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SIRS-Lab GmbH. (8/5/09). "Press Release: Board Elects New CEO to Molecular Diagnostics Company SIRS-Lab GmbH". 2009-08-05
Deutsche Bank. (8/5/2009). "Press Release: Deutsche Bank Confirms Talks on Strategic Partnership with Sal. Oppenheim Group". Frankfurt a. M.. 2009-08-05
InProcess Instruments Gesellschaft für Prozessanalytik mbH. (8/4/09). "Press Release: Quality Management. InProcess Instruments Is Now DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 Certified". Bremen. 2009-08-04
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.. (8/4/09). "Press Release: Bio-Rad Reports Second-quarter Currency-neutral Revenue Growth of 3.5 Percent". Hercules, CA. 2009-08-04
Micromet, Inc.. (8/4/09). "Press Release: Micromet Closes $80.5 Million Public Offering of Common Stock". Bethesda, MD. 2009-08-04
Bruker Corporation. (8/3/09). "Press Release: Boston University School of Medicine and Bruker Establish a Collaborative Effort in Glycomics and Advanced FTMS Applications". Billerica, MA. 2009-08-03
Roche. (8/3/09). "Press Release: Avastin Approved in US for the Most Common Type of Kidney Cancer". Basel. 2009-08-03
Protagen AG. (8/3/09). "Press Release: Protagen Closes New Round of Financing for the Development of Molecular Diagnostics for Prostate Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis". Dortmund & New Jersey. 2009-08-03
Biotecon Diagnostics GmbH. (8/09). "Press Release: PCR-based »Hygiene Screening System« for Rapid Identification of Bacterial Colonies in Hygiene Monitoring. Biotecon Diagnostics GmbH and Biotest AG Start Worldwide Sales Collaboration". 2009-08-01
Bruker Corporation. (7/30/09). "Press Release: Bruker Energy & Supercon Technologies Enters into R&D Collaboration Agreement with the University of Houston". Billerica, MA. 2009-07-30
Roche. (7/30/09). "Press Release: 454 Life Sciences and Roche NimbleGen Announce Collaboration with Eli Lilly and SeqWright to Sequence Genomic Regions Associated with Psychiatric Disease". Branford, CT. 2009-07-30
Roche. (7/30/09). "Press Release: Second Phase III Study Showed Lucentis Improved Vision in Patients with Retinal Vein Occlusion". Basel. 2009-07-30
Bruker Corporation. (7/29/09). "Press Release: Bruker Corporation Reports Second Quarter 2009 Financial Results". Billerica, MA. 2009-07-29
Evotec AG. (7/29/09). "Press Release: Evotec Receives Milestone Payment from Boehringer Ingelheim". Hamburg. 2009-07-29
Roche. (7/28/09). "Press Release: Roche and Start Initiative for Early Discovery of New Diseases". Branford, CT. 2009-07-28
Peqlab. (7/28/09). "Press Release: Fluorescence Imaging with 16 Bit USB2 Camera". 2009-07-28
HandyLab, Inc.. (7/28/09). "Press Release: HandyLab and DxS Announce Advanced Amplification Scorpions Licensing Agreement. Rapid, Real Time Analysis for Jaguar System". Ann Arbor, MI. 2009-07-28
TÜV SÜD Produkt Service GmbH. (7/24/09). "Press Release: What Medical Device Manufacturers Will Have to Observe in the Future". 2009-07-24
Roche. (7/23/09). "Press Release: Double-digit Increase in Sales, Operating Profit and Core EPS. Integration of Genentech Progressing Rapidly, Full-year Outlook Raised". Basel. 2009-07-23
Definiens AG. (7/23/09). "Press Release: Definiens AG Receives DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2007 Certification". Munich & Morristown, NJ. 2009-07-23
Merck KGaA. (7/23/09). "Press Release: Merck KGaA Submits Applications for Cladribine Tablets as Multiple Sclerosis Therapy in Europe". Darmstadt. 2009-07-23
