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Popoff, Marine (Hookipa Biotech 201704 Communcations Analyst) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Hookipa (Group) Austria
Popov, Dmitry (Russia (govt) 201203 Managing Partner at Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund) Managing Partner (investment firm) Russia (govt) Russian Federation
Popova, Maria (Sanochemia 201104 Managing Director of Sanochemia Diagnostics Deutschland GmbH) Managing Director Sanochemia (Group) Germany
Popp, Elisabeth (Biophotonics Diagnostics GmbH 201606– Managing Director) Managing Director Biophotonics Diagnostics GmbH Germany
Porter, Mark (Qiagen Instruments 200705) n. a. Qiagen (Group) Switzerland
Porter, Richard (Corlieve 201911– CEO + Co-Founder before Therachon + Roche + Shire + Vernalis + Astra) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Corlieve Therapeutics S.A.S. France
Posch, Andreas (Curetis 201703– Director GEAR + Bio-IT + Managing Director Ares Genetics before Siemens Healthcare) Managing Director OpGen (Group) Austria
Posch, Dieter (Hessen (govt) 201105 Wirtschaftsminister) Minister Hessen (Hesse) (govt region) Germany
Posch, Johannes (Tecan 200506) n. a. Tecan (Group) Switzerland
Posner, Lawrence E. (Bayer Pharma Div 1988–2003 Senior VP retired) n. a. Bayer (Group) Germany
Possinger, K. n. a. Humboldt University Berlin Germany
Post, James (PHC 202002 President of Epredia) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division PHC (Group) United States (USA)
Potgeter, Martin (Qiagen 201411 VP Business Development) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Qiagen (Group) Germany
Poth, Harald (Landesbank Baden-Württemberg 201105 Senior Investment Manager LBBW Venture Capital GmbH) Investment Manager LBBW (Group) Germany
Poth, Jan (SciRhom 202205– Managing Director (CEO) before Boehringer 201712 Therapeutic Area Head CNS + Immunology) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) SciRhom GmbH Germany
Pott, Andreas (EMA 201101–201111 Acting Executive Director) Administrative Officer (personnel) EU (govt) Netherlands
Potter, Myrtle (Roivant 201910 Vant Operating Chair at Roivant Pharma before Genentech + BMS) n. a. Roivant (Group) Switzerland
Potthoff, Janes (Futalis GmbH 201111– Managing Director + Co-founder) Managing Director Futalis GmbH Germany
Poussot, Bernard (Wyeth Pharmaceuticals 200801 promoted CEO before COO since 200701 joined Wyeth 1986) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Pfizer (Group) United States (USA)
Poustka, Anne-Marie n. a. Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft (HGF) (Group) Germany
Powell, Kathryn (Schauenburg 201405 PR + Events Officer) public relations / investor relations Schauenburg (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Powell, Keith (PolyTherics 2006–201105 CEO LEFT 5/11) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Abzena (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Powell, Mike (Sofinnova 201508 General Partner at Sofinnova Ventures) General Partner (venture partner) Sofinnova (Group) United States (USA)
Pragnell, Michael (Syngenta –200707– CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Syngenta (Group) Switzerland
Pranada, Arthur (MVZ Dortmund Dr Eberhard & Partner 201506 Head of Microbiology Lab) Laboratory Manager (industry) MVZ Dortmund Dr. Eberhard & Partner GbR Germany
Prante, Gerhard (2002– Consultant before CEO of AgrEvo / Aventis CropScience) Consultant (economic/technology) Bayer (Group) Germany
Prantl, Manfred (Alicona 201811 Managing Director) Managing Director Bruker (Group) Austria
Prasad, G. V. (Dr. Reddy’s 201206 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Reddy’s (Group) India
Prasch, Thomas (Nordrhein-Westfalen (Reg) 201207– Office Head at BIO.NRW before Qiagen GmbH + Henkel KGaA) Cluster Manager Nordrhein-Westfalen (govt region) Germany
Prause, Burkhard (Bruker 200804– President of BEST joined 2002 before MPI Tuebingen) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Bruker (Group) United States (USA)
Prause, Guido (Fraunhofer MEVIS 200901– before MeVis Research) n. a. Fraunhofer (Group) Germany
Prechel, Helmut (Biozym Scientific 200512) n. a. Biozym (DE) (Group) Germany
Precht, Engelbert (Medigenomix 200809 and BIO Deutschland) Managing Director Eurofins (Group) Germany
Prehn, Guido (DPE Deusche Private Equity 201706 Partner) Partner (venture partner) DPE Deutsche Private Equity GmbH Germany
