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Qiagen N.V.. (2/2/16). "Press Release: New Agreements Underscore Qiagen’s Leadership in Bioinformatics". Venlo. 2016-02-02
CosmosID, Inc.. (2/2/16). "Press Release: CosmosID Announces Partnership with Qiagen for Microbial Analysis". Rockville, MD. 2016-02-02
Wilex AG. (2/2/16). "Press Release: US Patent Office Granted Patent for Amatoxin Conjugates for Tumour Therapy". Munich. 2016-02-02
Evotec AG. (2/2/16). "Press Release: Evotec Awarded Grant from The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research". Hamburg. 2016-02-02
Sophia Genetics S.A.. (2/2/16). "Press Release: The Paoli-Calmettes Institute (IPC) in Marseille Becomes the First Next Generation Sequencing Lab Certified in France for the Molecular Diagnosis, Thanks to a New Collaboration with Sophia Genetics". Lausan 2016-02-02
Wacker Chemie AG. (2/2/16). "Press Release: Wacker Lifts Sales in 2015 above €5 Billion for the First Time and Increases Its Net Income". Munich. 2016-02-02
Tecan Group Ltd.. (2/2/16). "Press Release: Tecan Simplifies Large Molecule Bioanalysis. The MSIA Streptavidin EVO Microcolumns Are Designed Specifically for Tecan’s Freedom EVO Platform". Männedorf. 2016-02-02
Abbott Laboratories Inc.. (2/1/16). "Press Release: Abbott to Acquire Alere, Becoming Leader in Point of Care Testing and Significantly Advancing Global Diagnostics Presence". Abbott Park, IL & Waltham, MA. 2016-02-01
Sartorius Stedim Biotech. (2/1/16). "Press Release: Preliminary Results for 2015". 2016-02-01
Sartorius AG. (2/1/16). "Press Release: Sartorius Grows by Double Digits in Sales and Profit in 2015 – Positive Outlook for 2016 – Targets for 2020 Updated". Göttingen. 2016-02-01
InSphero AG. (2/1/16). "Press Release: InSphero Inc. Streamlines 3D Microtissue Business Operations in US". Schlieren. 2016-02-01
Evotec AG. (1/29/16). "Pressemitteilung: Einweihung des neuen Forschungszentrums der Evotec im Science Park Göttingen". Hamburg. 2016-01-29
Oxford BioMedica plc. (1/29/16). "Press Release: Oxford BioMedica Announces Initiation of Second CART Programme for Major Pharmaceutical Company". Oxford. 2016-01-29
Ablynx N.V.. (1/29/16). "Press Release: Ablynx to Receive €8 Million Milestone as Boehringer Ingelheim Starts First Patient Study with a Bi-specific Nanobody in Oncology". Ghent. 2016-01-29
MDxHealth S.A.. (1/28/16). "Press Release: MDxHealth Announces Conference Participation for First Half 2016". Irvine, CA & Herstal. 2016-01-28
i2a S.A.. (1/28/16). "Press Release: Testing on Antimicrobial Resistance – i2a". 2016-01-28
InflaRx GmbH. (1/28/16). "Press Release: InflaRx Announces Positive Phase IIa Top-line Results from the SCIENS Trial Investigating IFX-1, a First-in-class Anti-complement C5a Antibody". Jena. 2016-01-28
Merck KGaA. (1/28/16). "Press Release: Merck Accelerator Goes Global with Launch in Africa. Merck Launches Equity-free Accelerator Program for Digital Health in Nairobi". Darmstadt. 2016-01-28
Roche. (1/28/16). "Press Release: Roche Reports Strong Results in 2015". Basel. 2016-01-28
Roche. (1/28/16). "Press Release: Changes to the Roche Corporate Executive Committee". Basel. 2016-01-28
Altona Diagnostics GmbH. (1/27/16). "Press Release: Altona Diagnostics Launches Worldwide First Commercially Available CE-IVD Real-time PCR Test for Detection of Zika Virus". Hamburg. 2016-01-27
Merck KGaA. (1/27/16). "Press Release: Merck Announces New Biopharma Heads for North America and China". Darmstadt. 2016-01-27
