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Traceless Materials GmbH. (9/25/23). "Press Release: Traceless Materials Secures €36.6 Million Series A to Build First Industry Plant for Bio-circular Alternative to Plastic". Hamburg. 2023-09-25
Exscientia plc. (9/20/23). "Press Release: Exscientia Announces AI Drug Discovery Collaboration with Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany". Oxford. 2023-09-20
BenevolentAI. (9/20/23). "Press Release: BenevolentAI Signs Strategic Collaboration with Merck". London. 2023-09-20
Transimmune AG. (9/20/23). "Press Release: Transimmune Secures $5m Funding to Enhance mRNA Vaccination with Novel Dendritic Cell Therapy". Düsseldorf. 2023-09-20
Merck KGaA. (9/20/23). "Press Release: Merck Enters Two Strategic Collaborations to Strengthen AI-driven Drug Discovery [Not intended for US-, Canada- or UK-based media]". Darmstadt. 2023-09-20
Galapagos N.V.. (9/19/23). "Press Release: Galapagos Appoints Simon Sturge to Its Board of Directors". Mechelen. 2023-09-19
Rentschler Biopharma SE. (9/19/23). "Press Release: Rentschler Biopharma Appoints Benedikt von Braunmuehl as Chief Executive Officer". Laupheim, Stevenage & Milford, MA. 2023-09-19
Bruker Corporation. (9/18/23). "Press Release: Bruker Introduces Novel 4D-Proteomics timsTOF Capabilities". Busan. 2023-09-18
Atriva Therapeutics GmbH. (9/18/23). "Press Release: Atriva Therapeutics Announces Exclusive Letter Agreement for Reverse Takeover Transaction with Biocure Technology". Tübingen & Martinsried. 2023-09-18
SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH. (9/13/23). "Press Release: Healthcare Specialist SHS Capital Announces Final Closing of Its Oversubscribed Sixth Fund Generation Totaling EUR 270 Million". Tübingen. 2023-09-13
Merck KGaA. (9/12/23). "Press Release: Merck Appoints Axel Löber as Head of Global Communications and Stakeholder Engagement". Darmstadt. 2023-09-12
Novartis AG. (9/11/23). "Press Release: Sandoz Announces Exclusive Deal to Commercialize Biosimilar Ustekinumab". Basel. 2023-09-11
Proteros Biostructures GmbH. (9/6/23). "Press Release: Proteros Biostructures and Orion Pharma Agree on a Long-term Multi-target Collaboration". Martinsried. 2023-09-06
Navigo Proteins GmbH. (9/6/23). "Press Release: Navigo Proteins and Nostrum Biodiscovery Announce a Research Collaboration to Enhance Affilin Ligand Discovery Using Cutting-edge AI and Molecular Modeling Techniques". Halle (Saale) & Barcelona. 2023-09-06
Scinai Immunotherapeutics Ltd.. (9/6/23). "Press Release: BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Rebrands as Scinai Immunotherapeutics Ltd. to Reflect New Focus on Development of Novel Inflammation and Immunology (I&I) Biological Therapeutics". Jerusalem. 2023-09-06
inContAlert GmbH. (9/6/23). "Press Release: Disruption in the Field of Incontinence. MedTech Startup inContAlert Raises EUR 1.5 Million". 2023-09-06
Oncgnostics GmbH. (9/5/23). "Press Release: Hong Kong Firm Invests in Jena-based Oncgnostics GmbH". Jena. 2023-09-05
iOmx Therapeutics AG. (9/5/23). "Press Release: iOmx Therapeutics Appoints Dr. Nils Peter Debus as Chief Business Officer". Martinsried. 2023-09-05
Bayer AG. (8/30/23). "Press Release: Strong Commitment to Modern Crop Protection Made in Europe. Bayer to Invest EUR 220 Million in New R&D Facility at Its Monheim Site". Monheim. 2023-08-30
Bayer AG. (8/29/23). "Press Release: Gene Editing – Pairwise and Bayer Start New Five-year Multi-million Dollar Collaboration to Further Advance Short-stature Corn". Durham, NC & Monheim. 2023-08-29
