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Cellular Dynamics International, Inc.. (1/8/14). "Press Release: Cellular Dynamics Signs Agreement with Nestle Institute of Health Sciences to Supply iCell and MyCell Products for Nutritional Research". Madison, WI. 2014-01-08
Bayer AG. (1/8/14). "Press Release: Translational Research Collaboration. Bayer and Peking University Establish New Research Center for Translational Research and Drug Discovery in Beijing [Not intended for U.S. and UK Media]". Leverkusen. 2014-01-08
Isarna Therapeutics GmbH. (1/8/14). "Press Release: Isarna Therapeutics and Santaris Pharma Announce License Agreement for the Development of Next Generation Oligonucleotides to Treat TGF-ß-mediated Diseases". Hørsholm, San Diego, CA & Munich. 2014-01-08
Merck KGaA. (1/8/14). "Press Release: Merck Serono Appoints Steven Hildemann as Global Chief Medical Officer". Darmstadt. 2014-01-08
bm-t Beteiligungsmanagement Thüringen GmbH. (1/8/14). "Pressemitteilung: bm|t und High-Tech Gründerfonds unterstützten gemeinsam innovative und technologieorientierte Unternehmensgründungen in Thüringen". 2014-01-08
Cenix BioScience GmbH. (1/7/14). "Press Release: Cenix BioScience Joins New EU FP7-funded Atherosclerosis Therapy Initiative". Dresden. 2014-01-07
Isarna Therapeutics GmbH. (1/7/14). "Press Release: Isarna Therapeutics Raises Euro 13 Million from New and Current Investors". Munich. 2014-01-07
Boehringer Ingelheim. (1/7/14). "Press Release: Crystal Bioscience and Boehringer Ingelheim Announce Multiple Target Antibody Discovery Collaboration". Emeryville, CA & Ingelheim. 2014-01-07
Algeta ASA. (1/6/14). "Press Release: German Competition Authority Clearance Obtained for Voluntary Cash Offer from Bayer to Acquire the Entire Issued Share Capital of Algeta". Oslo. 2014-01-06
General Electric Company. (1/6/14). "Press Release: GE to Expand in Life Sciences with Acquisition of Strategic Assets from Thermo Fisher Scientific". Chalfont St. Giles. 2014-01-06
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.. (1/6/14). "Press Release: Thermo Fisher Scientific Reaches Agreement to Sell Its Cell Culture, Gene Modulation and Magnetic Beads Businesses to GE Healthcare". Waltham, MA. 2014-01-06
Carl Zeiss AG. (1/3/14). "Press Release: Carl Zeiss Meditec Strengthens Business in Turkish Growth Market. Long-standing Partner Optronik AS Acquired". Jena & Ankara. 2014-01-03
Probiodrug AG. (1/3/14). "Press Release: Probiodrug Transfers Its CDK9 Inhibitor Program to AstraZeneca". Halle (Saale). 2014-01-03
Spectro Analytical Instruments GmbH. (1/14). "Press Release: New Spectro Genesis IPC-OES Condition Monitoring System Offers Cost-effective Analysis of Wear Metals in Oils". Kleve. 2014-01-01
Altmann Analytik Gmbh & Co. KG. (12/27/13). "Press Release: Altmann Analytik to Acquire Lab Distribution Company Dinkelberg Analytics". 2013-12-27
Actelion Ltd.. (12/20/13). "Press Release: Actelion Is Granted Marketing Authorisation for Opsumit (macitentan) in Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH) by the European Commission". Allschwil. 2013-12-20
Bayer AG. (12/19/13). "Press Release: Bayer Plans to Acquire Norwegian Pharmaceutical Company Algeta [Not intended for U.S. and UK Media]". Leverkusen & Oslo. 2013-12-19
MorphoSys AG. (12/19/13). "Press Release: MorphoSys Strengthens Clinical Development Organization with Three Management Appointments". 2013-12-19
Algeta ASA. (12/19/13). "Press Release: The Board of Directors of Algeta ASA Unanimously Recommends Voluntary Cash Offer from Bayer to Acquire the Entire Issued Share Capital of Algeta [Not intended for US media]". Oslo. 2013-12-19