Novartis AG. (1/27/16). "Press Release: Novartis Delivered Strong Sales Growth and Core Margin Expansion (cc[1]) in 2015, Announces Plans to Accelerate Growth at Alcon, Streamline Group Operations". Basel. 2016-01-27
MorphoSys AG. (1/26/16). "Press Release: MorphoSys Announces Clinical Milestone for Start of Bayer's Phase 2 Trial Designed to Support Registration of Anetumab Ravtansine". 2016-01-26
Qiagen GmbH. (1/26/16). "Press Release: Qiagen to Supply QuantiFERON-TB Tests to Ease Tuberculin Shortage ". Hilden. 2016-01-26
Pharnext S.A.S.. (1/26/16). "Press Release: Pharnext Collaborates with OrphanDev in Europe for Its Phase 3 Clinical Trial PLEO-CMT in Charcot-Marie Tooth Type 1A Disease (CMT 1A)". Paris. 2016-01-26
Affimed N.V.. (1/25/16). "Press Release: Affimed Enters into Collaboration with Merck to Evaluate AFM13 in Combination with Keytruda (pembrolizumab) for Patients with Hodgkin Lymphoma". Heidelberg. 2016-01-25
Medigene AG. (1/25/16). "Press Release: Medigene and the University of Lausanne Agree on Collaboration to Explore New Technologies for the Characterisation of Medigene's T Cell Receptors (TCRs)". Martinsried. 2016-01-25
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (1/25/16). "Press Release: SeNostic GmbH Raises Seed Round for the Clinical Development of a Novel Technology for the Differential Diagnosis of Neurodegenerative Diseases". 2016-01-25
Sophia Genetics S.A.. (1/25/16). "Press Release: Sophia Genetics Expands to a New R&D Facility in Campus Biotech to Meet Demand for Genomic Analysis and Testing". Lausanne. 2016-01-25
Vasopharm GmbH. (1/21/16). "Press Release: Vasopharm Announces EUR 20 Million Fundraising to Progress Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injury". Würzburg. 2016-01-21
Evonik Industries AG. (1/21/16). "Press Release: Venture Capital – Evonik Invests in Synoste, a Medical Technology Start-up in Düsseldorf and Helsinki". Essen. 2016-01-21
Lead Discovery Center GmbH. (1/21/16). "Press Release: LDC Enters New Industry Partnership for the Discovery of Novel Medicines. LDC and Roche Will Jointly Advance Innovative Drug Discovery Projects". Dortmund. 2016-01-21
Protagen AG. (1/21/16). "Press Release: Protagen AG Joins RA-MAP Consortium to Support Identification of Predictors of Remission in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)". 2016-01-21
Affimed N.V.. (1/21/16). "Press Release: Affimed Appoints Dr. Joerg Windisch as Chief Operating Officer and Adds Dr. Bernhard Ehmer to Supervisory Board". Heidelberg. 2016-01-21
InSphero AG. (1/21/16). "Press Release: InSphero Adds Head of Sales, Expands Global Sales Team". Schlieren. 2016-01-21
BRAIN AG. (1/20/16). "Press Release: BRAIN AG Sets IPO Price Range [Not for United States of America, Canada, Japan and Australia et al.]". Zwingenberg. 2016-01-20
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (1/20/16). "Press Release: First Four Companies Selected to Participate in the German Accelerator Life Sciences Program in Cambridge". 2016-01-20
Cevec Pharmaceuticals GmbH. (1/20/16). "Press Release: Cevec and Beckman Research Institute of City of Hope Enter into a Cooperation and License Agreement on Cevec’s Proprietary CAP®GT Technology". Cologne. 2016-01-20
Investitions- und Strukturbank Rheinland-Pfalz (ISB). (1/20/16). "Pressemitteilung: ISB beteiligt sich erneut an PharmGenomics GmbH. Venture Capital-Bereich der Förderbank unterstützt Mainzer Unternehmen". 2016-01-20
