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Genedata AG. (7/25/11). "Press Release: Genedata Selector Will Support Integrated Phenotype-Genotype Platform for Biotech Production Strain Development". New Orleans, LA. 2011-07-25
GATC Biotech AG. (7/21/11). "Press Release: GATC Biotech and the ETH Zurich to Establish Method for Quality Assurance in Food Production. Method to Be Based on Multiplatform Sequencing including the New PacBio RS System". 2011-07-21
Actelion Ltd.. (7/21/11). "Press Release: Actelion Announces Half Year 2011 Financial Results". Allschwil. 2011-07-21
Cellectis S.A.. (7/20/11). "Press Release: Cellectis Bioresearch and Lonza Achieve Significant Milestone on CHO-K1SV GS Knock-out". Paris & Basel. 2011-07-20
Atlas Genetics Ltd.. (7/18/11). "Press Release: Atlas Genetics Ltd Completes £16.9 Million Series B Financing Led by Novartis Venture Funds. Funds to Accelerate Launch of Velux Point-of-Care Test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea". Bristol. 2011-07-18
Lonza Group Ltd.. (7/11/11). "Press Release: Lonza to Acquire Arch Chemicals to Create the World’s Leading Microbial Control Business. Lonza and Arch Chemicals Announce an Agreement for Lonza to Acquire All of the Outstanding Shares of Arch Chemicals for 2011-07-11
Evolva Holding S.A.. (7/8/11). "Press Release: Evolva Completes Abunda Acquisition". Reinach. 2011-07-08
Addex Pharmaceuticals S.A.. (7/7/11). "Press Release: Addex Announces Corporate Reorganization and Restructuring Initiative to Strenghten Its Leadership Position in Allosteric Modulation-based Drug Discovery and Development". Geneva. 2011-07-07
Biocartis S.A.. (7/6/11). "Press Release: Biocartis Strenghtens Management Team with New CFO". Mechelen. 2011-07-06
Tecan Group Ltd.. (7/4/11). "Press Release: Tecan Appoints Martin Brusdeillins as Chief Scientific Officer and Member of the Group Management Board". Männedorf. 2011-07-04
Biognosys AG. (7/4/11). "Press Release: Deal with Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics. Siena, Italy – Biognosys Is Entering into a Collaboration with Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics". 2011-07-04
Pasteuria Bioscience, Inc.. (6/28/11). "Press Release: Pasteuria Bioscience Signs Agreement with Syngenta to Develop Bio-Nematicides Based on Pasteuria. Global Collaboration on Bio-Nematicide Platform with an Initial Focus on Soybean Cyst Nematode Produc 2011-06-28
Bruker Corporation. (6/27/11). "Press Release: Bruker and the Institute of Medical Microbiology at the University of Zurich Announce a Collaboration for Mass Spectrometry-based Microbial Identification". Geneva. 2011-06-27
Bruker Corporation. (6/27/11). "Press Release: Laboratory Viollier Extends the Business Relationship with Bruker Concerning MALDI Biotyper System for Mass Spectrometry-based Microbial Identification". Geneva. 2011-06-27
Evotec AG. (6/24/11). "Press Release: Evotec and Roche to Jointly Develop Biomarkers in Oncology. An Alliance for Personalized Healthcare in Cancer Research and Development". Hamburg & Basel. 2011-06-24
Tecan Group Ltd.. (6/23/11). "Press Release: Tecan Collaborates with TGen and ASU Biodesign Institute to Develop a Comprehensive Sample Preparation Solution for Proteomic Research". 2011-06-23
Roche. (6/21/11). "Press Release: Roche Diagnostics Supports European Union’s DETECTIVE Project to Reduce Animal Testing". Penzberg. 2011-06-21
