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Bulc, Ales (Global Bioenergies 201606 CEO of Global Bioenergies GmbH) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Global Bioenergies (Group) Germany
Bulcke, Paul (Nestlé 201402 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nestlé (Group) Switzerland
Bull, David (Epigenomics 201703 Director of Marketing) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Epigenomics (Group) United States (USA)
Bullard, Matthew (NovaQuest 202005) n. a. NovaQuest Capital Management United States (USA)
Buller, Fabian (Neurimmune 201804– CBO before JnJ Innovation + Covagen) Chief Business Officer (CBO) Neurimmune AG Switzerland
Buller, Ulrich (Fraunhofer 200811 Research Director) n. a. Fraunhofer (Group) Germany
Bullerdiek, Jörn n. a. University of Bremen Germany
Bullock, Heidi (Ingenuity 200603) n. a. Qiagen (Group) United States (USA)
Bulpin, Andrew (Millipore 200812 VP Upstream Bioprocess Business Unit) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Merck (DE) (Group) United States (USA)
Bulthuis, Roel (Inkef Capital 201901– Managing Director + Head Heathcare before Merck M Ventures + Fortis Bank + Devgen) Investment Manager ABP (Stichting Pensioenfonds) (Group) Netherlands
Bumol, Thomas F. (Lilly 201708 SVP Biotechnology + Immunology Research) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Eli Lilly (Group) United States (USA)
Bundis, Florian (Peqlab 200809) n. a. Avantor (Group) Germany
Bunge, Dörte (Hamburg (govt) 201208 Investment Manager at Innovationsstarter Hamburg GmbH) Investment Manager Hamburg (govt region) Germany
Bunger, Maureen (Lonza 201703 Product Manager ADME-Tox Solutions) Product Manager (personnel) Lonza (Group) Switzerland
Bungers, Simon (Labfolder 201509 Managing Director + Founder) Managing Director Labforward (Group) Germany
Buono, Stefano (Advanced Accelerator Applications 201402 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Novartis (Group) France
Burckhardt, Andreas (MC Services 201304– Executive Director Corporate Broking before WestLB) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager MC Services AG Germany
Burckhardt, Peter E. (Basel Inkubator 201603 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Basel Inkubator (University of Basel + FHNW) Switzerland
Burdack, Christoph (Priaxon AG 201401 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Priaxon AG Germany
Burema, Peter (NextPharma 202101 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) NextPharma (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Bures, Thomas (Tom) (Pieris 202110– promoted to CFO joined 2017 as VP FInance before Genocea Biosciences) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Pieris (Group) United States (USA)
Burgaezy, Frank (Bruker 201201 President of Bruker AXS division) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Bruker (Group) Germany
Burgard, Luc (Sartorius 202111 Managing Director Sartorius Stedim FMT + Head of Operations Bioprocess Solutions Div) Managing Director Sartorius (Group) France
Burger, Anne (MedVenture Partners 2002– Director + Breath Therapeutics 201609– CFO + Curetis 201007–2012 CFO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) MedVenture Partners GmbH Germany
Burger, Cyrill (PMOD Technologies 201907 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bruker (Group) Switzerland
Burger, Joachim (Univ Mainz 201211 Professor) Professor University of Mainz (Johannes Gutenberg University) Germany
Burgermeister, Patrick (Forever Healthy 202201 Partner at Kizoo TV formerly Apeiron before Novartis) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Forever Healthy (Group)
Burgess, Mike (BMS 201301– SVP Discovery Medicine + Clinical Pharmacology before Roche) Research & Development Manager Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) (Group) United States (USA)
Burgess, Rob (RayBiotech 201408 VP Business Development before Stem Cell Sciences) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager RayBiotech Inc. United States (USA)
Burgstaller, Petra (BioM 202001 Senior Manager Start-ups + Funding) Cluster Manager Bavaria (govt region) Germany
Burian, Rainer C. (PAA Laboratories GmbH 201108 Managing Director) Managing Director General Electric (Group) Austria
Burkamp, Frank (Almac 201206 Senior Investigator) Researcher (industry) Almac (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Burnet, Michael (Synovo GmbH 201109 Managing Director) Managing Director Synovo GmbH Germany
