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Actelion Ltd.. (8/2/11). "Press Release: Actelion’s Selective S1P1 Receptor Agonist Ponesimod Successful in Mid-stage Trial for Multiple Sclerosis – Ponesimod to Proceed to Phase III Final Stage of Clinical Development". Allschwil. 2011-08-02
MorphoSys AG. (8/1/11). "Press Release: AbD Serotec and Merck Sign License Agreement for Use of HuCAL GOLD in Vaccine Research". 2011-08-01
Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.. (8/1/11). "Press Release: Roche Appoints Mara G. Aspinall President of Ventana Medical Systems, Inc.". Tuscon, AZ. 2011-08-01
Silence Therapeutics plc. (8/1/11). "Press Release: Group Reorganisation and Board Changes". London. 2011-08-01
MorphoSys AG. (7/29/11). "Press Release: MorphoSys AG Reports Strong Six Months 2011 Results". 2011-07-29
Actelion Ltd.. (7/29/11). "Press Release: Actelion Provides Update on Post-trial Motions in Asahi Kasei Litigation". Allschwil. 2011-07-29
Metabolomic Discoveries GmbH. (7/28/11). "Press Release: Research Collaboration Agreement with Durakult". 2011-07-28
Eurofins Scientific. (7/27/11). "Press Release: Eurofins Concludes Loan Issuance to Further Optimize Balance Sheet". 2011-07-27
Merck KGaA. (7/27/11). "Press Release: Piotr Bednarczuk to Lead Corporate HR". Darmstadt. 2011-07-27
Merck KGaA. (7/27/11). "Press Release: Q2/2011. Merck Total Revenues Increase by 16% to EUR 2.6 Billion". Darmstadt. 2011-07-27
Merck KGaA. (7/27/11). "Press Release: Udit Batra to Lead Consumer Health Care Division". Darmstadt. 2011-07-27
Stratec Biomedical AG. (7/27/11). "Press Release: Stratec – Growth Trajectory Confirmed after First Six Months of 2011". Birkenfeld. 2011-07-27
Technische Universität München. (7/27/11). "Pressemitteilung: Jagd auf dynamische Eiweißstoffe. Europaweit modernste Electrospray-Massenspektrometer an der TU München". 2011-07-27
Axxam S.p.A.. (7/27/11). "Press Release: Axxam and Polyphor Participate in a Research Partnership for the Treatment of Type-2 Diabetes Funded by the EU". Milano & Allschwil. 2011-07-27
Santhera Pharmaceuticals. (7/27/11). "Press Release: Publication in BRAIN Highlights Medical Potential of Santhera’s Catena in Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy". Liestal. 2011-07-27
AITbiotech Pte. Ltd.. (7/26/11). "Press Release: Appointment of AITbiotech Pte Ltd, Singapore, as Eppendorf Distributor for Singapore". 2011-07-26
4SC AG. (7/26/11). "Press Release: European Medicines Agency Adopts Positive Opinion for Orphan Medicinal Product Designation for 4SC’s Resminostat to Treat Hepatocellular Carcinoma". 2011-07-26
Cevec Pharmaceuticals GmbH. (7/25/11). "Press Release: Cevec Raises €6M to Grow CAP Technology Based Protein and Vaccine Business". Cologne. 2011-07-25
Genedata AG. (7/25/11). "Press Release: Genedata Selector Will Support Integrated Phenotype-Genotype Platform for Biotech Production Strain Development". New Orleans, LA. 2011-07-25
MorphoSys AG. (7/25/11). "Press Release: AbD Serotec Signs Agreement with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute for Anti-infective Research". 2011-07-25
Brooks Automation, Inc.. (7/25/11). "Press Release: Brooks Automation Announces Purchase of Nexus Biosystems, Inc.". Chelmsford, MA. 2011-07-25
GATC Biotech AG. (7/21/11). "Press Release: GATC Biotech and the ETH Zurich to Establish Method for Quality Assurance in Food Production. Method to Be Based on Multiplatform Sequencing including the New PacBio RS System". 2011-07-21
Ionicon Analytik GmbH. (7/21/11). "Press Release: Ioncion Announces New Distribution Partner for India". 2011-07-21