Enzymicals AG. (6/21/11). "Press Release: Enzymicals AG (Germany) Expands Enzyme Business with (R)-selective Transaminases – Please Visit the Newly Designed Homepage of Enzymicals AG". Greifswald. 2011-06-21
Biofrontera AG. (6/15/11). "Press Release: Biofrontera AG – Investment in Kind Agreement". Leverkusen. 2011-06-15
Tecan Group Ltd.. (6/14/11). "Press Release: Tecan and Technical Communities Sign New Government Services Partnership Agreement". 2011-06-14
Evolva Holding S.A.. (6/14/11). "Press Release: Evolva to Receive First Milestone Payment from Roche". Reinach. 2011-06-14
Actelion Ltd.. (6/7/11). "Press Release: Actelion Announces Change in Its Management Structure – Otto Schwarz Appointed Chief Operating Officer". 2011-06-07
AB Sciex. (6/6/11). "Press Release: New Technique to Revolutionize Proteomics Mass Spectrometry. Next Step in Collaboration with ETH Zurich Focuses on Development of SWATH™ Acquisition on TripleTOF 5600 System to Enable Comprehensive System Proteomics". 2011-06-06
Agilent Technologies Inc.. (6/6/11). "Press Release: Agilent Technologies’ New Q-TOF LC/MS Offers 10 Times more Sensitivity than Previous Model, Plus 50 HZ Acquisition Rates". Denver, CO. 2011-06-06
Genedata AG. (6/6/11). "Press Release: New Genedata Expressionist 7.0 for Mass Spectrometry at the 59th ASMS Conference. New Version Advances Measurement of Targeted Proteomics and Metabolomics". Denver, CO. 2011-06-06
Addex Pharmaceuticals S.A.. (6/3/11). "Press Release: Addex Pharmaceuticals CEO Steps Down". Geneva. 2011-06-03
Geneva Bioinformatics (GeneBio) S.A.. (5/30/11). "Press Release: Wiley Announces a Global Nonexclusive Distribution Agreement with GeneBio SA". 2011-05-30
Nestlé S.A.. (5/24/11). "Press Release: Nestlé Health Science Acquires Leading US Gastrointestinal Diagnostics Company". Lutry. 2011-05-24
Biognosys AG. (5/24/11). "Press Release: Biognosys at ASMS / Denver". 2011-05-24
Biognosys AG. (5/24/11). "Press Release: The World’s Most Validated Library of Mass Spec Assays". 2011-05-24
Genkyotex S.A.. (5/24/11). "Press Release: Genkyotex Raises CHF 18 Million in a Series C Venture Financing to Develop NOX Enzyme Inhibitors. Appoints New Management Team and Board". Geneva & Archamps. 2011-05-24
Actelion Ltd.. (5/23/11). "Press Release: Actelion’s Novel CRTH2 Antagonist Meets Primary Endpoint in Phase II Study in Patients with Sesonal Allergic Rhinitis". Allschwil. 2011-05-23
Nycomed A/S. (5/19/11). "Press Release: Takeda to Acquire Nycomed. Transaction Will Transform Takeda’s Global Business". Osaka & Zürich. 2011-05-19
Evotec AG. (5/18/11). "Press Release: Phase II Study with NR2B Sub-type Selective NMDA Antagonist in Treatment-resistant Depression Voluntarily Terminated". Hamburg. 2011-05-18
Cryo-Save Group N.V.. (5/17/11). "Press Release: Announcement of Milestone Payment for Storing Umbilical Cord Tissue in Serbia and Launch in Switzerland". 2011-05-17
Merus B.V.. (5/16/11). "Press Release: Merus Receives Grant for Breast Cancer Antibody Therapy. Merus and ChromaCon Receive a €1.8 Million Project Grant". Utrecht & Zurich. 2011-05-16
Agilent Technologies Inc.. (5/16/11). "Press Release: Agilent Technologies Presents 2011 Manfred Donike Award for Excellence in Sports-Doping Detection to German and Swiss Researchers". Santa Clara, CA. 2011-05-16
Roche. (5/11/11). "Press Release: New Drug Applications Submitted in the United States and Europe for Vemurafenib in Advanced Skin Cancer". Basel. 2011-05-11
Novartis AG. (5/11/11). "Press Release: Novartis Drug Votubia Approved as First Medication in Switzerland for SEGA, a Brain Tumor Associated with Tuberous Sclerosis". Basel. 2011-05-11
