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Medigene AG. (5/3/23). "Press Release: Medigene AG Reports Financial Results and Business Update for Q1 2023". Martinsried. 2023-05-03
MicrofluidX Ltd.. (5/2/23). "Press Release: MicrofluidX and Immatics Working Together on Automated End-to-End Bioprocessing for TCR-T Therapies". Stevenage & Houston, TX. 2023-05-02
LifeArc. (5/2/23). "Press Release: Dr Jason Slingsby Joins LifeArc as Chief Business Officer". 2023-05-02
Bionter AG. (5/2/23). "Press Release: Ten23 Health, a Swiss-based CDMO and Bionter, a Premium Supplier of Analytical Ttesting Technology, Announced Today Their Collaboration to Advance Innovative Testing Methods of Particulate Matter". Basel. 2023-05-02
Medigene AG. (5/2/23). "Press Release: Medigene Acquires Worldwide, Exclusive License of CD40L-CD28 Costimulatory Switch Receptor". Planegg. 2023-05-02
Immatics N.V.. (5/2/23). "Press Release: Immatics Reports Interim Clinical Data from Ongoing Phase 1b Cohort A Monotherapy with ACTengine IMA203 TCR-T Targeting PRAME". Houston, TX & Tübingen. 2023-05-02
Anavo Therapeutics B.V.. (5/2/23). "Press Release: Anavo Therapeutics Extends Seed Round to EUR 28 Million to Advance Pipeline of Novel Phosphatase Modulators Toward the Clinic". Leiden & Heidelberg. 2023-05-02
Memo Therapeutics AG. (5/2/23). "Press Release: Memo Therapeutics AG Receives FDA Fast Track Designation for AntiBKV as Treatment of BKV Infection in Renal Transplant Patients". Schlieren. 2023-05-02
Immatics N.V.. (5/1/23). "Press Release: Immatics Announces First Bristol Myers Squibb Opt-in of TCR-T Candidate from Ongoing Multi-target Strategic Collaboration". Tübingen & Houston, TX. 2023-05-01
Seres Therapeutics, Inc.. (4/26/23). "Press Release: Seres Therapeutics and Nestlé Health Science Announce FDA Approval of Vowst (fecal microbiota spores, live-brpk) for Prevention of Recurrence of C. difficile Infection in Adults Following Antibacterial 2023-04-26
va-Q-tec AG. (4/26/23). "Press Release: Sartorius and va-Q-tec Announce a Long-term Partnership for the Joint Development of Innovative Transport Systems for the Biopharmaceutical Industry". Würzburg & Göttingen. 2023-04-26
ImmunOs Therapeutics AG. (4/25/23). "Press Release: ImmunOs Therapeutics Appoints Michael A. Curran, PhD, as Chairman of its Scientific Advisory Board". Schlieren & Gaithersburg, MD. 2023-04-25
Boehringer Ingelheim. (4/24/23). "Press Release: Boehringer Ingelheim Inaugurates Largest European Development Centre for Biotechnology". Ingelheim. 2023-04-24
3B Pharmaceuticals GmbH. (4/24/23). "Press Release: 3B Pharmaceuticals Enters into a Global Exclusive Licensing Agreement for its FAP-Targeting Peptide Technology". Berlin. 2023-04-24
Biotalys N.V.. (4/24/23). "Press Release: Syngenta and Biotalys Enter into Strategic Partnership in Biologicals Innovation to Advance Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture". Basel & Ghent. 2023-04-24
Tubulis GmbH. (4/20/23). "Press Release: Tubulis Announces Strategic License Agreement with Bristol Myers Squibb to Develop Next Generation ADCs for the Treatment of Cancer Patients". Munich. 2023-04-20
Lifespin GmbH. (4/20/23). "Press Release: Lifespin Announces Inaugural Membership in the Industrial Participant Program of the Wyss Diagnostics Accelerator at Harvard University". Regensburg & Boston, MA. 2023-04-20
Forbion Capital Partners. (4/19/23). "Press Release: Forbion Raises €1.35 Billion across Two Funds". Espoo. 2023-04-19
EniferBio Ltd.. (4/19/23). "Press Release: EniferBio raises €11M to Make Planet-friendly Fungal Protein from the By-products of food and agricultural processes". Espoo. 2023-04-19