Actelion Ltd.. (7/21/11). "Press Release: Actelion Announces Half Year 2011 Financial Results". Allschwil. 2011-07-21
SuperGen, Inc.. (7/20/11). "Press Release: SuperGen Completes Acquisition of Astex Therapeutics". Dublin, CA. 2011-07-20
Scil Technology GmbH. (7/20/11). "Press Release: Scil Technology Establishes Independent Service Unit Formycon". Martinsried. 2011-07-20
Cellectis S.A.. (7/20/11). "Press Release: Cellectis Bioresearch and Lonza Achieve Significant Milestone on CHO-K1SV GS Knock-out". Paris & Basel. 2011-07-20
Quanterix Corporation. (7/20/11). "Press Release: Quanterix and Sony DADC to Develop and Manufacture Smart Consumables for Life Science and In Vitro Diagnostic Applications. SiMoA Disc is the First Diagnostic Consumable Developed Using Sony DADC’s Optica 2011-07-20
Roche. (7/19/11). "Press Release: Roche Acquires mtm Laboratories AG, Expanding Offering in Cervical Cancer Testing". Basel. 2011-07-19
Ascenion GmbH. (7/19/11). "Press Release: Tube Pharmaceuticals to Develop a New Class of Anti-cancer Drugs. Seed Financing Completed". Munich & Vienna. 2011-07-19
Biomax Informatics AG. (7/19/11). "Press Release: Biomax Informatics Announces Expansion of Long-term Business Relationship with DSM to Develop Novel Bioinformatics Solutions for Life Sciences R&D". Planegg. 2011-07-19
Analytik Jena AG. (7/18/11). "Press Release: Analytik Jena Acquires a Stake in Dutch-based Westburg B.V.". Jena. 2011-07-18
Bruker Corporation. (7/18/11). "Press Release: Bruker Brings Exceptional High Performance Single and Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry to Gas Chromatographers with the Release of the SCION Series". St. Pete Beach, FL. 2011-07-18
AiCuris GmbH & Co. KG. (7/18/11). "Press Release: AiCuris’ Novel HSV Compound AIC316 Shows Efficacy in Phase II". Wuppertal. 2011-07-18
Lophius Biosciences GmbH. (7/18/11). "Press Release: Lophius Biosciences Closes Additional Financing Round with Current Investors Totalling 1.4 Million EUR". 2011-07-18
Mayo Clinic. (7/18/11). "Press Release: Mayo Clinic Licenses Patent Rights for M. tuberculosis Complex Speciation. Diagnostic Test Will Assist Clinicians in Determing Best Treatment Plan by Accurately Identifying M. tuberculosis Complex Species". Rochest 2011-07-18
Atlas Genetics Ltd.. (7/18/11). "Press Release: Atlas Genetics Ltd Completes £16.9 Million Series B Financing Led by Novartis Venture Funds. Funds to Accelerate Launch of Velux Point-of-Care Test for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea". Bristol. 2011-07-18
Hochschule Mannheim. (7/15/11). "Pressemitteilung: Neues ABIMAS-Zentrum startet mit angewandter Pharma- und Diagnostik-Forschung. Das Land richtet Zentrum für Angewandte Forschung »Applied Biomedical Mass Spectrometry« (ABIMAS) ein". Mannheim. 2011-07-15
Novaliq GmbH. (7/15/11). "Press Release: Novaliq Receives € 2.3 Million Funding". Heidelberg. 2011-07-15
Orexo AB. (7/14/11). "Press Release: Orexo Takes Leading Position in Diagnostic Breath Tests through Acquisition". Uppsala. 2011-07-14
Cytavis BioPharma GmbH. (7/13/11). "Press Release: Cytavis’ Aviscumine Improves Survival of Patients with Metastatic Melanoma in a Phase II Trial". Hamburg. 2011-07-13
Protagen AG. (7/13/11). "Press Release: Protagen and Vela Form Strategic Partnership". 2011-07-13
4SC AG. (7/12/11). "Press Release: FDA Grants Orphan Drug Designation to 4SC’s Oral Pan-HDAC Inhibitor Resminostat for the Treatment of Hepatocellular Carcinoma". Planegg-Martinsried. 2011-07-12
