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Cymbler, Harry (Hot Cherry PR 202104 Founder) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Hot Cherry PR – Harry Cymbler United Kingdom (GB)
Czerepak, Elizabeth A. (Isarna Therapeutics 201404– CFO/CBO based in US before Bear Stearns Health Innoventures) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Bear Stearns (Group) United States (USA)
Czerney, Peter (Dyomics 200301 Managing Director + Founder) Managing Director Dyomics GmbH Germany
da Silva, Nino (BC Platforms 201912 EVP EMEA-APAC) Regional manager BC Platforms (BCP) (Group) Switzerland
Dabrowski, Michael (Pelago Bioscience AB 201506 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Pelago Bioscience AB Sweden
Dabrowski, Tomasz (Dentons 201412 Europe CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dentons (Group) Switzerland
Dabu, Ferdinand (SGS 201011 Global Marketing Director Life Sciences Services R&D/QC) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager SGS (Group) Switzerland
Dachis, Jeffrey A. (Jeff) (Informed Data Systems 201909 CEO + Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Informed Data Systems Inc. United States (USA)
Dadlani, Manou (CosmosID 201601 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) CosmosID Inc. United States (USA)
Dadswell, Charles (Illumina 201604 SVP + General Counsel) General Counsel / Chief Legal Officer (CLO) Illumina (Group) United States (USA)
Daglinger, Birgit (Ferring 201210 Managing Director of Ferring Arzneimittel GmbH) Managing Director Ferring (Paulsen Foundation) (Group) Germany
Dahiyat, Bassil (Xencor 200607 President + CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Xencor Inc. (Nasdaq: XNCR) United States (USA)
Dahlhauser, Eric B. (Insight Genetics 201201 CEO before Genetics Assays CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Insight Genetics Inc. United States (USA)
Dahlstroem, Christina (Epigenomics) n. a. Epigenomics (Group) Germany
Dahmen-Levison, Ursula (Aokin AG 201104 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Aokin AG Germany
Dainese, Riccardo (Alithea Genomics 202205 CEO + Co-Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alithea Genomics S.A. Switzerland
Dallas, Jayson (Aimmune Therapeutics 201806– CEO before Ultragenyx + Roche + Novartis + Pfizer + P&G Pharma) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nestlé (Group) United States (USA)
Dalle Carbonare, Bruno H. n. a. University of Basel Switzerland
Dallmann, Isabel (Apogenix 200603) n. a. Apogenix AG Germany
Daly, David J. (Thrive Earlier Detection 201908– CEO before Illumina + Foundation Medicine + Life Technologies) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Exact Sciences (Group) United States (USA)
Damgaard-Iversen, Karsten (Humedics 201705– CEO before Toshiba Europe + SonoCine + Fisher Imaging + Storz Medical) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Humedics GmbH Germany
Daminger, Dieter (BioPark Regensburg 201104 Managing Director) Managing Director Regensburg (govt city) Germany
Damour, Bertrand (Pheon Therapeutics 202209– CEO before NBE Therapeutics + Synthena + OncoEthix + Egalet + GeneProt) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Pheon Therapeutics (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Dancer, Jane E. (F-Star 201205– COO before Cellzome 200801– VP BusDev before CAT) Chief Operating Officer (COO) Sino Biopharm (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Dandekar, Thomas n. a. University of Würzburg Germany
Danforth, Peter (Wacker 202201 Business Development Manager at Wacker Biotech GmbH) General Manager (management) Wacker (Group) Germany
Dangl, Markus (Medigene 201603– SVP Research + Pre-Clinical Development before Roche Diagnostics GmbH) Research & Development Manager Medigene (Group) Germany
Danhauser-Riedl, Susanne (4SC 201401– CMO before GSK GmbH + MedacSchering Onkologie GmbH) Chief Medical Officer (CMO) 4SC (Group) Germany
Daniel, Hannelore (TU Munich 200608 Prof) Professor Technical University Munich (TU München, TUM) Germany
Daniel, Rolf (Univ Göttingen 201311 Professor) Professor Norddeutsches Zentrum für Mikrobielle Genomforschung (NZMG) Germany
Daniell, Wayne (NanoScape AG 201102 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) NanoScape AG Germany
Daniels, Graeme (Andrew Alliance 201809– VP Business Development before ADInstruments + Cytocentrics + Tecan UK) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Waters (Group) Switzerland
Danielsson, Gusten (Cellink 201908–202204 CFO + Co-Founder LEFT 4/22) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Bico (Group) Sweden
