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Weiss, Andrew C. (Idorsia 201706– SVP + Head Investor Relations + Corporate Communications before Actelion) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Idorsia (Group) Switzerland
Weiss, Christian (Creathor Ventures 201707 Partner) Partner (venture partner) Creathor Ventures (Group) Germany
Weiss, Gunter (Epigenomics 200810 VP Product Development) Research & Development Manager Epigenomics (Group) Germany
Weiss, Joachim (Thermo Fisher 201411 Technical Director Chromatography + MS division) Support Manager / Service Manager Thermo Fisher (Group) United States (USA)
Weiss, Ludwig (SciXess GmbH 201105 Managing Director + CAST Tirol before HepaVec + MondoGen) n. a. SciXess GmbH Beratungs- und Beteiligungs mbH
Weiss, Mario (GAIA 201702 CEO + Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) GAIA AG Germany
Weiss, Patrick A. (200406– Operon before Qiagen Operon) n. a. Eurofins (Group) United States (USA)
Weisshuhn, Philip (Beroceutica GmbH 201606– Managing Director + Co-Founder) Managing Director Beroceutica GmbH Germany
Weissman, Drew (Univ Pennsylvania 201811 Prof of Medicine) Researcher (university / research institute) University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) United States (USA)
Weissmann, Charles (Evotec Biosystems 199906 Scientific Advisory Board) Advisory Board member Evotec (Group) Germany
Weitemeyer, Nathalie (Bayern Kapital 201112 Senior Investment Manager) Investment Manager Bavaria (govt region) Germany
Weitkemper, Norbert (Cognis 200810 Director BusiDevelop Nutrition) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Cognis (Group) Germany
Weitsch, Anne-Fabienne (Ncardia 201712 VP Corp Developm + Legal before Signature Diagnostics + Hybrigenics SA) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Ncardia (Group) Belgium
Welbers, Stefan (Evonik 201806 SVP + General Manager of CyPlus GmbH) General Manager (management) Evonik (Group) Germany
Welch, Dan (InterMune 200512 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Roche (Group) United States (USA)
Wellauer, Thomas (Novartis 200702 Head Corporate Service) n. a. Novartis (Group) Switzerland
Weller, Ulrich (Labor Boogen Köln 200909 Head Microbiology) Laboratory Manager (industry) Praxis für Laboratoriumsmedizin, Hämostaseologie Dr. med. Christiane Boogen (Labor Boogen Köln) Germany
Wells, Tim (Medicines for Malaria 201102 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) UN (United Nations)
Welp, Karin Irene (MorphoSys 201106 Managing Director of MorphoSys AbD GmbH) Managing Director Bio-Rad (Group) Germany
Welsch, Klaus (BASF 200808 Head Crop Protection Business Europe) n. a. BASF (Group) Germany
Welschof, Martin (Affitech 2002– COO promoted CEO 6/03 before Axaron) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Affitech (Group) Norway
Welte, Tobias (Medizinische Hochschule Hannover 200606 Prof) n. a. MHH (Hanover Medical School / Medizinische Hochschule Hannover) Germany
Welten, Harry (Cytos Biotechnology 201203 CFO) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Kuros (Group) Switzerland
Welters, Peter (Phytowelt 201106 Managing Director) Managing Director Phytowelt GreenTechnologies GmbH Germany
Weltmann, Klaus-Dieter (Leibniz Gemeinschaft 201412 Director of INP Greifswald) President/Director/Head of Research Organisation/Unit Leibniz-Gemeinschaft Germany
Wende, Jan (Mediq Innovation Partners GmbH 201707 Managing Director) Managing Director Mediq Innovation Experts (Group) Germany
Wendling, Tanja (Messe Stuttgart 201807 Project Manager for T4M Expo) Event Manager / Conference Manager Messe Stuttgart (Landesmesse Stuttgart GmbH) Germany
Wendorff, Daniel (WestLB 200505 Analyst) Analyst (Financial / Industry) Portigon (Group) Germany
Wendt, Gabi (Invicol GmbH 201602– Managing Director) Managing Director Invicol GmbH Germany
Wendt, Janine (Deutsche Messe AG 201205 Project Manager) Event Manager / Conference Manager Deutsche Messe AG Germany
Wendt, Jürgen (Leco 201208) Technical Manager Leco (Group) Germany
Wendt, Klaus (Univ Mainz 201007 Professor Institute for Physics) Professor University of Mainz (Johannes Gutenberg University) Germany
Wenham, Dean (InSyncrony Ventures 201709 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) InSynchrony Ventures Inc. Canada
Wenig, Philip (Univ Hamburg + OpenChrom 201308) n. a. University of Hamburg Germany
