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Kinaxo Biotechnologies GmbH. (9/29/10). "Press Release: Kinaxo and Daiichi Sankyo Sign Collaboration Agreement". Martinsried. 2010-09-29
Bruker Corporation. (9/29/10). "Press Release: BD Diagnostics and Bruker Collaborate to Improve Microbial Identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing. Collaboration Aims to Improve Speed, Accuracy and Efficiency in the Microbiology Laboratory 2010-09-29
Medigene AG. (9/29/10). "Press Release: MediGene Announces Corporate Restructuring and Aims to Strengthen Pipeline. Resource Alignment Given Recent Important Milestones with EndoTAG-1 and Eligard". Martinsried. 2010-09-29
Geneva Bioinformatics (GeneBio) S.A.. (9/29/10). "Press Release: BBGes Developing Accurate Mass LC-MSMS Spectra Library of Drugs with SmileMS". Geneva. 2010-09-29
Biofrontera AG. (9/29/10). "Press Release: Validation of the Dossier for Drug Approval of Biofrontera’s BF-200 ALA Successful". Leverkusen. 2010-09-29
Nycomed AG. (9/29/10). "Press Release: Zydus Nycomed Commissions the Newly Expanded API Manufacturing Facility at Navi Mumbai". 2010-09-29
Universität Greifswald. (9/28/10). "Pressemitteilung: Greifswald jetzt offiziell das einzige Deutsche klinische Zentrum für genitale Sarkome und Mischtumore. Seltene Krebserkrankung muss besonders schnell erkannt werden". 2010-09-28
Universität Greifswald. (9/28/10). "Pressemitteilung: Suchmaschine aus Greifswald findet neue Enzyme für Pharmaka im Internet". 2010-09-28
Pieris AG. (9/28/10). "Press Release: Pieris Signs Broad Collaboration with Sanofi-Aventis and Sanofi Pasteur to Develop Anticalin Therapeutics". Freising-Weihenstephan. 2010-09-28
Cevec Pharmaceuticals GmbH. (9/28/10). "Press Release: CAP Cells Suitable for Commercial Vaccine Production?". Cologne. 2010-09-28
Proteome Sciences plc. (9/28/10). "Press Release: Settlement of Warranty Claim against Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH". Cologne. 2010-09-28
Tecan Group Ltd.. (9/28/10). "Press Release: From Macro to Micro with the Tecan Cavro Mini Sample Processor". Männedorf. 2010-09-28
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.. (9/27/10). "Press Release: Thermo Fisher Scientific Demonstrates Leadership in Food Safety at AOAC 2010. Highlights Include Food Safety Response Center and Complete Workflow Solutions". San José, CA. 2010-09-27
Proteros Biostructures GmbH. (9/27/10). "Press Release: Proteros Enters into a Research Agreement for Structure Based Lead Generation". Martinsried. 2010-09-27
Bruker Corporation. (9/27/10). "Press Release: BEST Subsidiary RI Research Awarded Contract for High-power RF Couplers for European XFEL in Consortium with Thales". Bergisch Gladbach. 2010-09-27
Genedata AG. (9/27/10). "Press Release: Genedata Expressionist for Genomic Profiling Debuts at Next-generation Sequencing Conference. Genomic Analysis Laboratory at Salk Institute Collaborates with Genedata". Providence, RI. 2010-09-27
Actelion Ltd.. (9/27/10). "Press Release: CONSCIOUS-2 Study with Clazosentan Does Not Meet Primary Endpoint". Allschwil. 2010-09-27
ScanBalt. (9/27/10). "Press Release: ScanBalt Recommends Master Plan on Health for the Baltic Sea Region". 2010-09-27
Artes Biotechnology GmbH. (9/27/10). "Press Release: Artes Steps Further into the Vaccine Business by Acquiring Anavax". Langenfeld. 2010-09-27
WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH. (9/24/10). "Pressemitteilung: Bremen und Bremerhaven auf der Biotechnica 2010". 2010-09-24
GATC Biotech AG. (9/24/10). "Press Release: GATC to Sequence 100,000 Human Genomes by 2014. PacBio RS to Support Studies on Rare Variant, and Structural Variations and Methylation". 2010-09-24
Qiagen N.V.. (9/24/10). "Press Release: Qiagen Breaks Ground to Expand North America Headquarters, Manufacturing Facility in Montgomery County, Maryland". Germantown, MD. 2010-09-24
Merck KGaA. (9/24/10). "Press Release: Kley Elected Vice President of the German Chemical Industry Association". Darmstadt. 2010-09-24
Merck KGaA. (9/24/10). "Press Release: Merck KGaA Announces CHMP Opinion for Cladribine Tablets in Multiple Sclerosis. Merck Is Commited to Making Cladribine Tablets Available to MS Patients in Europe and Is Evaluating All Options to Gain Approval in the 2010-09-24
Cellzome. (9/24/10). "Press Release: Asterand’s Subsidiary BioSeek Signs Agreement with Cellzome. Two Year Deal Provides Cellzome with Access to BioSeek’s BioMAP Platform". 2010-09-24
Evotec AG. (9/23/10). "Press Release: Ion Channel Hit Identification Agreement with Almirall". Hamburg. 2010-09-23
Proteome Sciences plc. (9/23/10). "Press Release: Protein Biomarker Collaboration with Thermo Fisher Scientific". 2010-09-23
Protagen AG. (9/23/10). "Press Release: Protagen at the Biotechnica 2010". Dortmund. 2010-09-23
Tecan Group Ltd.. (9/23/10). "Press Release: Tecan’s Freedom EVO Automates Tropical Disease Research". Männedorf. 2010-09-23
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.. (9/22/10). "Press Release: Thermo Fisher Scientific and Proteome Sciences Form Protein Biomarker Collaboration". San José, CA. 2010-09-22
Bruker Corporation. (9/22/10). "Press Release: BEST Subsidiary RI Research Instruments Announces Contract Award for 300 Superconductiong RF Cavities for European XFEL Facility". Bergisch Gladbach. 2010-09-22
GATC Biotech AG. (9/22/10). "Press Release: GATC Biotech to Be First European Service Provider for the PacBio RS. Pacific Biosciences Single Molecule, Real-time Sequencer RS Expected to Be Installed in Konstanz in Early 2011". 2010-09-22
Noxxon Pharma AG. (9/22/10). "Press Release: Noxxon Initiates Multiple Dose Phase I Clinical Trial of SDF-1 Inhibitor NOX-A12". Berlin. 2010-09-22
Tecan Group Ltd.. (9/22/10). "Press Release: Tecan’s Freedom EVO Revolutionizes DNA Extraction". Männedorf. 2010-09-22
BioRegioN. (9/22/10). "Pressemitteilung: Biomedizintechnik auf dem 8. Niedersächsischen Life Science-Tag. Forschungsstandort Niedersachsen stellt sich vor". 2010-09-22
Agilent Technologies Inc.. (9/21/10). "Press Release: Agilent Technologies Enters Second Phase of Collaboration to Map Human Proteome". Sydney. 2010-09-21
ETH Zürich. (9/21/10). "Press Release: Human Proteome Fully Mapped". 2010-09-21
ETH Zürich. (9/21/10). "Press Release: Gold Standard for Protein Research. Interview with Professor Ruedi Aebersold". 2010-09-21
Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH. (9/21/10). "Press Release: Immatics Raises €54 Million to Advance Its Late Stage Clinical Therapeutic Cancer Vaccine Portfolio". Tübingen. 2010-09-21
Nycomed AG. (9/21/10). "Press Release: First European Filing for Marketing Approval of Osteoprosis Drug". 2010-09-21
Analytik Jena AG. (9/21/10). "Press Release: Analytik Jena Introduces New TOC Analyzers". Jena. 2010-09-21