Prescher, Horst (SialoTec GmbH 201601– Managing Director) Managing Director SialoTec GmbH Germany
Preston, David (Boehringer Ingelheim 201112 CEO of Boehringer Ingelheim China) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Boehringer Ingelheim (Group) China
Preti, Robert A. (Hitachi 201901 CEO Hitachi Chemical Advanced Therapeutics Solutions + General Manager RegMed business) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Showa Denko (SDK) (Group) United States (USA)
Pretsell, Douglas (Northbank Communications Munich 200508) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Instinctif Partners (Group) Germany
Price, Fredric D. (Chiasma 201302 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Chiasma (Group) United States (USA)
Prieels, Jean-Paul (Themis Bioscience 201505– Board Member former SVP RnD at GSK Biologicals) Board member, non-executive Merck (US) (MSD) (Group) Austria
Prieschl-Grassauer, Eva (Marinomed Biotechnologie GmbH 201307 CSO) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) Marinomed Biotech AG (VSE: MARI) Austria
Prikazsky, Marc (CEVA 201203 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) CEVA (Group) France
Prince, William T. (Nabriva 200811– CMO before Surface Logix 200510 Chief Development Officer before GSK) Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Nabriva (Group) Austria
Princen, Marc (Takeda 201411– President Europe + Canada business unit before Merck + Schering-Plough) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Takeda (Group) Switzerland
Priscoglio, Claudio (Cepheid 201304 Marketing Manager at Cepheid GmbH before BD) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Danaher (Group) Germany
Pritchard, Randy (Roche 201211 VP Marketing at Roche Diagnostics Corp) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Roche (Group) United States (USA)
Privik, Michael (AMETEK 202201– promoted to Managing Director of Spectro Analytical Instruments GmbH joined 1991) Managing Director AMETEK (Group) Germany
Prokešová, Barbora (DataApex 201203) n. a. DataApex (CZ) Czech Republic
Proksch, Susanne (Spindiag 202005 Business Development + PR) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Spindiag GmbH Germany
Proll, Christiane (Numares 201612) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Bavaria (govt region) Germany
Proll, Günther (Biametrics GmbH 201105 Managing Director + Founder) Managing Director Biametrics GmbH Germany
Prüfer, Dirk (University of Munster 200808) n. a. University of Münster (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster) Germany
Przyborowski, Falko (Hansa Fine Chemicals 201212 Managing Director) Managing Director Hansa Fine Chemicals GmbH Germany
Przyborski, Stefan (Reinnervate 201207 CSO) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) ReproCell (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Przybylski, Michael (Univ Konstanz 2009 Professor Analytical Chemistry) Professor University of Constance (Universität Konstanz) Germany
Pröll, Florian (Biametrics GmbH 201105 Managing Director + Founder) Managing Director Biametrics GmbH Germany
Pröschel, Michael (Galenica 201102 Managing Director of Vifor Pharma Deutschland GmbH) Managing Director Vifor Pharma (Group) Germany
Pucci, Paolo (ArQule 201912 CEO before Bayer Schering Pharma 200701) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Merck (US) (MSD) (Group) United States (USA)
Puchta, Josef (Helmholtz 201810 Commerical Board Director at DKFZ) Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft (HGF) (Group) Germany
Pucknat, Katrin (ResMed 202208 Managin Director of ResMed Germany) Managing Director ResMed (Group) Germany
Pugh, John (Boehringer Ingelheim 201204 Director of Digital) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Boehringer Ingelheim (Group) Germany
Puig de Dou, Joan (Kymos 202009 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kymos (Group) Spain (España)
Pul, Ümit (BRAIN 201410– Project Leader CRSIPR before Univ Düsseldorf) Research & Development Manager BRAIN Biotech (Group) Germany
Puls, Michael (evocatal 201002 Managing Director / CMO) Managing Director Advanced Enzyme Technologies (Advanced Enzymes) (Group) Germany
Pultar, Thomas (Biomeva GmbH 201104 Managing Director) Managing Director Asahi Glass (AGC) (Group) Germany
Punnamootil, Beena (Chimera Biotec 201402– Managing Director) Managing Director Kompass (Group) Germany
