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Find below collaborations, license and distribution agreements, grants, investments and loan agreements from Austria, Germany and Switzerland or involving organisations from these countries.

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Anergis–SEVERAL: investment, 201103 financing round Series A CHF18m led by Vinci Capital + BioMedInest + Sunstone Capital 2011-03-28
Moldiax–Analytik Jena: investment, 201103 acquisition 23.5% share by Analytik Jena AG 2011-03-24
Nimbus Discovery–Proteros: drug discovery services, 201103– supply service delivery of X-ray protein crystal structures for multiple targets 2011-03-23
AMSilk–SEVERAL: investment, 201103 financing round Series B €5m incl investors MIG Fonds + AT Newtec 2011-03-17
Seegene–Kompass: MolYsis technology, 201103– collab Seegene Magicplex Sepsis test is based on Molzym MolYsis and Nordiag's Arrow system 2011-03-17
MorphoSys–Boehringer: biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing, 201103– supply service process develop + manufacturing for MOR208 program 2011-03-16
Instraction–Protagen: protein separation, 201103– collab developm customised instAction Phases for downstream processing of biotherapeutics 2011-03-15
PVT Probenverteiltechnik–Roche: investment, 201103 acquisition €65m upfront + up to €20m milestones 2011-03-15
Takeda–Evotec: mass spectrometry services, 201103– collab Kinaxo will apply PhosphoScout techn to assist drug developm research of Takeda 2011-03-15
GNA Biosolutions–PERSON: investment, 201103 1st financing round €na capital increase by private investor from Munich 2011-03-14
NovaShunt–SEVERAL: investment, 201103 financing round Series B CHF23.7m=$25m 2011-03-09
Avacta–V&F: mass spectrometer, 201103 distribution of IMR-MS systems + services in UK + IRL by Oxford Molecular Diagnostics 2011-03-07
Biomat-IN project–BioRegio STERN: biomaterials, 201103–201402 collab BioRegio STERN is project partner 2011-03-01
Biomat-IN project–EU (govt): grant, 201103–201402 support €1.24m from ERDF under Interreg IVB North West Europe 2011-03-01
BioRegio STERN–EU (govt): grant, 201103–201402 ERDF support €1223k as partner in Biomat-IN EU project 2011-03-01
Life Sciences Bremen–Bionsys: life sciences, 201103– membership Bionsys joins LSB 2011-03-01
Theragenics–Eckert & Ziegler: investment, 201103–201104 unfriendly takeover offer $2.2/share NOT REALISED 2011-03-01
Qiagen–Epigenomics: DNA methylation analysis, 201102– license option ww non-excl to SEPT9 biomarker + DNA methylation technologies (LT) 2011-02-28
Applikon–Automation Partnership: laboratory equipment, 201102– distribution of ambr™ + Fill-It™ in Benelux by Applikon 2011-02-24
Michrom–Bruker: investment, 201102–201104 acquisition €na 2011-02-24
NEU² project–Biotest: MS drug RnD, 201102– collab Biotest AG becomes project member for clinical developm of BT-061 in MS 2011-02-24
Biofrontera–SEVERAL: investment, 201102 private placement capital increase €1.8m 880k new shares 2011-02-22
Euroimmun–Scienion: print/spotting technology, 201102 supply sciFLEXARRAYER for r+d + production purposes of microarray diagnostic products 2011-02-21
Max Planck–Proteros: drug discovery services, 201102– supply preferred service partner to support kinase drug discovery research 2011-02-21
Süd-Chemie–Clariant: investment, 201102–201111 acquisition €2b in cash + shares 2011-02-16
Evotec–ChemBridge: chemical compound libraries, 201102– supply €na access to initially 110k compounds from ChemBridge Library Collection 2011-02-15
Chemagen–PerkinElmer: investment, 201102 acquisition 2011-02-14
Kinaxo–Evotec: investment, 201102–201104 acquisition €12m upfront with €3m in cash + 2.6m shares plus up to €4m cash milestones 2011-02-09
Danaher–GeneBio: bioinformatics, 201102– collab co-marketing SmileMS with AB Sciex mass spectrometers 2011-02-08
Beckman Coulter–Danaher: investment, 201102–201106 acquisition cash tender offer $6.8b $83.5/share 2011-02-07
Activaero–SEVERAL: investment, 201102 financing round €5m led by LSP Life Sciences Partners with €3.5m 2011-02-02
Scil–Coral BioNet: investment, 201102 financing round €24m for Scil Proteins from own majority holder BioNet Holding 2011-02-02
SuperGen–Proteros: drug discovery services, 201102– supply service use integrated lead discovery platform to discover small-molecule lead compounds 2011-02-02
