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Find below collaborations, license and distribution agreements, grants, investments and loan agreements in Austria, Germany and Switzerland or involving organisations from these countries.

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JnJ–Valneva: investment, 201502 acquisition €45m of Crucell Sweden AB + affiliates incl all assets related to Dukoral 2015-02-10
Signature Diagnostics–Roche: investment, 201502 acquisition of SDx by Roche 2015-02-09
Exquiron Biotech–SAMDI Tech: drug discovery services, 201502– collab mutually co-promotion of respective services in Europe + North America 2015-02-08
Advanced Scientifics–Thermo Fisher: investment, 201502 acquisition $300m in cash 2015-02-05
Nanion–Ratos: patch clamp technology, 201502– license non-excl to key patent providing freedom-to-operate for life time of patent from Biolin 2015-02-05
SciLifeLab (SE)–Fluidigm: CyTOF mass cytometer, 201502 supply three CyTOF 2 systems to Swedish National Center for Single-Cell Analysis 2015-02-05
Zedira–Germany (govt): grant, 201502– BMBF funding €1m to support further coagulation factor XIIIa inihibitor development 2015-02-03
Zedira–Univ Marburg: structural biology, 201502 collab existent w group of Prof Gerhard Klebe 2015-02-03
Poonawalla–Genticel: vaccine technology, 201502– license to Vaxiclase platform for pertussis vaccine $57m upfront + milestones + royalties to SII 2015-02-02
R2R Biofluidics project–EU (govt): grant, 201502–201901 H2020 grant €6.4m out of total budget of €7.9m 2015-02-01
Atlas Genetics–Bellevue: investment, 201501 financing round Series C totalling $20m incl returning investor BB Biotech Ventures 2015-01-29
Atlas Genetics–Novartis: investment, 201501 financing round Series C totalling $20m incl returning investor Novartis Venture Funds 2015-01-29
Atlas Genetics–Russia (govt): investment, 201501 financing round Series C totalling $20m incl new investor RMI Partners 2015-01-29
Atlas Genetics–SEVERAL: investment, 201501 financing round Series C $20m from existing investors + new investor RMI Partners 2015-01-29
Nanocomp–Evonik: investment, 201501– strategic minority investment €na by Evonik Venture Capital 2015-01-29
Oncgnostics–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201501 financing round Series A totalling € 7-digit incl existing investor HTGF 2015-01-29
Oncgnostics–SEVERAL: investment, 201501 financing round Series A € 7-digit led by new investor bm|t 2015-01-29
Fodjan–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201501 seed investment € 6-digit by HTGF 2015-01-28
Ratos–Xention: patch clamp technology, 201501 acquisition key patent by Biolin Scientifc from Xention Ltd 2015-01-27
Dacheng–Dentons: investment, 201501– merger signed to become largest law firm ww 2015-01-26
Nanion–Tokyo Women’s Medical Univ: patch clamp system, 201501– collab optimising performance of iPS cells an Nanion systems 2015-01-22
Sigma-Aldrich–VIB: research reagents, 201501– alliance to provide products + tools + technologies for translational research 2015-01-22
BioNova Cientifica–Genetrix (ES): nucleic acid amplification technology, 201501– distribution of Sygnis TruePrime Single Cell WGA kit in Spain 2015-01-21
InnoCyte–PharmaCell: cell analysis technology, 201501– collab within Biomat-IN network to scientifically support cell passage device 2015-01-21
Trophos–Roche: investment, 201501 acquisition €120m upfront cash + €350m milestones 2015-01-16
ASPEC Technologies–CovalX: mass spectrometry, 201501 collab existent ASPEC is distributor of CovalX High-Mass systems in China 2015-01-15
Sanofi–Boehringer: biologics contract manufacturing, 201501– supply strategic manufacturing alliance to supply therapeutic ABs to Sanofi 2015-01-15
Roche–Human Longevity: genome sequencing services, 201501– supply €na multi-year agreem with Genentech for whole genome sequencing + data analysis 2015-01-14
Boehringer–Vanderbilt Univ: Ras inhibitors, 201501– collab multi-year €na RnD small-molecule Ras inhibitors for cancer 2015-01-13
Boehringer–Vanderbilt Univ: Ras inhibitors, 201703– collab expansion RnD small-molecule KRAS inhibitors for cancer 2015-01-13
Boehringer–Yale Univ: immunotherapy, 201501– collab identification of targets + agents w excl licensing option for BI 2015-01-13