Gilde Healthcare Partners. (4/19/23). "Press Release: Gilde Healthcare Raises €600 Million to Invest in Healthcare innovation". Utrecht. 2023-04-19
VectivBio Holding AG. (4/19/23). "Press Release: VectivBio Reports Full Year 2022 Financial Results and Provides Business Update". Basel. 2023-04-19
InflaRx N.V.. (4/18/23). "Press Release: InflaRx Announces Closing of the Full Exercise of Greenshoe Option Increasing the Proceeds of the Recently Announced Public Offering of Ordinary Shares to US$46 million". Jena. 2023-04-18
Zetta Genomics Ltd.. (4/18/23). "Press Release: Zetta Genomics Secures £1.9 Million in Second Round Seed Funding to Configure for Scale, Delivery and Innovation". 2023-04-18
Ariceum Therapeutics GmbH. (4/18/23). "Press Release: Ariceum Therapeutics Announces Extension of Series A Financing to EUR 47.75M to Advance its Next Generation Radiopharmaceutical Clinical Pipeline". Berlin. 2023-04-18
Lunaphore Technologies S.A.. (4/17/23). "Press Release: Bio-Techne and Lunaphore Establish Strategic Partnership to Develop the First Fully Automated Same-slide Spatial Multiomics Solution". Minneapolis, MN & Lausanne. 2023-04-17
Pieris Pharmaceuticals, Inc.. (4/17/23). "Press Release: Pieris Pharmaceuticals Announces Presentation of Positive Clinical Data for Cinrebafusp Alpa (PRS-343) At 2023 AACR Annual Meeting". Boston, MA. 2023-04-17
Complement Therapeutics GmbH. (4/17/23). "Press Release: Complement Therapeutics Secures €72 Million in Series A Financing to Advance Novel Therapies Targeting Complement-Mediated Diseases". Munich. 2023-04-17
ITM Isotope Technologies Munich SE. (4/17/23). "Press Release: ITM Appoints Roger Estafanos as U.S. General Manager and Expands Presence with Opening of U.S. Headquarters in Princeton, New Jersey". Garching & Princeton, NJ. 2023-04-17
Ginkgo Bioworks Inc.. (4/17/23). "Press Release: Ginkgo Bioworks and Syngenta Seeds Announce Collaboration to Develop New Traits for the Next Generation of Seed Technology". Boston, MA. 2023-04-17
InflaRx N.V.. (4/14/23). "Press Release: InflaRx Announces Closing of $40 Million Public Offering of Ordinary Shares". Jena. 2023-04-14
CellPhenomics GmbH. (4/14/23). "Press Release: CELLphenomics’ and Kyan Therapeutics Combined Platforms Provide Best-in-Class Solutions to Support the Biopharma Industry". Berlin & Singapore. 2023-04-14
Alentis Therapeutics AG. (4/13/23). "Press Release: Alentis Therapeutics Closes $105 Million Series C Funding to Advance Transformational Medicines for Claudin-1". Basel. 2023-04-13
CRISPR Therapeutics AG. (4/13/23). "Press Release: CRISPR Therapeutics to Participate in Needham’s 22nd Annual Healthcare Conference". Zug & Cambridge, MA. 2023-04-13
EXTEND Technology Transfer Hub. (4/12/23). "Press Release: EXTEND Approve Investmnet on Two Projects from San Raffaele Hospital to Tackle Devastating Rare Diseases". Rome. 2023-04-12
InflaRx N.V.. (4/11/23). "Press Release: InflaRx Announces Pricing of $40 Million Public Offering of Ordinary Shares". Jena. 2023-04-11
InflaRx N.V.. (4/11/23). "Press Release: InflaRx Announces Public Offering of Ordinary Shares". Jena. 2023-04-11
Proxygen GmbH. (4/5/23). "Press Release: Proxygen Announces Collaboration and License Agreement with MSD". Vienna. 2023-04-05
Syncona Ltd.. (4/5/23). "Press Release: Syncona Appoints Roel Bulthuis as Managing Partner". 2023-04-05
Biocartis Group N.V.. (4/4/23). "Press Release: Biocartis and APIS Assay Technologies Sign Collaboration to Develop and Commercialise a Breast Cancer Subtyping Test on the Idylla Platform". Mechelen. 2023-04-04