Intercell AG. (5/10/11). "Press Release: Intercell AG Announces Q1 2011 Results and Updates on R&D Progress. Significant Increase IXIARO/JESPECT Sales Compared to Q1 2010". Vienna. 2011-05-10
Basilea Pharmaceutica Ltd.. (5/9/11). "Press Release: Basilea’s Antibiotic BAL30072 Shows Activity against Superbugs Expressing the NDM-1 Resistance Factor". Basel. 2011-05-09
Santhera Pharmaceuticals. (5/9/11). "Press Release: Santhera Presents Data from 2-year Open-label Intervention Study with Catena in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at the Myology 2011 Conference". Liestal. 2011-05-09
Genedata AG. (5/9/11). "Press Release: Genedata Biologics Will be Featured at Protein Engineering Summit – PEGS 2011. Biologics R&D Advances with Increasing Industry Adoption of Genedata Biologics". Mechelen. 2011-05-09
Bruker Corporation. (5/7/11). "Press Release: Bruker Introduces New Consumable MALDI Biotarget for the MALDI Biotyper Workflow Using Proteomic Microbial Identification". Milano. 2011-05-07
Actelion Ltd.. (5/5/11). "Press Release: Actelion’s Annual General Meeting of Shareholders Held in Basel, Switzerland". 2011-05-05
Actelion Ltd.. (5/4/11). "Press Release: Actelion to Appeal Final Jury Verdict in Asahi Kasei Litigation in US Court". Allschwil. 2011-05-04
Delenex Therapeutics AG. (5/3/11). "Press Release: Delenex Extends Its A Round to CHF 30.2 Million. Thomas Dyrberg from Novo A/S Joins the Board of Directors". Schlieren. 2011-05-03
CCS Cell Culture Service GmbH. (5/3/11). "Press Release: InSphero and Cell Culture Service Enter Partnership". 2011-05-03
Actelion Ltd.. (5/2/11). "Press Release: Actelion Statement on Letter by One of Its Shareholders". Allschwil. 2011-05-02
Evolva Holding S.A.. (5/2/11). "Press Release: Evolva Appoints Norbert Bender as Chief Medical Officer". Reinach. 2011-05-02
Actelion Ltd.. (5/1/11). "Press Release: Actelion Statement on Asahi Kasei Litigation". Allschwil. 2011-05-01
Addex Pharmaceuticals S.A.. (4/28/11). "Press Release: Addex Shareholders Appoint Hoyoung Huh and Oleg Nodelman to Board, Approve All Board Proposals at Annual General Meeting". Geneva. 2011-04-28
CovalX AG. (4/27/11). "Press Release: CovalX Opens a New Production Facility in the USA". 2011-04-27
Redalpine Venture Partners AG. (4/18/11). "Press Release: Biognosys Enters a Collaboration with Novartis". 2011-04-18
Roche. (4/14/11). "Press Release: Roche Group’s First-quarter 2011 Sales on Track for Full-year Targets – Positive Results in Seven Key Clinical Trials". Basel. 2011-04-14
Novartis AG. (4/11/11). "Press Release: Novartis Discontinues Clinical Trial of Tasigna for Investigational Use in Newly Diagnosed Patients with Unresectable and/or Metastatic GEST". Basel. 2011-04-11
Roche. (4/11/11). "Press Release: Roche and Lonza Enter into MycoTOOL Distribution Agreement for Rapid Mycoplasma Testing Solutions". Penzberg. 2011-04-11
Bruker Corporation. (4/11/11). "Press Release: Bruker Expands Ascend NMR Magnet Series for Higher Performance, Easier Siting and More Economic Operation". Alisomar, CA. 2011-04-11
Bruker Corporation. (4/11/11). "Press Release: Bruker Introduces Significant Product Innovations for Its Avance III Platform to Further Enhance NMR Performance, Robustness and Ease of Use. SmartVT Interface for NMR Sample Temperature Control". Alisomar, 2011-04-11