T-Curx GmbH. (8/28/23). "Press Release: T-Curx GmbH Announces Appointment of Two Industry Leaders to Its Board of Directors". 2023-08-28
Eppendorf SE. (8/25/23). "Press Release: Automation of Takara Bio’s Chemistries on Eppendorf’s Automated Pipetting Systems for Significantly Higher Efficiency". San José, CA & Hamburg. 2023-08-25
Rentschler Biopharma SE. (8/23/23). "Press Release: Collaboration to Improve Process Analytical Technologies and AAV Manufacturing for Gene Therapies". Stevenage, London & Laupheim. 2023-08-23
AiCuris Anti-infective Cures AG. (8/23/23). "Press Release: AiCuris Received 30 Million Euros Milestone Payment from Licensing Partner MSD Following U.S. FDA Approval of Prevymis (letermovir) in Second Indication". Wuppertal. 2023-08-23
Bayer AG. (8/22/23). "Press Release: Bayer Appoints Dr. Juergen Eckhardt as New Head of Pharmaceuticals Business Development & Licensing / Open Innovation". Berlin. 2023-08-22
Sartorius AG. (8/17/23). "Press Release: Sartorius and Repligen Corporation Launch Integrated System with Biostat STR and XCell ATF for Upstream Process Intensification". Göttingen. 2023-08-17
BioNTech SE. (8/17/23). "Press Release: BioNTech Expands Management Board by Appointing James Ryan as Chief Legal Officer". Tübingen & Boston, MA. 2023-08-17
CureVac N.V.. (8/17/23). "Press Release: CureVac Announces Financial Results for the Second Quarter and First Half of 2023 and Provides Business Update". Tübingen & Boston, MA. 2023-08-17
BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd.. (8/11/23). "Press Release: BiondVax Reports Second Quarter Financial Results and Provides Business Update". Jerusalem. 2023-08-11
Helmholtz Zentrum München (Helmholtz Munich). (8/7/23). "Press Release: Life Science Factory to Open a New Location at Helmholtz Munich in 2024". Göttingen & Munich. 2023-08-07
Sartorius AG. (8/3/23). "Press Release: Florian Funck Appointed CFO of Sartorius. New CFO to Take Over as of April 2024". Göttingen. 2023-08-03
Bico Group AB. (8/3/23). "Press Release: Bico Divests Berlin Property for a Total of EUR 21m". 2023-08-03
Temedica GmbH. (8/2/23). "Press Release: Temedica and AbbVie Germany Are Launching Digital Companion for Patients with Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases". 2023-08-02
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (8/1/23). "Press Release: Bind-X Secures €10 Million in Financing as Part of Its Series B Financing Round". Martinsried. 2023-08-01
AaviGen GmbH. (7/26/23). "Press Release: AaviGen Raises 17 Million € in Second Financing Round to Advance Precision Gene Therapies for Heart Failure towards the Clinical Stage". Heidelberg. 2023-07-26
IZB Martinsried. (7/25/23). "Press Release: Viopas Venture Consulting Opens Office in the Innovation and Start-up Center Biotechnology (IZB)". Martinsried. 2023-07-25
Epigenomics AG. (7/24/23). "Press Release: Epigenomics AG Announces Successful Agreement on the Acquisition of Significant Assets". Berlin. 2023-07-24
Life Science Factory Management GmbH. (7/24/23). "Pressemitteilung: Tatjana Kasper wird neue Geschäftsführerin". Göttingen. 2023-07-24
Biotechnologie Rheinland-Pfalz (MWG RLP). (7/21/23). "Pressemitteilung: Biotechnologie-Studie. Biotechnologie hat in Rheinland-Pfalz sehr gute Zukunft - Bis 2026 stehen bis zu 800 Millionen Euro bereit". 2023-07-21
