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BRAIN Biotech AG. (7/28/21). "Press Release: Sartorius and BRAIN Jointly Researching and Adapting novel CRISPR Cas-nucleases". Göttingen & Zwingenberg. 2021-07-28
Atlas Antibodies AB. (7/28/21). "Press Release: Atlas Antibodies AB Acquires Evitria, a World Leader in Recombinant Antibody Expression". Stockholm & Zürich. 2021-07-28
Atai Life Sciences N.V.. (7/28/21). "Press Release: Atai Life Sciences Launches InnarisBio, in Partnership with the University of Queensland". Berlin & Brisbane. 2021-07-28
Cevec Pharmaceuticals GmbH. (7/27/21). "Press Release: Cevec Closes Growth Financing Round to Serve Strong Demand in Viral Vector Technologies for Cell and Gene Therapies". Cologne. 2021-07-27
Artios Pharma Ltd.. (7/27/21). "Press Release: Artios Announces $153 Million (£110 Million) Series C Financing Led by Omega Funds and TCG X". Cambridge & New York, NY. 2021-07-27
AC Immune S.A.. (7/27/21). "Press Release: AC Immune Announces Strategic Acquisition of Industry-leading Parkinson’s Disease Vaccine Candidate and Equity Investment Led by Athos Service GmbH". Lausanne. 2021-07-27
Glycotope GmbH. (7/27/21). "Press Release: Byondis and Glycotope Enter Platform Access Agreement for Discovery and Development of Antibodies Against Novel GlycoTargets". Nijmegen & Berlin. 2021-07-27
Bayer AG. (7/26/21). "Press Release: Bayer Announces Prof. Dr. Dominik Ruettinger as New Head of Research and Early Development for Oncology". Berlin. 2021-07-26
Relief Therapeutics Holding AG. (7/26/21). "Press Release: Relief Therapeutics Announces CHF 15 Million Private Placement (Ad Hoc)". Geneva. 2021-07-26
BlueRock Therapeutics LP. (7/26/21). "Press Release: BlueRock Therapeutics Announces New Board Chair, New President and CEO". Cambridge, MA. 2021-07-26
Merck KGaA. (7/23/21). "Press Release: Merck Announces Appointment of Head of China & International for Healthcare. Hong Chow Will Join the Healthcare Business Sector as Head of China & International on October 1". Darmstadt. 2021-07-23
EMBL. (7/22/21). "Press Release: DeepMind and EMBL Release the Most Complete Database of Predicted 3D Structures of Human Proteins". London. 2021-07-22
Sophia Genetics S.A.. (7/22/21). "Press Release: Sophia Genetics Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering". Boston, MA & Lausanne 2021-07-22
XPhyto Therapeutics Corporation. (7/20/21). "Press Release: XPhyto Signs Transformative Acquisition Agreement with 3a-Diagnostics, to Enter Hi-tech Biosensor Market and Expand Its Diagnostic Product Portfolio". Vancouver, BC & Frankfurt. 2021-07-20
Immunic, Inc.. (7/19/21). "Press Release: Immunic, Inc. Announces Closing of $45.0 Million Public Offering". New York, NY. 2021-07-19
BlueRock Therapeutics LP. (7/19/21). "Press Release: BlueRock Therapeutics Receives FDA Fast Track Designation for DA01 in the Treatment of Advanced Parkinson’s Disease". Cambridge, MA. 2021-07-19
BioNTech SE. (7/19/21). "Press Release: BioNTech to Acquire Kite’s Neoantigen TCR Cell Therapy R&D Platform and Manufacturing Facility in Gaithersburg, MD". Mainz & Santo Monica, CA. 2021-07-19
Polyphor Ltd.. (7/16/21). "Press Release: Polyphor Provides Update on the Future of the FORTRESS Study of Balixafortide and Announces Initial Restructuring Steps". Allschwil. 2021-07-16
MorphoSys AG. (7/15/21). "Press Release: MorphoSys to Complete Transformational Acquisition of Constellation Pharmaceuticals, Bolstering Its Position in Hematology-Oncology". Planegg. 2021-07-15