Eckert & Ziegler AG. (4/4/23). "Press Release: Eckert & Ziegler to Supply Point Biopharma with Actinium-225". Berlin & Indianapolis, IN. 2023-04-04
Crown Bioscience, Inc.. (4/4/23). "Press Release: Crown Bioscience Announces Transaction Closing of Indivumed’s Service Business and Supporting Biobank". San Diego, CA. 2023-04-04
Quantro Therapeutics GmbH. (4/4/23). "Press Release: Quantro Therapeutics Appoints Industry Expert Dr. Michael Bauer as Chief Executive Officer". Vienna. 2023-04-04
InflaRx N.V.. (4/4/23). "Press Release: InflaRx Receives FDA Emergency Use Authorization for Gohibic (vilobelimab) for Treatment of Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients". Jena. 2023-04-04
AMSilk GmbH. (4/4/23). "Press Release: AMSilk Announces Extension of Series C Financing to EUR 54M". Munich. 2023-04-04
AiCuris Anti-infective Cures AG. (4/4/23). "Press Release: AiCuris AG Announces Appointment of Larry Edwards as Chief Executive Officer and Formation of U.S. Subsidiary". Cambridge. 2023-04-04
CRISPR Therapeutics AG. (4/3/23). "Press Release: CRISPR Therapeutics and Vertex Complete Submission of Rolling Biologics License Applications (BLAs) to the US FDA for Exa-cel for the Treatment of Sickle Cell Disease and Transfusion-Dependent Beta Thalas 2023-04-03
PolyPeptide Group AG. (4/3/23). "Press Release: PolyPeptide Appoints Juan-José Gonzalez as CEO and Announces Change of CFO". Baar. 2023-04-03
Sartorius. (3/31/23). "Press Release: Sartorius to Acquire Polyplus. France-based Polyplus Is a Provider of Innovative Upstream Technologies for Cell and Gene Therapies". Göttingen. 2023-03-31
InSphero AG. (3/31/23). "Press Release: InSphero Accelerates Launch of Cryopreserved 3D Microtissue Platform with New Investment Round Led by Zeiss Ventures". Zürich. 2023-03-31
Nagi Bioscience S.A.. (3/29/23). "Press Release: Nagi Bioscience Launches SydLab One". Lausanne. 2023-03-29
CRISPR Therapeutics AG. (3/29/23). "Press Release: CRISPR Therapeutics Announces Departure of Board Member". Zug & Boston, MA. 2023-03-29
InfanDx AG. (3/28/23). "Press Release: InfanDx AG Revises Strategy and Broadens Diagnostics Pipeline for Child Health". Cologne, Berlin & Boston, MA. 2023-03-28
Thermosome GmbH. (3/28/23). "Press Release: Thermosome Receives Regulatory Approval for First-In-Human Trial with its Lead Program THE001". Munich. 2023-03-28
Bicycle Therapeutics plc. (3/28/23). "Press Release: Bicycle Therapeutics Announces a Strategic Collaboration with Novartis to Discover, Develop and Commercialize Bicycle® Radio-Conjugates". Cambridge & Boston, MA. 2023-03-28
Deepc GmbH. (3/28/23). "Press Release: Digital Medicine Pioneer, Deepc, Announces €12 Million Series A Round Led by Sofinnova Partners". 2023-03-28
Secarna Pharmaceuticals GmbH & Co. KG. (3/27/23). "Press Release: Secarna Pharmaceuticals and SciNeuro Pharmaceuticals Enter into Research and Option Agreement in the Field of CNS Diseases". Martinsried. 2023-03-27
CRISPR Therapeutics AG. (3/27/23). "Press Release: CRISPR Therapeutics and Vertex Announce Licensing Agreement to Accelerate Development of Vertex’s Hypoimmune Cell Therapies for the Treatment of Type 1 Diabetes". Boston, MA & Zug. 2023-03-27
Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc.. (2/23/23). "Press Release: German Drug Development Company Prosion Therapeutics Selects CDD Vault to Host Its R&D Data". Cologne & San Francisco, CA. 2023-03-23
Mbiomics GmbH. (3/23/23). "Press Release: Microbiome Therapeutics Biotech Mbiomics Raises EUR 13 Million in First Closing of Series A Round". Munich. 2023-03-23
Lunaphore Technologies S.A.. (3/23/23). "Press Release: Lunaphore Raises CHF40M in the First Close of Series D Funding Led by EGS Beteiligungen AG". Lausanne. 2023-03-23
