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Cordes, Ulrik (Biocartis 201309– CCO before Thermo Fisher + Dako A/S + Pharmacia Biotech A/S) Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Biocartis (Group) Switzerland
Cornaglia, Matteo (Nagi Bioscience 202203 CEO + Co-Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nagi Bioscience S.A. Switzerland
Cornall, Jim (Inova Software 202205– Editor-in-Chief at formerly Editor at DairyReporter) Editor / Publisher Inova Software (Group) Germany
Cornett, Shannon (Bruker 201305 Applications Developm Manager) Research & Development Manager Bruker (Group) United States (USA)
Corr, David (EKF Diagnostics 201307– CTO before Head of RnD) Chief Technology/Technical Officer (CTO) EKF Diagnostics (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Corr, Peter B. (Celtic Therapeutics 2007 Managing General Partner + Co-Founder) General Partner (venture partner) Auven Therapeutics (Group) United States (USA)
Corriveau, Jacques (AstraZeneca 201711– General Manager North America at Definiens) General Manager (management) AstraZeneca (Group) United States (USA)
Corsico, Christopher (Boehringer 201708 CMO) Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Boehringer Ingelheim (Group) Germany
Corsini, Lorenzo (PhagoMed 201910 Co-CEO + Co-Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) BioNTech (Group) Austria
Cortese, Riccardo (Nouscom 201605 CEO + Co-Founder before Okairos CEO + co-founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nouscom (Group) Switzerland
Corvaïa, Nathalie (Pierre Fabre 201404 Managing Director of Center of Immunology Pierre Fabre) Managing Director Pierre Fabre (Group) France
Coscia, Verena (Helmholtz 202308 Team Lead CorpComms + Press Officer at Helmholtz Munich) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft (HGF) (Group) Germany
Cospedal, Rosario (Zeltia 201211 CEO of Genomica S.A.U.) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) PharmaMar (Group) Spain (España)
Cossins, Aimee (Biosynth Carbosynth 202209 Media Relations) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Biosynth (since 9/22) (Group) Switzerland
Costantin, James (Nanion 201807 Director Customer Relations located at US West Coast Office) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Nanion (Group) United States (USA)
Costantini, Dominique (OSE Pharma 201504 CEO + Co-founder + former CEO + Co-founder of BioAlliance Pharma in 1997) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) OSE Immunotherapeutics (Group) France
Costard, Jano (Germany (govt) 202306 Challenge Officer at SPRIND) n. a. Germany (govt) Germany
Cotte, Yann (Nanolive 201602 Managing Director) Managing Director Nanolive S.A. Switzerland
Cottier, Gilles (Sigma-Aldrich 201004 President SAFC) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Merck (DE) (Group) United States (USA)
Cottier, Gilles (Sigma-Aldrich 201504 EVP + President SAFC Commercial) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Merck (DE) (Group) United States (USA)
Cottier, Kaspar (Creoptix 201912– CTO + Founder) Chief Technology/Technical Officer (CTO) Spectris (Group) Switzerland
Cottrell, Steve (Maetrics 202009 President) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Regulatory and Quality Solutions (R&G) (Group) United States (USA)
Couch, Gregory (Radimetrics 2009– CEO + Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Bayer (Group) Canada
Coucke, Marc (Alychlo before Omega Pharma 1987– CEO + Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alychlo (family office of Marc Coucke)
Coughlin, Robert K. (Massachusetts Biotech Council MBC 200904 President + CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio / MBC) United States (USA)
Coukos, George (Univ Lausanne 201601 Prof + Director of Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research) Professor University of Lausanne (UNIL) Switzerland
Coulter, Bianca (Coulter Partners 201711 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Coulter Partners (The Coulter Partnership Ltd.) United Kingdom (GB)
Courtine, Grégoire (EPFL + CHUV 201604 + G-Therapeutics 201604 CSO + Co-Founder) Professor EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) Switzerland
Coutanceau, Emmanuelle (Novo Group 201705 Novo Seeds before Auriga Partners) Investment Manager Novo Group (Group) Denmark
Coutet, Matthieu (Advent France Biotechnology 201704 Managing Partner before Inserm Transfert) Managing Partner (investment firm) AdBio Partners (Group) France
Couttie, John (Peak Scientific 201310 General Manager Americas) General Manager (management) Peak Scientific (Group) United States (USA)
Cowan, Chad (Clade Therapeutics 202111 CEO + Co-Founder before Sana Biotechnology + CRISPR Therapeutics) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Clade Therapeutics Inc. United States (USA)
Cowan, David (Univ London 1990– Professor + Director Drug Control Centre King’s College) Professor University of London United Kingdom (GB)
Cowling, Didier (Kuros 200807 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kuros (Group) Switzerland