MorphoSys AG. (7/15/21). "Press Release: MorphoSys Concludes a US$ 100 Million Capital Increase to Implement the Purchase of 1,337,552 Shares by Royalty Pharma". Planegg. 2021-07-15
Dopavision GmbH. (7/14/21). "Press Release: Dopavision Closes €12 Million Series A Round to Advance Digital Childhood Myopia Therapeutic Through Clinical Trials". Berlin. 2021-07-14
Philip Morris International Inc.. (7/9/21). "Press Release: Philip Morris International Inc. Announces Firm Offer to Acquire Vectura Group plc". New York, NY. 2021-07-09
Merck KGaA. (7/8/21). "Press Release: Merck and Inbrain Neuroelectronics Collaborate to Develop the Next Generation of Bioelectronic Therapies". Darmstadt. 2021-07-08
AiCuris Anti-infective Cures AG. (7/8/21). "Press Release: AiCuris Starts Its First Pivotal Clinical Phase 3 Trial with Pritelivir for the Treatment of Herpes Simplex Virus Infections in Immunocompromised Subjects". Wuppertal. 2021-07-08
Theolytics Ltd.. (7/8/21). "Press Release: Theolytics Expands Series A Financing and Welcomes M Ventures as a New Investor". Oxford. 2021-07-08
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.. (7/7/21). "Press Release: Thermo Fisher Scientific and UC Davis Launch Center of Excellence in Clinical Metabolomics". San José, CA & Davis, CA. 2021-07-07
Corat Therapeutics GmbH. (7/7/21). "Press Release: Corat Therapeutics GmbH Announces Partnership with Dermapharm Holding SE as Strong Strategic partner for the Further Development of COR-101". Braunschweig. 2021-07-07
Valneva S.E.. (7/6/21). "Press Release: Valneva Strengthens Management Team, Appoints Vincent Dequenne as SVP Operations and Joshua Drumm as VP Investor Relations". Saint-Herblain. 2021-07-06
DKFZ (Deutsches Krebsforschungszentrum). (7/6/21). "Press Release: High-throughput Metabolic Profiling of Single Cells". 2021-07-06
Mimetas B.V.. (7/6/21). "Press Release: Mimetas and Roche Enter into a Collaboration to Develop Human Disease Models for Drug Development". Leiden. 2021-07-06
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (7/5/21). "Press Release: Cutanos Closes First Financing Round with Investor Consortium from Austria and Germany". Vienna. 2021-07-05
Max Planck Innovation GmbH. (7/5/21). "Press Release: Targeted Immune Stimulation for more Effective Vaccines. Cutanos, a Spin-off from the Max Planck Society, Is Developing Novel Vaccines and Immunotherapies". 2021-07-05
Evotec SE. (7/5/21). "Press Release: Evotec Creates Long-term Growth Opportunities by Initiating »Campus Levi-Montalcini« in Verona". 2021-07-05
Sartorius AG. (7/2/21). "Press Release: Sartorius Strengthens Product Portfolio for Cell and Gene Therapies by Acquiring a Majority Stake in CellGenix". Göttingen. 2021-07-02
Protagen Protein Services GmbH. (7/1/21). "Press Release: Protagen Protein Services Merges with GeneWerk to Integrate Leading Protein and Gene Therapy Analytic Platforms". Heilbronn & Boston, MA. 2021-07-01
Philip Morris International Inc.. (7/1/21). "Press Release: Philip Morris International Announces Agreement to Acquire Fertin Pharma". Lausanne. 2021-07-01
MoonLake Immunotherapeutics AG. (7/1/21). "Press Release: MoonLake Immunotherapeutics Appoints Jorge Santos da Silva as CEO and Matthias Bodenstedt as CFO". Zug. 2021-07-01
Seres Therapeutics, Inc.. (7/1/21). "Press Release: Seres Therapeutics, Nestlé Health Science Announce SER-109 Co-Commercialization License Agreement". Cambridge, MA & Lausanne. 2021-07-01