Phenex Pharmaceuticals AG. (9/21/10). "Press Release: Phenex Receives 6 M € (7,8 M USD) in Its Series C Financing Round. The Nuclear Receptor Specialist Company Invests Additional Money into Its R&D Programs in NASH (FXR) and in Autoimmune Diseases (RORg 2010-09-21
Genedata AG. (9/20/10). "Press Release: Advanced Protein Centre of The Hospital for Sick Children Adopts Genedata Expressionist for Mass Spectrometry". Sydney. 2010-09-20
Micromet, Inc.. (9/20/10). "Press Release: Micromet Initiates European Pivotal Trial of Blinatumomab in Adult Patients with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia". Bethesda, MD. 2010-09-20
Micromet, Inc.. (9/20/10). "Press Release: Micromet Initiates Phase 2 Trial of Blinatumomab in Adult Patients with Relapsed/Refractory Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia". Bethesda, MD. 2010-09-20
Actelion Ltd.. (9/20/10). "Press Release: Actelion Pharmaceuticals US, Inc. Has Received Subpoena Relating to Tracleer". South San Francisco, CA & Allschwil. 2010-09-20
Bruker Corporation. (9/19/10). "Press Release: At HUPO 2010, Bruker Showcases High-performance Mass Spectrometry Platforms and Advances in Applied Proteomics Solutions". Sydney. 2010-09-19
Institute for Systems Biology (ISB). (9/19/10). "Press Release: ISB and ETH Zurich Create Map of the Human Proteome". Seattle, WA. 2010-09-19
Nycomed AG. (9/19/10). "Press Release: Daxas (roflumilast) Data Analysis Shows Reduction in Harmful Lung Attacks". 2010-09-19
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (9/17/10). "Press Release: UroTec GmbH Gains Strategic Partner – Profitable Exit for High-Tech Gründerfonds and Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen". Bonn & Dresden. 2010-09-17
4SC AG. (9/17/10). "Press Release: 4SC Presents Initial Data from the Resminostat (4SC-201) Phase II SHELTER Study in Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)". Planegg-Martinsried. 2010-09-17
Medizinische Universität Innsbruck. (9/16/10). "Pressemitteilung: Marie Sklodowska Curie Medaille für Univ.-Prof. Anton Amann". 2010-09-16
MorphoSys AG. (9/16/10). "Press Release: AbD Serotec Secures Exclusive Wordwide Manufacturing License to Key Research Antibodies from VU University Medical Center". 2010-09-16
4SC AG. (9/16/10). "Press Release: 4SC Provides Enrolment Update for Phase IIb Rheumatoid Arthritis Study with Vidofludimus (4SC-101)". Planegg-Martinsried. 2010-09-16
Rittershaus Rechtsanwälte. (9/16/10). "Pressemitteilung: Rittershaus berät Dievini bei Immatics Finanzierungsrunde". 2010-09-16
[iito] Business Intelligence. (9/15/10). "Press Release: [iito] Announces Milestones for Mass Spectrometry Web Portal »«. Opens Newsletter Archives – Launches Own Editorial Content". Bremen. 2010-09-15
Agennix AG. (9/15/10). "Press Release: Agennix AG Sets Subscription Price at € 3.81 per Share for Capital Increase and Subscription Period Planned to Begin on September 17, 2010. Dievini Hopp BioTech Holding Provides Firm Commitment to Invest Up to € 80 2010-09-15
Addex Pharmaceuticals S.A.. (9/15/10). "Press Release: Addex Pharmaceuticals Raises CHF20 Million from Biotechnology Value Fund". Geneva. 2010-09-15
Agennix AG. (9/15/10). "Press Release: Agennix AG Raises Approximately € 76 Million in Net Proceeds. Proceeds Expected to Enable Company to Obtain Topline Data in Phase III Non-smalll Cell Lung Cancer Trial with Lead Product Candidate Oral Talactoferrin" 2010-09-15
Okairos AG. (9/14/10). "Press Release: Okairos Raises €16 Million in Series B Financing". Basel. 2010-09-14
