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Find below collaborations, license and distribution agreements, grants, investments and loan agreements from Austria, Germany and Switzerland or involving organisations from these countries.

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Coramaze Technologies–SEVERAL: investment, 201402 seed funding round €1m co-led by HTGF + Seed Capital Dortmund 2014-02-12
Horizon Discovery–Haplogen: cell lines, 201402– distribution ww of cell lines + related products by Horizon 2014-02-12
MyoPowers–Truffle Capital: investment, 201402 existent investment listed on Truffle web site 2014-02-12
Symetis–Truffle Capital: investment, 201402 existent investment listed on Truffle web site 2014-02-12
Insilico Biotechnology–Pharmacelsus: drug development services, 201402– collab offering joint services for preclinical characterisation of APIs 2014-02-10
L’Oréal–Evolva: biosynthetic production technology, 201402– collab developm yeast fermentation technology to produce cosmetic ingredients 2014-02-10
Werum–Körber: investment, 201402– acquisition of newly formed Werum IT Solutions AG by Körber Medipak 2014-02-10
Anergis–SEVERAL: investment, 201402 financing round CHF8m co-led by Sunstone Capital + BioMedInvest + Renaissance PME/Vinci Capital 2014-02-05
Mologen–SEVERAL: investment, 201402 capital increase €15.7m gross proceeds 1,541,244 shares €10.2/share 2014-02-05
Agenus–SEVERAL: invesment, 201402 public offering $60m net $56m 19.335m+2.9m shares $2.7/share 2014-02-04
Bayer–Helmholtz: cancer research, 201402– collab strategic alliance 5y with DKFZ planned combined investment of up to €30m 2014-02-04
General Electric–Definiens: image analysis s/w, 201402– supply automated solutions to Clariant Diagnostic Services for clinical breast cancer testing 2014-02-03
LABiTec–HUMAN Diagnostics Worldwide: investment, 201401 acquisition €na of LAbor BioMedical Technologies GmbH 2014-01-30
Danaher–Univ Münster: mass spectrometry, 201401 collab developm LC/MS/MS method for halal food testing of meat with Institute for Food Chemistry 2014-01-28
Univ Münster–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201401 supply existent use of AB Sciex QTRAP 5500 system with MRM by Institute for Food Chemistry 2014-01-28
Univ Münster–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201401 supply existent use of AB Sciex TripleTOF 5600 system by Institute for Food Chemistry 2014-01-28
Trianta Immunotherapies–Medigene: investment, 201401 acquisition 100% for 1m shares worth €4m plus €5.875m milestones in shares or cash 2014-01-27
TiGenix–PharmaCell: investment, 201401 acquisition €5.75m of Dutch manfucturing plant TiGenix BV from TiGenix NV by PharmaCell BV 2014-01-24
Nestlé–Singapore (govt): foods + beverages, 201401– collab food + nutrition r+d in Singapore with A*STAR research institutes 2014-01-22
ACIB–Ionicon: mass spectrometry, 203101 collab existent Ionicon is a partner an ACIB providing PRT-MS technology 2014-01-21
Axel Semrau–Bruker Corp: GC/MS solutions, 201401– collab configuration + sale of automated GC/MS solutions by Semrau using SCION TQ GC/MS systems 2014-01-21
Piqur Therapeutics–SEVERAL: investment, 201401 financing round Series A private placement to new + existing investors 2014-01-21
Biofrontera–SEVERAL: investment, 201401–201402 capital increase €15.3m net with 4.4m news shares 2014-01-20
BPCE–SEVERAL: investment, 201401 launch €120m Seventure Health for Life Capital Fund incl investors Danone + Tereos + Tornier + Natixis + Unigrains 2014-01-20
Qiagen–Trinean: UV/VIS spectrophotometer, 201401– OEM manufacture + supply ww of QIAxpert system by Trinean 2014-01-18
4-Antibody–Agenus: investment, 201401–201402 acquisition $10m in 3.3m shares plus milestones that may exceed $40m in cash or shares 2014-01-13
Boehringer–Argenx: SIMPLE antibody discovery platform, 201401– collab €na pilot research agreement 2014-01-13
Merck (DE)–KineMed: biomarker discovery services, 201401– supply service applying mass spec to identify protein + lipid multiple sclerose markers 2014-01-13
Recepta Biopharma–4-Antibody: Retrocyte Display technology, 201401 collab existent 2014-01-13
Molecular Health–GATC Biotech: DNA sequencing, 201401– supply protocols + support + training + LIMS to Molecular Health Inc 2014-01-10
Probi–Symrise: investment, 201401– mandatory offering SEK40.1/share for all remaining shares of Probi AB after increase of Symrise holdings to 30.03% 2014-01-10
