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Boël, Harold (Sofina 202109 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Boeltz, Harry (Dispendix 201812 CEO + Co-Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bico (Group) Germany
Boesen, Jan (IBL International GmbH 201407 Managing Director) Managing Director Tecan (Group) Germany
Boesl-von Grafenstein, Ulrich (TU München 201007 Professor Physical Chemistry) Professor Technical University Munich (TU München, TUM) Germany
Boettiger, Sara (Bayer 202009– Head Crop Science Global Affairs + Science + Sustainability before McKinsey + Gates) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Bayer (Group) Germany
Bogenstätter, Michael (Germany (govt) 201707 German Accelerator Life Sciences) n. a. Germany (govt) United States (USA)
Boghossian, John (Quercis Pharma 202104– CEO before VP of Operations at Compass Pathways + Boston Consulting) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Quercis Pharma (Group) Switzerland
Bogsch, Erik (Gedeon Richter 19982– CEO joined 1970) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Gedeon Richter (Group) Hungary
Bogsch, Erik [2] (Gedeon Richter 201405 Deputy Director Biotechnology) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Gedeon Richter (Group) Hungary
Bohen, Sean (AstraZeneca 201509– EVP Global Medicines Developent + CMO before Genentech + Stanford Univ) Chief Medical Officer (CMO) AstraZeneca (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Bohlen, Heribert (Axiogenesis 201603 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Evotec (Group) Germany
Bohm, Katarina (Promega 201411 Head of Marketing at Promega GmbH) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Promega (Group) Germany
Bohmann, Armin (Bohmann & Loosen 200809) n. a. Bohmann & Loosen (Munich) Germany
Bohn, Thomas n. a. febit (Group) Germany
Boidol, Bernhard (Bernd) (Proxygen 202012 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Proxygen GmbH Austria
Bois, Sabine (SAW Instruments 2010– Managing Director Head Finance + co-founder) Managing Director NanoTemper (Group) Germany
Boissel, Stéphane (SparingVision 202010– CEO before Sangamo + TxCell + Genclis + Transgene + Innate Pharma + Lazard) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) SparingVision S.A.S. France
Bold, Markus (BASF 202005 Managing Director of Chemovator GmbH) Managing Director BASF (Group) Germany
Boles, Eckhard (Univ Frankfurt 201404 Professor + Head of Institute of Physiology + Genetics of Lower Eukaryotes) Professor University of Frankfurt (Goethe-Universität) Germany
Boll, Björn (Ten23 Health 202305 Senior Director for Particle Characterization + Drug Product Design) n. a. Ten23 Health AG Switzerland
Bolliger, Luca (Novimmune 201012 Director Business Development + Communication) Company Founder abcDNA GmbH Switzerland
Bollineni, Ravi Chand (Univ Leipzig 201106 Workin Group Bioanalytics) Researcher (university / research institute) University of Leipzig Germany
Bollmann, Magdolna (IMoGen GmbH 201104 Managing Director) Managing Director IMogen Institut für Molekularpathologie und Gendiagnostik GmbH Germany
Bolzon, Bradley (Brad) (Versant Ventures 200701 Managing Director) Managing Director Versant Ventures United States (USA)
Bond, Colin (Vifor Pharma 201707 CFO before Evotec 201008–201606 CFO LEFT 6/16) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Vifor Pharma (Group) Switzerland
Bonde, Martin (Vaccibody 201508– CEO before EpiTherapeutics ApS + Aros Pharma ApS + Natimmune AS + Combio AS) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Vaccibody AS (Euronext Growth Oslo: VACC) Norway
Bonenberger, Michael (MCH Group 201807 Exhibition Director ILMAC) Event Manager / Conference Manager MCH Group AG Switzerland
Bonert, Christian (ipOcean Global GmbH 202004 Managing Director) Managing Director ipOcean Global GmbH Germany
Bongaerts, Sabine (Bayer 201605 Head of Drug Discovery Animal Health) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Elanco (Group) Germany
Bonham-Carter, John (Refine Technology 201201 VP Sales + Business Development) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Refine Technology LLC United States (USA)
Bonifacio, Ezio (TU Dresden 201712 Director of CRTD) Professor Technical University Dresden (TU Dresden) Germany
Bonin, Michael (IMGM Laboratories GmbH 201408– Managing Director before Univ Tübingen Director of MFTServices) Managing Director IMGM Laboratories GmbH Germany
Bonn, Günther (Univ Innsbruck 201211 Professor + Scientific Director at ADSI) Professor University of Innsbruck Austria
Bonnet, Frank (Bionomous 202208 CEO + Co-Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bionomous S.A. Switzerland