Promethera Therapeutics S.A.. (6/30/21). "Press Release: Walloon Company Promethera Announces a €20 Million Financing Round". Mont-Saint-Guibert. 2021-06-30
Vivoryon Therapeutics N.V.. (6/29/21). "Press Release: Vivoryon Therapeutics and Simcere Announce Strategic Regional Licensing Partnership to Develop and Commercialize N3pE Amyloid-targeting Medicines to Treat Alzheimer's Disease in Greater China". Halle 2021-06-29
Aragen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd.. (6/29/21). "Press Release: Aragen Announces Expansion of Discovery Research Agreement with Boehringer Ingelheim". Hyderabad. 2021-06-29
Sanofi S.A.. (6/29/21). "Press Release: Sanofi Launches Dedicated Vaccines mRNA Center of Excellence. Approximately €400million Investment Annually". Paris. 2021-06-29
Merck KGaA. (6/29/21). "Press Release: Merck and B. Braun Join Forces in the Development of Bioelectronic Devices". Darmstadt. 2021-06-29
Polyphor Ltd.. (6/28/21). "Press Release: Polyphor Provides Update on the Phase III FORTRESS Study of Balixafortide in Patients with Advanced HER2 Negative Breast cancer". Allschwil. 2021-06-28
Pixium Vision S.A.. (6/25/21). "Press Release: Pixium Vision Appoints Experienced International Financial Executive Offer Nonhoff as CFO". Paris. 2021-06-25
Nucleai MD. (6/24/21). "Press Release: Nucleai and Merck KGaA Darmstadt, Germany Launch Translational Medicine Collaboration Utilizing Nucleai’s AI-Powered Biomarker Platform". Chicago, IL. 2021-06-24
Catalent. (6/24/21). "Press Release: Catalent to Acquire RheinCell Therapeutics, Strengthening a Path Towards Industrialization of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-based Therapies". Somerset, NJ. 2021-06-24
Monte Rosa Therapeutics, Inc.. (6/23/21). "Press Release: Monte Rosa Therapeutics Announces Pricing of Initial Public Offering". Boston, MA. 2021-06-23
Tecan Group Ltd.. (6/23/21). "Press Release: Tecan Expands Its Commercial Reach, Its Capabilities and Its US and Asia Presence with the Acquisition of Paramit Corporation". Männedorf. 2021-06-23
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (6/23/21). "Press Release: HTGF Investment FundaMental Pharma. Spacing Rules in the Brain – Novel Compounds that Act as Molecular Spacers in the Brain Prevent Neurodegeneration". Heidelberg. 2021-06-23
Leukocare AG. (6/23/21). "Press Release: Leukocare Announces USD 17.5 Million Financing Round to Further Expand US Business and Bioinformatics Activities". Martinsried & Milford, MA. 2021-06-23
PerkinElmer, Inc.. (6/22/21). "Press Release: PerkinElmer Agrees to Acquire Viral Vector Gene Delivery Leader Sirion Biotech". Waltham, MA. 2021-06-22
908 Devices, Inc.. (6/22/21). "Press Release: 908 Devices Announces New Data Integrations with Key Industry Partners to Accelerate BioProcess Data Insights". Boston, MA. 2021-06-22
ProBioGen AG. (6/22/21). "Press Release: ProBioGen and Lava Therapeutics N.V. Sign Agreement for Cell Line Development for Manufacturing of a Novel Bispecific". Berlin & Utrecht. 2021-06-22
Corat Therapeutics GmbH. (6/22/21). "Press Release: CORAT Antibody COR-101 Binds and Inhibits all B.1.617 SARS-CoV-2 Variants, Including the Fast Proliferating “delta” Variant". Braunschweig. 2021-06-22
Kumovis GmbH. (6/21/21). "Press Release: Kumovis Expands into United States [Blog Post]". 2021-06-21