Wenkel, Norbert (Axel Semrau 201401 Managing Director responsible for sales) Managing Director Axel Semrau GmbH & Co.KG Germany
Wenning, Werner (Bayer 201210– Chairman of Supervisory Board before Bayer 200204–201009 CEO) Supervisory Board Member Bayer (Group) Germany
Wenninger, Walter (Bayer until retirement) n. a. Bayer (Group) Germany
Wenschuh, Holger (JPT/Jerini 200507) Managing Director BioNTech (Group) Germany
Wenzel, Dorothea (Merck (DE) 201404 Head Global Business Franchise Fertility at Merck Serono) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Merck (DE) (Group) Germany
Wenzel, Ryan (CovalX 201006 CSO) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) CovalX (Group) Switzerland
Werder, Claudio n. a. Vontobel (Group) Switzerland
Werner, Birgit (UgiSense AG 201604– Exec Board Member) Board member, executive UgiSense AG Germany
Werner, Dominik (Lonza 201610 Head Corporate Communications) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Lonza Group (Group) Switzerland
Werner, Gregory (BIOCIUS 201005– EU Sales Manager) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Agilent (Group) Switzerland
Werner, Jochen A. (Univ Essen 201805 Medical Director + CEO at Univ Hospital Essen) n. a. University of Duisburg-Essen Germany
Werner, Rolf G. (Univ Tübingen 201504 Professor of Industrial Biotechnology before Boehringer Ingelheim) Professor University of Tübingen (Eberhard-Karls-Universität) Germany
Werner, Thomas (Board Member of several companies before GSK SVP) Board member, non-executive GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Werner, Thomas (Genomatix 200609 CEO + CSO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Genomatix Software (Group) Germany
Werner, Udo (Thuringia (govt) 201309– Managing Director of bm-t GmbH before CyBio AG + TechnoTrend + McKinsey) Managing Director Thuringia (govt region) Germany
Wernet, Peter n. a. University of Düsseldorf Germany
Wesche, Holger (Harpoon Therapeutics 201810– CSO joined 2015 before Amgen + Tularik) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) Harpoon Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: HARP) United States (USA)
Weseloh, Rüdiger n. a. Sal. Oppenheim (Group) Germany
Wesnigk, Johanna B. (EMPA Bremen 201205) n. a. Environmental & Marine Project Management Agency Dr. Johanna B. Wesnigk (EMPA Bremen) Germany
Wessel, Rainer (DKFZ 201906– before CI3 Cluster Manager before Ganymed CEO) Cluster Manager Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft (HGF) (Group) Germany
Wessjohann, Ludger (Modified Nature Company GmbH 201102 Managing Director) Managing Director Modified Nature Company GmbH Germany
West, Stuart (Biocatalysts Ltd 201803 Managing Director) Managing Director BRAIN (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Westermann, Frank (mySugr 201706 CEO + Co-Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Roche (Group) Austria
Westermann, Stephan (Bruker 201202– EVP Order Execution, Production + Logistics of Bruker Scientific Instruments) Production Manager Bruker Corporation (Group) United States (USA)
Westphal, Thomas (Glawe Delfs Moll 200809 Hamburg) n. a. Glawe Delfs Moll (Hamburg) Germany
Wetekam, Volker (General Electric 201205– CEO + President of GE Healthcare Germany before AGFA HealthCare + Siemens) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) General Electric (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Wetzel, Andrea (AW-Biotech-Marketing 201109) Consultant (economic/technology) AW-Biotech-Marketing – Dr. Andrea Wetzel Germany
Weyand, Michael (AmbAgon Technology 200810) n. a. AmbAgon Technology
Weyand, Stepa (Vendus 201303 Head of division Vendus Business Partner) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Vendus (Group) Germany
Weyrauch, Kerstin (Zytomed Systems 200912 Managing Director) Managing Director Zytomed Systems GmbH Germany
Weß, Ludger (akampion before 2001–2006 BioCentury Senior Editor before Financial Times Deutschland) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Akampion Germany
Weßling, Martina (Nordrhein-Westfalen (govt) 201707 BIO.NRW) Cluster Manager Nordrhein-Westfalen (govt region) Germany
Whalen, Christopher (Bruker Corp 201806 Director Global SPR Sales before Sierra Sensors Managing Director) Managing Director Bruker Corporation (Group) Germany