AC Immune–SEVERAL: investment, 201401 financing round Series D CHF20m from existent private investors 2014-01-09
Aravis–College Group: public relations, 201401 service existent by College Hill Life Sciences 2014-01-09
Gen Ilac–Apeiron: APN311, 201401– license €na excl rights to market + sell APN311 in Turkey 2014-01-09
Index Ventures–Lonza: biologicals contract manufacturing, 201401– service 5y developm + manufacture of biologics for portfolio firms of Index Ventures 2014-01-09
Medison Pharma–Apeiron: APN311, 201401– license €na excl rights to market + sell APN311 in Israel 2014-01-09
Merck (DE)–Eurofins: investment, 201401 acquisition of Merck Millipore DDS business by Eurofins 2014-01-09
Roche–Santaris Pharma: LNA technology, 201401– collab $10m upfront + $138m milestones + royalties ww discovery + developm of RNA-targeted medicines 2014-01-09
Bayer–Peking Univ: drug discovery, 201401– collab 3-year establishment of joint research center BPC/TRDD in Beijing 2014-01-08
Isarna Therapeutics–Santaris Pharma: LNA technology, 201401– license for use to discovery + develop + market TGF beta targeting immunotherapies 2014-01-08
Nestlé–Cellular Dynamics: cell research products, 201401– supply €na long-term of iCell + MyCell products to Nestlé Institute of Health Sciences 2014-01-08
Boehringer–Crystal Bioscience: therapeutic antibodies, 201401– collab discovery + developm for multiple targets 2014-01-07
Isarna Therapeutics–MIG Fonds: investment, 201401 financing round €13m from AT NewTec + MIG-managed funds 2014-01-07
Isarna Therapeutics–SEVERAL: investment, 201401 financing round €13m from AT NewTec + MIG-managed funds 2014-01-07
Isarna Therapeutics–Strüngmann Group: investment, 201401 financing round €13m from AT NewTec + MIG-managed funds 2014-01-07
Thermo Fisher–General Electric: investment, 201401–201403 acquisition $1.06b cell culture media + sera + gene modulation + magnetic beads businesses 2014-01-06
AstraZeneca–Probiodrug: CDK9 inhibitors, 201401 acquisition €na of CDK9 inhibitor program by AstraZeneca 2014-01-03
Aettis–Medigene: investment, 2014 spin-off of Aettis from Catherex with Medigene receiving 39% shareholding in Aettis 2014-01-01
CeeTox–Cyprotex: investment, 201401 acquisition of assets + business of CeeTox by Cyprotex 2014-01-01
Dinkelberg Analytics–Altmann Analytik: investment, 201401 acquisition 2014-01-01
Helmholtz–NN: mass spectrometer, 2014 supply PLANNED installation of SIMS at UFZ in Leipzig 2014-01-01
Horizon Discovery–ERS Genomics: CRISPR technology, 2014– license ww non-excl to Horizon 2014-01-01
Laboratorios LETI–Curetis: Unyvero system, 201401– distribution excl in Spain + Portugal by Laboratorios LETI 2014-01-01
Padlock Therapeutics–Evotec: drug discovery services, 201401–201412 collab to deliver multiple PAD inhibitor development candidates 2014-01-01
Peqlab–VWR International: investment, 2014 acquisition of Peqlab Biotechnologie GmbH inkl Clemens GmbH by VWR 2014-01-01
Proteome Sciences–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201401 supply installation Orbitrap Fusion MS as part of license deal w Thermo 2014-01-01
Provecs–Cevec: rec protein production technology, 2014– license to CAP GT technology for cancer immunotherapy 2014-01-01
Sirion Biotech–LaVoieHealthScience: public relations, 2014– supply service US PR/IR 2014-01-01
Tusk Therapeutics–Droia Oncology Ventures: investment, 201809 existent majority shareholder + founding investor 2014-01-01
Biognosys–OTHER: credit, 201312 convertible loan $1m 2013-12-31
Optronik–Carl Zeiss: investment, 201312 acquisition 100% of former excl Turkish distribution partner by Carl Zeiss Meditec 2013-12-31
Sirion Biotech–Cevec: cell lines, 201312– license €na to CAP cell lines for expression of AAV vectors 2013-12-19
Boehringer–Circuit Therapeutics: drug target discovery, 201312– collab research €na 3y in field of psychiatric disorders 2013-12-18
Merck (DE)–CNIO: ATR kinase inhibitor, 201312– license excl rights to develop + commercialise ATR kinase inhibitors to Merck Serono 2013-12-18
Structural Genomics Consortium–Bayer: epigenetics, 201312– collab Bayer HealthCare joins SGC as new member 2013-12-18
Emergent BioSolutions–Minapharm: AGE1.CR cell line, 201312– license expansion €na broad non-excl commercial multi-product from ProBioGen 2013-12-17
Automation Partnership–Sartorius: investment, 201310–201312 acquisition €33m in cash of TAP Biosystems Group plc by Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH 2013-12-16