Evolva S.A.. (4/5/11). "Press Release: Evolva to Acquire Abunda Nutrition. Evolva to Gain Fermentation-derived Stevia and other Next-generation Nutritional Ingredients". Reinach. 2011-04-05
Eppendorf AG. (4/4/11). "Press Release: Eppendorf Licenses Technology for Thermal Cyclers to Roche". Hamburg. 2011-04-04
Sigma-Aldrich Corporation. (4/4/11). "Press Release: Sigma-Aldrich Corporation Opens European Headquarters in St. Gallen, Switzerland". St. Louis, MO. 2011-04-04
NEU² Consortium. (4/1/11). "Press Release: The BioPharma Consortium NEU² Expands Its Sphere of Action". Hamburg. 2011-04-01
Intercell AG. (4/1/11). "Press Release: Intercell Announces Next Steps of Development for Pseudomonas Vaccine". Vienna. 2011-04-01
Addex Pharmaceuticals S.A.. (3/31/11). "Press Release: Addex Inititates Phase IIa Clinical Trial of Dipraglurant-IR in Parkinson’s Disease Levodopa-induced Diyskinesia (PL-LID)". Geneva. 2011-03-31
BioVersys AG. (3/31/11). "Press Release: BioVersys Raises CHF 2.5 Millions in a Seed Financing Round". Basel. 2011-03-31
Anergis S.A.. (3/28/11). "Press Release: Anergis Closes CHF 18 Million Series A Financing Round to Develop Its Innovative Allergy Vaccines and Expands Its Board of Directors". Lausanne. 2011-03-28
Addex Pharmaceuticals S.A.. (3/28/11). "Press Release: Addex Partner Starting Clinical Schizophrenia Trial". Geneva. 2011-03-28
Sophia Genetics S.A.. (3/18/11). "Press Release: Sophia Genetics SA Is Founded on the Innovation Park of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology – Lausanne (EPFL)". 2011-03-18
Lonza Group Ltd.. (3/17/11). "Press Release: Lonza Signs Development and Manufacturing Agreement with Emerging Biotech Company Athera". Basel. 2011-03-17
Novartis AG. (3/15/11). "Press Release: Second Phase III Study of Novartis JAK Inhibitor INC424 Meets Primary Endpoint in Patients with Myelofibrosis". Basel. 2011-03-15
Lonza Group Ltd.. (3/15/11). "Press Release: Lonza Signs Commercial Manufacturing Deal with Enobia for Orphan Drug Candidate". Basel. 2011-03-15
Addex Pharmaceuticals S.A.. (3/14/11). "Press Release: Addex Converts Mandatory Convertible Notes and Issues Ordinary Shares". Geneva. 2011-03-14
Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.. (3/11/11). "Press Release: Valeant Pharmaceuticals Completes Acquisition of PharmaSwiss S.A.". Mississauga, ON. 2011-03-11
Addex Pharmaceuticals S.A.. (3/9/11). "Press Release: Addex Board Proposes Hoyoung Huh and Oleg Nodelman for Election to the Board of Directors". Geneva. 2011-03-09
Evolva Holding S.A.. (3/7/11). "Press Release: BASF and Evolva Enter into a Collaboration to Develop Compounds Applied to Protect Crops". 2011-03-07
ETH Zürich. (3/4/11). "Pressemitteilung: Mit Atemanalyse zur richtigen Medikamentendosierung. Mit einem massenspektrometrischen Verfahren können ETH-Forscher direkt in der Atemluft die Abbauprodukte eines Epilepsie-Medikaments messen". 2011-03-04
Intercell AG. (3/1/11). "Press Release: Intercell Announces Q4 and Preliminary Full Year 2010 Financial Results. Growing Revenues from Ixiaro/Jespect Sales – Significant Net Loss Due to One-time Non-cash Effects". Vienna. 2011-03-01
Evolva Holding S.A.. (2/24/11). "Press Release: Evolva Announces Pre-clinical Efficacy Data with EV-077 in Influenza". Reinach. 2011-02-24
Genedata AG. (2/23/11). "Press Release: Genedata Biologics – First Commercial Biologics Data Management and Analysis Platform Announced at Molecular Med Tri-Con 2011". San Francisco, CA. 2011-02-23
Addex Pharmaceuticals S.A.. (2/23/11). "Press Release: Addex Pharmaceuticals 2010 Financial Results". Geneva. 2011-02-23