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (7/23/09). "Press Release: High-Tech Gründerfonds Invests in SP Solution Pool GmbH. Seed Investment of 500.000 € for the Specialists for Simple, Innovative Navigation for Medicine". Bonn & Berlin. 2009-07-23
Evotec AG. (7/21/09). "Press Release: Evotec Signs High Throughput Screening Collaboration with Alios BioPharma, Inc.". Hamburg & Oxford. 2009-07-21
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.. (7/21/09). "Press Release: Thermo Fisher Scientific and NETZSCH Gerätebau Announce Sales Cooperation Agreement. Comprehensive Solution for Material Characterization". Karlsruhe/Selb. 2009-07-21
BioTrove, Inc.. (7/21/09). "Press Release: BioTrove Installs First European RapidFire System at Boehringer Ingelheim and Obtains CE Mark for the Instrument. Novel RapidFire CE Marked System Successfully Evaluated for In Vitro ADME Studies, Enhance Produc 2009-07-21
Life Technologies Corporation. (7/21/09). "Press Release: Applied Biosystems and Chromsystems Team Up to Simplify Mass Spectrometry for Clinical Research". Carlsbad, CA & Munich. 2009-07-21
Tecan Group Ltd.. (7/21/09). "Press Release: Robotics and Proteomics. A Promising Partnership for Biomarker Discovery". 2009-07-21
Roche. (7/20/09). "Press Release: Xeloda in Combination with Oxaliplatin Shown to Be Effective in Early Colon Cancer. Phase III Study Meets Primary Endpoint of Increasing the Time Patients Live Disease Free Compared with Commonly Used Chemotherapy Combin 2009-07-20
Epigenomics AG. (7/20/09). "Press Release: DxS and Epigenomics Cross-license Technology for In Vitro Diagnostics. Both Companies to Use Scorpions Technology for Diagnostic Products Based on DNA Methylation". Manchester & Berlin. 2009-07-20
Bruker Corporation. (7/16/09). "Press Release: Bruker and the University of Warwick Announce Collaboration for Further Development of Extreme Performance Mass Spectrometry". Coventry. 2009-07-16
Enigma Diagnostics Ltd.. (7/16/09). "Press Release: Enigma Diagnostics Announces Signing of Patent Licenses with Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.". Porton Down. 2009-07-16
Roche. (7/16/09). "Press Release: Researchers to Decode Antarctic Ice Metagenome with the 454 Sequencing System, to Explore the Effects of Climate Change". Branford, CT. 2009-07-16
Biobase GmbH. (7/15/09). "Press Release: HGMD Annotates First Korean Genome. HGMD Professional Cements Its Position as Industry Standard for Human Mutation Data [incl. Full Story in Nature Advance Online Publication 8 July 2009]". 2009-07-15
Biobase GmbH. (7/15/09). "Press Release: 50% Off Summer Promotion for Academic Labs". 2009-07-15
M-Scan Ltd.. (7/15/09). "Press Release: M-Scan GmbH Completes Accreditation Programme". 2009-07-15
Evotec AG. (7/14/09). "Press Release: Evotec Announces Research Agreement on Fragment-based Drug Discovery with Cubist Pharmaceuticals". Hamburg & Oxford. 2009-07-14
Sartorius Stedim Biotech. (7/14/09). "Press Release: Sartorius Stedim Biotech Partners with Cell Culture Media Specialist SAFC Biosciences to Provide World-class Fluid Management and Liquid/Powder System Solutions. Global Agreement Strengthens Customized 2009-07-14
Roche. (7/14/09). "Press Release: Roche NimbleGen CGH Arrays Enable Characterization of Novel Genomic Disorders Associated with Psychiatric Disease in Recent Studies". Madison, WI. 2009-07-14
DxS. (7/13/09). "Press Release: DxS’ TheraScreen K-RAS Companion Diagnostic Approved for Use with Amgen’s Vectibix in Canada". 2009-07-13
