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Qiagen N.V.. (1/25/10). "Press Release: Qiagen Launches New Instrument to Enhance Laboratory Workflow. From Sample to Assay to Detection, Cutting-edge Automation and Optimized Kits Deliver Proven Results". Venlo. 2010-01-25
Ipsogen S.A.. (1/25/10). "Press Release: Ipsogen Obtains Option to Acquire License on TET2 Abnormalities to Improve the Diagnosis of Blood-based Disorders". Marseille. 2010-01-25
Roche. (1/26/10). "Press Release: 454 Life Sciences Offers Simplified Sequencing Workflow with New Automation Solution for the Genome Sequencer FLX System". Branford, CT. 2010-01-26
Tecan Group Ltd.. (1/26/10). "Press Release: Biopharmaceutical Manufacture in Miniature with Tecan". 2010-01-26
BMBF. (1/26/10). "Pressemitteilung: Fünf Flaggschiffe für neues Wachstum ausgewählt. Schavan: »Deutschland ist in Europa Vorreiter in der Clusterförderung« [inkl. Anhänge zu den Life Sciences-Clustern] ". 2010-01-26
Caprotec Bioanalytics GmbH. (1/26/10). "Press Release: Caprotec Bioanalytics Announces Commercial Launch of Three New caproKits for Applications in Proteomics and Drug Development". Berlin & Burlington, MA. 2010-01-26
Fluidigm Corporation. (1/26/10). "Press Release: Fluidigm and Bayer CropScience Enter Global Agreement for Marker-associated Breeding and Quality Control. Multi-year Agreement to Drive High-quality Seed Supply". South San Francisco, CA. 2010-01-26
Roche. (1/27/10). "Press Release: Exome Sequencing of a Three Generation Family Utilizing NimbleGen Sequence Capture and 454 Sequencing Systems". Madison, WI & Penzberg. 2010-01-27
MorphoSys AG. (1/27/10). "Press Release: MorphoSys Licenses HuCAL PLATINUM Antibody Library to Shionogi in Research Partnership". 2010-01-27
Oncovista Innovative Therapies, Inc.. (1/27/10). "Press Release: Oncovista (OVIT.OB) Subsidiary Inks Exclusive Agreement with TATAA Molecular Diagnostics". San Antonio, TX. 2010-01-27
Roche. (1/28/10). "Press Release: Roche Establishes New Medical Research Hub in Singapore. Unique Public Private Partnership to Accelerate Progress in Personalising Healthcare". Basel. 2010-01-28
Roche. (1/28/10). "Press Release: Herceptin Now Approved in the EU for Patients with HER2-positive Advanced Stomach Cancer. First Targeted Biological Therapy to Show Survival Benefit in Stomach Cancer". Basel. 2010-01-28
BioRegio STERN Management GmbH. (1/29/10). "Press Release: Clever Use Made of Paradigm Shift in Cell Research". 2010-01-29
Sartorius AG. (1/29/10). "Press Release: Sartorius Stedim Biotech and Corning Announce Collaboration. Co-marketing and Branding Relationship Leverages Companies’ Existing Synergies [...]". Göttingen & Lowell, MA. 2010-01-29
Waters Corporation. (2/1/10). "Press Release: Media Advisory – 5th International Symposium on Mass Spectrometry, Ion Mobility and UltraPerformance LC". Milford, MA. 2010-02-01
Molzym GmbH & Co. KG. (2/10). "Press Release: Molecular Endocarditis Testing. New Kit Identifies More than 345 Bacteria, Yeasts and Fungi". 2010-02-01
Millipore Corporation. (2/2/10). "Press Release: Millipore Delivers Outstanding 2009 Financial Results. Company Delivers Double-digit Earnings Growth while Accelerating R&D Investments". Billerica, MA. 2010-02-02
Evotec AG. (2/2/10). "Press Release: Evotec and Vifor Pharma Sign Major Cooperation Agreement. Development of Preclinical Candidate in the Field of Anaemia". Hamburg. 2010-02-02
Indivumed GmbH. (2/2/10). "Press Release: Indivumed to Study the Integrity of Biospecimen Sampling Procedures for the U.S. National Cancer Institute. Analysis of Biopsy Sampling Procedures a Prerequisite for the Development of Future Individualized Cance 2010-02-02