LimmaTech Biologics AG. (7/20/23). "Press Release: LimmaTech Biologics Appoints Franz-Werner Haas as CEO to Lead Company into Next Stage of Corporate Growth". Schlieren. 2023-07-20
Yumab GmbH. (7/19/23). "Press Release: Yumab and InScreeneX in Joint Funding Project". Braunschweig. 2023-07-19
Biotheus Inc.. (7/19/23). "Press Release: Biotheus Announces Strategic Research Collaboration and Worldwide License Agreement with BioNTech". Zhuhai. 2023-07-19
Leon-Nanodrugs GmbH. (7/18/23). "Press Release: Leon-Nanodrugs Appoints Dr. Hans Frickel as Chief Executive Officer". Munich. 2023-07-18
AATec Medical GmbH. (7/17/23). "Press Release: AATec Medical Announces Its Launch with EUR 2.7 Million in Seed Financing to Unlock the Therapeutic Potential of Alpha-1 Antitrypsin". Munich. 2023-07-17
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (7/14/23). "Press Release: Pioneering Research Projects at the 8th Life Science Pitch Day at the IZB". Martinsried. 2023-07-14
CureVac N.V.. (7/14/23). "Press Release: CureVac Announces Update to the Management Team". Tübingen & Boston, MA. 2023-07-14
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (7/12/23). "Press Release: Vertama Raises Seven-figure Seed Funding for Efficient, Digital Healthcare Processes". Berlin. 2023-07-12
Merck KGaA. (7/12/23). "Press Release: Merck Invests € 23 Million to Expand Cell Culture Media Production in Kansas, USA". Darmstadt. 2023-07-12
Mallia Therapeutics GmbH. (7/11/23). "Press Release: Mallia Therapeutics Secures Seed Funding for its Novel Topical Treatment to Induce Hair Growth via Immune Modulation". Erlangen. 2023-07-11
Biosynth AG. (7/11/23). "Press Release: Biosynth Expands Capabilities with Acquisition of Celares, Experts in Bioconjugation and Specialty Polymers". Staad. 2023-07-11
Evotec SE. (7/11/23). "Press Release: Evotec and Bristol Myers Squibb Enter Licence Agreement within Neuroscience Partnership". Hamburg. 2023-07-11
ECBF Management GmbH. (7/11/23). "Press Release: Aphea.Bio, a Portfolio Company of VC Fund ECBF, Raises a Groundbreaking Series C Round of 70 Million Euros". Luxembourg. 2023-07-11
Zhejiang Doer Biologics Co., Ltd.. (7/10/23). "Press Release: Doer Biologics Announces License Agreement with BioNTech". Hangzhou. 2023-07-10
TolerogenixX GmbH. (7/6/23). "Press Release: TolerogenixX Expands Phase II Immune-tolerance Trial and Closes EUR 12 million Series A Financing". 2023-07-06
BellaSeno GmbH. (7/6/23). "Press Release: BellaSeno Granted Market Access in Europe for Custom-made Bone and Pectus Excavatum Scaffolds". 2023-07-06
Numaferm GmbH. (7/6/23). "Press Release: Numaferm and Zoetis Sign License Agreement to Collaborate on Developing and Producing Proteins and Peptides". 2023-07-06
AiCuris Anti-infective Cures AG. (7/6/23). "Press Release: AiCuris Announces Strategic Shift to Focus Development and Commercialization of Anti-infectives for Immunocompromised Patients". Wuppertal. 2023-07-06
Cellbox Solutions GmbH. (7/5/23). "Press Release: Cellbox Solutions GmbH Awarded €2.5 Million Grant Combined with an Equity Component of up to €10 Million Under the European Innovation Council´s Accelerator Program". 2023-07-05
Mainz Biomed N.V.. (6/29/23). "Press Release: Mainz Biomed Secures up to $50M in New Funding". Berkeley, CA. 2023-06-29
Sprind GmbH. (6/29/23). "Press Release: 40 Million Euro to Develop New Bioprocessing Technologies". Leipzig. 2023-06-29
Heidelberg Pharma AG. (6/29/23). "Press Release: Heidelberg Pharma Sells Minority Shareholding in Emergence Therapeutics (ad hoc announcement)". Ladenburg. 2023-06-29