Caprotec Bioanalytics GmbH. (7/12/11). "Press Release: Caprotec Bioanalytics GmbH Appoints Marc Voigt as Managing Director, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer". Berlin & Burlington, MA. 2011-07-12
Analytik Jena AG. (7/11/11). "Press Release: Analytik Jena AG and Metrohm AG Enter into Strategic Alliance in India and Scandinavia". Jena & Herisau. 2011-07-11
Lonza Group Ltd.. (7/11/11). "Press Release: Lonza to Acquire Arch Chemicals to Create the World’s Leading Microbial Control Business. Lonza and Arch Chemicals Announce an Agreement for Lonza to Acquire All of the Outstanding Shares of Arch Chemicals for 2011-07-11
Micromet, Inc.. (7/11/11). "Press Release: Micromet Announces Solid Tumor BiTE Antibody Collaboration with Amgen. Collaboration on Up to Three Targets and Two Programs – Upfront Payment of EUR 10 Million upon Deal Execution – Maximum Deal Value EUR 695 M 2011-07-11
Evolva Holding S.A.. (7/8/11). "Press Release: Evolva Completes Abunda Acquisition". Reinach. 2011-07-08
Ionicon Analytik GmbH. (7/8/11). "Press Release: Ionicon Appoints New CEO". Innsbruck. 2011-07-08
Qiagen N.V.. (7/8/11). "Press Release: Qiagen Reaches Agreement to Buy 61% Stake in Ipsogen, Plans to Fully Acquire Leader in Oncology Molecular Diagnostics". Venlo. 2011-07-08
Addex Pharmaceuticals S.A.. (7/7/11). "Press Release: Addex Announces Corporate Reorganization and Restructuring Initiative to Strenghten Its Leadership Position in Allosteric Modulation-based Drug Discovery and Development". Geneva. 2011-07-07
Evotec AG. (7/7/11). "Press Release: Multi-target Collaboration with UCB in Neurodegenerative and Neurological Diseases Announced". Hamburg. 2011-07-07
SQI Diagnostics Inc.. (7/7/11). "Press Release: SQI Diagnostics Announces Filing of Preliminary Prospectus". Toronto. 2011-07-07
Antisense Pharma GmbH. (7/6/11). "Press Release: Antisense Pharma Completes Round of Financing Worth Approximately 8 Million Euro – Founding Shareholders Facilitate the Participation of New Investors". Regensburg. 2011-07-06
Biocartis S.A.. (7/6/11). "Press Release: Biocartis Strenghtens Management Team with New CFO". Mechelen. 2011-07-06
SQI Diagnostics Inc.. (7/6/11). "Press Release: SQI Diagnostics Announces Filing of Preliminary Prospectus". Toronto. 2011-07-06
Scienion AG. (7/4/11). "Press Release: SQI Diagnostics to Acquire Scienion AG, a Leader in Microarray Manufacturing [NOT FOR RELEASE IN THE USA]". Dortmund & Berlin. 2011-07-04
SQI Diagnostics Inc.. (7/4/11). "Press Release: SQI Diagnostics to Acquire Scienion AG, a Leader in Microarray Manufacturing [NOT FOR RELEASE IN THE USA]". Toronto. 2011-07-04
Tecan Group Ltd.. (7/4/11). "Press Release: Tecan Appoints Martin Brusdeillins as Chief Scientific Officer and Member of the Group Management Board". Männedorf. 2011-07-04
GW Pharmaceuticals plc. (7/4/11). "Press Release: Sativex Launched in Germany". Porton Down. 2011-07-04
Biognosys AG. (7/4/11). "Press Release: Deal with Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics. Siena, Italy – Biognosys Is Entering into a Collaboration with Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics". 2011-07-04
Bayer AG. (7/2/11). "Press Release: Bayer CropScience Settles Biotech Rice Litigation". Research Triangle Park, NC. 2011-07-02
Aldevron LLC. (7/1/11). "Press Release: Genovac Is Now Aldevron Freiburg". 2011-07-01
Artel. (6/30/11). "Press Release: Artel Exhibits Latest Technology for Optimizing Automated Liquid Handlers at ELA 2011. Highlights Importance of Quality Assurance for Automated Liquid Handlers". Westbrook, ME. 2011-06-30