BRAIN AG. (2/2/10). "Press Release: Raising Efficiency within Biotechnological Steroid Production. BRAIN and Bayer Schering Pharma Co-operate". Zwingenberg & Bergkamen. 2010-02-02
Apeiron Biologics AG. (2/3/10). "Press Release: Apeiron and GSK Sign an Exclusive License Agreement for Apeiron’s Therapeutic Enzyme Project APN01". 2010-02-03
Roche. (2/3/10). "Press Release: ATLAS Biolabs GmbH Joins Roche NimbleGen’s Certified Service Provider Program for Targeted Enrichment". Madison, WI. 2010-02-03
Roche. (2/3/10). "Press Release: Strong Operating Performance for Roche in 2009. Record Sales, Double-digit Growth in Operationg Profit and Core Earnings per Share – Dividend Increase by 20% to 6.00 Swiss Francs Proposed". Basel. 2010-02-03
Qiagen N.V.. (2/4/10). "Press Release: Qiagen Unit and Pfizer Enter into an Agreement to Develop a Companion Diagnostic for Brain Tumor Patients". Manchester & New York, NY. 2010-02-04
Tecan Group Ltd.. (2/4/10). "Press Release: Automation Boosts Sample Preparation for Next-generation Sequencing". 2010-02-04
Bruker Corporation. (2/4/10). "Press Release: Bruker Announces Management Promotions and Strong Fourth Quarter 2009 Preliminary Results". Billerica, MA. 2010-02-04
Epigenomics AG. (2/4/10). "Press Release: Epigenomics AG Reports Conclusions from PRESEPT Study Audit. Differences in Analytical Instrument Read-out Requires Verification and Potential Retesting of Samples Measured in Laboratory with Deviating Results". 2010-02-04
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.. (2/4/10). "Press Release: New Informatics Offerings at Analytica 2010". Philadelphia, PA. 2010-02-04
Sequenom, Inc.. (2/4/10). "Press Release: Sequenom Announces Launch of SensiGene Fetal RHD genotyping Test. First Commercial Test Using SEQureDx Technology for Determining Rhesus D Incompatibility". San Diego, CA. 2010-02-04
Tecan Group Ltd.. (2/5/10). "Press Release: Tecan and Enigma Diagnostics Sign Global Manufacturing and Supply Agreement for Point-of-Care Molecular Diagnostics Instruments. Tecan to Industrialize and Supply Commercially Manufactured Diagnostics Instrumen 2010-02-05
Senatskanzlei Bremen. (2/5/10). "Pressemitteilung: Bügermeister Jens Böhrnsen besuchte die Firma Bio Gate". 2010-02-05
IDEA AG. (2/5/10). "Press Release: IDEA Announces New Chief Executive Officer". Munich. 2010-02-05
Qiagen N.V.. (2/8/10). "Press Release: Qiagen Acquires Exclusive License for Key PI3K Gene. Patent Licensed from Johns Hopkins University for PCR-based Companion Diagnostics for Cancer Treatments". Venlo. 2010-02-08
Qiagen N.V.. (2/8/10). "Press Release: Qiagen Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2009 Results. Fiscal 2009 Net Sales Exceed $1 Billion". Venlo. 2010-02-08
SuppreMol GmbH. (2/8/10). "Press Release: SuppreMol Appoints Dr. Robert Phelps as Head of Business Development & Licensing". Martinsried. 2010-02-08
BioÖkonomieRat. (2/8/10). "Pressemitteilung: BioÖkonomieRat nimmt zwei neue Mitglieder auf". 2010-02-08
MorphoSys AG. (2/9/10). "Press Release: AbD Serotec Expands Sales Office in Düsseldorf to Support Future Growth. AbD Serotec to Increase Sales Activities in Europe and Asia". 2010-02-09
Biocartis S.A.. (2/10/10). "Press Release: Biocartis Acquires Philips Technology Platform for Automated DNA/RNA Molecular Diagnostic Testing". Eindhoven. 2010-02-10
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (2/10/10). "Press Release: Resoimplant GmbH Successfully Closes Third Financing Round – 2.54 Mill. Euro for the Innovative Medtech Company from Regensburg, Bavaria". Bonn, Munich & Regensburg. 2010-02-10