febit holding GmbH. (7/13/09). "Press Release: First Catalog Cancer Biochip for Sequence Capture Now Available from Febit. 115 of the Most Common Cancer Genes Are Now Available for HybSelect, Febit’s Highly Automated Technology for Sequence Capture". Lex 2009-07-13
Roche. (7/13/09). "Press Release: New Data from Phase III SATURN Study Shows Tarceva Improves Overall Survival When Used Immediately after Initial Chemotherapy in Patients with Advanced Lung Cancer". Basel. 2009-07-13
Roche. (7/13/09). "Press Release: New Data from Phase III SATURN Study Shows Tarceva Improves Overall Survival when Used Immediately after Initial Chemotherapy in Patients with Advanced Lung Cancer". Basel. 2009-07-13
Universität Leipzig. (7/13/09). "Pressemitteilung: Neuer Biomarker des Blutes für Bauchspeicheldrüsenkrebs entdeckt. Weiterer Schritt in Richtung Früherkennung beim Pankreaskarzinom – Plättchenfaktor 4 ist vermindert – Veröffentlichung im »Clinical Cance 2009-07-13
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (7/13/09). "Press Release: Transcatheter Technologies GmbH Closes Start-up Financing Round with High-Tech Gründerfonds and Bayern Kapital. Development of a Novel, Repositionable Biological Heartvalve". Bonn, Landsh 2009-07-13
Biobase GmbH. (7/12/09). "Press Release: New Products. Biobase Knowledge Library Plant and ExPlain Plant". 2009-07-12
Biobase GmbH. (7/10/09). "Press Release: Biobase Announces Distribution Agreement with NeoTrident". Wolfenbüttel & Beijing. 2009-07-10
Medigene AG. (7/10/09). "Press Release: MediGene Receives Positive Assessment on Market Authorisation for Veregen in First European Countries". Martinsried. 2009-07-10
Millipore Corporation. (7/10/09). "Press Release: Millipore Sues W.L. Gore & Associates for Patent Infringement". Billerica, MA. 2009-07-10
BioTime, Inc.. (7/9/09). "Press Release: BioTime Announces Stem Cell Co-marketing Agreement with Millipore. Millipore to Distribute BioTime’s Novel ACTCellerate Human Progenitor Cells". 2009-07-09
MorphoSys AG. (7/9/09). "Press Release: AbD Serotec and Spinreact Sign Supply Agreement for Antibodies Used in Clinical Diagnostic Kits". 2009-07-09
Bruker Corporation. (7/9/09). "Press Release: RI Research Instruments GmbH Awarded Contract for Production of 86 Superconducting Accelerator Cavities for ARRA-Funded 12 GeV Upgrade of the DOE Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility". Newport News, 2009-07-09
Medarex, Inc.. (7/9/09). "Press Release: Medarex and Lonza Sign Collaboration Agreement for the Supply of Antibody-based Products. Agreement Includes Manufacture of Antibodies and Antibody Drug Conjugates". Princeton, NJ & Basel. 2009-07-09
Bruker Corporation. (7/8/09). "Press Release: Bruker Announces Order for D8 FABLINE and D8 DISCOVER X-ray Metrology Tools from SEMATECH at UAlbany NanoCollege". Albany, NY & Madison, WI. 2009-07-08
Funxional Therapeutics Ltd.. (7/8/09). "Press Release: Funxional Successfully Completes Initial Clinical Trial of FX125L, an Anti-inflammatory Drug with a Novel Mechanism of Action". Cambridge. 2009-07-08
Roche. (7/8/09). "Press Release: The Research Institute of the Hospital Universitari Vall d’Hebron Is the First Spanish Health Centre to Acquire High-performance Sequencing Technology of 454 Life Sciences". Barcelona. 2009-07-08
Universität Gießen. (7/8/09). "Pressemitteilung: Doppel-Erfolg beim LOEWE-Programm. Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen bei der zweiten Staffel der hessischen Exzellenz-Initiative überaus erfolgreich – Zuschlag für ein Zentrum und einen Schwerpunkt". 2009-07-08