Cox, John G. (Repertoire Immune Medicines 202104 CEO formerly Bioverativ 201801 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Repertoire Immune Medicines (Group) United States (USA)
Cox, Jürgen (Max Planck 200705 MPI for Biochemistry) n. a. Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science Germany
Cox, Russel J. (Russ) (Epirium Bio 201912 CEO before Vital Therapies + Jazz Pharmaceuticals + Ipsen + Genentech) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Epirium Bio Inc. United States (USA)
Cox, Steve n. a. Commerzbank (Group) Germany
Crabtree, Lucinda (MorphoSys 202307c– CFO before Autolus + Woodford Investment + Panmure Gordon + Goldman Sachs) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) MorphoSys (Group) Germany
Craft, Noah (Science 37 201703 CEO + Co-Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Science 37 Inc. United States (USA)
Craig, Frank F. (Sphere Fluidics 201711 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sphere Fluidics (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Cramer, Patrick (LMU 201201 Professor + since 2004 Director of LMU Gene Center Munich) Professor LMU Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, University of Munich) Germany
Crameri, Melya Hughes (Ventac Partners 201912 Partner + Co-Founder) Partner (venture partner) Ventac Partners (Group) United States (USA)
Cravens, Aaron (Revel Pharmaceuticals 202209 CEO + Co-Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Revel Pharmaceuticals (US) United States (USA)
Crawford, Bill (Roche 201112 Director of Marketing, Discovery at Ventana) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Roche (Group) United States (USA)
Creasey, Theresa S. (Sigma-Aldrich 201411 VP Diagnostics + Testing of Applied Business Unit) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Merck (DE) (Group) United States (USA)
Creel, Jennifer (Jenn) (ADC Therapeutics 202004– CFO before Celgene + Watson Pharmaceuticals + Pfizer) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) ADC Therapeutics (Group) Switzerland
Cresswell, Warren (Nestlé 201707 General Manager + Head of Prometheus Diagnostics + CEO of MDP) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nestlé (Group) United States (USA)
Cronet, Philippe (Wacker 202201 General Manager at Wacker Biotech US Inc) General Manager (management) Wacker (Group) United States (USA)
Crook, Jayne (Instinctif Partners 201603) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Instinctif Partners (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Crooke, Stanley T. (Isis Pharmaceuticals 200604 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ionis Pharmaceuticals (Group) United States (USA)
Crowe, Joanne (MorphoSys AbD –200603– Head Sales + Marketing) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Bio-Rad (Group) Germany
Crowley, Bill (BioFi 202206– CFO + Chairman) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) BioFi AG Switzerland
Crowley, Erin (Q Laboratories 201802 CSO) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) Q Laboratories Inc. United States (USA)
Crutchfield, Brad (Qiagen 201506–2016 SVP before Illumina + NanoString + Bio-Rad STEPPED DOWN 2016) President/Director/Head Business Group/Unit/Division Qiagen (Group) Netherlands
Ctortecka, Bernd (Max Planck 200908 Patent + License Manager Max Planck Innovation GmbH) IP Manager Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science Germany
Cullen, Archie (Solvias 202203– CEO before Lonza + MilliporeSigma + BioReliance + Sigma-Aldrich + JRH Biosciences) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager Solvias (Group) Switzerland
Cullmann, Hans (Comicon GmbH 201101 Managing Director + Founder + 45% Owner) Managing Director Endress+Hauser (Group) Germany
Culp, H. Lawrence, Jr. (Danaher 2001–201502 CEO RETIRED 3/15) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Danaher (Group) United States (USA)
Cummings, Sandra (PHC 202006 VP of Sales + Marketing at Epredia) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager PHC (Group) United States (USA)
Cunha, Fernando (AB2 Bio 201602 CFO) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) AB2 Bio S.A. Switzerland
Cunningham, Craig (Maine Manufacturing 2007– Founder + VP Engineering + Development) Research & Development Manager GVS (IT) (Group) United States (USA)
Cunningham, Darren (Mysthera Therapeutics 202308 CEO + Co-Founder before Inflection Biosciences + Amarin) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mysthera Therapeutics AG Switzerland
Cunningham, David (Royal Marsden Hospital 200909 Head Gastrointestinal Unit) Professor United Kingdom (GB) (govt) United Kingdom (GB)
Curran, Michael A. (Immunogenesis 202003 Founder + MD Anderson Cancer Center Assoc Prof) Company Founder Immunogenesis Inc. United States (USA)
Currie, Ed (SIRS-Lab 200902– Executive VP Corp Development before Kuros BioSurgery before Lilly + Roche + IBM) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Endress+Hauser (Group) Germany