iCyt Mission Technology, Inc.. (2/10/10). "Press Release: Sony Enters the Flow Cytometry Business in Life Science Field by Acquiring iCyt". 2010-02-10
Biocrates Life Sciences AG. (2/10/10). "Press Release: Improving Children’s Health through State-of-the-Science Biomarkers. First International Pediatric Biomarker Symposium, Co-organized by Austrian Biomarker Company Biocrates Life Sciences AG, Convened 2010-02-10
Biocrates Life Sciences AG. (2/10/10). "Press Release: German Research Team Elucidates Genetic Variations in Human Metabolism". Vienna. 2010-02-10
Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH. (2/10/10). "Press Release: Highly Satisfactory Performance in 2009". 2010-02-10
Panatecs GmbH. (2/10/10). "Press Release: Panatecs Applies for Authorization in Accordance with §13 of the Medicines Act (AMG) to Perform Tests Relevant to Release (QC)". 2010-02-10
Micromet, Inc.. (2/10/10). "Press Release: Micromet Highlights Clinical Plans and Regulatory Strategy for Lead Product Candidate Blinatumomab at Its Annual R&D Day. Company Plans to Initiate EU Pivotal Trial in MRD-positive ALL in Mid-2010". Bethesda, MD 2010-02-10
Qiagen N.V.. (2/11/10). "Press Release: Qiagen and Celera Establish Distribution Agreement for Respiratory Pathogen Panel". Venlo & Alameda, CA. 2010-02-11
Roche. (2/11/10). "Press Release: CapitalBio Corporation to Provide NimbleGen Array Services in China". Madison, WI. 2010-02-11
Roche. (2/11/10). "Press Release: Roche Study Drug May Offer Valuable New Treatment Option for Patients with Type 2 Diabetes". Basel. 2010-02-11
Biotage AB. (2/11/10). "Press Release: Year-end Report January–December 2009 [incl. Download of Complete Report]". 2010-02-11
TVM Capital GmbH. (2/15/10). "Press Release: TVM Capital MENA Announces Start of Investment Operations of Shari’a-compliant Healthcare Growth Capital Fund, with First Close of $40 Million. DIFC-based Fund Seeks to Tap the Rapidly Growing Healthcare Marke 2010-02-15
Biobase GmbH. (2/16/10). "Press Release: Biobase Acknowledged in Nature Cover Story. Biobase Has Been Acknowledged in a Nature Cover Story for Their Contribution to Research on Ancient Human Genome". 2010-02-16
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.. (2/16/10). "Press Release: Teva Reports Record Full Year 2009 and Fourth Quarter Results". Jerusalem. 2010-02-16
Genedata AG. (2/16/10). "Press Release: RIKEN Center for Genomics Medicine Chooses Genedata Expressionist for High Throughput Proteomics R&D". Basel & Tokyo. 2010-02-16
Ipsogen S.A.. (2/17/10). "Press Release: 2009 Annual Revenue – €6.7m. Further Buoyant Growth – +63%". Marseille. 2010-02-17
NorDiag ASA. (2/17/10). "Press Release: Co-operation Agreement with Molzym". 2010-02-17
Biotage AB. (2/17/10). "Press Release: Unique Parallel Peptide Synthesizer with Automated Microwave Technology Offers the Best of Both Worlds for Peptide Chemists". 2010-02-17
ITT Corporation. (2/17/10). "Press Release: ITT Agrees to Purchase Analytical Instrumentation Leader Nova Analytics. Acquisition Will Establish New Platform in Attractive Segments Adjacent to ITT’s Water, Wasteware, Industrial Process, and Food and Bever 2010-02-17
Roche. (2/18/10). "Press Release: Research Team Publishes World’s First Southern African Genome and Multiple Exoms Using Technology from 454 Life Sciences and Roche NimbleGen". Branford, CT. 2010-02-18
MorphoSys AG. (2/18/10). "Press Release: MorphoSys and Galapagos Expand Antibody Alliance". 2010-02-18
Actelion Ltd.. (2/18/10). "Press Release: Actelion Announces Full Year 2009 Financial Results". Allschwil. 2010-02-18
Roche. (2/19/10). "Press Release: US FDA Approves Rituxan/MabThera for the Most Common Type of Adult Leukemia". Basel. 2010-02-19