Burnet, Renate (Synovo GmbH 201710 Business Development) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Synovo GmbH Germany
Burns, Alasdair A. (Microstein LLC 201208 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Microstein LLC United States (USA)
Burns, James W. (Jim) (Locana 201912– before Casebia Therapeutics + Sanofi-Genzyme + MassBio) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Locanabio Inc. United States (USA)
Burns, Robert F. (4-Antibody 201101– CEO before Affitech CEO before Celldex Therapeutics CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Agenus (Group) Switzerland
Burns, Rowena (Manchester Science Partnerships 201208– CEO + 201807 Chair of Health Innovation Manchester) Cluster Manager Summit (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Burns, William M. (Roche 200207–200904– CEO Pharma division) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Roche (Group) Switzerland
Burow, Martin (GATC Biotech 201011– Head Commercial Operations LifeCodexx AG before Brahms AG Sales Manager Asia) Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Eurofins (Group) Germany
Burrows, Jon (Oxford BioDynamics 202011 CEO formerly Expression Pathology + Ventana + Novartis + Chiron) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Oxford BioDynamics (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Burziwoda, Dominik (Perfood 202011 Managing Director (CEO) + Co-Founder) Managing Director Perfood GmbH Germany
Busch, Andreas (Bayer 201201–201711 Head Global Drug Discovery at Bayer Healthcare LEFT 11/17) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Bayer (Group) Germany
Busch, Katja (BioCon Valley 202201 Project Manager Healthcare Marketing + Network Management) Cluster Manager BioCon Valley GmbH Germany
Buschmann, Helmut (Savira Pharmaceuticals 201210 CSO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Savira Pharmaceuticals GmbH Austria
Bushell, Mike (Syngenta 200502) n. a. Syngenta (Group) Switzerland
Buss, Tony (MerLion –200707– CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) MerLion (Group) Singapore
Busse, Falko (Bruker Corp 201805– President of Bruker BioSpin Group joined 2015 before Philips Healthcare) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Bruker (Group) Germany
Busse, Wolf-Dieter (Aerovance 200408– CEO before Bayer SVP Biotech) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Aerovance Inc. United States (USA)
Butler, Lynn (Sirenade Pharmaceuticals 200407– CEO before Swentibold before Devgen) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) KeyNeurotek (Group) Germany
Butscheid, Yulia (Biognosys 201304– Head Strategy + Business Development before Creathor Venture + Novartis) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Biognosys AG Switzerland
Butscher, Philipp (Berliner Effektengesellschaft 201205 Associate at Ventegis Capital AG) n. a. Berliner Effektengesellschaft (Group) Germany
Buttar, Rabinder (ClinTec 1997– CEO + Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) ClinTec (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Butterfield, Stewart (Slack Technologies 202012 CEO + Co-Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Salesforce (Group) United States (USA)
Buttkereit, Monika (Biotest 201308 Head of Investor Relations) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Grifols (Group) Germany
Buyse, Chris (Fund+ 201610 Managing Partner before ThromboGenics 201203 CFO) Managing Partner Fund+ N.V. Belgium
Büchele, Wolfgang (Linde 201405 designated CEO + Board Chairman of Merck KGaA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Linde (Group) Germany
Büchler, Andrea (Lunaphore 201808 Finance + Business Development) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Lunaphore Technologies S.A. Switzerland
Byczynski, Michael (Eppendorf 200803) n. a. Eppendorf (Group) Germany
Bügling, Dieter (Polyplan GmbH 200902 Managing Director) Managing Director Polyplan (Group) Germany
Bühler, Markus (Technologiepark Heidelberg 201504 Startup Support Manager) n. a. Heidelberg (govt city) Germany
Bühler, Peter (Valneva 202107– CFO ANNOUNCED before Quotient + Zaluvida + Stallergenes Greer + Lilly + Merck Serono) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Valneva (Group) France
Bülow, Holger (Miltenyi 201901 Press Contact) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Miltenyi Biotec (Group) Germany
Bülow, Sven (Eppendorf 201104 EVP Corporate Developm before Director Eppendorf Biochip Systems) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Eppendorf (Group) Germany