Danne, Doug (Lonza 201010 Head Rapid Testing Solutions business unit) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Lonza (Group) Switzerland
Dannenberg, Jens (Qiagen 200706 Global Product Manager) Product Manager (personnel) Qiagen (Group) Germany
Danner, Stefan (Maiwald Patentanwalts-GmbH 200809 patent attorney) Patent Attorney Maiwald Patentanwalts GmbH (Munich) Germany
Dannfeld, Robert (Pharmatio GmbH 201708 Managing Director) Managing Director Pharmatio GmbH Germany
Dansky, Peter M. (Agena Bioscience 201407– CEO before Life Technologies + Applied Biosystems + Arcturus + Affymetrix) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Thermo Fisher (Group) United States (USA)
Danzl, Michael (Actelion 201606 General Manager at Actelion Germany) General Manager (management) Johnson & Johnson (JnJ) (Group) Germany
Darbouret, Bruno (Thermo Fisher 201109 Director RnD BRAHMS Biomarkers) Research & Development Manager Thermo Fisher (Group) Germany
Darcissac, Camille (Adocia 202005 Business Development + Strategic Marketing) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Adocia S.A. France
Dargel, Christian (Breakpoint Therapeutics 201906– Managing Director) Managing Director Breakpoint Therapeutics GmbH Germany
Darr, William (ADF/IDF 201901 Founder) Company Founder Symrise (Group) United States (USA)
Dartsch, Stefan (Ionovation 201206 Managing Director) Managing Director Ionovation GmbH Germany
Dasberg, David (Facio Therapies 201504 Managing Director) Managing Director Facio Therapies B.V. Netherlands
Datla, Vijay Kumar (Biological E 201109 Managing Director) Managing Director Biological E. Ltd. India
Datta, Merrilyn (Definiens 201304– Chief Marketing Officer based in Carlsbad, CA before Life Technologies) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager AstraZeneca (Group) United States (USA)
Daub, Achim (Symrise 201404 Global President Scent + Care) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Symrise (Group) Germany
Daub, Henrik (MPI for Biochemistry 200603) n. a. Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science Germany
Dauer, Ulrich (Probiodrug 201805– CEO before Omeicos + Activaero + 4SC + Tripos) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Vivoryon (Group) Germany
Daujotyte, Dalia (Lexogen 201806 Head of Business Development) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Lexogen GmbH Austria
Daum, Dieter (Sony 201203 CEO of Sony DADC) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sony (Group) Austria
Daumke, Philipp C. (Averbis GmbH 2007– Managing Director + Co-Founder) Managing Director Acus Laboratories GmbH Germany
Dausend, Melanie (Univ Wuppertal 201005 Analytical Service Mass Spectrometry) Head Mass Spectrometry / NMR Laboratory (university / research institute) University of Wuppertal Germany
Daußmann, Thomas (Enzymaster 202205 Managing Director of Enzymaster Deutschland GmbH) Managing Director Enzymaster (Group) Germany
David, Rainer (Eppendorf 201709 Managing Director at Eppendorf Polmyere GmbH) Managing Director Eppendorf (Group) Germany
Davidson, Eran (HassoPlattnerVentures 200506 + DBI AG 201508 Supervisory Board Member) Investment Manager HassoPlattnerVentures Management GmbH Germany
Davidson, Jostein (Nycomed 201108 SVP + President of Nycomed Russia-CIS) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Takeda (Group) Switzerland
Davidson, Kent (Thermo Fisher 202109 VP + General Manager High Performance Chromatography Solutions) General Manager (management) Thermo Fisher (Group) United States (USA)
Davies, Hugh (Kinesis 201201 Managing Director of Abimed GmbH) Managing Director Cole-Parmer (Group) Germany
Davies, Mike (F-Star 201606 VP Protein Science) n. a. Sino Biopharm (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Davies, Richard (BoneSupport 201601– CEO before Hospira CCO) Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) BoneSupport (Group) Sweden
Davies, Steve (Markes International 201212 Product Manager at Almsco International) Product Manager (personnel) Schauenburg (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Davis, Darren (ApoCell 201311 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) ApoCell (Group) United States (USA)
Davis, Paul (Roivant 201708 Manager Communications Strategy) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Roivant (Group) United States (USA)
Davis, Richard (Nouscom 202205 CBO formerly Wellcome Trust) Chief Business Officer (CBO) Nouscom (Group) Switzerland
Dawson, John (Alliance Pharma 201306 CEO + Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alliance Pharma (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Day, Adrienne (Burnham 200611 VP Business Development) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Burnham Institute United States (USA)
