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Tecan Group Ltd.. (8/26/14). "Press Release: Tecan and Recipe Announce Co-marketing Agreement for Automation of LC-MSMS IVD Kits". Männedorf. 2014-08-26
Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf. (8/25/14). "Pressemitteilung: BMBF fördert MS-Forschungsprojet des UKE mit 1,6 Millionen Euro". 2014-08-25
Eppendorf AG. (8/25/14). "Press Release: New epMotion 96 Dramatically Improves Productivity and Efficiency When Working with 96 Well Plates". Hamburg. 2014-08-25
Wallinger Ricker Schlotter Tostmann (WRST). (8/25/14). "Pressemitteilung: BGH bestätigt Gradientencycler-Patent. Vertreten durch die Kanzlei Wallinger Ricker Schlotter Tostmann (WRST) stärkt die Eppendorf AG ihre Patentposition". München. 2014-08-25
IBB Netzwerk GmbH. (8/25/14). "Press Release: Towards the Biorefinery of the Future. "Advanced Biomass Value" – Lubricants, Building Materials and Aviation Fuels from Algae and Oil Yeasts". 2014-08-25
Covagen AG. (8/25/14). "Press Release: Janssen Affiliate Cilag GmbH International Acquires Covagen AG". Zug. 2014-08-25
Roche. (8/24/14). "Press Release: Roche and InterMune Reach Definitive Merger Agreement". Basel. 2014-08-24
IMGM Laboratories GmbH. (8/22/14). "Press Release: IMGM Laboratories GmbH Announces the Appointment of Dr. Michael Bonin as Managing Director". Martinsried. 2014-08-22
Gamida Cell Ltd.. (8/19/14). "Press Release: Gamida Cell Announces Investment and Option Agreement with Major Pharmaceutical Company". Jerusalem. 2014-08-19
Evotec AG. (8/19/14). "Press Release: Evotec and Medicines For Malaria Venture Announce a Long-term Compound Management Collaboration". Hamburg & Branford, CT. 2014-08-19
MorphoSys AG. (8/19/14). "Press Release: MorphoSys and Emergent BioSolutions Sign License Agreement to Co-develop and Commercialize Prostate Cancer Drug Candidate ES414". 2014-08-19
Sirion Biotech GmbH. (8/19/14). "Press Release: Tissue Specific Optimized AAV Plasmids Are Now Available to Make Research & Therapy More Targeted". Munich. 2014-08-19
4SC AG. (8/18/14). "Press Release: Dr Thomas Werner und Klaus Kühn Announce Resignation for Supervisory Board". 2014-08-18
Basilea Pharmaceutica Ltd.. (8/18/14). "Press Release: Basilea Appoints Chief Commercial Officer". Basel. 2014-08-18
CMS Hasche Sigle. (8/15/14). "Pressemitteilung: CMS berät IBL International beim Verkauf an die Tecan Group". Hamburg. 2014-08-15
Santhera Pharmaceuticals Holding AG. (8/15/14). "Press Release: Santhera Receives CHF 13.4 Million through Sale of Treasury Shares". Liestal. 2014-08-15
MeVis Medical Solutions AG. (8/14/14). "Press Release: MeVis Gains First Industrial Customer for Lung Screening Software". Bremen. 2014-08-14
Analytik Jena AG. (8/14/14). "Press Release: Analytik Jena Closed Third Quarther Below Expectations". Jena. 2014-08-14
CMS Hasche Sigle. (8/14/14). "Pressemitteilung: CMS Hasche Sigle berät Bruker bei Veräußerung eines Geschäftsteils an Analytik Jena". Frankfurt a. M.. 2014-08-14
Basilea Pharmaceutica Ltd.. (8/14/14). "Press Release: Basilea Reports 2014 Half-year Financials – Ceftobiprole Launch in Germany Planned for Second Half of 2014". Basel. 2014-08-14
Miltenyi Biotec GmbH. (8/14/14). "Press Release: Miltenyi Biotec Acquires Gene Therapy Assets from Lentigen Corporation". Bergisch Gladbach. 2014-08-14
Analytik Jena AG. (8/13/14). "Press Release: Analytik Jena AG Signs Agreement to Acquire Bruker's ICP-MS Business". Jena. 2014-08-13