Büntemeyer, Heino (TeutoCell 201105 Executive Board Member) Board member, executive Xell AG Germany
Bünz, Alexander (Knauer 2006–2014 Managing Director LEFT 2015) Managing Director Knauer (Group) Germany
Bürger, Frank (Avida Group 200508 before WGZ-Bank) n. a. AVIDA Group (Dusseldorf) Germany
Bürger, Mario (GeSiM 200604 Managing Director) Managing Director GeSiM – Gesellschaft für Silizium-Mikrosysteme mbH Germany
Bürgermeister, Torsten (Veraxa Biotech 202203– CFO before Molecular Health) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Veraxa Biotech (Group) Germany
Bürk, Jan-Hendrik (btov Partners 202010 Principal) Principal (venture capital) btov Partners (b-to-v Partners) (Group) Germany
Bürk, Matthias (Merck (DE) 201409 Head of Human Resources Germany) Human Resources Manager Merck (DE) (Group) Germany
Bürling, Philipp (Numaferm GmbH 201702– Managing Director) Managing Director Numaferm GmbH Germany
Bürmann, Martin (Rittershaus 200809 Mannheim) n. a. Rittershaus Rechtsanwälte Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbH Germany
Bürsgens, Federico (GNA Biosolutions 201908 Managing Director + Co-Founder) Managing Director GNA Biosolutions GmbH Germany
Bütow, Sandra M. (Germany (govt) 201504 Senior Manager MedTech + Medical Biotech + Pharma at GTAI) n. a. Germany (govt) Germany
Büttiker, Mathis (Endress+Hauser 201706– Supervisory Board Member main org Notenstein La Roche Privatbank AG) Supervisory Board Member Endress+Hauser (Group) Switzerland
Bähr, Christa (CB Healthcare 201804) Analyst (Financial / Industry) CB Healthcare – Dr. Christa Bähr Germany
Bähr, Petra (Priaxon 200805 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Priaxon AG Germany
Bär, Lars (Celldeg GmbH 201609– Managing Director) Managing Director Celldeg GmbH Germany
Bärsch, Niko (Particular GmbH 201105 Managing Director) Managing Director Particular GmbH Germany
Bässmann, Carsten (Bruker 201306 Head of ESI Applications Development) Research & Development Manager Bruker (Group) United States (USA)
Bäuerle, Patrick (MPM Capital 201710 Managing Director formerly Micromet) Managing Director MPM Capital (Group) United States (USA)
Böge, Henning (Capical GmbH 201109 Managing Director + co-founder) Managing Director Capical GmbH Germany
Böhm, Gerald (BIO-NET Leipzig 201210 Managing Director) Managing Director BIO-NET Leipzig Technologietransfergesellschaft mbH (Bio City Leipzig) Germany
Böhme, Harry (c-LEcta GmbH 201509– CFO before CFO at Novaled AG) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Kerry Group (Group) Germany
Böhme, Marc (Amedo 201003– Managing Director responsible for Sales + Marketing) Managing Director Amedo Smart Tracking Solutions GmbH Germany
Böhme, Silvana (Biostep 200512) n. a. Biostep GmbH Germany
Bölke, Tim P. (BASF 201012 Managing Director of Metanomics Health GmbH) Managing Director Acousia Therapeutics GmbH Germany
Bördgen, Anke (Knauer 201403 Head of Product Management) Product Manager (personnel) Knauer (Group) Germany
Börnsen, Jens (Bremen (govt) 201308 Major) n. a. Bremen (govt region) Germany
Bös, Michael (Acousia Therapeutics 201805 CSO before Affectis + Boehringer Ingelheim Canada) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) Acousia Therapeutics GmbH Germany
Bösche, Bernd (Schleswig-Holstein 201012 Managing Directort WTSH) Managing Director Schleswig-Holstein (govt region) Germany
Bösenberg, Sabine (Aviso 200809) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Sartorius (Group) Germany
Bösl, Raphael (Isenbruck Bösl Hörschler 201511 Patent Attorney) Patent Attorney Isenbruck | Bösl | Hörschler LLP Germany
Böttcher, Ute (GenExpress GmbH 201102 Managing Director) Managing Director GenExpress Gesellschaft für Proteindesign mbH Germany
Böttcher-Lorenz, Juliane (MVZ für Mikrobiologie Dessau 200909 Managing Director) Managing Director MVZ für Mikrobiologie, Labordiagnostik und Hygiene Dessau GmbH Germany
Cabirol, Fabien (L’Oréal 201501 Global Head of Biotechnologies Dept) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division L’Oréal (Group) France
Cafazzo, Mark (Danaher 201601 Director Academic + Clinical Research Business at Sciex) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Danaher (Group) United States (USA)
Cagnoni, Pablo J. (MPM Capital 2015– Managing Director + Tizona Therapeutics + Blade Therapeutics before OSI Pharma) Managing Partner (investment firm) MPM Capital (Group) United States (USA)
Cai, Darren (Legend Capital 201706 Managing Director) Managing Director Legend Capital (CN) China
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