de Angelis, Hrabe (GSF Munich 200705– Director) n. a. Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft (HGF) (Group) Germany
De Backer, Marianne (Bayer 202008 Excecutive Committee Memmber + Head of Strategy + BusDev + Licensing at Pharma div) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Bayer (Group) Germany
de Baey, Annegret (BPCE 202110 Venture Partner at Seventure Partners before Rigontec + GIMV + TVM Capital + Micromet) Managing Director BPCE (Group) France
de Beer, Joel (Anjarium Biosciences 202109 CSO + Founder) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) Anjarium Biosciences AG Switzerland
De Beuckelaer, Ann (BioMed X 201609 Managing Director) Managing Director BioMed X GmbH Germany
de Bie, Johannes Hendrik (Hans) (WeissBioTech 201210– Managing Director) Managing Director BRAIN Biotech (Group) Germany
de Boer, Mark (Index Ventures 200708 General Partner) Venture Partner Index Ventures Switzerland
de Bruijn, Joost (Kuros 201711– CEO before Managing Director + Co-Founder of Xpand Biotechnology before IsoTis) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kuros (Group) Switzerland
de Buijzer, Erwin (Link Medical 202104– Medical Device Director in Germany before Humedics + Eurotransplant) CRO Link Medical (Group) Norway
de Buman, Jean-Luc (SGS 201505 Corp Development, Communications + PR) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager SGS (Group) Switzerland
de Crémoux, Isabelle (BPCE 201110– CEO of Seventure Partners) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) BPCE (Group) France
De Greef-Safft, Anne (Danaher 200901 President Leica Microsystem Biosystems Division) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Danaher (Group) Germany
de Haard, Hans (Argen-X 201203 CSO) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) Argenx (Argen-X) (Group) Netherlands
De Haes, Patrik (ThromboGenics 200808– CEO before Roche Diagnostics) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Oxurion (Group) Belgium
de Jager, Jost (Schleswig-Holstein 201004 Minister of Science, Economic Affairs and Transport) Minister Schleswig-Holstein (govt region) Germany
De Jesus, Linda (Azenta 202208 SVP + Chief Commercial Officer before Thermo Fisher) Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Azenta (Group) United States (USA)
de La Fortelle, Eric (Delenex 201102– CEO before Roche) Partner (venture partner) BPCE (Group) France
de la Huerta Martinez, Pilar (Sygnis Pharma 201303– CEO + CFO before Genetrix CEO before Zeltia) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 2invest (Group) Germany
de La Sablière, Alban (Owkin 202210–CBO before at Sanofi since 2016 before Morgan Stanley France M&A Practice) Chief Business Officer (CBO) Owkin (Group) France
de Lange, Lex (Zernike 201008) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Zernike (Group) Netherlands
De Leenheer, Frank (Gimv 201509 IR + Corporate Communications Manager) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Gimv (Group) Belgium
de Léon, Alethia (Basel (govt) 201702 Managing Director of BaseLaunch) Managing Director Basel (govt city) Switzerland
De Libero, Gennaro (Univ Basel 201506 Professor of Immunology) Professor University of Basel Switzerland
De Luca, Cris (Sanofi 202203 Global Head Digital Investments at Sanofi Ventures) Partner (venture partner) Sanofi (Group) [since May 2011] France
De Paoli, Isabel (Merck (DE) 201508– Head Group Communications joined Merck 2006 before Boston Consulting + Permira) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Merck (DE) (Group) Germany
De Ponti, Roberto (Helsinn 201804 Head New Venture + Strategic Investment at Helsinn International Services) Investment Manager Helsinn (Group) Monaco
de Rubertis, Francesco (Medecxi Ventures 201602 General Partner before Index Ventures 200708 General Partner) General Partner (venture partner) Medicxi Ventures (formerly Index Ventures Life Sciences) United Kingdom (GB)
de Ruiter, Tjerk (EuropaBio 201809 Chair) lobbying EuropaBio aisbl – the European Association of Bioindustries Belgium
de Schoulepnikoff, Laurence (Tridek-One 202207– CEO before Amal Therapeutics) Chief Business Officer (CBO) Boehringer Ingelheim (Group) Switzerland
de Vladar, Harold P. (Ribbon Biolabs 202105 Managing Director + Founder) Managing Director Ribbon Biolabs GmbH Austria
de Vreeze, Dimitri (DSM 202205 Co-CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) DSM (Group) Netherlands
de Vries, Erik (Enzymicals 202203– CEO before Consultant + Dottikon Exclusive Synthesis + Amyris + Purolitee + Codexis) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Enzymicals AG Germany
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