Roche. (3/22/23). "Press Release: Roche Announces Collaboration with Lilly to Enhance Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease". Basel. 2023-03-22
Berkeley Lights, Inc.. (3/21/23). "Press Release: Berkeley Lights Completes Acquisition of IsoPlexis Forming PhenomeX, the Functional Cell Biology Company". Emeryville, CA. 2023-03-21
BioNTech AG. (3/20/23). "Press Release: BioNTech and OncoC4 Announce Strategic Collaboration to Co-Develop and Commercialize Novel Checkpoint Antibody in Multiple Solid Tumor Indications". Mainz & Rockville, MD. 2023-03-20
Scailyte AG. (3/16/23). "Press Release: Scailyte Announces Collaboration with Turnstone Biologics". Basel. 2023-03-16
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (3/16/23). "Press Release: Successful Exit for HTGF. Miltenyi Biotec Acquires Biosensor Company Lino Biotech". Zurich. 2023-03-16
Seamless Therapeutics GmbH. (3/16/23). "Press Release: Seamless Therapeutics Launches with $12.5M Seed Financing to Advance Transformative Gene Editing Platform Based on Programmable Precision Designer Recombinases". Dresden. 2023-03-16
Mediar Therapeutics Inc.. (3/15/23). "Press Release: Mediar Therapeutics Announces $105 Million Financing to Advance Portfolio of First-in-Class Fibrosis Therapies". Cambridge, MA. 2023-03-15
Proxygen GmbH. (3/15/23). "Press Release: Proxygen Announces Formation of Board of Directors". Vienna. 2023-03-15
Lino Biotech AG. (3/15/23). "Press Release: Miltenyi Biotec Acquires Biosensor Company Lino Biotech". Zürich. 2023-03-15
BioNTech AG. (3/14/23). "Press Release: Pfizer and BioNTech Receive U.S. Emergency Use Authorization of Omicron BA.4/BA.5-Adapted Bivalent COVID-19 Booster in Children Under 5 Years". New York & Mainz. 2023-03-14
Bayer AG. (3/14/23). "Press Release: BlueRock Therapeutics to Incorporate Wearable and Invisible Contactless Digital Health Technologies from Rune Labs and Emerald Innovations in Parkinson’s Disease Clinical Trial". Cambridge. 2023-03-14
MorphoSys AG. (3/14/23). "Press Release: Lucinda Crabtree to Join MorphoSys as Chief Financial Officer". Planegg. 2023-03-14
Bayer AG. (3/14/23). "Press Release: Bayer Collaborates with Microsoft to Unveil New Cloud-based Enterprise Solutions, advancing innovation and transparency in the agri-food industry". San Francisco, CA. 2023-03-14
CRISPR Therapeutics AG. (3/13/23). "Press Release: CRISPR Therapeutics Announces Transition of Chief Financial Officer". Zug & Boston, MA. 2023-03-13
BioNTech AG. (3/13/23). "Press Release: Update on First BioNTainer for African-based mRNA Manufacturing Facility". Mainz & Kigali. 2023-03-13
InSphero AG. (3/13/23). "Press Release: Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) and InSphero Partner to Advance Drug Discovery for Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis". Schlieren. 2023-03-13
VectivBio Holding AG. (3/13/23). "Press Release: VectivBio and Asahi Kasei Pharma Announce the Start of a Phase 1 Study of Apraglutide in Japan". Basel. 2023-03-13
Bayer AG. (3/9/23). "Press Release: AskBio Announces Gustavo Pesquin as New CEO". Research Triangle Park, NC. 2023-03-09
Iktos SAS. (3/9/23). "Press Release: Iktos Raises € 15.5m Series A Round to Expand Its Artificial Intelligence-based Drug Discovery Technologies and Solutions". Paris & Lausanne. 2023-03-09
Cellbox Solutions GmbH. (3/7/23). "Press Release: Cellbox Solutions Raises EUR 6.5 Million in Series A1 Financing Round". Norderstedt. 2023-03-07
Exscientia plc. (3/7/23). "Press Release: Exscientia Announces Collaboration with Charité to Advance Development of Precision Medicine Platform". Oxford & Berlin. 2023-03-07