Agennix AG. (6/30/11). "Press Release: Agennix Initiates Phase II/III OASIS Trial with Talactoferrin in Severe Sepsis". Planegg, Princeton, NJ & Houston, TX. 2011-06-30
Definiens AG. (6/30/11). "Press Release: Metamark Genetics Partners with Definiens on Tissue-based Cancer Diagnostics. Partnership Forged to Tackle Tumor Heterogenity". Cambridge, MA & Munich. 2011-06-30
Actelion Ltd.. (6/29/11). "Press Release: Actelion Provides an Update on the Award Provision in Regard to Asahi Litigation". Allschwil. 2011-06-29
Merck KGaA. (6/29/11). "Press Release: Merck Submits Application for Extension of Indication for Rebif in Europe. Extended Indication Would Include Patients with Early Signs of Multiple Sclerosis". Darmstadt. 2011-06-29
Roche. (6/29/11). "Pressemitteilung: Roche investiert am Standort Deutschland 158 Millionen Euro in die Entwicklung therapeutischer Proteine". 2011-06-29
Cytocentrics AG. (6/28/11). "Press Release: Cytocentrics Launches the CytoPatch Instrument, an Automated Patch Clamp Device". Rostock. 2011-06-28
GATC Biotech AG. (6/28/11). "Press Release: Successful Start of the Clinical Validation Study of the Non-invasive, Prenatal Diagnostic Test for the Determination of Trisomy 21. Method Based on Illumina HiSeq 2000 Validated". 2011-06-28
Proteros Biostructures GmbH. (6/28/11). "Press Release: AMRI and Proteros Biostructures GmbH Announce Strategic Alliance". Albany, NY. 2011-06-28
Spectro Analytical Instruments GmbH. (6/28/11). "Press Release: GIFA Highlight Spectrolab High-end Spectrometer with Hybrid Optic Offers Highest Precision in Metal Analysis". Kleve. 2011-06-28
Freie Universität Berlin. (6/28/11). "Presemitteilung: Chemische Evolution eines Bakteriengenoms gelungen. Internationales Team tauscht Baustein der DNS aus". 2011-06-28
NonWoTecc Medical GmbH. (6/28/11). "Press Release: Completion of €7 Million Financing Round". 2011-06-28
Pasteuria Bioscience, Inc.. (6/28/11). "Press Release: Pasteuria Bioscience Signs Agreement with Syngenta to Develop Bio-Nematicides Based on Pasteuria. Global Collaboration on Bio-Nematicide Platform with an Initial Focus on Soybean Cyst Nematode Produc 2011-06-28
Roche. (6/28/11). "Press Release: Roche Launches GS FLX+ System Offering High-quality, Sanger-like Reads with the Power of Next-generation Throughput". Branford, CT. 2011-06-28
Bruker Corporation. (6/27/11). "Press Release: Bruker and Francisco Soria Melguizo S.A. Expand Their Exclusive Agreement for Distribution of the MALDI Biotyper to Cover Spain and Portugal". Geneva. 2011-06-27
Bruker Corporation. (6/27/11). "Press Release: Bruker and the Institute of Medical Microbiology at the University of Zurich Announce a Collaboration for Mass Spectrometry-based Microbial Identification". Geneva. 2011-06-27
Bruker Corporation. (6/27/11). "Press Release: Laboratory Viollier Extends the Business Relationship with Bruker Concerning MALDI Biotyper System for Mass Spectrometry-based Microbial Identification". Geneva. 2011-06-27
Evotec AG. (6/27/11). "Press Release: Milestone in an Ion Channel Drug Discovery Collaboration with Ono Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Achieved. Evotec Receives Milestone Payment frm Ono for the Progression of Novel Ion Channel Modulators into Lead Optimizatio 2011-06-27
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (6/27/11). "Press Release: Creathor Venture and High-Tech Gründerfonds Accelerate Growth in Sirion Biotech with Further Investment". Bonn & Bad Homburg. 2011-06-27
Scienion AG. (6/27/11). "Press Release: R-Biopharm to Use Scienion’s sciFLEXARRAYER for the Production of Novel Chips Designed to Detect Antibiotics in Milk. Novel Milkchip for Better Consumer Protection". Dortmund & Darmstadt. 2011-06-27