RayBiotech, Inc.. (8/13/14). "Press Release: RayBiotech, Inc. to Distribute Scienion AG Arrayers and Related Products in China". Norcross, GA. 2014-08-13
Seventh Sense Biosystems, Inc.. (8/13/14). "Press Release: Seventh Sense Biosystems Closes $16 Million Series B Financing". Cambridge, MA. 2014-08-13
Tecan Group Ltd.. (8/13/14). "Press Release: Tecan Announces Financial Results for the First Half of 2014 as Well as Successes in Product and Corporate Devleopment". 2014-08-13
Merck KGaA. (8/13/14). "Press Release: Merck Reports Organic Growth in All Four Businesses in Second Quarter". Darmstadt. 2014-08-13
Werum IT Solutions AG. (8/13/14). "Press Release: UNIGEN, Japan: – MES for Complex Biopharmaceutical Production Implemented in Only Four Months with Werum's PAS-X Out of the Box". Lüneburg. 2014-08-13
Mologen AG. (8/13/14). "Press Release: Preparation and Launch of New Studies Characterized the First Half-year 2014". Berlin. 2014-08-13
Evotec AG. (8/12/14). "Press Release: Evotec AG Reports Results of First Half of 2014". Hamburg. 2014-08-12
Galenica. (8/12/14). "Press Release: Galenica Lays Foundation for Two Listed, Independent Companies. New Management Structure with Two CEOs Will Enable Focused Development of Both Units.". Bern. 2014-08-12
MeVis Medical Solutions AG. (8/11/14). "Press Release: MeVis Remains Highly Profitable in the First Half of the Year. Profit Situation Remains Strong, but Slight Decrease in Results as Expected Due to Increased Staff Costs with Sales Remaining Largely St 2014-08-11
Boehringer Ingelheim. (8/11/14). "Press Release: First Half Year 2014. Boehringer Ingelheim Meets Challenges". Ingelheim. 2014-08-11
Uniqure N.V.. (8/11/14). "Press Release: Uniqure Acquires Gene Therapy Company Inocard". Amsterdam & Heidelberg. 2014-08-11
Biognosys AG. (8/8/14). "Press Release: Biognosys Licenses Patent for Glyco-capture Technology". 2014-08-08
Valneva S.E.. (8/8/14). "Press Release: Valneva Reports H1 2014 Results, Confirms Full Year Outlook, and Provides Business Update". Lyon. 2014-08-08
4SC AG. (8/7/14). "Press Release: 4SC Announces Financial Results for the First Half of 2014". Planegg-Martinsried. 2014-08-07
Medigene AG. (8/7/14). "Press Release: Medigene Significantly Improves Financial Results for the First Six Months of 2014". Martinsried. 2014-08-07
Symphogen A/S. (8/7/14). "Press Release: Sym004 Advances into Two New Clinical Trials and Receives Milestone Payments". Copenhagen. 2014-08-07
Bruker Corporation. (8/6/14). "Press Release: Bruker Reports Second Quarter 2014 Financial Results". Billerica, MA. 2014-08-06
Orexo AB. (8/6/14). "Press Release: OX-MPI Project Returned to Orexo". Uppsala. 2014-08-06
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (8/6/14). "Press Release: High-Tech Gründerfonds Announces Profitable Exit of Portfolio Company Sopat". Bonn & Berlin. 2014-08-06
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (8/5/14). "Press Release: Ametek, Inc. Acquires German Metrology Specialist Luphos GmbH". Mainz & Bonn. 2014-08-05
AMETEK, Inc.. (8/5/14). "Press Release: Ametek Announces Two Acquisitions. Amptek, Inc. Broadens Ametek’s Materials Analysis Capabilities – Luphos GmbH Adds Unique Technology to Ametek’s Metrology Platform". Berwyn, PA. 2014-08-05
