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Find below collaborations, license and distribution agreements, grants, investments and loan agreements from Austria, Germany and Switzerland or involving organisations from these countries.

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Mologen–SEVERAL: investment, 201207 capital increase €22m gross proceeds 2,589,819 shares €8.5/share 2012-07-10
Bayer–Horizon Discovery: Genesis technology, 201207– collab €na development of pre-clinical cell line models for oncology research using Genesis 2012-07-09
Boehringer–Harvard Univ: drug research, 201207– collab funding of serveral translational research projects at Harvard by BI 2012-07-09
Genkyotex–SEVERAL: investment, 201207 financing round Series C extension of CHF25m=$26m from all Series C investors 2012-07-09
KWS Saat–Two Blades Foundation: TAL Code technology, 201207– non-excl commercial license €na to KWS Saat AG commercial use in certain crop plants 2012-07-09
Medicyte–Reinnervate: cell research technology, 201207– collab €na product integration of upcyte + Alevtex Scaffold technologies 2012-07-09
Celtic Therapeutics–Cancer Research UK: antibody-drug conjugates, 201207– collab €na developm ADCs to treat cancer by ADC Therapeutics + CRT 2012-07-06
Sinphar Pharmaceutical–Medigene: EndoTAG-1, 201207– collab excl co-developm + commercialisation by SynCore Biotechnology in Asia, AUS + NZ 2012-07-06
Merck (DE)–MDxHealth: molecular companion diagnostics, 201207– collab expansion €na ww developm + commerc PredictMDx for Glioblastoma w cilengitide 2012-07-05
4SC–SEVERAL: investment, 201207 capital increase up to 8.4m new shares €12.6m €1.5/share 2012-07-04
AgraQuest–Bayer: investment, 201207–201208 acquisition $425m + milestones by Bayer CropScience 2012-07-03
Euroimmun–Taylor Wessing: legal services, 201207 advisor to Euroimmun with regard to acquisition of GMK (BR) by Euroimmun 2012-07-03
Ferring–Albireo: elobixibat, 201207– license ww excl Japan + some Asian countries for developm + commercialisation 2012-07-03
GMK (BR)–Euroimmun: investment, 201207 acquisition 100% €na by Euroimmun Medizinische Labordiagnostik AG 2012-07-03
NZ Labs–Eurofins: investment, 201207 acquisition of New Zealand Laboratory Services Ltd by Eurofins 2012-07-02
Procognia–Scienion: print/spotting technology, 201207 supply use sciFlexarrayer to produce Multi Pad GlycoScope lectin microarray 2012-07-02
genXpress–Anagnostics: molecular diagnostics, 201207– distribution of pharmacogenetics products by genXpress in Austria 2012-07-01
Paion–Germany (govt): grant, 201207–201412 KMU-Innovativ BMBF grant €700k for developm of thrombomodulin-mutants 2012-07-01
Re-Liver project–EU (govt): grant, 201207c– FP7 grant €4.2m for developm of biomimetic bioartificial liver 2012-07-01
Corimmun–JnJ: investment, 201206 acquisition €100m + milestones durch Janssen-Cilag GmbH 2012-06-28
Anagnostics–Kompass: molecular diagnostics, 201206– collab + license for SepsiTest sample prep kit to develop hybcell Pathogens DNA 2012-06-27
Kreatech–Oridis: pharmacogenomics, 201206– collab developm + commercialisation of DNA-FISH assays for oncology 2012-06-26
Courtagen–Scienion: print/spotting technology, 201206 supply use sciFlexarrayer S11 to produce QDx BioChips for Avantra Q400 Biomarker Workstation 2012-06-25
Intelligent Bio-Systems–Qiagen: investment, 2012 acquisition €na 2012-06-25
Qiagen–SAP: bioinformatics, 201206– collab application of SAP HANA platform for analysis of sequencing data 2012-06-25
NEU² project–Epomedics: MS drug RnD, 201206– collab Epomedics GmbH becomes project member 2012-06-22
Zedira–R-Biopharm: investment, 201206 existing investor is R-Biopharm AG 2012-06-22
Peqlab–Eppendorf: thermal cycler, 201206– license covering gradient technology for thermal cyclers to Peqlab 2012-06-21
NatLifE 2020 project–Germany (govt): grant, 201206– up to 9y funding from BMBF under Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Initiative 2012-06-18
Vela–Eppendorf: automated liquid handling, 201206 collab joint developm of Sentosa SX system based on epMotion system for Vela Diagnostics 2012-06-18
Synthes–JnJ: investment, 201206 acquisition $19.7b with CHF55.65 in cash + 1.717 JnJ shares for each Synthes share 2012-06-14
Topsfield Medical–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201206 seed financing from HTGF 2012-06-14
Bayer–Abbott & Cobb: seeds, 201206 acquisition €na of watermelon + melon seed business by Bayer CropScience 2012-06-12