Life Technologies Corporation. (9/14/10). "Press Release: Life Technologies Signs Strategic Out-licenses for Recombinant Protein Bioproduction. New Global Licensing Program Opens Access to Innovative Technologies". Carlsbad, CA. 2010-09-14
UroTec GmbH. (9/14/10). "Pressemitteilung: UroTec GmbH gewinnt strategischen Partner". Dresden. 2010-09-14
Cellzome. (9/14/10). "Press Release: Cellzome Hires Vice President Therapeutics to Strengthen Preclinical Capabilities". Cambridge. 2010-09-14
Lead Discovery Center GmbH. (9/14/10). "Pressemitteilung: Spatenstich markiert weiteren Ausbau des Lead Discovery Centers im BioMedizinZentrumDortmund. Neues Zuhause für innovative Wirkstoffforschung Made in Dortmund". Dortmund. 2010-09-14
Bruker Corporation. (9/13/10). "Press Release: Bruker Introduces the MALDI Sepsityper Kit for Rapid MALDI Biotyper Microbial Identfication from Positive Blood Culture". Boston, MA. 2010-09-13
Probiodrug AG. (9/13/10). "Press Release: Probiodrug Appoints Kumar Srinivasan as Chief Business Officer". Halle (Saale). 2010-09-13
Nycomed AG. (9/13/10). "Press Release: Nycomed’s US Partner Forest Laboratories Responds to FDA Complete Response Letter for Roflumilast (Daxas)". 2010-09-13
Universität Oldenburg. (9/9/10). "Pressemitteilung: Spurensuche im Meer. Einmaliges Massenspektrometer in Betrieb genommen". Oldenburg. 2010-09-09
Tecan Group Ltd.. (9/9/10). "Press Release: Novel 104-well Microplate for Tecan’s Freedom EVO". Männedorf. 2010-09-09
Bruker Corporation. (9/7/10). "Press Release: ARUP Laboratories Selects Bruker’s MALDI Biotyper Solution for Rapid Microbial Identification by Proteomic Fingerprinting". Billerica, MA. 2010-09-07
Panatecs GmbH. (9/7/10). "Press Release: Panatecs to Present Highlights at the Biotechnica 2010 in Hanover". 2010-09-07
Protagen AG. (9/7/10). "Press Release: Protagen Raises € 10.0 Million for Diagnostic Developments". Dortmund. 2010-09-07
Bruker Corporation. (9/7/10). "Press Release: Bruker Announces 900 MHz NMR Systems Order from the National Institutes of Standards and Technology (NIST) for Molecular Structure and Dynamics Research". Billerica, MA. 2010-09-07
Bruker Corporation. (9/7/10). "Press Release: Bruker Introduces Icon, a High-performance Desktop MRI System for Easy-to-Use and Easy-to-Site Preclinical and Molecular Imaging". Kyoto. 2010-09-07
Bruker Corporation. (9/7/10). "Press Release: University of Maryland School of Medicine Orders a Bruker 950 MHz NMR System for Advanced Molecular Medicine and Structural Biology Research". Billerica, MA. 2010-09-07
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.. (9/7/10). "Press Release: Vialis AG Paperless Lab Solutions Added to the Global Partner Alliance". Philadelphia, PA. 2010-09-07
Biocrates Life Sciences AG. (9/6/10). "Press Release: Austrian Biocrates Life Sciences AG Announces Launch of Its Second Mass Spectrometry-based Metabolomics Research Kit – AbsoluteIDQ p180 Kit". Innsbruck. 2010-09-06
bioMérieux S.A.. (9/6/10). "Press Release: First-half 2010 Results". Marcy-l’Étoile. 2010-09-06
Ipsogen S.A.. (9/6/10). "Press Release: First-Half 2010 Revenue. A Steady Growth in Consolidated Revenue – +17%". Marseille. 2010-09-06
University of East Anglia. (9/3/10). "Press Release: Discovery Could Pave the Way for Identification of Rogue CFC Release". 2010-09-03