Pfizer–Siemens: companion diagnostics, 201312– collab developm + commercialisation master agreement w Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Inc 2013-12-16
Strüngmann Group–Formycon: biosimilar, 201312– license ww excl to Lucentis biosimilar FYB201 to Santo Holding GmbH 2013-12-12
Roche–Prothena: therapeutic antibodies, 201312– collab ww co-develpm + co-promotion up to $600m + royalties ABs against Parkinson’s 2013-12-11
Covagen–SEVERAL: investment, 201312 tranched Series B CHF42m with option to obtain additional CHF14m led by new investor Gimv 2013-12-09
Biocartis–VIB: molecular diagnostics cancer test, 201312– license €na microsatellite instability (MSI) biomarkers from VIB for cancer tests 2013-12-06
Bayer–Druggability Technologies: drug delivery technology, 201312– collab multi-year to deploy Super-API platform to Bayer HealthCare molecules 2013-12-05
FN Semillas–Bayer: investment, 201312 acquisition €na by Bayer CropScience 2013-12-05
Sonic Healthcare–Ariosa Diagnostics: Harmony Prenatal Test, 201312 supply existent Sonic Healthcare offers test via TDL in the UK 2013-12-05
Sonic Healthcare–Ariosa Diagnostics: Harmony Prenatal Test, 201312– supply Sonic Healthcare will offer test via Bioscientia in Germany 2013-12-05
Euroimmun–Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (govt): grant, 201312– grant €3.15m to support total Euroimmun €14m investment to expand Dassow facility 2013-12-04
Roche–Molecular Partners: DARPins, 201312–201507 collab + license CHF55m upfront + CHF1b milestones + royalites cancer DARPin-toxin TERMINATED 7/15 2013-12-04
Thermo Fisher–SEVERAL: credit, 201312 sale $1b 4.15% Senior Notes due 2024 to part-finance Life Technologies acquisition 2013-12-04
Thermo Fisher–SEVERAL: credit, 201312 sale $400m 5.3% Senior Notes due 2044 to part-finance Life Technologies acquisition 2013-12-04
Thermo Fisher–SEVERAL: credit, 201312 sale $900m 1.3% Senior Notes due 2017 to part-finance Life Technologies acquisition 2013-12-04
Thermo Fisher–SEVERAL: credit, 201312 sale $900m 2.4% Senior Notes due 2019 to part-finance Life Technologies acquisition 2013-12-04
Pfizer–Protagen: biomarker discovery services, 201312– collab use SeroTag process to identify markers for autoimmune drug developm 2013-12-03
Sigma-Aldrich–Glantreo: LC column technology, 201312 collab developm + license Ecoprous silica manufacturing process 2013-12-03
Telormedix–SEVERAL: investment, 201312 financing round Series B extension CHF6m ($6.6m) from existing investors Aravis Venture + ProQuest Investments 2013-12-02
Paion–Capital Ventures International: investment, 201312–201402 private placement €6.17 acquisition 2.55m new shares in 2 tranches by CVI 2013-12-01
TocopheRx–Merck (DE): investment, 201312 seed financing $3.2m from MS Ventures for spin-off from Merck Serono 2013-12-01
Algeta–Bayer: investment, 201311– acquisition proposal by Bayer NOK362/share valuing Algeta equity at €2.1b 2013-11-26
Gilde Investment–SEVERAL: investment, 201311 final close of €145m Gilde Healthcare III fund 2013-11-26
R-Pharm–Paion: remimazolam, 201310– license excl €1m upfront + €3m milestones + royalties for developm + manuf + marketing in Russia + CIS 2013-11-26
R-Pharm–Paion: remimazolam, 201311– license €1m upfront + €3m milestones + royalties for developm + marketing in Turkey to TR-Pharm 2013-11-26
Eloxx Pharmaceuticals–SEVERAL: investment, 201311 initial closing of 1st financing round with Roche + Pontifax 2013-11-21
Boehringer–Galapagos: drug discovery, 201311– supply integrated drug discovery services by BioFocus to undisclosed Boehringer target 2013-11-20
Definiens–Affect: public relations, 201311 service existent by Affect Inc 2013-11-20
GAS GmbH–Imspex: investment, 201311 acquisition of 100% of G.A.S. by Imspex Diagnostics Ltd 2013-11-20
Global Bioenergies–Germany (govt): grant, 201311– BMBF grant €5.7m for Global Bioenergies GmbH within BioEconomy programme 2013-11-20
Merck (DE)–Biopharm: therapeutic protein, 201311– collab €na r+d biopharmaceutical for osteoarthritis with Merck Serono 2013-11-20
Metamark Genetics–Definiens: image analysis s/w, 201311– collab + supply multi-year agreem to use Cognition Network Technology with ProMark test 2013-11-20
CI3 Cluster–AbbVie: personalised immunotherapy, 201311 collab existent AbbVie Deutschland GmbH & Co KG is cluster partner 2013-11-19
CI3 Cluster–Bayer: personalised immunotherapy, 201311 collab existent Bayer Vital GmbH is cluster partner 2013-11-19
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