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Find below collaborations, license and distribution agreements, grants, investments and loan agreements from Austria, Germany and Switzerland or involving organisations from these countries.

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GAPVAC project–EU (govt): grant, 201307– FP7 grant €6m 2013-07-01
GSK–Immunocore: ImmTAC technology, 201307– collab research + license agreement with GSK 2013-07-01
Hybrigenics–Dualsystems Biotech: yeast two-hybrid services, 201307 acquisition €na of Y2H activities of Dualsystems by Hybrigenics Services 2013-07-01
Protagen–Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn: investment, 201307 acquisition of Protagen Protein Services GmbH by Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn 2013-07-01
Barilla–Mérieux: mass spectrometry, 201306 collab developm MRM MS technique to determine contaminants in bakery products Mérieux NutriSciences 2013-06-28
Fresenius–Neopharm (IL): investment, 201306 acquisition €na of Fresenius Biotech GmbH by Neopharm Group 2013-06-28
Mérieux–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201306 supply existent LC-HRMS Exactive Orbitrap used to develop MRM MS technique by Mérieux NutriSciences 2013-06-28
BioVersys–SEVERAL: investment, 201306 financing round Series A from existing + new investors 2013-06-27
RJ Lee Group–Ionicon: mass spectrometer, 201306– distribution excl in US of Ionicon trace gas analysis products incl service + support 2013-06-27
Roche–Immunocore: ImmTAC technology, 201306– collab research + license $10–20m upfront + $300m+ milestones + royalties per target progr w Genentech 2013-06-27
Biotest–SEVERAL: investment, 201306 capital increase €76m 1.46m new preference shares €52/share 2013-06-26
Celgene–MorphoSys: antibody cancer drug, 201306–201503 collab strat alliance up to €628m incl €70.8m upfront acqu ww rights to MOR202 TERMINATED 3/15 2013-06-26
Middle Peak Medical–SEVERAL: investment, 201306 financing round Series A $8.5m co-led by Wellington Partners + Seventure Partners + incl HTGF 2013-06-26
MorphoSys–Celgene: investment, 201306 acquisition of €46.2m new MorphoSys shares as part of strategic alliance w regard to MOR202 2013-06-26
Analytik Jena–Endress+Hauser: investment, 201306 acquisition additional 10.69% from Jens Adomat raising shareholding of E+H in AJ to over 20% 2013-06-25
Bayer–Seattle Genetics: ADC technology, 201306– collab ww rights for Bayer to use ADC techn w antibodies for several oncology targets 2013-06-25
WBM Health Science–Medicyte: cell technology, 201306– collab promotion of Medicyte products + services in India by WBM 2013-06-25
Artes Biotechnology–Midas Pharma: business development services, 201306– collab Midas supports to find potential partners + markets for Artes 2013-06-24
Dualsystems Biotech–ETH Zürich: drug discovery technology, 201306– license to TriCEPS-based LRC technology 2013-06-24
Evocatal–SEVERAL: investment, 201306 financing round Series B €3.5m from Lanxess + NRW.BANK et al 2013-06-24
Vasopharm–SEVERAL: investment, 201306 financing round Series F €5m led by HeidelbergCapital + Entrepreneurs Fund 2013-06-24
ImaBiotech–Bruker Corp: mass spectrometer, 201206 supply existent most recent instrument addition is 7 Tesla SolariX from Bruker Daltonics 2013-06-20
ImaBiotech–Genfit: drug discovery, 201206– collab long-term incl sharing of tech platforms + mutual drug discovery services 2013-06-20
Boehringer–Karolinska Institutet: therapeutic antibody, 201306– option to acquire fully human MAb program for athersclerosis fr Athera Biotechnologies 2013-06-19
Henkel–c-LEcta: detergent enzymes, 201306– collab development 2013-06-19
Unilabs–Natera: Panorama prenatal test, 201306– distribution of Panorama test in Scandinavia by Unilabs 2013-06-13
Unilabs–Natera: Panorama prenatal test, 201306– distribution of Panorama test in Switzerland by Unilabs 2013-06-13
Valneva–SEVERAL: investment, 201306–201307 financing round €40m capital increase 15m new shares incl FSI + Groupe Grimaud 2013-06-13
Xradia–Carl Zeiss: investment, 201306–201307 acquisition of Xradia Inc renamed Carl Zeiss X-ray Microscopy Inc 2013-06-13
Bruker Corp–ImaBiotech: mass spectrometry software, 201306– distribution of Quantinetix s/w for quantitative MALDI imaging by Bruker 2013-06-10
Harvard Univ–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201306 supply Orbitrap Fusion system used by Steven Gygi at Harvard Medical School 2013-06-10