Noema Pharma AG. (3/7/23). "Press Release: Noema Pharma Raises CHF 103 million (USD 112 million) in Series B Financing Round Led by Forbion and Jeito Capital". Basel. 2023-03-07
Eppendorf SE. (3/6/23). "Press Release: Eppendorf Divests Micro Manipulation Product Portfolio". Hamburg. 2023-03-06
Oculis Holding AG. (3/3/23). "Press Release: Oculis Announces US Public Listing on NASDAQ". Lausanne & Zug. 2023-03-03
MorphoSys AG. (3/2/23). "Press Release: MorphoSys Stops Work and Operations on Pre-Clinical Research Programs". Planegg. 2023-03-02
SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH. (3/2/23). "Press Release: More Patient Safety with Simulators for Cardiologists – SHS Invests 10 Million Euro in Swiss Simulands AG". Tübingen. 2023-03-02
BioNTech AG. (3/1/23). "Press Release: BioNTech Announces Establishment of Interdisciplinary mRNA Excellence Center to Conduct Research Jointly with Scientists from Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel". Jerusalem. 2023-03-01
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (2/28/23). "Press Release: Almost 500 Million for Investments in Start-ups. Final Closing Exceeds Expectations for HTGF". Bonn. 2023-02-28
Bico Group AB. (2/27/23). "Press Release: Bico Introduces New Life Sciences Manufacturing Platform Integrating ABB Robotics Technology". 2023-02-27
CRISPR Therapeutics AG. (2/27/23). "Press Release: CRISPR Therapeutics to Participate in the 43rd Annual Cowen Health Care Conference". Zug & Boston, MA. 2023-02-27
VisionHealth GmbH. (2/27/23). "Press Release: VisionHealth Raises 3 Million Euro to Finance Extended COPD and Asthma Study for Market Preparation of Kata, an Innovative Digital Therapeutic for Improved Inhalation". Munich. 2023-02-27
ObsEva S.A.. (2/24/23). "Press Release: ObsEva Announces Strategic Reorganization to Consolidate Operations in Switzerland". Geneva. 2023-02-24
CrystalsFirst GmbH. (2/23/23). "Press Release: CrystalsFirst Establishes Partnership with Akttyva Therapeutics to Support AI-powered Drug Discovery Programs". Hamburg. 2023-02-23
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (2/22/23). "Press Release: MedTech Startup HBOX Therapies Receives €2.3m in Seed Funding for Protective Lung Support". Aachen. 2023-02-22
Paleo B.V.. (2/22/23). "Press Release: Paleo Raises €12M to Bring the Real Taste of Meat to Plant-based Foods". Brussels. 2023-02-22
Resalis Therapeutics S.r.l.. (2/22/23). "Press Release: Resalis Therapeutics Raises €10 Million Series A to Complete First Clinical Trial for RES-010 in Obesity". Torino. 2023-02-22
Resalis Therapeutics S.r.l.. (2/22/23). "Press Release: Resalis Therapeutics Announces Seed Financing of €10 Million to Fund Non-coding RNA-based Therapeutics for Metabolic Diseases". Torino. 2023-02-22
Endress+Hauser AG. (2/21/23). "Press Release: Endress+Hauser Initiates Generational Change. Dr Klaus Endress to Leave the Supervisory Board by the End of the Year; Matthias Altendorf Named as Successor; Dr Peter Selders Will Become CEO". 2023-02-21
CRISPR Therapeutics AG. (2/21/23). "Press Release: CRISPR Therapeutics Provides Business Update and Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2022 Financial Results". Zug & Boston, MA. 2023-02-21
Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg. (2/20/23). "Press Release: Testing Their Strength –CAR T-cells Combat Muscle Inflammation. Universitätsklinikum Erlangen the First in the World to Use a Pioneering New Method to Successfully Treat a Pati 2023-02-20
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