Cortendo–SEVERAL: investment, 201501 private placement $27.5m (SEK221m) incl RA Capital + NEA + Broadfin Capital + HealthCap 2015-01-13
GenePOC–Debiopharm: investment, 201501 financing round led by Debiopharm Diagnostics + Emerillon Capital 2015-01-13
GenePOC–SEVERAL: investment, 201501 financing round led by Debiopharm Diagnostics + Emerillon Capital 2015-01-13
Artel–Stratec: liquid handling technology, 201501– distribution excl marketing of Tholos liquid handling quality assurance instrumentation solution 2015-01-12
Foundation Medicine–Roche: investment, 201501– acquisition majority share up to 56.3% via $780m tender offer + $250m new shares $50/share 2015-01-12
JnJ–AC Immune: therapeutic vaccines, 201501– collab + license up to $509m (CHF500m) ACI-35 + 3y research therap vaccines for tauopathies 2015-01-12
Valneva–SEVERAL: investment, 201501–201502 capital increase €45m 18.23m new ordinary shares to finance acquisition of Crucell Sweden AB 2015-01-12
Qiagen–ArcherDX: DNA sequencing technology, 201501– distribution €na of Archer NGS products by Qiagen 2015-01-11
Agenus–Incyte: investment, 201501 equity investment $35m at $4.51/share by Incyte as part of ww cancer immunotherapy alliance 2015-01-09
Incyte–Agenus: cancer immunotherapy, 201501– collab ww alliance $25m upfront + $350m milestones + $35m equity investment using Retrocyte Display techn 2015-01-09
Haplogen–Horizon Discovery: investment, 201501 acquisition of Haplogen Genomics GmbH for upfront €3.8m cash + €3.8m shares + €5m milestones in shares 2015-01-08
Miracor–SEVERAL: investment, 201501 financing round Series B extension €4.5m from BioMedInvest + AWS + SHS + Earlybird + Delta Partners 2015-01-08
Addex–United States (govt): ADX71441, 201501– collab NIAAA to evaluate ADX71441 in preclinical models of alcohol use disorder 2015-01-07
Affimed–Germany (govt): grant, 201501– BMBF grant €2.4m to develop Trispecfic ABs within KMUinnovative BioChance program 2015-01-07
Affimed–MacDougall Biomedical Communications: public relations, 201501 service existent by MacDougall Munich Office 2015-01-07
Caribou Biosciences–Novartis: investment, 201501 equity investment by Novartis in connection w collab + license agreement 2015-01-07
Close Brothers–Oddo: investment, 201501 acquisition of Close Brothers Seydler Bank AG by Oddo & Cie 2015-01-07
Genkyotex–SEVERAL: investment, 201501 financing round Series D CHF20m=$21m led by new investor NeoMed Management 2015-01-07
Intellia Therapeutics–Novartis: investment, 201501 increase of equity investment by Novartis 2015-01-07
Novartis–Caribou Biosciences: CRISPR technology, 201501– collab + license agreem non-excl for devlopm of drug discovery tools 2015-01-07
Novartis–Intellia Therapeutics: CRISPR technology, 201501– collab + license agreem incl upfront paym + investm + funding + milestones + royalties 2015-01-07
Gilead–Phenex: FXR agonists, 201501 acquisition of Phenex’ FXR agonists program for NASH + other liver diseases for up to $470m 2015-01-06
OnCore BioPharma–Cytos Biotechnology: VLP technology, 201501– license to OnCore excl for use of VLP platform in treatm + prevention of HBV infections 2015-01-06
Provendis–TVM: venture capital, 201501– collab support in project evaluation + financing by TVM Capital Life Science for projects of Provendis 2015-01-06
Boehringer–BioMed X: pharma research, 201501– collab new BioMed X research group to discover new epigenetic COPD regulators 2015-01-05
Redbiotec–Pfizer: investment, 201501 acquisition of controlling interest in Redvax GmbH, a spin-off from Redbiotec AG 2015-01-05
Aevotis–Evocatal: investment, 201501 acquisition €na of majority stake by Evocatal 2015-01-01
Aquila Biolabs–SEVERAL: investment, 2015 seed financing round 7-digit € 2015-01-01
Atomwise–SEVERAL: investment, 2015 seed financing round incl Y Combinator + Khosla Ventures + DJF 2015-01-01
Bayer–Proteros: drug discovery services, 201501–201612 collab identification of cardiovascular compounds for integral membrane protein 2015-01-01
Biocentric–Hain Lifescience: investment, 2015 acquisition of Biocentric by Hain 2015-01-01
EffRx–SEVERAL: investment, 201501 financing round CHF2.3m from existing investors 2015-01-01
GreenBone–SEVERAL: investment, 2015 seed financing round €3m from ZernikeMeta Ventures + Italian Angels for Growth + private investors 2015-01-01
IFM Therapeutics–Atlas Venture: investment, 2015 seed funding by Atlas Venture 2015-01-01