BioNTech SE. (6/29/23). "Press Release: BioNTech and OncoC4 Initiate Pivotal Phase 3 Trial of BNT316/ONC-392 Program in Metastatic NSCLC". Mainz & Rockville, MD. 2023-06-29
EBD Group. (6/27/23). "Press Release: BIO-Europe 2024 Is Going to Stockholm". Munich. 2023-06-27
Helmholtz-Zentrum für Infektionsforschung (HZI. (6/27/23). "Press Release: Geneticist Josef Penninger Becomes New Scientific Director of the Helmholtz Centre for Infection Research". 2023-06-27
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (6/27/23). "Press Release: Doctorflix Secures €2 Million Seed Funding to Re-think Continuous Medical Education". 2023-06-27
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (6/26/23). "Press Release: Raises €3.6M to Bring Precision Diagnostics to Immune Medicine Using AI-assisted Analysis of Single-cell Blood Data". 2023-06-26
SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement mbH. (6/22/23). "Press Release: Healthcare Specialist SHS Capital Invests €18 Mio in MESI Medical to Bring Digital Diagnostics to the Core of Healthcare Services". Tübingen. 2023-06-22
Thermosome GmbH. (6/20/23). "Press Release: Thermosome Announces Participation in IMAGIO Consortium to Improve Cancer Treatment". Munich. 2023-06-20
Helmholtz-Zentrum für Infektionsforschung (HZI. (6/17/23). "Press Release: IBT Lower Saxony – Lower Saxony’s Startup Incubator for Biomedical Innovation Gets Rolling". 2023-06-17
Mainz Biomed N.V.. (6/15/23). "Press Release: Mainz Biomed to Present at the Cantor Fitzgerald Global Healthcare Conference". Mechelen. 2023-06-15
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (6/14/23). "Press Release: DNTox Receives €1.4 Million Seed Funding for Non-animal Testing of Chemicals". Düsseldorf. 2023-06-14
Dynamic42 GmbH. (6/13/23). "Press Release: Dynamic42 Raises Mid-seven-figure Investment in Series A Financing Round". Jena. 2023-06-13
KWS Saat SE & Co. KGaA. (6/12/23). "Press Release: KWS Partners with Vly to Further Develop Plant-based Foods". Einbeck. 2023-06-12
Agilent Technologies Inc.. (6/12/23). "Press Release: Agilent Introduces New Comprehensive GPC/SEC Solutions at HPLC 2023 Conference". Santa Clara, CA. 2023-06-12
Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen- und Medizintechnik AG. (6/8/23). "Press Release: PentixaPharm Receives BfArM-Clearance for Its Therapeutic to Conduct a Clinical Trial in Lymphoma". Würzburg. 2023-06-08
Digital Science. (6/7/23). "Press Release: Digital Science Boosts Pharma Industry Support Following OntoChem Acquisition". London & Halle (Saale). 2023-06-07
FCF Fox Corporate Finance GmbH. (6/6/23). "Pressemitteilung: FCF Fox Corporate Finance. Mathias Klozenbücher wird neuer Managing Director für Life Sciences". München. 2023-06-06
Waters Corporation. (6/5/23). "Press Release: Waters and Sartorius Expand Collaboration to Deliver Comprehensive Bioanalytics for Downstream Biomanufacturing". Milford, MA & Göttingen. 2023-06-05
BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd.. (6/5/23). "Press Release: BiondVax Signs Exclusive License Agreement for Development and Commercialization of a Novel anti-IL-17 Antibody". Jerusalem. 2023-06-05
ITM Isotope Technologies Munich SE. (6/5/23). "Press Release: ITM Announces €255m Investment Round, Plans to Advance Radiopharmaceutical Pipeline and to Expand Radioisotope Production Capacities". Garching. 2023-06-05
Ariceum Therapeutics GmbH. (6/1/23). "Press Release: Ariceum Therapeutics Expands Pipeline with Acquisition of Theragnostics Ltd". Berlin. 2023-06-01