Bonnet, Lucille (High-Tech Gründerfonds 201604 Investment Manager) Investment Manager High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) (Group) Germany
Bonneville, Christophe (Resolution Spectra Systems 202007 President + Co-Founder) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Merck (DE) (Group) France
Bonny, Christophe (Enterome 201609– CSO before Bicycle Therapeutics + Xigen + Univ Hospital Lausanne) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) Enterome S.A. France
Bonvicini, Paola (Helsinn 201705 Group Head of Communication) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Helsinn (Group) Switzerland
Boomgaarden, Wolfgang (PharmaInformatic 200509 founder) n. a. PharmaInformatic Boomgaarden Germany
Boorsma, Marco (Forbion Capital Partners 201302) Partner (venture partner) Forbion (Group) Netherlands
Boos, Andreas (Curetis 200812– Managing Director) Managing Director OpGen (Group) Germany
Boos, Erwin (Schroders 201709 Schroder Adveq) Investment Manager Schroders (Group) Switzerland
Boosfeld, Jochen (Bruker 200809 Bruker Daltonik GmbH) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Bruker (Group) Germany
Boot, Harry (Lonza 201103–201205 COO Life Science Ingredients sector before Bluestar/Blackstone + GE) Chief Operating Officer (COO) Lonza (Group) Switzerland
Booth, Bruce (Atlas Venture 201306 Partner) Partner (venture partner) Atlas Venture (Group) United States (USA)
Booth, Mark (Probiodrug 201603–201608 CBO LEFT 8/16 before Orexigen + Takeda + Immunex + Abbott) Chief Business Officer (CBO) Vivoryon (Group) Germany
Booth, Michael (Mike) (Bit Bio 202308 SVP External Affairs before Crescendo Biologics + Incyte + Algeta + Trout Group) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Bit Bio Ltd. ( United Kingdom (GB)
Borchers, Christoph (Univ Victoria 200911 Facility Director UVic Proteomics Centre + MRM Proteomics 201008– CSO) n. a. University of Victoria (UVic) Canada
Borchert, Sieglinde n. a. University of Bremen Germany
Borcholte, Thomas (Wilex 200710–201312 CBO STEPPED DOWN 12/13 before TopoTarget + Biogen GmbH) Chief Business Officer (CBO) Heidelberg Pharma (Group) Germany
Borg, Agnes (EuropaBio 201809– Industrial Biotech Director) lobbying EuropaBio aisbl – the European Association of Bioindustries Belgium
Borgas, Stefan (Lonza 200610 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Lonza (Group) Switzerland
Borgwardt, Karsten (Max Planck 202302– Director + Head of Dept for ML + Systems Biology at MPI B before ETHZ) President/Director/Head of Research Organisation/Unit Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science Germany
Boriss, Hinnerk (Sovicell GmbH 2007– Managing Director before Celsis International Leipzig) Managing Director Sovicell GmbH Germany
Borlak, Jürgen (Fraunhofer Institute 200106) n. a. Fraunhofer (Group) Germany
Bornmann, Gerd (ALS Automated Lab Solutions 202112 Managing Director + Co-Founder) Managing Director Sartorius (Group) Germany
Bornscheuer, Uwe T. (Univ Greifswald 201007 Professor + Co-founder Enzymicals AG) Professor University of Greifswald Germany
Borowicz, Karolina (Corning 201111 Marketing Communications Manger at HTL) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Corning (Group) Poland
Borregaard, Saskia (CTC North 210507 Director Clinical Trial Management) Clinical Research Manager CTC North (Group) Germany
Borst, Matthias (Becton Dickinson 201102 Managing Director of Becton Dickinson GmbH) Managing Director Becton, Dickinson (Group) Germany
Borwieck, Jürgen-Heiko (Dräger 200902 Managing Director Dräger Medical Deutschland GmbH) Managing Director Dräger (Group) Germany
Bos, Harry (Sanguin Blood Supply 201409 Director of Diagnostics) n. a. Sanquin (Group) Netherlands
Bos, Jasper (Forbion 202105 General Partner before M Ventures + Netherlands Vaccine Institute) General Partner (venture partner) Forbion (Group) Netherlands
Bosc, Jessica (JSR Corp 201903– Director Business Development + Licensing for Selexis in Boston) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager JSR Corporation (Group) United States (USA)
Boshoff, Chris (Pfizer 201610 Head of Immuno-Oncology, Early Developm + Translational Oncology) Research & Development Manager Pfizer (Group) United States (USA)
Bosio, Andreas (Miltenyi Biotec 202007 Senior RnD Manager) Research & Development Manager Miltenyi Biotec (Group) Germany
Bosisio, Lorenzo (EffRx Pharmaceuticals 201607– CEO before CCO since 2013 before Amgen + Alexion + PwC + Tissot Medical) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) EffRx Pharmaceuticals S.A. Switzerland
Bosker, Gideon (DarwinHealth 201811 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) DarwinHealth (US) United States (USA)