Jecure Therapeutics–Versant Ventures: investment, 2015 seed financing from founding investor Versant Ventures 2015-01-01
KBI BioPharma–JSR Corp: investment, 2015 acquisition of KBI BioPharma Inc by JSR Corp 2015-01-01
Kurma–SEVERAL: investment, 2015 final closing €35m of Kurma Diagnostics Fund (KDx) 2015-01-01
Mérieux–Copan: sample prep automation, 201501– collab distribution of WASP + WASPLab systems by bioMérieux starting in FR+DE+UK + to be expanded 2015-01-01
Novartis–Fraunhofer: cell therapy production, 201501– collab developm of production capacity for Kymriah in Europe at Fraunhofer IZI 2015-01-01
Novartis–Fraunhofer: cell therapy production, 201808– service supply production of Kymriah in Europe by Fraunhofer IZI 2015-01-01
Numares–SHS Capital: investment, 2015 existent SHS Gesellschaft für Beteiligungsmanagement is main shareholder 2015-01-01
Oncgnostics–MDxHealth: PCR technology, 201501– license ww non-excl for MSP technology for cervical cancer diagnostics to Oncgnostics 2015-01-01
Padlock Therapeutics–Evotec: drug discovery services, 201501–201703 extension of collab to deliver multiple PAD inhibitor development candidates 2015-01-01
Proteomedix–SEVERAL: investment, 201501 2nd closing of financing round Series B CHF1m bringing total round to CHF4.2m 2015-01-01
Roche–4D Molecular Therapeutics: gene delivery technology, 2015– collab research 2015-01-01
Seres Therapeutics–Nestlé: investment, 201501 equity investment by Nestlé Health Science 2015-01-01
VIB–Lipotype: mass spectrometry services, 2015– collab supply of shotgun lipidomics services by Lipotype to researchers at VIB 2015-01-01
ViraTherapeutics–Austria (govt): investment, 2015c financing €1.6m from FFG + aws seed financing programme 2015-01-01
Enzymatics–Qiagen: investment, 201412 acquisition €na of all assets of Enzyme Solution Unit of Enzymatics by Qiagen 2014-12-31
RiNA GmbH–NONE: investment, 201412–201506 bankruptcy AG Berlin-Charlottenburg 36R IN 4968/14 Massenunzulänglichkeit 2014-12-29
Pieris–Trout Group: public relations, 201412 service existent 2014-12-23
Bruker–Univ Alberta: mass spectra database, –201412 collab development of Bruker HMDB Metabolite Library 2014-12-19
Pieris–Ally Bridge Group: investment, 201412 private placement totalling $13.56m incl investor ABG 2014-12-18
Annexon–Clarus Ventures: investment, 201412 financing round Series A-1 totaliing $34m incl co-investor Clarus Ventures 2014-12-15
Annexon–Novartis: investment, 201412 financing round Series A-1 totaliing $34m incl lead investor NVF 2014-12-15
Annexon–Satter Investment Management: investment, 201412 financing round Series A-1 totaliing $34m incl co-investor Satter 2014-12-15
Annexon–SEVERAL: investment, 201412 financing round Series A-1 $34m led by NVF + incl Satter Investment + Clarus Ventures 2014-12-15
Takasago–Evolva: fermentation technology, 201412– collab developm production technology for flavours + fragrances 2014-12-11
Bayer–Orion Corp: cancer drug, 201412 existent collab ww developm + marketing of oral androgen receptor modulator ODM-201 for prostate cancer 2014-12-02
Nanolive–SEVERAL: investment, 201412 closing of 1st financing round 2014-12-01
Tiziana–Novimmune: therapeutic antibody, 201412– license to foralumab (NI-0401) to Tiziana 2014-12-01
Pepperprint–Sciomics: microarray technology, 201411– collab distribution + marketing for antibody characterisation + biomarker discovery 2014-11-18
Covance–LabCorp: investment, 201411–201502 acquisition $6.2b w $107.19/share paid $75.76 in cash + 0.26886 LabCorp shares per Covance share 2014-11-02
Weizmann Institute–XL-protein: PASylation technology, 201410– Yeda acquires ww excl marketing + outlicensing rights to PAS-YNSa8 dev by XL + Weizmann 2014-10-21
Epigenomics–BioChain: investment, 201410 acquisition €4.2m 1.35m new shares €3.08/share by BioChain Institute Inc 2014-10-16
Roche–NewLink Genetics: cancer drugs, 201410– collab drug discovery IDO/TDO inhibitors with Genentech 2014-10-16
Roche–AbVitro: PETE technology, 201410 acquisition €na of primer extension based target enrichment technology by Roche 2014-10-09
Mimetas–SEVERAL: investment, 201510 financing round $5.2m from ZIF + PPM Oost et al 2014-10-08
Abionic–SEVERAL: investment, 201410 financing round Series B CHF3.8m 2014-10-01
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