Biotechnologie Rheinland-Pfalz (MWG RLP). (5/24/23). "Pressemitteilung: Wechsel im Amt des Landeskoordinators für Biotechnologie – Dank an Prof. Dr. Krausch für wegbereitende Arbeit – Prof. Dr. Thines übernimmt Aufgabe". 2023-05-24
Thermosome GmbH. (5/24/23). "Press Release: Thermosome Announces First Patient Dosed in Phase I Trial with Lead Program THE001". Munich. 2023-05-24
Smartbax GmbH. (5/23/23). "Press Release: Smartbax Announces Seed Financing of €1.2 Million to Develop Next-generation Antibiotics". Munich. 2023-05-23
CureVac N.V.. (5/19/23). "Press Release: CureVac Announces Developments in Patent Litigation with Pfizer/BioNTech". Tübingen. 2023-05-19
Traceless Materials GmbH. (5/17/23). "Press Release: Bioeconomy Startup Traceless Receives Millions in Funding from the German Federal Ministry for the Environment". 2023-05-17
Exazyme GmbH. (5/15/23). "Pressemitteilung: Exazyme sichert sich 2 Mio. Euro Finanzierung für KI-gestützte Proteinentwicklung". Berlin. 2023-05-15
Nia Health GmbH. (5/15/23). "Press Release: Using an App to Combat Skin Conditions. Nia Health Receives Millions in Funding". Berlin. 2023-05-15
Helmholtz Zentrum München. (5/15/23). "Press Release: Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine. New Ad Hoc Working Group of BAdW in Cooperation With Helmholtz Munich Launched". 2023-05-15
Evotec SE. (5/12/23). "Press Release: Evotec Publishes Annual Report 2022 and Quarterly Statement for Q1 2023". Hamburg. 2023-05-12
Medios AG. (5/11/23). "Press Release: Medios AG Starts Successfully into the 2023 Financial Year". Berlin. 2023-05-11
Ariceum Therapeutics GmbH. (5/11/23). "Press Release: UCB and Ariceum Therapeutics Sign a Strategic Research Collaboration to Discover New Modalities for the Treatment of Immune-related Diseases and Cancer". Berlin & Brussels. 2023-05-11
Vivlion GmbH. (5/11/23). "Press Release: Vivlion to Provide Services to Repare Therapeutics on Advanced PRCISR CRISPR gRNA Libraries". Frankfurt. 2023-05-11
Bicycle Therapeutics plc. (5/10/23). "Press Release: Bayer and Bicycle Therapeutics Enter Strategic Collaboration for Development of Novel Targeted Radionuclide Therapies in Oncology". Berlin, Cambridge & Boston, MA. 2023-05-10
DiogenX S.A.S.. (5/10/23). "Press Release: DiogenX Raises €27.5M Series A Financing to Advance Its First-in-Class Regenerative Treatment for Type 1 Diabetes Towards Clinical Development". Marseille. 2023-05-10
Evotec SE. (5/9/23). "Press Release: Just – Evotec Biologics Launches Tech Partnership for Biosimilars Development and Commercial Manufacturing". Hamburg & Seattle, WA. 2023-05-09
Numaferm GmbH. (5/9/23). "Press Release: PolyPeptide and Numaferm Announce Partnership to Leverage Their Expertise for the More Sustainable Production of Peptide-based APIs". Baar & Düsseldorf. 2023-05-09
Wacker Chemie AG. (5/8/23). "Press Release: Wacker Purchases ADL BioPharma in Spain, Strengthening Its Biotechnology Business". Munich & León. 2023-05-08
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (5/8/23). "Press Release: High-Tech Gründerfonds Expands Management Team. Partner Romy Schnelle Made Managing Director". Munich & León. 2023-05-08
Bruker Corporation. (5/8/23). "Press Release: Bruker Announces Acquisition of Zontal to Advance the Digital Laboratory Transformation and Integrated Biopharma Data Solutions". Billerica, MA. 2023-05-08
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