Specialist Aevotis GmbH". Monheim & Potsdam. 2015-01-19
Boehringer Ingelheim. (1/15/15). "Press Release: Boehringer Ingelheim and Sanofi Enter Into a Strategic Contract Manufacturing Alliance to Produce Biopharmaceuticals". Ingelheim. 2015-01-15
Boehringer Ingelheim. (1/15/15). "Press Release: 35 Partners from Industry and Academia to Join European Research Initiative for the Prevention of Alzheimer’s Dementia". Paris. 2015-01-15
Roche. (1/14/15). "Press Release: Roche Licenses Additional EGFR Pathway-related Intellectual Property to Qiagen". Pleasanton, CA. 2015-01-14
Boehringer Ingelheim. (1/14/15). "Press Release: Boehringer Ingelheim and Vanderbilt University Join Forces to Develop New Ras Inhibitors for Cancer Treatment". Ingelheim. 2015-01-14
Boehringer Ingelheim. (1/13/15). "Press Release: Boehringer Ingelheim and Yale University Collaborate to Investigate Novel Immunotherapy Targets across Several Therapeutic Areas". Ingelheim. 2015-01-13
4SC AG. (1/12/15). "Press Release: Prof. Dr. Helga Rübsamen-Schaeff and Joerg von Petrikowsky Join the Supervisory Board of 4SC AG". Planegg-Martinsried. 2015-01-12
Qiagen N.V.. (1/11/15). "Press Release: Qiagen Acquires Enzymatics Enzyme Solutions Unit, a Leading Enabler of NGS Applications. Enzymatics Products Used in 80% of All Global NGS Sequencing Reactions". Hilden & Beverly, MA. 2015-01-11
Evonik Industries AG. (1/9/15). "Press Release: New Chief Innovation Officer at Evonik". Essen. 2015-01-09
Protagen AG. (1/8/15). "Press Release: Protagen AG Appoints Bernhard Kirschbaum as New Board Member". Dortmund. 2015-01-08
Oddo & Cie. (1/7/15). "Press Release: The Completion of the Acquisition of Seydler, Mittelstand Specialist, Transforms the Oddo Group into a Franco-German Player". Paris. 2015-01-07
Provendis GmbH. (1/6/15). "Pressemitteilung: Provendis und TVM Capital Life Science besiegeln strategische Partnerschaft". 2015-01-06
Gilead Sciences, Inc.. (1/6/15). "Press Release: Gilead Sciences Announces Acquisition of Phenex Pharmaceuticals’ Development Program for Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH) and Other Liver Diseases". Foster City, CA & Ludwigshafen & Heidelberg. 2015-01-06
Bayer AG. (1/5/15). "Press Release: FDA Approves Bayer’s Gadavist (gadobutrol) Injection as the First Magnetic Resonance Contrast Agent for Pediatric Patients Less than 2 Years of Age [Not intended for U.S. and UK Media]". Leverkusen. 2015-01-05
BioMed X GmbH. (1/5/15). "Press Release: Boehringer Ingelheim and BioMed X Collaborate to Discover New Epigenetic Regulators of COPD". Heidelberg. 2015-01-05
Sigma-Aldrich Corporation. (12/23/14). "Press Release: Acquisition of Sigma-Aldrich by Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, Receives U.S. Antitrust Clearance". St. Louis, MO. 2014-12-23
Evotec AG. (12/18/14). "Press Release: Achievement of Multiple Milestones in Evotec’s Drug Discovery Alliances". Hamburg. 2014-12-18
Shimadzu Corporation. (12/18/14). "Press Release: EMC Center Designated as TÜV Rheinland Japan Appointed Laboratory – Aiming to Become an Even More Reliable Testing Laboratory". 2014-12-18
Sanofi S.A.. (12/17/14). "Press Release: Merial Acquires Two Major Equine Health Products from Bayer". Paris. 2014-12-17
MeVis Medical Solutions AG. (12/17/14). "Press Release: Executive Board and Supervisory Board welcome public takeover offer of VMS Deutschland Holdings GmbH [Ad hoc announcement]". Bremen. 2014-12-17
H. Lundbeck A/S. (12/17/14). "Press Release: Lundbeck Discontinues Further Development of Desmoteplase, 2014 Profit Guidance Range Narrowed". 2014-12-17
Protagen AG. (12/16/14). "Press Release: Protagen Successfully Closes New Financing Round". 2014-12-16
Boehringer Ingelheim. (12/15/14). "Press Release: First Trial of a Novel Oral Anticoagulant Starts in Prevention of Recurrent Stroke Due to a Blood Clot of Undetermined Source [For Non-US/Non-UK/Non-Canadian Media]". Ingelheim. 2014-12-15