Purkarthofer, Thomas (VTU Technology 201412 Head Business Development) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager KonValue (Group) Austria
Pusch, Wolfgang (Bruker Daltonics 201808 EVP Microbiology + Diagnostics) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Bruker (Group) Germany
Puschmann, Till (CellGenix 202005 VP RnD + Business Development) Research & Development Manager Sartorius (Group) Germany
Putman, Jeff (Massa Investment AG 201906) Investment Manager Massa Investment AG Germany
Puttar, Thomas n. a. Asahi Glass (AGC) (Group) Germany
Putz, Pam (Informa 202003 Managing Director Europe of EBD Group) Managing Director Informa plc (Group) Germany
Puylaert, Kevin (Sophia Genetics 202002 VP Business Development) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Sophia Genetics (Group) Switzerland
Pühler, Alfred (Univ Bielefeld Prof) n. a. University of Bielefeld Germany
Pünzeler, Sebastian (Germany (govt) 201909 at Coparion) Investment Manager Germany (govt) Germany
Pützer, Manfred (Omnilab (D) 200903 Managing Director) Managing Director Omnilab (DE) (Group) Germany
Pätz, Günther (Celares 201603 Managing Director) Managing Director Celares GmbH Germany
Pääbo, Svante (Max Planck 200805 MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology Leipzig) n. a. Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science Germany
Pöhlchen, Martin (Sinfonie LS 201206– Managing Director before Revotar + SuppreMol + Pieris) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sinfonie Life Science Management GmbH Germany
Pöhlmann, Tobias (BianoScience GmbH 201203– Managing Director + Founder) Managing Director BianoScience GmbH Germany
Pöpping, Bert (FOCOS GbR 201703– Co-Owner before Mérieux NutriSciences + GROFOR + Eurofins) Research & Development Manager FOCOS GbR (FOCOS Food Consulting) – Dr. Bert Pöpping + Dr. Carmen Diaz-Amigo Germany
Pörtner, Ralf (TU Hamburg-Harburg 201109 Professor) Professor Technical University Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH) Germany
Pötting, Sierk (BioNTech 202107– COO joined 201409 as CFO before Sandoz Inc/Novartis + McKinsey) Chief Operating Officer (COO) BioNTech (Group) Germany
Pötz, Oliver (Signatope GmbH 201608– Managing Director + Co-Founder before Univ Tübingen Researcher at NMI) Researcher (university / research institute) Signatope GmbH Germany
Pötzsch, Jörg (RNAx GmbH 200604 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) RNAx GmbH Germany
Quandt, Achim (Qiagen 200905 Senior Global Product Manager) Product Manager (personnel) Qiagen (Group) Germany
Quennet-Thielen, Cornelia (Germany (govt) 200808 Secretary of State BMBF) n. a. Germany (govt) Germany
Quensel, Christina (Campus Berlin-Buch 202205 Managing Director) Managing Director Campus Berlin-Buch GmbH Germany
Questier, Bernard (Evotec OAI 200310–200408) n. a. Evotec (Group) Germany
Quick, Peter (Promega 1997–202103 Managing Director Promega GmbH RETIRED 4/21) Managing Director Promega (Group) Germany
Quinn, Dan (Ten Bridge Communications 201612 CEO + Co-Founder before Feinstein Kean Healthcare + Genzmye) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ten Bridge Communications (US) United States (USA)
Quinn, Steve (Mainz Biomed 202201– VP of Business Development before OneOme + Progenity + Abbott Diagnostics) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Mainz Biomed N.V. (Nasdaq: MYNZ) Germany
Quirk, Robin (Locate Therapeutics Ltd 201412 Executive Director) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Locate Bio Ltd. United Kingdom (GB)
Quirmbach, Michael (Corden Pharma 202112 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Corden Pharma (CordenPharma) (Group) Germany
Raab, Martin (Endress+Hauser 201604 Head Public + Internal Communication) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Endress+Hauser (Group) Switzerland
Rabbe, Anders (Isofol Medical AB 201502 Managing Director) Managing Director Isofol Medical AB Sweden
Rabini, Johannes (Sobera Capital 2010– Managing Director + Co-Founder before Triginta Capital) Managing Director Sobera Capital GmbH Germany
Rabinowitz, Matthew (Natera Inc 201302 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Natera Inc. (Nasdaq: NTRA) United States (USA)
Rabus, Werner W. n. a. Eisenführ Speiser Patentanwälte Rechtsanwälte PartGmbB Germany
Rachel, Thomas (BMBF 200709 Staatssekretär) n. a. Germany (govt) Germany
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