GSK–Basilea: alitretinoin, 201206 acquisition £146m upfront + milestones of excl ww Toctino rights incl distribution agreements by Stiefel 2012-06-11
Enzymicals–BBG/Braun Group: investment, 201206 acquisition of stake in Enzymicals AG by Braun Beteiligungs GmbH 2012-06-08
Enzymicals–BRAIN: investment, 201206 investment of an additional sum by BRAIN AG 2012-06-08
Tecan–Reinnervate: cell culture system, 201206– collab co-marketing Alvetex Scaffold for 3D cell culture on Freedom EVO liquid handling workstation 2012-06-07
Merck (DE)–Dr. Reddy’s: biosimilar, 201206– collab co-development + manufacturing + commercialisation ww with exceptions Merck Serono 2012-06-06
Roche–Panasonic: blood glucose + lipid monitoring system, 201206– collab ww marketing by Roche manufactured by Panasonic Healthcare in Japan 2012-06-05
BRAIN–Germany (govt): grant, 201206– funding from BMBF for up to 9y as partner + coordinator of NatLifE 2020 alliance 2012-06-01
CryoTherapeutics–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201206–201303 financing round Series A totalling €3m incl investor HTGF in 1st closing June 2012 2012-06-01
CryoTherapeutics–SEVERAL: investment, 201206–201303 financing round Series A €3m NRW.Bank + HTGF + Rainer Christine + Getz Brothers + PVP 2012-06-01
Roche–AC Immune: therapeutic antibodies, 201206– license excl for anti-Tau program for Alzheimer’s disease to Genentech 2012-06-01
Bayer–Covance: clinical research services, 201205– supply strategic alliance incl phase 2–4 studies + central lab services for Bayer HealthCare 2012-05-30
AudioCure Pharma–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201205 seed financing from HTGF + business angel Dr Schumacher 2012-05-29
AudioCure Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 201205 seed financing from High-Tech Gründersfonds + business angel Dr Schumacher 2012-05-29
Agilent–Prolab GmbH: mass spectrometer, –201205 collab co-development of integrated AACE LC/MS System for dried blood-spot analysis 2012-05-21
TU Munich–Nonlinear Dynamics: mass spectrometry s/w, 201205 supply existent use of Progenesis LC-MS s/w by Prof Küster 2012-05-21
EQT–Agilent: investment, 201205–201206 acquisition of Dako for $2.2b in cash on a debt-free basis 2012-05-17
Apeptico–SEVERAL: investment, 201205 financing round Series C €2m from BioScience Venture Group + V+ Fonds + private investors 2012-05-16
BioPlanta–Vita 34: investment, 201205 acquisition in shares with 380k new shares issued to BioPlanta owner + founder André Gerth 2012-05-16
Evotec–Agilent: mass spectrometer, 201205 supply 6460 Triple Quadrupole instrumentation to Hamburg facility 2012-05-16
Evotec–Agilent: mass spectrometer, 201205 supply multiple RapidFire High-throughput MS systems to Hamburg facility 2012-05-16
Cellzome–GSK: investment, 201205 acquisition remaining 80% for £61m ($99m) in cash 2012-05-15
Genome Diagnostics–Qiagen: PCR technology, 201205– distribution rights ww non-excl for Qiagen LongRange PCR kit together with SBTexcellerator reagents 2012-05-15
Ono Pharmaceutical–Coral BioNet: Affilin therapeutics, 201205– collab discovery + developm Affilin molecules against Ono targets with Scil Proteins 2012-05-15
T-Cell Europe–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201205 1st financing round totalling €1.45m incl HTGF 2012-05-15
T-Cell Europe–SEVERAL: investment, 201205 1st financing round €1.45m from HTGF + Constantin Bastian Leander Venture Capital + ILB 2012-05-15
Algiax Pharmaceuticals–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201205 financing round totalling €4.3m incl HTGF + private investors + KfW 2012-05-14
Algiax Pharmaceuticals–SEVERAL: investment, 201205 financing round €4.3m from HTGF + private investors + KfW 2012-05-14
Waters–Biocrates: AbsoluteIDQ Kits, 201205– collab Waters Xevo TQ MS editions of established AbsoluteIDQ p180 + p150 kits 2012-05-14
Fresenius–SEVERAL: investment, 201205 capital increase €1b placement of 13.8m new ordinary shares €73.5/share 2012-05-11
Baliopharm–Apo GbR: therapeutic antibody, 201205– ww excl license for bi-specific therapeutic antibody Novotarg 2012-05-09
Evotec–4-Antibody: antibody drug discovery, 201205– collab integration of output from Rectrocyte Display technology into Ab drug discovery services 2012-05-09
Sophia Genetics–SEVERAL: investment, 201205 seed funding CHF840k from private investors 2012-05-08