Roche. (8/4/14). "Press Release: Roche to Acquire Santaris Pharma to Expand Discovery and Development of RNA-targeting Medicines". San Diego, CA. 2014-08-04
Evolva Holding S.A.. (8/4/14). "Press Release: Evolva Strenthens In-silico Capabilities with Acquisition of Prosarix". Reinach. 2014-08-04
Boehringer Ingelheim. (8/4/14). "Press Release: Boehringer Ingelheim Receives Two FDA Approvals [For Non-US/Non-UK media only]". Ingelheim. 2014-08-04
Analytik Jena AG. (8/1/14). "Press Release: Analytik Jena AG Launches New Generation of Thermal Cyclers for Its Biometra Brand". Jena & Göttingen. 2014-08-01
Probiodrug AG. (7/31/14). "Press Release: Probiodrug Presents Pre-clinical and Clinical Findings of PQ912, a QC-Inhibitor for Alzheimer’s Disease". Halle (Saale). 2014-07-31
Tecan Group Ltd.. (7/30/14). "Press Release: Tecan Acquires IBL International to Offer Integrated Solution for Specialty Diagnostics". Männedorf. 2014-07-30
BIA Separations GmbH. (7/29/14). "Press Release: SDK and BIA Separations Expanding Their Co-operation". Villach. 2014-07-29
Merck KGaA. (7/29/14). "Press Release: Merck Serono Initiates Phase II Study of Anti-PD-L1 Antibody MSB0010718C in Metastatic Merkel Cell Carcinoma". Darmstadt. 2014-07-29
Artes Biotechnology GmbH. (7/29/14). "Press Release: Malaria Transmission-blocking Vaccines – Artes and Burnet Announced a Development Project". Langenfeld & Melbourne. 2014-07-29
Qiagen N.V.. (7/29/14). "Press Release: Qiagen Reports Second Quarter anf First Half 2014 Results and Announces Launch of a New $100 Million Share Repurchase Program". Venlo. 2014-07-29
Universität Frankfurt. (7/29/14). "Pressemitteilung: Spin-off Firma der Goethe-Uni an Marktführer verkauft. Biokraftstoff-Spezialist Butalco geht an weltweit größten Hefeproduzenten Lesaffre". Frankfurt a. M.. 2014-07-29
MorphoSys AG. (7/28/14). "Press Release: MorphoSys AG Reports Results for the First Six Months of 2014". 2014-07-28
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.. (7/28/14). "Press Release: Thermo Fisher Scientific Launches LC-MS-based Class I Medical Devices. HPLC, Mass Spectrometer and Software Designed for Clinical Analyses". Chicago, IL. 2014-07-28
Zealand Pharma A/S. (7/28/14). "Press Release: Zealand and Boehringer Ingelheim Sign Second Collaboration Agreement to Advance Novel Peptide Medicines". Copenhagen & Ingelheim. 2014-07-28
Merck KGaA. (7/24/14). "Press Release: Merck Serono Announces Collaboration with San Raffaele University and Research Hospital for Research in Neurodegenerative Diseases". Darmstadt. 2014-07-24
4SC AG. (7/24/14). "Press Release: Crelux and 4SC Discovery Awarded Research Grant for New Epigenetic Cancer Drugs. Project for Identifying New Bromodomain Inhibitors Initiated under the Munich m4 Biotech Cluster Programme". Planegg-Martinsried. 2014-07-24
Merck KGaA. (7/23/14). "Press Release: Merck Strengthens Commitment to Chinese Growth Market". Darmstadt. 2014-07-23
MorphoSys AG. (7/23/14). "Press Release: MorphoSys and Galapagos Advance Joint Antibody Program in Inflammatory Disease into Preclincal Development". 2014-07-23
Lesaffre & Cie.. (7/23/14). "Press Release: Lesaffre Acquires Butalco". Marcq-en-Baroeul. 2014-07-23
Stratec Biomedical AG. (7/23/14). "Press Release: Stratec Accelerates Growth in First Half of 2014. Sales of € 69.1 Million in 6M/2014 (+14.9%; 6M/2013: € 60.1 Million)". Birkenfeld. 2014-07-23