Demy-Colton. (6/21/21). "Press Release: Demy-Colton Announces BioFuture Conference to Be Held at Cure, Deerfield’s Vertical Innovation Campus in New York City". New York, NY. 2021-06-21
Solvias AG. (6/17/21). "Press Release: Solvias Acquires Chemic Laboratories to Establish U.S. Laboratory Presence and Expand Testing Services". 2021-06-17
Atai Life Sciences B.V.. (6/17/21). "Press Release: Atai Life Sciences Announces Pricing of Upsized Initial Public Offering". Berlin. 2021-06-17
CureVac N.V.. (6/16/21). "Press Release: CureVac Provides Update on Phase 2b/3 Trial of First-Generation COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate, CVnCoV". Tübingen & Boston, MA. 2021-06-16
Alentis Therapeutics AG. (6/15/21). "Press Release: Alentis Therapeutics Raises USD 67 Million in Series B Financing". Basel & Strasbourg. 2021-06-15
Exscientia Ltd.. (6/15/21). "Press Release: Exscientia Acquires Personalised Medicine AI Pioneer Allcyte". 2021-06-15
c-LEcta GmbH. (6/15/21). "Press Release: c-LEcta Exceeds EUR 10 million in Revenue with Significantly Higher EBITDA". 2021-06-15
Veraxa Biotech GmbH. (6/14/21). "Press Release: Veraxa Biotech and Quadira Biosciences Enter Partnership on ADC Development". Heidelberg. 2021-06-14
Atai Life Sciences B.V.. (6/11/21). "Press Release: Atai Life Sciences Announces Launch of Initial Public Offering". Berlin. 2021-06-11
ITM Isotopen Technologien München AG. (6/10/21). "Press Release: ITM Announces EUR 25 Million (USD 30 M) Private Equity Financing to Support Advancement of Proprietary Precision Oncology Pipeline". 2021-06-10
Evonik Industries AG. (6/10/21). "Press Release: Evonik and Stanford University Sign Research Collaboration – Evonik to Market and Develop New Drug Delivery Platform for mRNA and Gene Therapy". Essen. 2021-06-10
BioNTech SE. (6/10/21). "Press Release: Pfizer and BioNTech to Provide 500 Million Doses of COVID-19 Vaccine to U.S. Government for Donation to Poorest Nations". New York, NY & Mainz. 2021-06-10
KWS Saat SE & Co. KGaA. (6/7/21). "Press Release: RootCamp Gains KWS as New Corporate Partner". Hannover. 2021-06-07
Innovative Molecules GmbH. (6/7/21). "Press Release: Innovative Molecules Raises €20 Million Series A Equity Financing Round". Munich. 2021-06-07
Iksuda Therapeutics Ltd.. (6/7/21). "Press Release: Iksuda Therapeutics Closes $47 Million Financing Round". Newcastle. 2021-06-07
Argenx SE. (6/7/21). "Press Release: Argenx to Regain Global Rights to Cusatuzumab". Breda. 2021-06-07
Corat Therapeutics GmbH. (6/3/21). "Press Release: Corat Therapeutics Secures Additional Funding for Phase II Clinical Evaluation of Its COVID-19 Treatment". Braunschweig. 2021-06-03
Gilde Healthcare Partners. (6/2/21). "Press Release: Gilde Healthcare Appoints Joep Muijrers to Lead Investments in Public Markets". Utrecht. 2021-06-02
Cytiva. (6/2/21). "Press Release: Cytiva Acquires GoSilico to Strengthen Digital Capabilities in Bioprocessing". 2021-06-02
Proteros Biostructures GmbH. (6/2/21). "Press Release: Proteros Enters into Oncology Collaboration and License Agreement with AstraZeneca". Martinsried. 2021-06-02
MorphoSys AG. (6/2/21). "Press Release: MorphoSys to Acquire Constellation Pharmaceuticals". Planegg & Cambridge, MA. 2021-06-02
MorphoSys AG. (6/2/21). "Press Release (Ad hoc): MorphoSys to Acquire Constellation Pharmaceuticals and Enter into Strategic Funding Partnership with Royalty Pharma". Planegg & Cambridge, MA. 2021-06-02
BioVersys AG. (6/1/21). "Press Release: BioVersys Receives a Second CARB-X Award of up to US$ 15.34 Milllion for BV300". Basel. 2021-06-01