Analytik Jena AG. (12/19/13). "Press Release: Analytik Jena Publishes Group Figures for 2012/2013 Financial Year. Operating Business Below Expectation Despite Sales Increase of 4.0% – Comprehensive Restructuring Initiated at Japanese Subsidiary". Jena. 2013-12-19
Sirion Biotech GmbH. (12/19/13). "Press Release: Sirion Biotech Licenses rights to Cevec Pharmaceuticals’ Immortalized Suspension Cells Derived from Primary Human Amniocytes for Its". Munich & Cologne. 2013-12-19
Bayer AG. (12/18/13). "Press Release: Bayer HealthCare to Join Not-for-Profit Structural Genomics Consortium to Accelerate Research in Epigenetics [Not intended for U.S. and UK Media]". Leverkusen. 2013-12-18
Bayer AG. (12/18/13). "Press Release: Kemal Malik Appointed Bayer AG Board of Management Member with Responsibility for Innovation. Professor Wolfgang Plischke to Retire on April 30, 2014". Leverkusen. 2013-12-18
Merck KGaA. (12/18/13). "Press Release: Merck Enters into License Agreement with the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO)". Darmstadt. 2013-12-18
Boehringer Ingelheim. (12/18/13). "Press Release: Circuit Therapeutics and Boehringer Ingelheim Announce Signature of a Research Partnership Agreement to Discover New Approaches to Treating Psychiatric Disorders". Menlo Park, CA & Ingelheim. 2013-12-18
Bruker Corporation. (12/18/13). "Press Release: Bruker CAM Launches Bruker Dash Reporting, the Next Step in Intuitive Customized Reporting". Fremont, CA. 2013-12-18
Evotec AG. (12/17/13). "Press Release: Evotec and Yale University to Collaborate on Cancer Therapy. First Collaboration within Open Innovation Alliance with Yale University". Hamburg. 2013-12-17
Agilent Technologies Inc.. (12/17/13). "Press Release: Agilent Technologies Appoints Fred Strohmeier Agilent Senior VP and President of Life Sciences and Diagnostics Group". Santa Clara, CA. 2013-12-17
Sartorius AG. (12/17/13). "Press Release: Sartorius Closes Acquisition of TAP Biosystems Group plc". Göttingen. 2013-12-17
ProBioGen AG. (12/17/13). "Press Release: ProBioGen Announces Expansion of Commercial Licenses with Emergent BioSolutions for AGEL.CR Viral Vaccine Manufacturing Production Platform". Berlin. 2013-12-17
Pieris AG. (12/17/13). "Press Release: Stelis Biopharma and Pieris Forge Alliance for Novel Anticalin Therapeutics in Ophthalmology. Collaboration Foresees Multiple First-in-Class Drug Candidates". Bangalore & Freising. 2013-12-17
CureVac GmbH. (12/16/13). "Press Release: CureVac Completes Patient Recruitment for Phase IIb Clinical Trial of mRNA-based Prostate Cancer Treatment". Tübingen. 2013-12-16
Land Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. (12/16/13). "Pressemitteilung: Land fördert Wissenschaftscampus langfristig mit über einen halben Million Europe". 2013-12-16
IQWiG (Institut für Qualität und Wirtschaftlichkeit im Gesundheitswesen). (12/16/13). "Pressemitteilung: Vemurafenib – Trotz neuer Daten kein verändertes Ergebnis. Ergebnisse zu späteren Auswertezeitpunkten unsicher, da Patienten zwischen Therapien wechs 2013-12-16
Siemens AG. (12/16/13). "Press Release: Siemens Enters into Master Agreement with Pfizer for Companion Diagnostics". Erlangen. 2013-12-16
Universität Mainz. (12/16/13). "Pressemitteilung: Masse mit Klasse – Bahnbrechende Neuerungen auf dem Feld der Massenspektrometrie". 2013-12-16
Evotec AG. (12/13/13). "Press Release: Evotec AG. Results of Pre-clinical Studies Lead to Reduction in Revenues, Nevertheless Profitable and more than € 90 m Cash for 2013 Confirmed". Hamburg. 2013-12-13