Boehringer Ingelheim. (7/23/14). "Press Release: Efficacy and Safety Profile of Pradaxa (dabigatran etexilate) Repeatedly Confirmed. British Medical Journal Issues Unbalanced Article Regarding Pradaxa [For media outside UK, U.S. and Canada]". Ingelheim. 2014-07-23
Bruker Corporation. (7/23/14). "News: Important Customer Information about ICP-MS, GC and GC-MS Products". 2014-07-23
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.. (7/23/14). "Press Release: Thermo Fisher Scientific Reports Second Quarter 2014 Results. Raises 2014 Earnings Guidance". Waltham, MA. 2014-07-23
Ganymed Pharmaceuticals AG. (7/22/14). "Press Release: Ganymed Completes Recruitment for Randomized Phase 2 FAST Trial of IMAB362 for Gastroesophageal Cancer". Mainz. 2014-07-22
Boehringer Ingelheim. (7/22/14). "Press Release: Boehringer Ingelheim Establishes a Research Alliance with the University of Toronto, the Toronto-based University Health Network and the Mount Sinai Hospital to Investigate New Therapeutic Concepts in the 2014-07-22
Miracor Medical Systems GmbH. (7/22/14). "Press Release: Miracor Medical Systems Begins European Launch of Its Next-generation PICSO Impulse System, Designed to Reduce Severe Heart Attack Impairment when Used as an Adjunct Therapy with Angioplasty in Acu 2014-07-22
Biognosys AG. (7/18/14). "Press Release: Filgen Offers Biognosys Products in Japan". 2014-07-18
Novartis AG. (7/17/14). "Press Release: Novartis Maintained Strong Innovation Momentum in Second Quarter, while Reconfirming Full Year Outlook". Basel. 2014-07-17
Danaher Corporation. (7/17/14). "Press Release: Danaher Reports Record Second Quarter 2014 Results". Washington, D.C.. 2014-07-17
LTS Lohmann Therapie-Systeme AG. (7/17/14). "Press Release: Hopp Acquires LTS Shares from Novartis & BWK. LTS – Market Leader in Transdermal Patches Completely Acquired by Dievini Hopp". 2014-07-17
InflaRx GmbH. (7/17/14). "Press Release: InflaRx Announces Successful Closing of Its Round B Financing". Jena. 2014-07-17
Metrohm. (7/17/14). "Press Release: New Waters «Empower» Software Integrates Metrohm Ion Chromatography Systems". 2014-07-17
Paion AG. (7/17/14). "Press Release: Paion Completes Private Placement with Pendopharm’s European Affiliate Pharmascience International Limited through the Issuance of New Shares in a Placment Volumne of EUR 4 Million [Not for United States et al.]". Aac 2014-07-17
AC Immune S.A.. (7/16/14). "Press Release: Crenezumab Phase II Cognition Data in Alzheimer’s Disease Presented". Lausanne. 2014-07-16
Apeptico Forschung und Entwicklung GmbH. (7/16/14). "Press Release: Apeptico Announces Break-through Results in Scientific Understanding of Alveolar Liquid Clearance Regulation by the Pulmonary Epithelial Sodium Channel (ENaC)". Vienna. 2014-07-16
Beckman Coulter, Inc.. (7/16/14). "Press Release: Beckman Coulter to Acquire Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics' Clinical Microbiology Business". Brea, CA. 2014-07-16
Niedersächsisches Landesamt für Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit (LAVES). (7/16/14). "Pressemitteilung: Neubau für die Stärkung des Verbraucherschutzes. Land investiert fast 40 Millionen Euro – Grundsteinlegung im LAVES". 2014-07-16
Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH. (7/16/14). "Press Release: Immatics Receives €22 Million Final Tranche of Series D Fundraising". Tübingen. 2014-07-16