Millipore Corporation. (7/7/09). "Press Release: Millipore Launches Next Generation of Flow Cytometers. Compact, Affordable Flow Cytometer Allows Scientists to Conduct Complex Cell Analyses at Their Benchtops". Billerica, MA. 2009-07-07
Evotec AG. (7/7/09). "Press Release: Evotec-RSIL Ltd Extends Library Synthesis Collaboration with Ferrer Grupo". Thane, India. 2009-07-07
MorphoSys AG. (7/6/09). "Press Release: MorphoSys Secures Full-term of Strategic Alliance". 2009-07-06
Intana Bioscience GmbH. (7/6/09). "Press Release: High-Tech Gründerfonds, Bayern Kapital and BioM AG to Invest in Intana Bioscience GmbH". Bonn, Landshut & Planegg. 2009-07-06
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (7/6/09). "Press Release: High-Tech Gründerfonds, Bayern Kapital und BioM AG to Invest in Intana Bioscience GmbH. Biochemical Profiling Services for Companies in the Life Science Industry". Bonn, Landshut & Planegg 2009-07-06
Universität Rostock. (7/3/09). "Pressemitteilung: München – Rostock. Die neue Nord-Süd-Achse für Analytische Chemie". 2009-07-03
Helmholtz Zentrum München. (7/3/09). "Pressemitteilung: Startschuss für Massenspektrometrie-Zentrum in Rostock. Moderne Analytik leistet erfolgreichen Beitrag an der Schnittstelle von Gesundheit und Umwelt". Neuherberg & Rostock. 2009-07-03
Roche. (7/2/09). "Press Release: Roche NimbleGen CNV Arrays Selected for Landmark Korean Copy Number Variation Study". Madison, WI. 2009-07-02
MorphoSys AG. (7/2/09). "Press Release: MorphoSys and the University of Melbourne File New Patent Applications in MOR103 Program". 2009-07-02
Roche. (7/2/09). "Press Release: Phase III Study Showed Lucentis Improved Vision in Patients with Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion. Study Showed Early and Sustained Improvement in Vision through Six Months". Basel. 2009-07-02
Bruker Corporation. (7/1/09). "Press Release: Bruker Announces Order for World’s First Commercial 263 GHz EPR Spectrometer from the Helmholtz-Zentrum in Berlin for Solar Energy and Photovoltaic Research Applications". Karlsruhe. 2009-07-01
Cellular Dynamics International, Inc.. (7/1/09). "Press Release: Cellular Dynamics International and Roche Expand Existing Cardiotoxicity Screening Agreement". Madison, WI. 2009-07-01
Johnson & Johnson. (7/1/09). "Press Release: Axel Ullrich Named Winner of 2009 Dr. Paul Janssen Award for Biomedical Research". London. 2009-07-01
Siemens AG. (7/1/09). "Pressemitteilung: Diagnostics. Dimension EXL von Siemens – Analysesystem für Labormedizin mit LOCI-Technologie vereint klinische Chemie und Immundiagnostik auf einer Plattform". Erlangen. 2009-07-01
Optimare. (7/1/09). "Press Release: e-lux. Novel Compact VUV Light Source [incl. Download Product Sheet, dated February 2010]". 2009-07-01
eBioscience, Inc.. (7/1/09). "Press Release: eBioscience Acquires NatuTec GmbH". 2009-07-01
Epigenomics AG. (6/30/09). "Press Release: Epigenomics AG Certified for Diagnostic Product Development and Commercialization. ISO 13485 Certification Marks Milestone in Epigenomics’ Commercial Strategy". Berlin & Seattle, WA. 2009-06-30
Medarex, Inc.. (6/30/09). "Press Release: Medarex to Receive Milestone Payment for the Approval of Ilaris for the Treatment of Cryopyrin-associated Periodic Syndrome. Other Inflammatory Disease Studies Underway in Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, 2009-06-30
Bayer AG. (6/29/09). "Press Release: Bayer CropScience and Monsanto Sign Cross Licensing Agreement on Herbicide Tolerance Traits in Rapeseed/Canola". Monheim & St. Louis. 2009-06-29