Merck KGaA. (12/12/13). "Press Release: Merck. Allergopharma Plans to Invest €40 Million in Production Facility". Reinbek b. Hamburg. 2013-12-12
Formycon AG. (12/12/13). "Press Release: Formycon AG Signs First Biosimilar Licensing Agreement with Santo Holding GmbH". Munich. 2013-12-12
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (12/12/13). "Press Release: Omeicos Therapeutics – Novel Therapy for the Treatment of Atrial Fibrillation". Berlin & Bonn. 2013-12-12
Carl Zeiss AG. (12/12/13). "Press Release: Zeiss Ends Successful Fiscal Year 2012/13. Revenue Reaches New Record High". Stuttgart. 2013-12-12
Bruker Corporation. (12/11/13). "Press Release: Bruker Corporation Announces Successful Installation of World’s First Compact 900 MHz Actively Refrigerated Magnet for NMR Spectroscopy at University of California, San Diego". Billerica, MA. 2013-12-11
MC Services AG. (12/11/13). "Press Release: MC Services Strengthens Life Sciences Expertise with the Addition of Dr. Solveigh Mähler". Düsseldorf. 2013-12-11
Prothena Corporation plc. (12/11/13). "Press Release: Roche and Prothena Enter into Worldwide Collaboration to Co-develop and Co-promote Antibodies for Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease". Basel & Dublin. 2013-12-11
Eurofins Scientific. (12/10/13). "Press Release: New Genetic Tools for Differentiating »Identical« Twins. Eurofins Develops First DNA Test for Forensic and Paternity Testing of Twins". 2013-12-10
Evotec AG. (12/10/13). "Press Release: Evotec Receives Pre-clinical Milestone as Part of Its Discovery Alliance with Boehringer Ingelheim". Hamburg. 2013-12-10
MorphoSys AG. (12/10/13). "Press Release: MorphoSys Announces Additional Clinical Trial of MOR208. Phase 2 Study in CLL Will Evaluate MOR208 in Combination with Lenalidomide". 2013-12-10
F-Star Biotechnologische Forschungs- und Entwicklungsges. m.b.H.. (12/10/13). "Press Release: F-Star Appoints Tolga Hassan as Chief Financial Officer". Cambridge. 2013-12-10
Genedata AG. (12/10/13). "Press Release: New Genedata Expressionist for MS Gains Increased Adoption in Metabolomics R&D". Basel. 2013-12-10
Land Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. (12/9/13). "Pressemitteilung: Eine halbe Million Euro für Greifswalder Genomforschung. Minister Brodkorb – Land bietet verlässliche Unterstützung der preisgekrönten Arbeit". 2013-12-09
Covagen AG. (12/9/13). "Press Release: Covagen Secures CHF 42 Million in Series B Financing". Zürich-Schlieren. 2013-12-09
Analytik Jena AG. (12/9/13). "Press Release: Analytik Jena AG Appoints New Managing Director of Japanese Subsidiary". Jena. 2013-12-09
Biocartis S.A.. (12/6/13). "Press Release: Biocartis and VIB Join Forces to Develop Unique Diagnostic Cancer Test". Mechelen & Lausanne. 2013-12-06
Novartis AG. (12/6/13). "Press Release: Novartis Investigational Compound LBH589 Significantly Extended Time without Disease Progression in Phase III Multiple Myeloma Study". Basel. 2013-12-06
Bayer AG. (12/5/13). "Press Release: Strengthened Presence in Latin American Soybean Market. Bayer CropScience to Acquire Argentinian Seed Company FN Semillas S.A.". Monheim. 2013-12-05
Evolva Holding S.A.. (12/5/13). "Press Release: Evolva to Participate in European Research Project". Reinach. 2013-12-05
Ariosa Diagnostics, Inc.. (12/5/13). "Press Release: Ariosa Diagnostics and Sonic Germany Laboratories Announce New Partnership to Offer Pregnant Women the Harmony Prenatal Test in Germany". Berlin. 2013-12-05
Lead Discovery Center GmbH. (12/5/13). "Press Release: Anti-cancer Program Originating from LDC Reaches Clinical Trials". Dortmund. 2013-12-05