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (1/19/16). "Press Release: HTGF and MBG Schleswig-Holstein Invest into Innovative Diagnostic Solution for the Early Detection of Oral Cancer". 2016-01-19
Merck KGaA. (1/19/16). "Press Release: Merck Appoints New Executive Board Members. Udit Batra and Walter Galinat Promoted to the Executive Board – Bernd Reckmann to Retire". Darmstadt. 2016-01-19
Sophia Genetics S.A.. (1/19/16). "Press Release: Belgian Hospitals Gain Advanced Analytics for Cancer and Congenital Diseases". Lausanne. 2016-01-19
Metabolomic Discoveries GmbH. (1/18/16). "Press Release: Towards a Better Understanding of Flavour and Quality of Kiwi Fruits with Metabolomics. Zespri to Profile Kiwi Fruit with Metabolomic Discoveries’ Flavour Profiler". Potsdam & Mount Maunganui. 2016-01-18
Evonik Industries AG. (1/15/16). "Press Release: Evonik Expands Venture Capital Activities into Asia. Evonik Is Investing in Chinese Venture Capital Fund GRC SinoGreen Fund III". Essen. 2016-01-15
Metrohm. (1/15/16). "Press Release: Metrohm IC System «Empowered» by Waters «Empower 3» Software". 2016-01-15
Affimed N.V.. (1/14/16). "Press Release: Affimed Announces Addition of Dr. Andrew Evens to Scientific Advisory Board". Heidelberg. 2016-01-14
Sygnis AG. (1/13/16). "Press Release: Sygnis Announces Global Launch of SunScript One Step RT-qPCR Kit". Madrid & Heidelberg. 2016-01-13
Wilex AG. (1/13/16). "Press Release: Wilex’s Partner Link Health Submits IND Application for Clinical Phase I with the uPA inhibitor Mesupron in China". Munich. 2016-01-13
Nanion Technologies GmbH. (1/13/16). "Press Release: Frank Henrichsen Appointed Director of Global Sales at Nanion Technologies". Munich. 2016-01-13
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (1/12/16). "Press Release: High-Tech Gründerfonds and DocCheck Guano AG Invest in Heartbeat Medical". 2016-01-12
Affimed N.V.. (1/12/16). "Press Release: Affimed to Present at Noble Financial Capital Markets’ 12th Annual Investor Conference". Heidelberg. 2016-01-12
Evotec AG. (1/12/16). "Press Release: Evotec Achieves Important Milestone in TargetAD Collaboration with Janssen in Alzheimer's Disease". Hamburg. 2016-01-12
Molecular Partners AG. (1/12/16). "Press Release: Molecular Partners to Present at the 34th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference". Zürich-Schlieren. 2016-01-12
Novartis AG. (1/11/16). "Press Release: Novartis Continues to Grow Immuno-oncology Pipeline through Collaboration and Licensing Agreement with Surface Oncology". Basel. 2016-01-11
Novimmune S.A.. (1/11/16). "Press Release: Novimmune Completes CHF30 Million ($29.8 Million) Funding Round with Existing Shareholders". Geneva. 2016-01-11
Tecan Group Ltd.. (1/11/16). "Press Release: Tecan to Present at J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference". Männedorf. 2016-01-11
Seres Therapeutics, Inc.. (1/11/16). "Press Release: Seres Therapeutics Announces Strategic Collaboration with Nestlé Health Science for Microbiome-Based Clostridium difficile and Inflammatory Bowel Disease Therapies in Markets Outside of North America". 2016-01-11
Tensha Therapeutics. (1/11/16). "Press Release: Tensha Therapeutics to Be Acquired by Roche. Lead Molecule, TEN-010, in Clinical Development in Cancer". Cambridge, MA. 2016-01-11