Max Planck Society. (6/27/11). "Press Release: Leading Research Organisations Announce Top-tier, Open Access Journal for Biomedical and Life Sciences". 2011-06-27
Biocrates Life Sciences AG. (6/27/11). "Press Release: Biomarker Research May Revolutionize Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer". Vienna. 2011-06-27
Ablynx N.V.. (6/27/11). "Press Release: Ablynx Receives EUR 5 Million in Milestone Payment from Alzheimer’s Disease Collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim". Ghent. 2011-06-27
Austrialian Trade Commission Austrade. (6/27/11). "Press Release: Innovative Australia Is in Search of Industry Partners in Europe. Australian Government Invests A$3 Billion (2.25 Billion Euro) in the National Research Agency CSIRO Over the Next Four Yea 2011-06-27
Evotec AG. (6/24/11). "Press Release: Evotec and Roche to Jointly Develop Biomarkers in Oncology. An Alliance for Personalized Healthcare in Cancer Research and Development". Hamburg & Basel. 2011-06-24
Tecan Group Ltd.. (6/23/11). "Press Release: Tecan Collaborates with TGen and ASU Biodesign Institute to Develop a Comprehensive Sample Preparation Solution for Proteomic Research". 2011-06-23
Roche. (6/23/11). "Press Release: Roche Sets Up R&D Institute in France to Foster Collaborative Translational Research. Focus on Creation and Expansion of Strategic Partnerships with Leading French Academic Centers". Basel. 2011-06-23
Scil Technology GmbH. (6/23/11). "Press Release: Scil Technology Receives Public Research Grant for Novel Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatments". Martinsried. 2011-06-23
4SC AG. (6/23/11). "Press Release: 4SC Reports New Data from the Clinical Trials with Oral Pan-HDAC Inhibitor Resminostat. Update on Phase II SHELTER and Phase I/II SHORE Trials". Planegg-Martinsried. 2011-06-23
Biotest AG. (6/22/11). "Press Release: Pentaglobin Shows High Binding Capacity against the Current EHEC Strain and Its Shiga-like Toxin 2. First Analysis Show Positive Results". Dreieich. 2011-06-22
Merck KGaA. (6/22/11). "Press Release: Merck – Regulatory Update on Cladribine Tablets. Following Recent Feedback from FDA and Previous Feedback from EMA Merck Has Decided to No Longer Pursue the Global Approval Process of Cladribine Tablets". Darmstadt. 2011-06-22
bioMérieux S.A.. (6/22/11). "Press Release: bioMérieux Launches Groundbreaking Salmonella Detection Technology to Improve Food Safety". Marcy l’Étoile. 2011-06-22
Agennix AG. (6/22/11). "Press Release: Agennix Hires Jill Porter as Senior Vice President of Pharmaceutical Development". Planegg, Princeton, NJ & Houston, TX. 2011-06-22
Apeiron Biologics AG. (6/22/11). "Press Release: Oncology Alliance. Apeiron, CCRI and SIOPEN Join Forces against Neuroblastoma". Vienna. 2011-06-22
Biotest AG. (6/21/11). "Press Release: Abbott and Biotest Announce Global Agreement to Development and Commercialize Novel Antibody for Autoimmune Diseases. BT-061 in Clinical Development for the Treatment of RA and Psoriasis". Abbott Park, IL & Dreieich 2011-06-21
biosaxony e. V.. (6/21/11). "Pressemitteilung: Neuer Geschäftsführer der Biosaxony Management GmbH. Biosaxony-Cluster und Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH unterzeichnen Kooperationsvertrag". Dresden & Leipzig. 2011-06-21
Freie Universität Berlin. (6/21/11). "Presemitteilung: Start-up-Unternehmen SpreeLabs prämiert. 4. Platz in Science4Life Venture Cup für DNA-Thermometer". 2011-06-21
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