Max-Planck-Institut für marine Mikrobiologie. (12/5/13). "Pressemitteilung: Leibniz Preis für Bremer Meereswissenschaftlerin Nicole Dubilier". 2013-12-05
Stratec Biomedical AG. (12/5/13). "Press Release: Stratec – Significant Progress with New Development Projects". Birkenfeld. 2013-12-05
Druggability Technologies Holdings Ltd.. (12/5/13). "Press Release: DRGT Enters into a Strategic Collaboration with Bayer HealthCare". Dublin & Budapest. 2013-12-05
Roche. (12/4/13). "Press Release: Roche and Molecular Partners Enter into Alliance to Develop New Cancer Treatments. Partnership Will Combine Novel Biologics (DARPins) with Roche Drug-conjugate Technology". Basel & Zürich-Schlieren. 2013-12-04
Formycon AG. (12/4/13). "Press Release: Formycon AG Successfully Completes Capital Increase". Munich. 2013-12-04
Lophius Biosciences GmbH. (12/4/13). "Press Release: Lophius Biosciences Appoints Dr. Robert Phelps as Director Business Operations". Regensburg. 2013-12-04
MorphoSys AG. (12/3/13). "Press Release: MorphoSys Strengthens European Patent Position on anti-CD19 Cancer Program MOR208". 2013-12-03
Protagen AG. (12/3/13). "Press Release: Protagen Selected by Pfizer to Support Clinical Drug Development of a Novel Compound in Autoimmune Diseases". Dortmund. 2013-12-03
Redbiotec AG. (12/3/13). "Press Release: Collaboration with GSK Vaccines". Schlieren. 2013-12-03
Genedata AG. (12/3/13). "Press Release: Genedata Announces Collaboration with AstaZeneca on the Analysis of Compound Combination Experiments". Basel. 2013-12-03
Definiens AG. (12/3/13). "Press Release: Definiens 2013 Survey Results – Top 4 Adoption Drivers for Image Analysis in Digital Pathology". Munich. 2013-12-03
Actelion Ltd.. (12/2/13). "Press Release: Update on the DUAL Program in Digital Ulcers in Systemic Sclerosis". Allschwil. 2013-12-02
Telormedix S.A.. (12/2/13). "Press Release: Telormedix Raises CHF 6 M ($6.6 M) in Series B Financing Round". Bioggio, TI. 2013-12-02
Merck Serono. (12/2/13). "Press Release: Merck Serono’s New Spin-off TocopheRx to Focus on Infertility Treatment. Merck Serono’s Entrepreneur Partnership Program (EPP) to Finance the 8th Spin-off". Darmstadt. 2013-12-02
Bukwang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.. (12/2/13). "Press Release: Bukwang Pharm. Co., Ltd. Enters into Partnership with TVM Capital Life Science". Montreal, Munich & Seoul. 2013-12-02
Biocartis S.A.. (11/28/13). "Press Release: Biocartis Announces the End of Its Alliance with bioMérieux". Mechelen & Lausanne. 2013-11-28
bioMérieux S.A.. (11/28/13). "Press Release: bioMérieux Announces Termination of Its Collaboration with Biocartis in Molecular Biology". Marcy l’Étoile. 2013-11-28
BASF SE. (11/27/13). "Press Release: BASF Produces First Commercial Volumes of Butanediol from Renewable Raw Material". 2013-11-27
Bruker Corporation. (11/26/13). "Press Release: Bruker Corporation Announces FDA Clearance to Market the MALDI Biotyper CA System". Billerica, MA. 2013-11-26
Gilde Healthcare Partners. (11/26/13). "Press Release: Gilde Healthcare Closes €145 Million ($200 Million) Transatlantic Growth Capital Fund". Utrecht & Cambridge, MA. 2013-11-26
Merck KGaA. (11/26/13). "Press Release: Merck Invests in Research Partnerships in Israel to Boost Innovation". Yavne. 2013-11-26
Paion AG. (11/26/13). "Press Release: Paion Grants License for Turkey to Add to R-Pharm Territory. R-Pharm to Extend Russian/CIS Territory by Adding Turkey". Aachen. 2013-11-26