Bayer AG. (6/29/09). "Press Release: Implementation of R&D Strategy. Bayer Schering Pharma Extends Research Portfolio in the Field of Cancer-related Targets. License Agreement with Celera Corporation on Five Cancer Target Molecules". Berlin. 2009-06-29
Evotec AG. (6/29/09). "Press Release: Evotec Announces the Successful Completion of the First Phase I Study with EVT 401, an P2X7 Receptor Antagonist. Very Good Safety Profile and Confirmed »On Target Activity«". Hamburg. 2009-06-29
Genedata AG. (6/29/09). "Press Release: Genedata Signs Multi-year Licensing Agreement with Chugai Pharmaceuticals. Leading Japanese Pharmaceutical Company Uses Genedata Expressionist for Internal R&D". Philadelphia, PA. 2009-06-29
MorphoSys AG. (6/29/09). "Press Release: MorphoSys Announces Clinical Milestone in Therapeutic Antibody Program. Seventh HuCAL Antibody to enter Clinical Trials". 2009-06-29
Micromet, Inc.. (6/29/09). "Press Release: Micromet Added to Russell 3000 Index". Bethesda, MD. 2009-06-29
febit Holding GmbH. (6/29/09). "Press Release: Febit First to Offer Newly Published Mouse Genome on a Chip for DNA/RNA Detection and Enrichment. Febit Technology Enables the Conversion of New Sequence Data into Biochips for Gene Expression Profiling and 2009-06-29
Bayer AG. (6/25/09). "Press Release: New Choices for Corn and Soybean Farmers Worldwide. Bayer CropScience and DuPont Expand Collaboration with Broad License Agreement". Monheim & Wilmington, DE. 2009-06-25
Bayer AG. (6/25/09). "Press Release: Development of Vegetable Seed Varieties for the Mediterranean Basin. Bayer CropScience Unit Nunhems Opens Research & Development Station in La Palma-Cartagena/Spain". Monheim. 2009-06-25
Epigenomics AG. (6/25/09). "Press Release: Epigenomics AG Presents Colorectal Cancer Blood Test at ESMO Conference. mSEPT9 Biomarker Facilitates Innovative Blood Test for Colorectal Cancer – PRESEPT Study for Colorectal Cancer Screening with mSEPT9 Well 2009-06-25
Evotec AG. (6/24/09). "Press Release: Evotec Strenghtens Its Ion Channel Capabilities to Support New Alliances. Addition of Ion Channel Focused Library and Additional Electrophysiology Equipment to Support Ion Channel Screening and Medicinal Chemistry Al 2009-06-24
Omnilab-Laborzentrum GmbH & Co. KG. (6/24/09). "Pressemitteilung: Omnilab bekommt Duran Group Partner Award 2009". 2009-06-24
Epigenomics AG. (6/23/09). "Press Release: Swiss Viollier AG First Laboratory in Europe to Offer Epigenomics’ Colorectal Cancer Blood Test. The Swiss Private Diagnostic Laboratory Will Launch mSEPT9 Blood Testing Service for Colorectal Cancer Early Detec 2009-06-23
Medigene AG. (6/23/09). "Press Release: MediGene Concludes Agreement with Juste for the Commercialization of Veregen in Spain and Portugal. Juste Acquires Rights to Veregen for the Spanish and Portuguese Market – MediGene to Receive Milestone Payments To 2009-06-23
Siemens AG. (6/23/09). "Pressemitteilung: Diagnostics. Siemens präsentiert zwei neue Blutgas-Analysesystem der RapidPoint 300-Serie". Erlangen. 2009-06-23
DxS Ltd.. (6/22/09). "Press Release: Exosome Diagnostics and DxS Collaborate to Develop Blood Based Tests for Key Cancer Mutations". 2009-06-22
BRAHMS AG. (6/22/09). "Press Release: BRAHMS, Cezanne and Lumiphore Announce Partnership for Diagnostic Tests". Berlin, Nimes & Richmond, CA. 2009-06-22
Ionicon Analytik GmbH. (6/19/09). "Press Release: New Sub pptv-Level Limit of Detection for VOC Analyisis with Ionicon PTR-MS". 2009-06-19
Ionicon Analytik GmbH. (6/19/09). "Press Release: Ionicon Analytik Launches the New High-resolution, High-sensitivity PTR-TOF-MS". 2009-06-19
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