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (6/1/21). "Press Release: Medtech Startup Inovedis Closes 7-digit Seed Financing Round". Albstadt. 2021-06-01
ERS Genomics Ltd.. (6/1/21). "Press Release: Japanese Patent Office Upholds Key Charpentier/Doudna CRISPR Patent and Allows Third". Dublin. 2021-06-01
Bruker Corporation. (6/1/21). "Press Release: Bruker Launches timsTOF trueSCP for Unbiased Single Cell 4D-Proteomics and Next-gen timsTOF Pro 2 with Unprecedented Proteomic Depth". Billerica, MA. 2021-06-01
Macrophage Pharma Ltd.. (6/1/21). "Press Release: Macrophage Pharma Appoints Dr Venkat Reddy as Chief Executive Officer". Windsor. 2021-06-01
Moderna, Inc.. (6/1/21). "Press Release: Moderna Announces New Drug Substance Production Agreement with Lonza in the Netherlands". Albstadt. 2021-06-01
Cellink AB. (5/31/21). "Press Release: Cellink Completes the Acquisition of Nanoscribe". 2021-05-31
Bayer AG. (5/27/21). "Press Release: Leaps by Bayer Leads USD 90 Million Series B Financing in Digital Health Company Ada Health". Leverkusen, Berlin & Whippany. 2021-05-27
Tectonic Therapeutic, Inc.. (5/27/21). "Press Release: Tectonic Therapeutic Appoints Peter McNamara, PhD Senior Vice President, Head of Research". Boston, MA. 2021-05-27
Merck KGaA. (5/27/21). "Press Release: Merck Collaborates with TU Darmstadt and Tufts University on Bioreactor Designs to Enable Cultured Meat Production". Darmstadt. 2021-05-27
Origin.Bio GmbH. (5/26/21). "Press Release: Origin.Bio Secures $15 Million Funding Led by EQT Ventures to Help Manufacturers Create a more Sustainable Future". Munich. 2021-05-26
Celonis SE. (5/25/21). "Press Release: Celonis Announces $1 Billion Round to Meet Industry-Wide Demand for Execution Management". New York, NY & Munich. 2021-05-25
AiCuris Anti-infective Cures AG. (5/25/21). "Press Release: AiCuris AG Announces Dr. Stefan Oschmann, Former Merck CEO, to Chair the AiCuris Supervisory Board". Wuppertal. 2021-05-25
Haya Therapeutics S.A.. (5/20/21). "Press Release: Haya Therapeutics Completes CHF 18 Million Seed Financing to Advance Anti-fibrotic Therapies Targeting Long Non-Coding RNAs". Lausanne. 2021-05-20
Swixx Biopharma AG. (5/20/21). "Press Release: Swixx Welcomes Mérieux Equity Partners as Minority Shareholder and Announces €45 Million Capital Increase". Baar. 2021-05-20
Numab Therapeutics AG. (5/20/21). "Press Release: Numab Therapeutics Completes Oversubscribed CHF 100 Million Series C Financing". Wädenswil (Zurich). 2021-05-20
Cellink AB. (5/19/21). "Press Release: Cellink Has Entered into an Agreement to Acquire Nanoscribe, a Market Leading 3D Bioprinting Company Based on Two-Photon Polymerization Technology". 2021-05-19
Biognosys AG. (5/19/21). "Press Release: Biognosys Announces the Appointment of Kristina Beeler as Chief Business Officer". Schlieren. 2021-05-19
Forbion Capital Partners. (5/18/21). "Press Release: Forbion Expands Team with New General Partner". Naarden. 2021-05-18
Hummingbird Bioscience. (5/18/21). "Press Release: Hummingbird Bioscience Raises US$125 Million in Series C Financing". Singapore. 2021-05-18
BioVersys AG. (5/18/21). "Press Release: Martin Bott Appointed CFO of BioVersys". Basel. 2021-05-18
BioNTech SE. (5/18/21). "Press Release: BioNTech Broadens Management Board by Appointing Jens Holstein as CFO". Mainz. 2021-05-18
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