Intercell–Bellevue: credit, 201205– secured 6-year loan €20m with variable interest rate >=10.9% + sales royalties from BB Biotech 2012-05-07
Intercell–Bellevue: investment, 201205 acquisition €5m 1.962m shares €2.55/share as part of private placement w institutional investors 2012-05-07
AmniSure–Qiagen: investment, 201205 acquisition €na 2012-05-03
United States (govt)–Evotec: compound management, 201205– supply compound management services €7.7m for 5y to US EPA by Evotec San Francisco 2012-05-03
Mondobiotech–BioPharma Invest: investment, 201205 existent BioPharma Invest AG is main shareholder 2012-05-02
Novaliq–Hopp Group: investment, 201205 financing round €3.9m from Dievini Hopp BioTech Holding GmbH & Co KG 2012-05-02
Valeant–Gentium: defibrotide, 201205– distribution excl for 10 years in Central + Eastern European countries by PharmSwiss SA 2012-05-02
Abionic–SEVERAL: investment, 201205 financing round Series A CHF3.5m from local VCs + business angels 2012-05-01
Bayer–Two Blades Foundation: TAL Code technology, 201205– non-excl commercial license €na to Bayer CropScience commercial use in certain crop plants 2012-05-01
BF Holding–MC Services: public relations, 201205– service public + investor relations for MagForce AG 2012-05-01
Roche–Dako: molecular companion diagnostics, 201205– collab regulatory submission HercepTest + HER2 FISH pharmDx for trastuzumab-DM1 Genentech 2012-05-01
Two Blades Foundation–Univ Halle: TAL Code technology, 201205 excl license for commercial use in plants existent 2012-05-01
Cardinal Health–Qiagen: molecular diagnostics, 201204– distribution of Qiagen systems + kits to smaller + mid-sized US hospitals by Cardinal Health 2012-04-30
Gen-Probe–Hologic: investment, 201204–201208 acquisition $3.8b in cash $82.75/share 2012-04-30
Quotient Bioresearch–Biotrend: sample labelling services, 201204– collab supply of Iodine-125 labelling services by Anawa Trading SA 2012-04-30
Analytical Perspectives of North Carolina–SGS: investment, 201204 acquisition 2012-04-27
Omega Scientific–Ionicon: mass spectrometer, 201204– distribution + support of Ioncion PTR-MS instruments by Omega in Malaysia 2012-04-27
Omega Scientific–Ionicon: mass spectrometer, 201204– distribution + support of Ioncion PTR-MS instruments by Omega in Singapore 2012-04-27
Omega Scientific–Ionicon: mass spectrometer, 201204– distribution + support of Ioncion PTR-MS instruments by Omega in Thailand 2012-04-27
Active Biotech–Evotec: drug discovery services, 201204– service €na expansion medicinal chemistry services drug optimisation 2012-04-26
Futalis–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201204 seed financing from HTGF 2012-04-26
Innovacell–SEVERAL: investment, 201204– capital increase €8.3m in two tranches 2012-04-26
Rhön-Klinikum–Fresenius: investment, 201204–201206 NOT REALISED cash tender offer €3.1b €22.5/share OFFER FAILED 2012-04-26
JnJ–Artes Biotechnology: cell line development, 201204– collab developm + supply of Hansenula cell lines to Crucell for two vaccines 2012-04-24
ConoGenetix–Bavaria (govt): investment, 201204 financing round Series A totalling €1.5m incl returning investor BioM AG 2012-04-23
ConoGenetix–Mey Capital Matrix: investment, 201204 financing round Series A totalling €1.5m incl lead investor Mey Capital Matrix GmbH 2012-04-23
ConoGenetix–SEVERAL: investment, 201204 financing round Series A €1.5m lead investor Mey Capital Matrix + co-investor BioM AG 2012-04-23
AJ Roboscreen–Analytik Jena: investment, 201204 acquisition of remaining shares with resulting 100% ownership by Analytik Jena AG 2012-04-20
4SC–Crelux: drug discovery services, 201204– strategic alliance offering integrated drug discovery services by 4SC Discovery + Crelux 2012-04-18
KonTEM–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201204 investment by HTGF 2012-04-17
Oncgnostics–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201204 seed funding from HTGF + STIFT 2012-04-16
Oncgnostics–SEVERAL: investment, 201204 seed funding from HTGF + STIFT 2012-04-16
Oncgnostics–Thuringia (govt): investment, 201204 seed funding from HTGF + STIFT 2012-04-16
Bayer–KWS: plant breeding, 201204– collab co-developm breeding of herbicide-resistant varieties for weed control system Bayer CropScience 2012-04-12
Aleva Neurotherapeutics–SEVERAL: investment, 201204 financing round Series B CHF4m lead + new investor Banexi Ventures Partners 2012-04-10
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