Genzyme–Sekisui: investment, 201102 acquisition of Genzyme Virotech GmbH by Sekisui Chemial 2011-02-01
PharmaSwiss–Valeant: investment, 201102–201103 acquisition €350m + €30m milestones 2011-02-01
SAW Instruments–Germany (govt): investment, 201102 2nd financing round totalling €1m incl new investor KfW 2011-02-01
SAW Instruments–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201102 2nd financing round totalling €1m incl returning investor High-Tech Gründerfonds 2011-02-01
SAW Instruments–KI Kapital: investment, 201102 2nd financing round totalling €1m incl returning investor KI Kapital GmbH 2011-02-01
SAW Instruments–SEVERAL: investment, 201102 2nd financing round €1m KI Kapital + HTGF + KfW 2011-02-01
Resource Technology Corp–Sigma-Aldrich: investment, 201101 acquisition of assets of RTC €na by Sigma-Aldrich 2011-01-31
Bayer–Zydus Cadila: pharmaceuticals, 201101– collab 50/50 joint venture Bayer Zydus Pharma established to develop Indian market 2011-01-28
FCB-Pharmicell–RNL Bio: investment, 201101 acquisition 99.5% of Pharmicell Europe GmbH to be renamed RNL Europe GmbH 2011-01-25
Genoptix–Novartis: investment, 201101– cash tender offer $470m $25/share 2011-01-24
Genoptix–Novartis: investment, 201701–201703 DIVESTMENT sale €na of Genoptix (excl biopharma business) to Ampersand + 1315 Capital + new managers 2011-01-24
Takeda–Evotec: drug discovery services, 201101– supply service €na identification small molecules against CNS + metabolic targets for Takeda Cambridge 2011-01-20
Merck (DE)–Domain Therapeutics: mGLuR4 PAM, 201101– collab excl developm + licensing €2m upfront + €132m milestones + royalties for Parkinson 2011-01-17
Mologen–Salvator Vermögensverwaltungs GmbH: investment, 201101 existent long-time investor 2011-01-14
Univ Bonn–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201101 supply existent ABI STR Voyager at IBMB 2011-01-14
Univ Bonn–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201101 supply existent LTQ Orbitrap Velos at IBMB 2011-01-14
4-Antibody–Advent Venture Partners: investment, 201101 existent listed as current portfolio company of Advent 2011-01-13
Caterna–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201101 financing round totalling €650k incl investor High-Tech Gründerfonds 2011-01-13
Caterna–Saxony (govt): investment, 201101 financing round totalling €650k incl investor Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen 2011-01-13
Caterna–SEVERAL: investment, 201101 financing round €650k from Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen + High-Tech Gründerfonds 2011-01-13
Laboratoires Expanscience–Medigene: Veregen, 201001– license + supply for excl commercialisation + marketing in France 2011-01-13
Medigene–Advent Venture Partners: investment, 201101 existent listed as current portfolio company of Advent 2011-01-13
Micromet–Advent Venture Partners: investment, 201101 existent listed as current portfolio company of Advent 2011-01-13
Mologen–Berliner Effektengesellschaft: financial services, 201101 service Quirin Bank subscription agent for capital increase up to 1.246m new shares 2011-01-13
Mologen–Kirchhoff Consult: public relations, 201101 service existent investor relations 2011-01-13
Mologen–SEVERAL: investment, 201101–201102 capital increase €10m 1.246m new shares €8/share 2011-01-13
DiaSorin–Tecan: lab automation, 201101– supply €na OEM automated ELISA system based on Freedom EVOlyzer platform incl detetcion instruments 2011-01-12
EyeSense–Qiagen: investment, 201101 acquisition minority equity stake €na by Qiagen in connection with strategic partnership 2011-01-12
Qiagen–EyeSense: blood glucose measuring device, 201101– collab development combining EyeSene techn with ESE fluorescence-based optical techn 2011-01-12
Vaximm–SEVERAL: investment, 201101 financing round private CHF7.8m 2011-01-12
Alacris–Max Planck: ModCell™ system, 201101 license excl existent from MPI for Molecular Genetics 2011-01-11
Alacris–Qiagen: investment, 201101 acquisition €na minority stake 2011-01-11
Alcon–MerLion: finafloxacin, 201101– license excl developm + commercialisation in North America for ear infections w option to expand license 2011-01-11
Bayer–Univ California: pharma research, 201101– master agreement for research collaborations of Bayer HealthCare with UCSF 2011-01-11