Juno Therapeutics, Inc.. (1/11/16). "Press Release: Juno Therapeutics Adds Next-Generation Single Cell Sequencing Capabilities Through Acquisition of AbVitro". Seattle, WA. 2016-01-11
Medigene AG. (1/11/16). "Press Release: Medigene AG Strengthens Management with Appointment of Three Senior Vice Presidents". Martinsried. 2016-01-11
Qiagen N.V.. (1/11/16). "Press Release: Qiagen Reaches Milestone with Portfolio of Master Collaboration Agreements for Pharma Companion Diagnostics". Germantown, MD & Hilden. 2016-01-11
Curetis N.V.. (1/11/16). "Press Release: Curetis Establishes Medical Advisory Board with Internationally Renowned Experts – U.S. FDA Trial Enrolment on Track". Amsterdam & Holzgerlingen. 2016-01-11
AB2 Bio Ltd.. (1/11/16). "Press Release: AB2 Bio Ltd Raises CHF 21 Million (USD 21 Million) in Series B Financing Round". Lausanne. 2016-01-11
Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB. (1/11/16). "Press Release: Sobi Announces Commercial Launch of Elocta in First Countries in Europe". 2016-01-11
Carpegen GmbH. (1/11/16). "Pressemitteilung: Hightech Diagnostik von schweren Infektionen im Krankenhaus. NRW-Förderung für Münsteraner Biotechnologieunternehmen Carpegen". Münster. 2016-01-11
Qiagen N.V.. (1/10/16). "Press Release: Qiagen Announces Preliminary Results for Full-year 2015 and Provides 2016 Outlook". Venlo. 2016-01-10
Immatics Biotechnologies GmbH. (1/8/16). "Press Release: Immatics Appoints Katina Dorton as Chief Financial Officer". Tübingen & Houston, TX. 2016-01-08
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.. (1/8/16). "Press Release: Thermo Fisher Scientific to Acquire Affymetrix. Strengthens Leadership in Biosciences and Genetic Analysis". Waltham, MA & Santa Clara, CA. 2016-01-08
Bruker Corporation. (1/8/16). "Press Release: Bruker Presentation at the 34th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference to be Webcast Live". Billerica, MA. 2016-01-08
Cytos Biotechnology AG. (1/8/16). "Press Release: Cytos Biotechnology Ltd. Will Be Renamed Kuros Biosciences Ltd., Constitutes Its Board of Directors and Appoints Executive Officers". 2016-01-08
Epigenomics AG. (1/8/16). "Press Release: Epigenomics Receives FDA Notification about Status of Pending Approval Decision for Epi proColon". Berlin. 2016-01-08
Glycotope GmbH. (1/7/16). "Press Release: Glycotope Names Paul G Higham as New Chief Executive Officer". Berlin. 2016-01-07
Evotec AG. (1/7/16). "Press Release: Evotec and UCB Sign Multi-year Sample Management Agreement". Hamburg. 2016-01-07
Merck KGaA. (1/7/16). "Press Release: Merck and Biocartis to Collaborate on New Liquid Biopsy Technology for RAS Biomarker Testing". Darmstadt. 2016-01-07
MorphoSys AG. (1/7/16). "Press Release: MorphoSys to Present at J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference". Martinsried. 2016-01-07
Apogenix AG. (1/7/16). "Press Release: Apogenix Receives First Milestone Payment from Canbridge Licensing Agreement and Signs Amendment to Include Taiwan". Heidelberg. 2016-01-07
Rentschler Biotechnologie GmbH. (1/7/16). "Press Release: Dr. Frank Mathias to Become CEO of Rentschler Biotechnologie". Laupheim. 2016-01-07
Medigene AG. (1/7/16). "Press Release: Medigene to Participate at Three International Conferences". Martinsried. 2016-01-07
Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB. (1/7/16). "Press Release: Sobi Gains Commercial Rights for Relistor, Deflux and Solesta from PharmaSwiss". 2016-01-07