Heraeus Medical GmbH. (12/9/14). "Press Release: Heraeus Medical GmbH Signs Exclusive License and Development Agreement with Locate Therapeutics for Orthopaedic Applications". 2014-12-09
Bayer AG. (12/9/14). "Press Release: Bayer and DNDi Sign First Agreement to Develop an Innovative Oral Treatment for Human River Blindness". Berlin & Geneva. 2014-12-09
Sigma-Aldrich Corporation. (12/5/14). "Press Release: Sigma-Aldrich Stockholders Approve Acquisition By Merck KGaA". St. Louis, MO. 2014-12-05
Qiagen N.V.. (12/4/14). "Press Release: Qiagen to Distribute Altona Diagnostic’s RealStar Ebolavirus RT-PCR Kit 1.0, Recently Authorized by the FDA for Emergency Use". Hilden & Germantown, MD. 2014-12-04
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (12/2/14). "Press Release: HTGF Portfolio Company Ayoxxa Biosystems Extends Series B. Andreas Richter New CFO of Ayoxxa". Cologne & Bonn. 2014-12-02
Bayer AG. (12/2/14). "Press Release: Perspective on Innovation 2014. Life Science Company Bayer Steps Up Focus on Research and Development". Leverkusen. 2014-12-02
Bayer AG. (12/2/14). "Press Release: Press Forum “Bayer’s Perspective on Innovation 2014”. Address by Dr. Marijn Dekkers – Chairman of the Board of Management". Leverkusen. 2014-12-02
Bayer AG. (12/2/14). "Press Release: Press Forum “Bayer’s Perspective on Innovation 2014”. Address by Kemal Malik – Member of the Board of Management, Responisble for Innovation". Leverkusen. 2014-12-02
Bayer AG. (12/1/14). "Press Release: American Society of Hematology 56th Annual Meeting and Exposition 2014. Bayer to Present Latest Data on Its Hematology and Oncology Portfolio [Not intended for U.S. and UK Media] ". Leverkusen. 2014-12-01
Bayer AG. (12/1/14). "Press Release: Bayer CropScience Closes Acquisition of DuPont Crop Protection Land Management Assets". Monheim. 2014-12-01
Accovion GmbH. (12/1/14). "Press Release: Accovion Launches New Subsidiary in France". Frankfurt & Eschborn. 2014-12-01
NanoPET Pharma GmbH. (11/30/14). "Pressemitteilung: NanoPET Pharma startet FuE-Partnerschaft mit Boehringer Ingelheim. Know-How von NanoPET verkürzt Entwicklungsdauer neuer Medikamente". Berlin. 2014-11-30
BRAIN AG. (11/27/14). "Press Release: BRAIN and WeissBioTech Join Forces. Strategic investment of BRAIN in Enzyme Production, Distribution and Marketing". Zwingenberg & Ascheberg. 2014-11-27
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (11/25/14). "Press Release: Bioprocess Technology Company PS Biotech GmbH Receives Series A Funding Following the Successful Market Entry of its Feed Plate". Aachen & Bonn. 2014-11-25
Bayer AG. (11/20/14). "Press Release: Bayer CropScience Opens Weed Resistance Competence Center in Frankfurt, Germany". Frankfurt/Main. 2014-11-20
Qiagen N.V.. (11/20/14). "Press Release: Qiagen Achieves AOAC Certification of Automated Workflows for Detection of Listeria Pathogens in Common Foods". Hilden & Germantown, MD. 2014-11-20
Bayer AG. (11/18/14). "Press Release: Bayer Receives Approval for Eylea in Diabetic Macular Edema in Japan [Not intended for U.S. and UK Media]". Berlin. 2014-11-18
Merck KGaA. (11/17/14). "Press Release: Merck Announces Global Strategic Alliance with Pfizer on Anti-PD-L1 to Accelerate Presence in Immuno-Oncology". Darmstadt. 2014-11-17
Protagen AG. (11/17/14). "Press Release: Protagen AG Signs Collaboration with Qiagen to Develop Novel Protein Based Companion Diagnostics for Autoimmune Therapies". 2014-11-17
Merck KGaA. (11/13/14). "Press Release: Merck Reports Strong Top-Line Growth in Q3". Darmstadt. 2014-11-13
AB Sciex. (11/13/14). "Press Release: Germany’s Swimming Professor Chooses AB Sciex QTRAP Technology for Ground-breaking Rhine River Water Decontamination". Darmstadt. 2014-11-13
BMBF. (11/10/14). "Pressemitteilung: Größte Gesudheitsstudie Deutschlands startet. 200.000 Menschen werden ab sofort in 18 Studienzentren untersucht". 2014-11-10
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