JnJ–Genedata: bioinformatics, 201306 supply existent use of Genedata Expressionist for Mass Spectrometry by Janssen R&D 2013-06-10
PerkinElmer–CTC Analytics: sample preparation technology, 201306– collab supply AxION Sample Manager sample prep + analysis solution by CTC 2013-06-10
Cell Signaling Technology–Trinean: spectrophotometer, 201306– BIOKÉ to distribute Trinean products in Germany 2013-06-07
Cell Signaling Technology–Trinean: spectrophotometer, 201306– BIOKÉ to distribute Trinean products in the Netherlands 2013-06-07
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu–Thomson Reuters: investment, 201306 acquisition of substantially all assets of Deloitte Recap LLC by Thomson Reuters 2013-06-07
Diagnoplex–Debiopharm: investment, 201306 financing round totalling CHF1.3m incl lead investor Debiopharm 2013-06-07
Diagnoplex–SEVERAL: investment, 201306 financing round CHF1.3m led by Debiopharm 2013-06-07
EBD Group–Informa: investment, 201306 acquisition £30m in cash of EBD Group by Informa 2013-06-07
EBS Technologies–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201306 financing round Series B €3m incl co-investor HTGF 2013-06-07
EBS Technologies–SEVERAL: investment, 201306 financing round Series B €3m lead investor Earlybird plus HTGF + Brandenburg Capital 2013-06-07
Bruker Corp–CovalX: mass spectrometry, 201306– collab ww support to combine CovalX high-mass systems with Bruker autoflex + ultraflex instruments 2013-06-06
M-SPEC (DE)–NONE: investment, 201306–201401 bankruptcy Local Court Mainz 280 IN 123/13 2013-06-06
Thermo Fisher–SEVERAL: investment, 201306 common stock offering $2.53b 25.7m+3.85m shares at $85.5/share 2013-06-05
Bruker Corp–3M: MALDI Imaging, 201306– license excl to technique for performing MS analysis on FFPE tissue 2013-06-04
Bruker Corp–3M: MALDI Imaging, 201609– license expansion excl to technique for performing MS analysis on FFPE tissue for pathology 2013-06-04
Univ Hamburg–Bruker Corp: mass spectrometer, 201306 supply existent MALDI Molecular Imager used by Prof H Schlüter in FFPE prostate cancer study UKE 2013-06-04
Exquiron Biotech–Enamine: chemical compound library, 201306– collab multi-year supply of diverse screening compound library by Enamine 2013-06-03
GSK–MorphoSys: MOR103, 201306– global license for €22.5m upfront + €423m milestones + double-digit royalties 2013-06-03
Entelechon–Eurofins: investment, 201306 acquisition by Eurofins MWG Operon 2013-06-01
GOBI project–Genedata: bioinformatics, 201306–201605 Genedata is project partner supplying Genedata Selector for data analysis 2013-06-01
GOBI project–Germany (govt): grant, 201306–201605 BMBF funding for general optimisation of biogas processes 2013-06-01
NOFUN project–EU (govt): grant, 201306– FP7 funding €6.1m 2013-06-01
PS Biotech–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201306 seed investment by HTGF 2013-06-01
Merck (DE)–BeiGene: cancer drug, 201305– collab co-developm + commercialisation of BRAF inhibitor BeiGene-283 by Merck Serono 2013-05-31
Okairos–GSK: investment, 201305 acquisition for €250m in cash 2013-05-29
Medigene–Sinphar Pharmaceutical: investment, 201305 acquisition €2.4m with 2.4m new shares €1/share by SynCore resulting in 6% shareholding 2013-05-27
Sinphar Pharmaceutical–Medigene: EndoTAG-1, 201305– collab expansion co-developm + commercialisation globally by SynCore Biotechnology 2013-05-27
SIP Biotech Development–Qiagen: companion diagnostics, 201305– collab establishment of joint venture Qiagen (Suzhou) Translational Medicine Center 2013-05-24
Debiopharm–Cenix BioScience: biomarker discovery, 201305– collab Cenix to use HCS to identify predctive biomarkers for cancer drug candidates 2013-05-23
SuppreMol–SEVERAL: investment, 201305 financing round Series D 2nd closing €9.5m 2013-05-21
AOP Orphan–Élan: investment, 201305– acquisition €533.5m with €157.7m cash + €87.8m ordinary shares + €270m milestones ANNOUNCED 2013-05-20
Effector Therapeutics–Abingworth: investment, 201305 financing round Series A totalling $45m incl investor Abingworth 2013-05-20
Effector Therapeutics–Novartis: investment, 201305 financing round Series A totalling $45m incl investor Novartis Venture Funds 2013-05-20
Effector Therapeutics–SEVERAL: investment, 201305 financing round Series A $45m incl USVP + Abingworth + Novartis VF + SR One + Astellas Venture 2013-05-20
NewBridge Pharmaceuticals–Élan: investment, 201305 acquisition 48% share for $40m with option to acquire remaining stake for $244m by 2015 2013-05-20