Genticel S.A.. (1/7/16). "Press Release: Genticel to Evaluate Roche Molecular Systems’ cobas HPV Test in Preparation for Phase 3 Porgram of GTL001". Paris & Toulouse. 2016-01-07
C4 Therapeutics, Inc.. (1/7/16). "Press Release: C4 Therapeutics Launches with $73M Series A Financing". Cambridge, MA. 2016-01-07
C4 Therapeutics, Inc.. (1/7/16). "Press Release: C4 Therapeutics Enters Strategic Drug Discovery Collaboration with Roche Pharma in the Promising New Field of Targeted Protein Degradation". Cambridge, MA. 2016-01-07
Rodin Therapeutics Inc.. (1/6/16). "Press Release: Rodin Announces New Equity Financing and R&D Collaboration with Biogen". Cambridge, MA. 2016-01-06
CureVac AG. (1/6/16). "Press Release: CureVac to Present at the 34th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference". Tübingen. 2016-01-06
BRAIN AG. (1/5/16). "Press Release: BRAIN AG Announces Intention to Float [Nor for US, Canada, Japan and Australia, et al.]". Zwingenberg. 2016-01-05
Curetis N.V.. (1/5/16). "Press Release: Curetis Announces Participation in Several Investor and Industry Conferences". Amsterdam & Holzgerlingen. 2016-01-05
OSE Pharma S.A.. (1/5/16). "Press Release: OSE Pharma Announces Its Events for Q1 2016". Paris. 2016-01-05
Effector Therapeutics, Inc.. (12/22/15). "Press Release: Effector Therapeutics Raises $40 Million Series B Financing". San Diego, CA. 2015-12-22
Swedish Orphan Biovitrum AB. (12/22/15). "Press Release: Sobi Receives Orphan Drug Designation for Alprolix in Switzerland". 2015-12-22
Polyphor Ltd.. (12/22/15). "Press Release: Polyphor and Boehringer Ingelheim Extend Macrocycle R&D Collaboration". Allschwil. 2015-12-22
Forge Therapeutics, Inc.. (12/22/15). "Press Release: Forge Therapeutics Receives Exclusive License for Intellectual Property on Metalloprotein Inhibitors from University of California, San Diego". San Diego, CA. 2015-12-22
Sirion Biotech GmbH. (12/21/15). "Press Release: Breakthrough for Preclinical Vaccine Vectors. New Adenovirus Serotype Exceeds All Expectations in First Preclinical Vaccination Tests". Munich. 2015-12-21
Novimmune S.A.. (12/21/15). "Press Release: Change of Leadership at Novimmune S.A.". Geneva. 2015-12-21
Bayer AG. (12/21/15). "Press Release: Bayer and CRISPR Therapeutics AG Join Forces to Discover, Develop and Commercialize Potential Cures for Serious Genetic Diseases". Leverkusen & Basel. 2015-12-21
Eurofins Scientific. (12/21/15). "Press Release: Eurofins Reinforces Market Leadership in Environment Testing in Europe with the Acquisition of NUA and Water & Waste Laboratories in Austria, and Radonlab in Norway". 2015-12-21
Medigene AG. (12/21/15). "Press Release: Amgen Acquires Medigene Spin-off Catherex. Amgen Acquires All Shares in Catherex". Martinsried. 2015-12-21
Epigenomics AG. (12/18/15). "Press Release: Bondholders Resolve on Amendment of the Terms and Conditions of the 2013 Convertible Bonds. Extension of the Term until December 31, 2016 – Amendment of the Anti-Dilution Protection". Berlin & Germantown, MD. 2015-12-18
Servier. (12/18/15). "Press Release: GeNeuro Announces the Launch of Phase IIb Proof-of-Concept Study with GNbAC1 in Multiple Sclerosis and Servier Equity Investment". Geneva & Suresnes. 2015-12-18
Medigene AG. (12/17/15). "Press Release: Medigene Transfers EndoTAG to SynCore. SynCore Acquires All Assets and Takes Over Development Activities for EndoTAG". Martinsried. 2015-12-17
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