Proteros Biostructures GmbH. (2/22/10). "Press Release: Proteros and Axikin Reach Significant Milestones with Integrated Drug Discovery Project". Martinsried & San Diego, CA. 2010-02-22
Epigenomics AG. (2/23/10). "Press Release: Epigenomics AG. Blood Test for Colorectal Cancer Now Available Nationwide in Germany and Switzerland". Berlin & Seattle, WA. 2010-02-23
Merck KGaA. (2/23/10). "Press Release: FY2009. Merck KGaA Revenues Increase by 2.1% to €7.7 Billion". Darmstadt. 2010-02-23
OSI Pharmaceuticals, Inc.. (2/23/10). "Press Release: OSI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Announces Year End 2009 Financial Results. Total Revenues of $428 Million, Up 13% Over 2008". Melville, NY. 2010-02-23
Geneart AG. (2/23/10). "Press Release: Geneart Publishes Preliminary Results for 2009. Net Sales Increase by 20.7% to EUR 4.8M in the Fourth Quarter Compared to the Same Period of the Previous Year, and to EUR 17.2M for the Entire Year 2009". Regensburg. 2010-02-23
Genedata AG. (2/23/10). "Press Release: Evonik Extends Long-term Research & Development Partnership with Genedata. Significant Expansion of Genedata Phylosopher and Genedata Expressionist at Evonik for Industrial Biotechnology R&D Processes". Basel. 2010-02-23
Epigenomics AG. (2/24/10). "Press Release: Epigenomics AG Introduces New Lung Cancer Test at German Cancer Congress. New IVD Test Expected to Be Launched in Q2 2010". Berlin & Seattle, WA. 2010-02-24
Themis Bioscience GmbH. (2/24/10). "Press Release: Themis Bioscience Successfully Closes Seed-financing Round – EUR 1 Million for Company Start-up". Vienna. 2010-02-24
Wilex AG. (2/24/10). "Press Release: Wilex Reports on the Successful Financial Year 2009". Munich. 2010-02-24
Wilex AG. (2/24/10). "Press Release: Presentation. Press and Analyst Conference – 24 February 2010". Munich. 2010-02-24
Life Sciences Bremen (LSB). (2/24/10). "Press Release: Life Sciences Bremen (LSB) Joins Industry Association BIO Deutschland. The Association of Life Sciences Companies from the Federal State of Bremen Is Now Represented on a National Level in Germany". 2010-02-24
University or Bonn. (2/26/10). "Press Release: Breast Cancer Screening. No Added Value through Mammography". Bonn. 2010-02-26
Merck KGaA. (2/28/10). "Press Release: Merck KGaA and Millipore Announce Transaction. Merck to Acquire All Outstanding Millipore Shares for US$ 107 per Share in Cash, Creating a World-class Partner for the Life Science Sector". Darmstadt & Billerica, MA. 2010-02-28
Bruker Corporation. (3/1/10). "Press Release: Bruker Introduces Novel Fourier 300, a Compact, Easy-to-Use 3000 MHz NMR. Compact Fourier 300 Intended for Routine Small-molecule 1D/2D FT-NMR in Academia and Industry". Billerica, MA. 2010-03-01
Bruker Corporation. (3/1/10). "Press Release: Bruker Elemental Announces Q2 ION Ultra-compact Best-in-Class Spark-OES Metals Analyzer with Unique Analytical Capabilities". Billerica, MA. 2010-03-01
Bruker Corporation. (3/1/10). "Press Release: Bruker Extends LC/MSn Product Range of High-performance Ion Trap Mass Spectrometers with Introduction of Best-in-Class Routine Analytical amaZon SL". Billerica, MA. 2010-03-01
Spectro Analytical Instruments GmbH. (3/1/10). "Press Release: A New Era in ICP Mass Spectrometry. SPECTRO MS Simultaneously Records the Contents of More than 75 Elements with Approximately 210 Isotopes". Kleve. 2010-03-01
Qiagen. (3/1/10). "Pressemitteilung: Qiagen erneut Deutschlands Spitzenreiter in der Personalentwicklung. CRF-Arbeitgeberstudie zeichnet das Biotechnologieunternehmen zum zweiten Mal in Folge mit Platz 1 in der Kategorie »Entwicklung« aus". Hilden. 2010-03-01