Wheeler, Cameron (Cam) (Deerfield Management 201604 Prinicpal) Principal (venture capital) Deerfield (Group) United States (USA)
Wheeler, Patrick (ACD/Labs 201408 NMR Product Manager) Product Manager (personnel) Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs) (Group) Canada
Whelan, Kate (Notch Communications 201108 COO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Notch Communications AB Sweden
Whitaker, Paul (Biosilta 201604 Managing Director) Managing Director BioSilta (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
White, Brian (Deutsche Bank 200602 Analyst) Research Analyst Deutsche Bank (Group) Germany
White, James R. (Active Spectrum 201612 CEO + Co-Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bruker Corporation (Group) United States (USA)
Whitehead, Carlene (Danaher 201204 European MarCom Specialist at Molecular Devices UK) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Danaher (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Whitson, Todd (Karius 201706– CCO before CareDx + Ariosa Diagnostics + Genzyme Genetics) Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Karius Inc. United States (USA)
Wibbelmann, Jobst (Wuesthoff & Wuesthoff 200809 Munich) n. a. Wuesthoff & Wuesthoff Patent- und Rechtsanwälte (Munich) Germany
Wichert, Burkhard (Baxter 201302 Managing Director of Baxter Oncology GmbH) Managing Director Baxter (Group) Germany
Wichert, Sven (Systasy Bioscience GmbH 201405 Managing Director + Co-Founder) Managing Director Systasy Bioscience GmbH Germany
Wick, Wolfgang (Univ Heidelberg 201410 Professor + Chair of Neurology Clinic) Professor University of Heidelberg (Ruperto Carola) Germany
Wicke, Ilka (Boehringer 201203 Director at Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund) Investment Manager Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund (BIVF) Germany
Wicki, Andreas (HBM Healthcare Investments 201402 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) HBM (Group) Switzerland
Wicklandt, Petra (Merck (DE) 201801– Head of newly created Corporate Affairs unit joined Merck 1994) Business Manager Merck (DE) (Group) Germany
Wicks, Frank (SAFC 200610 President) n. a. Merck (DE) (Group) United States (USA)
Widdowson, Caroline (Schauenburg 201412 promoted Produt Marketing Manager Thermal Desorption at Markes) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Schauenburg (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Widmann, Rudolf (AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals AG 201110 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Élan (Group) Austria
Widmann, Thomas n. a. Johnson & Johnson (JnJ) (Group) Switzerland
Wiech, Hans (Camoleon Knowledge Brokerage 201108) n. a.
Wiechmann, Volker (Medways e. V. 201112 Managing Director) Managing Director Medways e. V. Germany
Wiedemann, Sonja (Eurofins 201801 Managing Director at Eurofins Genomics GmbH) Managing Director Eurofins (Group) Germany
Wiedey, Klaus (Manipal 201403 Managing Director of Ecron Acunova GmbH) Managing Director Manipal (Group) Germany
Wiedow, Oliver (Proteo Biotech 201411 Director of Proteo Inc) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Proteo Biotech (Group) United States (USA)
Wiegeler, Nikola (Immatics 201708 Media Relations) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Immatics (Group) Germany
Wiegman, Al (Fresenius 201911 Head of Ventures at FMCV) Investment Manager Fresenius (Group) Germany
Wiehler, Klaus (Sierra Sensors 201010 Managing Director) Managing Director Bruker Corporation (Group) Germany
Wieland, Robert (Wieland Capital 201811 Managing Partner before CSFB + DLJ + Bayer) Managing Partner (investment firm) Wieland Capital GmbH & Co. KG Germany
Wienhold, Daniel (Deutsche Bank 201701 Head of Expert Team Life Sciences joined 200808 before IDT Biologika) n. a. Deutsche Bank (Group) Germany
Wieschaus, Eric (European Molecular Biology Laboratory, 201503) n. a. EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory) Germany
Wiese, Hanns-Peter (Global Life Science Ventures 201105 Managing Director) Managing Director Global Life Science Ventures (Group) Germany
Wiesel, Philippe (Genkyotex 201105– CMO before Medical Director at Serono in US + CH) Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Genkyotex (Group) Switzerland
Wieser, Jochen (Optimare 201003 Dept of Science) Researcher (industry) Aerodata (Group) Germany
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