Evonik Industries AG. (7/16/14). "Press Release: Evonik Invests in Biosynthetic Technologies. Biosysnthetic Technologies Markets Innovative, Biodegradable, High-performance Lubricants – Vegetable Oils Used as Raw Material". 2014-07-16
Boehringer Ingelheim. (7/16/14). "Press Release: Boehringer Ingelheim’s Investigational Therapy Nintedanib Receives the First FDA Breakthrough Therapy Designation in IPF [For non-US media only]". Ingelheim. 2014-07-16
Neuway Pharma GmbH. (7/16/14). "Press Release: Neuway Pharma GmbH Appoints Dr. Stephan Rapp as CEO". Bonn. 2014-07-16
Wilex AG. (7/15/14). "Press Release: Wilex Publishes Half-yearly Financial Report 2014". Munich. 2014-07-15
Wilex AG. (7/15/14). "Press Release: Wilex AG Successfully Completes Capital Reduction. Reverse 4:1 Share Split Reduces Number of Outstanding Shares from 31.3 Million to 7.8 Million". Munich. 2014-07-15
Qiagen N.V.. (7/15/14). "Press Release: Qiagen Advances Leadership in Pre-analytical Solutions for Next-generation Sequencing (NGS) with Launch of 14 New Cancer Gene Panels". Germantown, MD & Hilden. 2014-07-15
Medigene AG. (7/15/14). "Press Release: Medigene Secures Funding for Its Cancer Immunotherapy Programmes through Capital Increase [Not for release, publication or distribution in the United States, Canada, Japan or Australia]". Martinsried. 2014-07-15
Indivumed GmbH. (7/15/14). "Press Release: Geisinger and Indivumed Partner for Personalized Medicine Initiative in the USA". Danville, PA & Hamburg. 2014-07-15
Amcure GmbH. (7/15/14). "Press Release: Amcure Receives EUR 5 Million Funding for the Development of New Tumour Therapeutic Agents". Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen. 2014-07-15
Evonik Industries AG. (7/15/14). "Press Release: Financing Available for Biolys Plant in Volgodonsk". 2014-07-15
Miacom Diagnostics GmbH. (7/14/14). "Press Release: Miacom Diagnostics GmbH Teams Up with Fosun Diagnostics, a Diagnostic Division of Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group". Shanghai & Düsseldorf. 2014-07-14
Merck KGaA. (7/14/14). "Press Release: Merck Serono Appoints Luciano Rossetti as Global Head of R&D". Darmstadt. 2014-07-14
Campus Biotech (Geneva). (7/11/14). "Press Release: John P. Donoghue Is Taking the Lead of the Wyss Center and Is Appointed Professor at EPFL and University of Geneva". 2014-07-11
Medigene AG. (7/10/14). "Press Release: Medigene AG Confirms Final Subscription Price for New Shares and Final Conversion Price for Convertible Bonds [Not for release, publication or distribution in the United States, Canada, Japan or Australia]". Martin 2014-07-10
BIO. (7/10/14). "Press Release: New Council of International Biotech Associations Formed". Washington, D.C.. 2014-07-10
Ayoxxa Biosystems GmbH. (7/10/14). "Press Release: Ayoxxa Biosystems Wins New Investors to Close a € 9.0m Series B Round. New Leadership Joining Ayoxxa". Cologne. 2014-07-10
Bio-based Industries Consortium (BBI). (7/9/14). "Press Release: EU and Industry Partners Launch €3.7 Billion Investments in the Renewable Bio-based Economy". Brussels. 2014-07-09
Protea Biosciences Group, Inc.. (7/9/14). "Press Release: Protea Biosciences and InSphero AG Enter Into Collaboration and Co-Marketing Agreement to Combine 3D Technologies". Morgantown, WV & Schlieren. 2014-07-09
Sophia Genetics S.A.. (7/8/14). "Press Release: Sophia Genetics Raises Series B Round Led by Invoke Capital". London & Lausanne. 2014-07-08
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