Boss, Christopher (NürnbergMesse 202108 Director of MEdtecLIVE) Product Manager (personnel) NürnbergMesse GmbH (Messe Nürnberg) Germany
Bossert, Michael (Enamine Ltd 201201 Business Development Director) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Enamine Ltd. (UA) Ukraine
Bossko, Andreas (Axolabs 201603 Managing Director (CFO) before Roche Kulmbach + Ribopharma) Managing Director LGC (Group) Germany
Bosslet, Klaus (Roche 201309 Head of Roche Discovery Oncology in Penzberg) Research & Development Manager Roche (Group) Germany
Bosson, Oskar (Swedish Orphan Biovitrum 201512 Head of Communications) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Swedish Orphan Biovitrum (Sobi) (Group) Sweden
Bott, Martin (BioVersys 202105– CFO before AMR Action Fund + Eli Lilly) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) BioVersys AG Switzerland
Botti, Paolo (Arisgen 2007) n. a. ArisGen S.A. Switzerland
Botti, Simone (Inkef Capital 202104 Junior Partner before Metabomed + MS Ventures Israel Bioincubator Fund) Partner (venture partner) ABP (Stichting Pensioenfonds) (Group) Netherlands
Botzler, Claus (Numares 202006 CBO) Chief Business Officer (CBO) Numares (Group) Germany
Bouchon, Axel (ARCH Venture 202112– Venture Partner + BrainGames before Leaps by Bayer + Moderna Therapeutics) Venture Partner ARCH Venture (Group) United States (USA)
Bouet, Laurence (Innopsys 201303 Executive + Sales Director) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Innopsys (Group) France
Boulais Raveneau, Amélie (Sartorius 201803 Vaccine Platform Marketing Manager at SSB) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Sartorius (Group) France
Boulanger, Dimitri (Céleste Management 202012 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Céleste Management S.A. Switzerland
Boulnois, Graham (SV Life Sciences 201105 Senior Partner) Partner (venture partner) SV Health Investors (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Boulud, Pierre (Mérieux 202310 CEO of bioMèrieux joined 11/16 before Ipsen + Boston Consulting + Bossard Consultants) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mérieux (Group) France
Bourdon, Christophe (Leo Pharma 202204– CEO before Orphazyme + Amgen + Alexion) Managing Director Leo Pharma (Group) Denmark
Bourla, Albert (Pfizer201605 Group President Global Innovative Pharma + Vaccines, Oncology + Consumer Healthcare) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Pfizer (Group) United States (USA)
Boury, Guillaume (Telos Impact 202309 Investment Manager) Investment Manager Telos Impact
Bout, Bram (ProFibrix BV 200703– CTO before Crucell VP Protein Production) Research & Development Manager Novartis (Group) Netherlands
Bouterfa, Hakim (Eckert & Ziegler 202306 CMO formerly Managing Director of OctreoPharm Sciences GmbH) Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Ipsen (Group) Germany
Bouvier, Frédéric (Minapharm 202211 Head Corp Development, BusDev + Licensing at MiGenTra) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Minapharm (Group) Germany
Boven, Karl-Heinz (Multi Channel Systems MCS Founder) Company Founder Harvard Bioscience (Group) Germany
Boxheimer, Carmen (Danaher 201709 Sciex) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Danaher (Group) Germany
Boyce, John (BrickBio 202009 CEO + CO-Founder of TigeGene formerly Exosome Diagnostics 201806 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) TigerGene LLC United States (USA)
Boyle, Robert (Sentinel Oncology 201605 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sentinel Oncology Ltd. United Kingdom (GB)
Bozicevic, Falko (GoingPublic Media 200902 Editor) Editor / Publisher GoingPublic Media AG (FSE: WKN 761 210) Germany
Bozotti, Carlo (STMicroelectronics 200702 Pres + CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) STMicroelectronics (Group) Switzerland
Braam, Stefan (Ncardia 201709– CEO before Pluriomics) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kiniciti Bio (WCAS invesment platform) (Group) Belgium
Brabeck-Letmathe, Peter (Nestlé –200711– Chairman + CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nestlé (Group) Switzerland
Bracco, Fulvio Renoldi (Bracco 201710 CEO at Bracco Imaging SpA) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bracco (Group) Italy
Bracht, Franzpeter (Celonic 201711– COO before Glycotope + Aplagen + Ernst & Young + Kienbaum) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Celonic (Group) Switzerland
Bradley, Denise (Roche 202310 Communications at Spark Therapeutics) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Roche (Group) United States (USA)
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