Curtin, Francois (Geneuro 201207 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) GeNeuro S.A. (Euronext Paris: GNRO) Switzerland
Curtis, Andrew (NMS Group 202208– Chief Strategy Officer before Artelus + GNS Healthcare + SUDA Pharma + Affimed) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager NMS Group (Group) Italy
Curtis, Michael (Cadent Therapeutics 201811 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Novartis (Group) United States (USA)
Curvers, Simon (Direvo 201101– Director R&D before at Direvo since 200711 + AC Biotech 200101–200905 Managing Director) Research & Development Manager Direvo Industrial Biotechnology (Group) Germany
Cuss, Francis (BMS 201410 EVP + CSO) Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) / Chief Development Officer (CDO) Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) (Group) United States (USA)
Cuypers, Heinrich (BioCon Valley 201105 Senior Project Manager) n. a. BioCon Valley GmbH Germany
Cymbler, Harry (Hot Cherry PR 202104 Founder) Public Relations Manager / Investor Relations Manager Hot Cherry PR – Harry Cymbler United Kingdom (GB)
Czeloth, Niklas (Boehringer 202311 Executive Director + Investment Manager at BIVF) Investment Manager Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund (BIVF) Germany
Czerepak, Elizabeth A. (Isarna Therapeutics 201404– CFO/CBO based in US before Bear Stearns Health Innoventures) Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Bear Stearns (Group) United States (USA)
Czerney, Peter (Dyomics 200301 Managing Director + Founder) Managing Director Dyomics GmbH Germany
da Silva, Nino (BC Platforms 201912 EVP EMEA-APAC) Regional manager BC Platforms (BCP) (Group) Switzerland
Dabrowski, Michael (Pelago Bioscience AB 201506 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Pelago Bioscience AB Sweden
Dabrowski, Tomasz (Dentons 201412 Europe CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dentons (Group) Switzerland
Dabu, Ferdinand (SGS 201011 Global Marketing Director Life Sciences Services R&D/QC) Sales Manager / Marketing Manager SGS (Group) Switzerland
Dachis, Jeffrey A. (Jeff) (Informed Data Systems 201909 CEO + Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Informed Data Systems Inc. United States (USA)
Dadlani, Manou (CosmosID 201601 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) CosmosID Inc. United States (USA)
Dadswell, Charles (Illumina 201604 SVP + General Counsel) General Counsel / Chief Legal Officer (CLO) Illumina (Group) United States (USA)
DaFonseca, Mark (Ambio Pharmaceuticals 202210 EVP Sales + Global BusDev at AmbioPharm before CoreRx) Business Development Manager / Strategy Manager Ambio Pharmaceuticals (Group) United States (USA)
Daglinger, Birgit (Ferring 201210 Managing Director of Ferring Arzneimittel GmbH) Managing Director Ferring (Paulsen Foundation) (Group) Germany
Dahiyat, Bassil (Xencor 200607 President + CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Xencor Inc. (Nasdaq: XNCR) United States (USA)
Dahlhauser, Eric B. (Insight Genetics 201201 CEO before Genetics Assays CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Insight Genetics Inc. United States (USA)
Dahlstroem, Christina (Epigenomics) n. a. Epigenomics (Group) Germany
Dahmen-Levison, Ursula (Aokin AG 201104 CEO) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Aokin AG Germany
Dainese, Riccardo (Alithea Genomics 202205 CEO + Co-Founder) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alithea Genomics S.A. Switzerland
Dallas, Jayson (Aimmune Therapeutics 201806– CEO before Ultragenyx + Roche + Novartis + Pfizer + P&G Pharma) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Nestlé (Group) United States (USA)
Dalle Carbonare, Bruno H. n. a. University of Basel Switzerland
Dallmann, Isabel (Apogenix 200603) n. a. Apogenix AG Germany
Daly, David J. (Thrive Earlier Detection 201908– CEO before Illumina + Foundation Medicine + Life Technologies) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Exact Sciences (Group) United States (USA)
Damgaard-Iversen, Karsten (Humedics 201705– CEO before Toshiba Europe + SonoCine + Fisher Imaging + Storz Medical) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Humedics GmbH Germany
Daminger, Dieter (BioPark Regensburg 201104 Managing Director) Managing Director Regensburg (govt city) Germany
Damour, Bertrand (Pheon Therapeutics 202209– CEO before NBE Therapeutics + Synthena + OncoEthix + Egalet + GeneProt) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Pheon Therapeutics (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Dancer, Jane E. (F-Star 201205– COO before Cellzome 200801– VP BusDev before CAT) Chief Operating Officer (COO) Sino Biopharm (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Dandekar, Thomas n. a. University of Würzburg Germany
Danforth, Peter (Wacker 202201 Business Development Manager at Wacker Biotech GmbH) General Manager (management) Wacker (Group) Germany
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