mtm laboratories AG. (3/1/10). "Press Release: CINtec p16 Histology Test Increases Accuracy in Diagnosing High Grade Cervical Lesions. Results Published in the American Journal of Clinical Pathology". Heidelberg. 2010-03-01
SeSaM-Biotech GmbH. (3/1/10). "Press Release: Founding Member Leaves SeSaM-Biotech for China". Bremen. 2010-03-01
Mallinckrodt Baker. (3/1/10). "Press Release: Mallinckrodt Baker Partners with SOTAX to Promote Complete Dissolution Testing Capabilities". Philipsburg, NJ. 2010-03-01
Spectro Analytical Instruments GmbH. (3/10). "Press Release: SPECTRO MS Wins Silver PITTCON Editors’ Award. New on the Market – ICP Mass Spectrometer Wins Technical Press Award". Kleve. 2010-03-01
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.. (3/10). "Press Release: New Products March 2010. AXIMA@SAMARIS MALDI Mass Spectrometers". 2010-03-01
Roche. (3/2/10). "Press Release: Roche Annual General Meeting – Dividend Raised by 20%. 23rd Consecutive Dividend Increase". Basel. 2010-03-02
Lophius Biosciences GmbH. (3/2/10). "Press Release: U.S. Patent Granted. Lophius Announces U.S. Patent Granted". 2010-03-02
Sigma-Aldrich Corporation. (3/2/10). "Press Release: Sigma-Aldrich Focuses on Biology with Launch of New Life Sciences Brand Platform. Sigma Life Science to Leverage Its Novel, Award-winning Innovation, Technology and Products to Help Understand Life". S 2010-03-02
Ipsogen S.A.. (3/4/10). "Press Release: Ipsogen Appoints Corinne Danan as Vice President Commercial Operations". Marseille. 2010-03-04
AB Sciex. (3/4/10). "Press Release: AB Sciex and the University of Geneva’s Mass Spectrometry Centre Collaborate to Improve Drug Discovery and Development. Joint Efforts Focus on Creation of New Applications for Groundbreakting, High-resolution Platform" 2010-03-04
Micromet, Inc.. (3/4/10). "Press Release: Micromet Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2009 Financial Results". Bethesda, MD. 2010-03-04
European ScreeningPort GmbH. (3/4/10). "Pressemitteilung: UKE-Wissenschaftler gewinnen Analyseplattform gemeinsam mit European ScreeningPort". 2010-03-04
[iito] Business Intelligence. (3/5/10). "Press Release: Launch of New Mass Spectrometry Web Portal –". Bremen. 2010-03-05
Definiens AG. (3/5/10). "Press Release: Volumetric Analysis Promotes Accurate Assessment of Patient Response to Cancer Treatment. Definiens Launches Definiens LymphExpert Version 2.0 in Europe". Munich & Parsippany, NJ. 2010-03-05
Galapagos N.V.. (3/5/10). "Press Release: Galapagos Reports Record Revenues and Net Profit for 2009, Foresees Sustained Profitability". Mechelen. 2010-03-05
Roche. (3/8/10). "Press Release: Roche and Biogen Idec Decide to Suspend Ocrelizumab Treatment – Rheumatoid Arthritis Development Programme on Hold. Future of the Pcrelizumab RA Clinical Programme under Evaluation". Basel. 2010-03-08
Epigenomics AG. (3/8/10). "Press Release: Epigenomics AG. PRESEPT Academic Research Study Meets Its Primary Objective". 2010-03-08
Qiagen N.V.. (3/8/10). "Press Release: Qiagen Extends Support of Cervical Cancer Screening Program for Underprivileged Chinese Women". Beijing. 2010-03-08
mtm laboratories AG. (3/8/10). "Press Release: mtm laboratories Announces the Launch of CINtec PLUS. A Powerful New Biomarker Combination for Cervical Cancer Screening". Heidelberg. 2010-03-08
Antisense Pharma GmbH. (3/9/10). "Press Release: Antisense Pharma Receives Patent Protection for the Use of the Drug Trabedersen until 2026 – and Raises Equity of 13 Million Euros". Regensburg. 2010-03-09
Odyssey Thera, Inc.. (3/9/10). "Press Release: Odyssey Thera Announces Agreement with Lonza". San Ramon, CA. 2010-03-09
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