MorphoSys AG. (2/22/11). "Press Release: MorphoSys Completes Technology Transfer in Strategic Antibody Alliance. Full Installation of HuCAL Platform Triggers Double-digit Million Euro Milestone". 2011-02-22
Clariant AG. (2/16/11). "Press Release: Clariant Plans Acquisition of Süd-Chemie AG. Accerlating Profitable Growth – Addition of Future Technologies with High Growth Potential – Enterprise Value of EUR 2.0 Billion (CHF 2.5 Billion)". Muttenz. 2011-02-16
CovalX AG. (2/16/11). "Press Release: The USPTO Grants CovalX a New Patent for the Analysis of Therapeutic Protein Aggregates in the USA". Zürich. 2011-02-16
Geneva Bioinformatics (GeneBio) S.A.. (2/8/11). "Press Release: AB Sciex and GeneBio Team Up to Improve Interactive Library Searching for Mass Spectrometry". Foster City, CA & Geneva. 2011-02-08
Roche. (2/2/11). "Press Release: Solid Overall Results. Mid-single Digit Sales Growth in Local Currencies Excluding Tamiflu – Strong Profit Growth – Promising Late Stage Pharmaceutical Pipeline of Twelve New Molecular Entities". Basel. 2011-02-02
Delenex Therapeutics AG. (2/1/11). "Press Release: Delenex Therapeutics Complements Its Management. Delenex Appoints Eric de La Fortelle as CEO and Jakob Schlapbach as CFO". Schlieren. 2011-02-01
Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.. (2/1/11). "Press Release: Valeant Pharmaceuticals to Acquire PharmaSwiss S.A.". Mississauga, ON & Zug. 2011-02-01
Actelion Ltd.. (1/28/11). "Press Release: Actelion and GSK Discontinue Clinical Development of Almorexant". Allschwil & London. 2011-01-28
Merck KGaA. (1/28/11). "Press Release: Merck Appoints Frederic Wohlwend as CIO". Darmstadt. 2011-01-28
Roche. (1/28/11). "Press Release: Early Successful Readout of Tarceva Study in a Distinct Form of Lung Cancer". Basel. 2011-01-28
Novartis AG. (1/27/11). "Press Release: Innovation Drives Novartis to Double-digit Growth for 2010. Novartis Achied Strong Financial Results in 2010". Basel. 2011-01-27
Tecan Group Ltd.. (1/27/11). "Press Release: New Trough from Tecan to Reduce Reagent Costs". Männedorf. 2011-01-27
Tecan Group Ltd.. (1/25/11). "Press Release: Tecan Appoints Global Head of Human Resources. Markus Schmid Appointed Head of Corporate Human Resources & Internal Communications and Member of the Management Board". Männedorf. 2011-01-25
Tecan Group Ltd.. (1/25/11). "Press Release: Tecan Launches Innovative HydroSpeed Plate Washer". Männedorf. 2011-01-25
Novartis AG. (1/24/11). "Press Release: Novartis Gains Approval for Gilenya as First-line Disease Modifying Oral Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis in Switzerland and Australia". Basel. 2011-01-24
Novartis AG. (1/21/11). "Press Release: Novartis Gains Positive CHMP Opinion for Gilenya, First Oral Multiple Sclerosis Treatment Recommended for Approval in the European Union". Basel. 2011-01-21
Roche. (1/19/11). "Press Release: Roche Personalized Investigational Medicine Shows Survival Benefit in Advanced Skin Cancer. Phase III Study Shows Promising Results for RG7204 in BRAF V600 Mutation-positive Metastatic Melanoma". Basel. 2011-01-19
Roche. (1/17/11). "Press Release: Changes to the Roche Corporate Executive Committee". Basel. 2011-01-17
Epigenomics AG. (1/14/11). "Pressemitteilung: Veröffentlichung nach § 26 Abs. 1 WpHG über die Veränderung von Stimmrechtsanteilen nach § 21 Abs. 1 WpHG mit dem Ziel der europaweiten Verbreitung". Berlin. 2011-01-14
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