RainDance Technologies, Inc.. (11/26/13). "Press Release: BIOKÉ and RainDance Technologies Announce a Distribution Agreement for Digital PCR Technology in the BeNeLux Countries and Germany". Leiden. 2013-11-26
InSphero AG. (11/25/13). "Press Release: InSphero’s New EU Subsidiary Opens for Business". Schlieren. 2013-11-25
Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH. (11/25/13). "Press Release: EU-funded HepaVAC Project to Develop a Vaccine for Liver Cancer Has Kicked Off". 2013-11-25
Covagen AG. (11/21/13). "Press Release: Covagen and Tanabe Research Laboratories Expand Strategic Research Collaboration for Development of Bispecific FynomAbs". Zürich-Schlieren. 2013-11-21
Eloxx Pharmaceuticals, Ltd.. (11/21/13). "Press Release: Eloxx Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. Announced the Initial Closing of its First Round of Financing". Herzliya. 2013-11-21
Biopharm GmbH. (11/20/13). "Press Release: Biopharm GmbH Enters into Co-research Agreement with Merck. Collaboration in Osteoarthritis on Discovery of Protein with Potential Effect on Joint Cartilage Formation". Heidelberg. 2013-11-20
Definiens AG. (11/20/13). "Press Release: Definiens and Metamark Enter Multi-year Deal for Prostate Cancer Prognostic Test". Munich & Cambridge, MA. 2013-11-20
Galapagos N.V.. (11/20/13). "Press Release: Galapagos Announces that BioFocus Has Signed an Integrated Drug Discovery Collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim". Mechelen. 2013-11-20
Global Bioenergies S.A.. (11/20/13). "Press Release: Global Bioenergies Secures a 5.7 Million Euro Grant to Proceed with its Second Industrial Pilot Plant in Germany". Evry & Leuna. 2013-11-20
Boehringer Ingelheim. (11/19/13). "Press Release: New Long-term Treatment Data Confirms Consistent Benefit and Safety Profile of Pradaxa Beyond 6 Years [For media outside of the US, the UK & Canada only]". Ingelheim. 2013-11-19
Boehringer Ingelheim. (11/19/13). "Press Release: Boehringer Ingelheim Planning Two New Global Clinical Trials for Pradaxa (dabigatran etexilate) in Expanded Patient Populations [For media outside of the US, the UK & Canada only]". Ingelheim. 2013-11-19
Genedata AG. (11/19/13). "Press Release: Biogas Consortium Using Genedata Selector for Metagenomics-based Process Optimization". Munich. 2013-11-19
European Commission. (11/19/13). "Press Release: Nearly €80 Billion for Horizon 2020 in EU Budget". Brussels. 2013-11-19
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (11/19/13). "Press Release: Scopis Finances Worldwide Expansion with Venture Capital". Berlin & Bonn. 2013-11-19
Selexis S.A.. (11/19/13). "Press Release: Selexis SA Names Dr. Marco Bocci Director of European Sales and Business Development". Geneva. 2013-11-19
Ganymed Pharmaceuticals AG. (11/18/13). "Press Release: Ganymed Pharmaceuticals Closes EUR 45 Million Financing Round". Mainz. 2013-11-18
Cytos Biotechnology AG. (11/18/13). "Press Release: Rights Offering Oversubscribed – CHF 24.3 Million Raised". Schlieren. 2013-11-18
Basilea Pharmaceutica Ltd.. (11/18/13). "Press Release: Basilea Reports Isavuconazole Orphan Drug Designation for Treatment of Zygomycosis by U.S. FDA". Basel. 2013-11-18
Boehringer Ingelheim. (11/18/13). "Press Release: First Human Data Show Promise of Boehringer Ingelheim’s Specific Antidote for Immediate, Complete and Sustained Reversal of Pradaxa-induced Anticoagulation [For media outside the US, the UK & Canada only] 2013-11-18
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (11/18/13). "Press Release: Yara Acquires Water Crop Sensor Tech Company". Oslo & Bonn. 2013-11-18
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