Lilly–Boehringer: antidiabetic drugs, 201101– collab strategic alliance ww joint developm + marketing of portfolio of diabetes drugs 2011-01-11
LZS-Concept–Analytik Jena: laboratory equipment, 201101– distribution and service in Austria by LZS-Concept Handels- und Service GmbH 2011-01-11
Qiagen–Alacris: biomarker, 201101– excl option €na to access all biomarkers for individualised cancer treatment 2011-01-11
Roche–Expression Pathology: Liquid Tissue-SRM technology, 201101– supply protein biomarker assay services to support Roche oncology drug development 2011-01-11
Tecan–Enigma Diagnostics: molecular diagnostics, 201101– license + collab €na use of Enigma ML for OEM diagnostic platforms by Tecan 2011-01-11
AJ Innuscreen–Analytik Jena: investment, 201101 investment increase of ownership to 100% 2011-01-10
Apeiron–PR&D: public relations, 201101 service strategic communication consulting + national + international media service 2011-01-10
Comicom–Analytik Jena: investment, 201101 acquisition 55% by AJ Blomesystem GmbH 2011-01-10
Gilupi–Aurelia Private Equity: investment, 201101 3rd financing round totalling €3.6m incl investor Aurelia Private Equity 2011-01-10
Gilupi–Brandenburg (govt): investment, 201101 3rd financing round totalling €3.6m incl investor Brandenburg Capital BFBII 2011-01-10
Gilupi–Germany (govt): investment, 201101 3rd financing round totalling €3.6m incl investor KfW Bankengruppe 2011-01-10
Gilupi–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201101 3rd financing round totalling €3.6m incl investor HTGF 2011-01-10
Gilupi–SEVERAL: investment, 201101 3rd financing round €3.6m Aurelia Private Equity + Brandenburg Capital + KfW+ High-Tech Gründerfonds 2011-01-10
JnJ–Biocartis: molecular diagnostics, 201101– strategic collab €na ww excl co-developm + marketing assays for neurological disease + some infections 2011-01-10
Synosia–Biotie: investment, 201101–201102 merger acquisition €93.6m 2011-01-10
Takeda–Pieris: Anticalin scaffold technology, 201101– collab €na drug discovery Anticalin therapeutic protein candidates Takeda San Francisco 2011-01-10
Teva–Lonza: biogenerics, –201101–201307 collab joint venture TERMINATED 7/13 2011-01-10
AstraZeneca–Kinaxo: mass spectrometry services, 201101– supply service €na Kinaxo to apply its technology to support one AZ oncology program 2011-01-05
Lonza–IDBS: data management software, 201101– supply Bioprocess Execution System software for mammalian cell culture process development 2011-01-05
sense2care–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201101 HTGF invests €500k 2011-01-04
Centogene–PERSON: investment, 201101 equity investment Martin Schlenk becomes major shareholder + CEO of Centogene Holding AG 2011-01-01
Dr. Falk Pharma–Zedira: transglutaminase inhibitor, 2011– license to ZED1227 in Europe plus joint ownership of rights outside Europe 2011-01-01
iThera Medical–Germany (govt): grant, 2011 GO-Bio phase 2 grant from BMBF 2011-01-01
JnJ–Molecular Partners: DARPins, 2011–201610 collab + license DARPin targeting IL-13 + IL-17 against pulmonary disease TERMINATED 10/16 2011-01-01
Meiji Seika Kaisha–Newron: safinamide, 2011– license to develop + manufacture + commercialise safinamide in Asia to Meiji Seika Pharma 2011-01-01
MicroAQUA project–EU (govt): grant, 2011– FP7 grant to develop DNA microarray for water analysis 2011-01-01
MicroAQUA project–Scienion: DNA microarrays, 2011– collab Scienion is project member + final marketer of resulting DNA microarray for water analysis 2011-01-01
Pfizer–Kohlberg Kravis Roberts: investment, 2011 acquisition of Capsugel from Pfizer by KKR 2011-01-01
Rebiotix–SEVERAL: investment, 2011 seed financing round $5m 2011-01-01
Select Biosciences–Alto Marketing: public relations, 2011– service public relations for European Lab Automation in Hamburg 2011 + 2012 2011-01-01
Springer–ASMS: Journal of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry, 2011– collab Springer to publish ASMS Journal before Elsevier 2011-01-01
Univ Cambridge–Agilent: mass spectrometer, 2011 supply Agilent 6460 Triple Quad MS with 1290 Infinity LC to Ralser Lab 2011-01-01
Vita Diagnostika–Euro Diagnostica: investment, 2011 acquisition 2011-01-01
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