Bruker Corporation. (9/3/10). "Press Release: Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies, Inc. Files Registration Statement for Initial Public Offering". Billerica, MA. 2010-09-03
Biofrontera AG. (9/3/10). "Press Release: Biofrontera AG Closes Placement of Capital Increase (Ad-hoc Release)". Leverkusen. 2010-09-03
Merck KGaA. (9/3/10). "Press Release: Merck’s Cladribine Tablets for Multiple Sclerosis Approved in Australia". 2010-09-03
Tecan Group Ltd.. (9/3/10). "Press Release: Tecan Is First Choice for Quality and Reliability. Freedom EVO at St Mary’s Hospital". Männedorf. 2010-09-03
Forbion Capital Partners. (9/3/10). "Press Release: Forbion Capital Partners Raises €190m for New Investments". Naarden & Munich. 2010-09-03
Evotec AG. (9/2/10). "Press Release: Evotec Completes Acquisition of DeveloGen". Hamburg. 2010-09-02
Tecan Group Ltd.. (9/2/10). "Press Release: Tecan Concludes the Sale of the Sample Management Activities to NEXUS Biosystems". Männedorf. 2010-09-02
LGC Ltd.. (9/2/10). "Press Release: LGC Genomics Acquires the New Illumina HiSeq 2000. The New Illumina HiSeq 2000 Is Added to LGC Genomics’ Next Generation Sequencing Portfolio". 2010-09-02
Cellzome. (9/2/10). "Press Release: Cellzome’s CEO Tim Edwards New Chairman of UK’s BioIndustry Association". Cambridge. 2010-09-02
Spectro Analytical Instruments GmbH. (9/1/10). "Press Release: SPECTRO ARCOS 165 Completes SPECTRO’s ICP-OES Portfolio. New CIP-OES Simultaneously Captures the Spectrum fomr 165 to 770 nm". Kleve. 2010-09-01
Qiagen N.V.. (9/1/10). "Press Release: Qiagen Introduces QIAsymphony RGQ, a Novel Automated System for All Molecular Testing Needs. Automated Workflow with Broadest Available PCR-based Molecular Diagnostic Assay Menu". Venlo. 2010-09-01
Qiagen N.V.. (9/1/10). "Press Release: Qiagen Launches New Automated Modular Testing Platform for Molecular Diagnostics. QIAsymphony RGQ System Scores with Highest Possible Flexibility and the Broadest Range of PCR-based Test Systems". Hilden & Germantow 2010-09-01
Biotecon Diagnostics GmbH. (9/10). "Press Release: Biotecon Diagnostics GmbH and Foodtech AG to Start a Distribution Agreement in Switzerland for the Detection of Pathogens in the Food Sector". 2010-09-01
WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH. (9/10). "Pressemitteilung: Projekt des Monats. Wir stellen vor – Omnilab Laborzentrum – FoodALYT". 2010-09-01
General Electric Company. (9/1/10). "Press Release: iBio and Fraunhofer Execute Business Development and Marketing Agreement with GE Healthcare". Uppsala & Newark, DE. 2010-09-01
Nycomed. (9/1/10). "Press Release: From Oranienburg to the Rest of the World. Global Market Launch of Daxas (Roflumilast) Kicks Off in Germany". 2010-09-01
Life Sciences Bremen (LSB). (8/30/10). "Press Release: Life Sciences Bremen (LSB) to Exhibit at the Biotechnica Trade Fair in Hanover, Germany". Bremen. 2010-08-30
MeVis Medical Solutions AG. (8/30/10). "Press Release: Sustained Revenue Growth with Reduced Profitability. MeVis Medical Solutions Benefits in First Half of 2010 from Increased Maintenance Revenues against Challenging Market Environment". Bremen. 2010-08-30
Bremen, Senatorin für Arbeit, Frauen, Gesundheit, Jugend und Soziales. (8/30/10). "Pressemitteilung: Hygiene im Krankenhaus MRSA-Netzwerk in Bremen initiiert". 2010-08-30
Analytik Jena AG. (8/30/10). "Press Release: Analytik Jena Cooperates with New Sales Partner in Austria and Hungary". Jena. 2010-08-30
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