Evotec–Harvard Univ: drug discovery, 201305– collab identification + optimisation of small molecule antibacterials 2013-05-16
Steigerwald Arzneimittelwerk–Bayer: investment, 201305–201307 acquisition €na 2013-05-16
BASF–Direvo Industrial Biotechnology: feed enzymes, 201305 collab extension joint developm protease for pig + poultry feed w BASF Animal Nutrition 2013-05-15
Dolosys–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201305 seed financing from HTGF + m2f Investment Ltd 2013-05-15
Dolosys–m2f Investment: investment, 201305 seed financing from HTGF + m2f Investment Ltd 2013-05-15
Dolosys–SEVERAL: investment, 201305 seed financing from HTGF + m2f Investment Ltd 2013-05-15
Merck (DE)–Quintiles: clinical research services, 201305– supply 5y Quintiles sole-primary provider global clinical developm services for Merck Serono 2013-05-15
TeFuProt project–Germany (govt): grant, 201305– funding €4.5m of total project cost €9m 6y by BMBF via »Innovationsinitiative Industr Biotechnologie« 2013-05-15
Bruker Corp–SCiLS GmbH: SCiLS Lab s/w, 201305– collab excl partnership for use of SCiLS Lab s/w w Bruker MALDI Imaging solutions 2013-05-14
Univ Jena–Bruker Corp: mass spectrometer, 201305 supply Prof v Eggeling existent user of Bruker MALDI Imaging equipment 2013-05-14
Univ Jena–SCiLS GmbH: SCiLS Lab s/w, 201305 supply existent Prof v Eggeling is beta tester of SCiLS Lab s/w using Bruker MALDI Imaging equipment 2013-05-14
Greenovation–Biomeva: alfa-galactosidase, 201305– collab developm + manufacturing + supply agreem using BryoMaster moss expression system 2013-05-06
SIRS-Lab–Analytik Jena: investment, 201305 acquisition €na of all assets of bankrupt SIRS-Lab GmbH 2013-05-06
Structural Genomics Consortium–Boehringer: epigenetics, 201305– collab Boehringer joins SGC as new member 2013-05-06
Roche–Evotec: drug discovery services, 201305–201604 collab extension for 3 years discovery small molecule drugs for Genentech 2013-05-01
Evotec–Harvard Univ: drug discovery, 201304– collab target validation for epigenetics-guided cancer drug discovery Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 2013-04-30
AbClon–Pepperprint: peptide microarrays, 201302– distribution with marketing + sales rights for Pepperprint products in Korea 2013-04-29
Boehringer–Oxford BioTherapeutics: drug target discovery, 201304– collab €na to discover cancer antibody targets using OGAP platform 2013-04-29
Conceptus–Bayer: investment, 201304–201306 acquisition merger cash tender offer $1.1b=€852m $31/share Bayer HealthCare LLC 2013-04-29
Ingenuity Systems–Qiagen: investment, 201304 acquisition for $105m in cash 2013-04-29
Becton Dickinson–Bruker Corp: mass spectrometer, 201304– collab expansion sell + provide techn support for MALDI Biotyper w BD Phoenix + EpiCenter 2013-04-27
Jado–NONE: investment, 201301–201304 bankruptcy Jado Technologies GmbH Local Court Dresden 533 IN 2725/12 2013-04-25
Genticel–LCF Rothschild: investment, 201304 financing round €18.2m incl returning co-investor EdRIP 2013-04-24
Genticel–SEVERAL: investment, 201304 financing round €18.2m led by Wellington Partners incl all current institutional investors 2013-04-24
Genticel–Wellington Partners: investment, 201304 financing round €18.2m incl €4m from lead investor Wellington Partners 2013-04-24
GME Medical Engineering–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201304 financing round totalling €1m inkl returning investor HTGF 2013-04-24
GME Medical Engineering–SEVERAL: investment, 201304 financing round €1m from BayBG + HTGF + Bayern Kapital + private investors incl Dieter Manstein 2013-04-24
Miltenyi Biotec–Omnicom: public relations, 201304 service existent by Fleishman-Hillard 2013-04-24
Activaero–MC Services: public relations, 201304 service existent for Activaero GmbH 2013-04-23
Analytik Ltd–GeSiM: biochip spotting technology, 201304 distribution existent Analytik Ltd is excl distributor for Nano-Plotter in UK + IRL 2013-04-23
Aotec Instrumentos Cientificos–Danaher: investment, 201304 acquisition 100% by Leica Microsystems + Leica Biosystems of former Brazilian distributor 2013-04-23
Owl Biomedical–Miltenyi Biotec: investment, 201304 acquisition €na 2013-04-23
Personal MedSystems–BPCE: investment, 201304 Series A investment €2.5m by Seventure Partners 2013-04-23
Biocrea–MC Services: public relations, 201304 service existent for Biocrea GmbH 2013-04-22
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