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Find below collaborations, license and distribution agreements, grants, investments and loan agreements from Austria, Germany and Switzerland or involving organisations from these countries.

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Agilent–Univ Duisburg-Essen: analytical technology, 201804– collab with new Agilent sponsored Teaching + Research Center for Separation (TRC) at UDE
AiCuris–SEVERAL: investment, 201004 financing round Series B €55m from existing investors led by Santo Holding
Biotest–Merck (DE): investment, 201103 acquisition of Biotest microbiology business incl heipha Dr Müller GmbH + Hycon by Merck
Cellestia Biotech–SEVERAL: investment, 201701 seed financing round Series C CHF5.2m from Sotio/PPF Group + private investors
Cellestia Biotech–SEVERAL: investment, <2017 seed financing round Series A CHF0.5m
Cellestia Biotech–SEVERAL: investment, <2017 seed financing round Series B CHF2.3m
Eckert & Ziegler–Eckert Wagniskapital: investment, 19?? founding investor Eckert Wagniskapital und Frühphasenfinanzierung GmbH
Greenovation–Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn: investment, 201105 existent Greenovation listed as part of portfolio
OTHER–Novartis: investment, 201401 acquisition of biologics manufacturing faciltiy in Longmont CO by AveXis
R-Biopharm–EuroProxima: research antibodies, 201710 acquisition of research antibody line from EuroProxima BV by Progen Biotechnik GmbH
SimplicityBio–TATAA Biocenter: biomarker services, 201610– collab product integration to offer complete biomarker solutions
Sprout Pharmaceuticals–Boehringer: flibanserin, <201303 acquisition of flibanserin from Boehringer Ingelheim
ZIM Plant Technology–Yara: investment, 201311–201401 acquisition by Yara
Columbus Pharmaceutical–Boehringer: investment, 1978 acquistion by Boehringer + renamed Roxane Laboratories Inc 1978-01-01
Roche–Hitachi: immunoassay analyser, 1978– collab strategic alliance developm + production of instruments + automated workflows 1978-01-01
Roche–Sigma-Aldrich: investment, 1989 acquisition of Fluka from Roche + Ciba-Geigy by Sigma-Aldrich 1989-01-01
Brechbühler–Phenomenex: chromatography consumables, 1991–201708 distribution in Switzerland by Brechbühler TERMINATED 9/17 1991-01-01
Univ Ulm–Thermo Electron: mass spectrometer, 1994 supply Finnigan MAT SSQ-7000 accord to web site of Service Center Mass Spec 1994-01-01
Univ Ulm–Thermo Electron: mass spectrometer, 1994 supply Finnigan MAT TSQ-700 accord to web site of Service Center Mass Spec 1994-01-01
Univ Ulm–Thermo Electron: mass spectrometer, 1994 supply Finnigan MAT TSQ-7000 accord to web site of Service Center Mass Spec 1994-01-01
Techlab–DataApex: chromatography s/w, 1995– distribution of Clarity s/w by Techlab GmbH 1995-01-01
Hoechst–Clariant: investment, 1997 acquisition of Hoechst Speciality Chemical Business by Clariant 1997-01-01
Novartis–Yoshitomi Pharmaceutical: fingolimod, 199709– license ww for immunosuppressant FTY720 1997-09-24
Eurofins–SEVERAL: investment, 199710 IPO 1997-10-24
Boehringer Mannheim–Roche: investment, 1998 acquisition by Roche 1998-01-01
Dima–Meikang Biotech: rapid diagnostics, 1998– distribution of lateral flow quick tests in Europe by Dima GmbH 1998-01-01
Univ Ulm–Bruker Daltonics: mass spectrometer, 1998 supply Bruker Daltonics REFLEX III MALDI-TOF accord to web site of Service Center Mass Spec 1998-01-01
Evolva–SEVERAL: investment, 200910 financing round Series B 1st tranche CHF28m 1999-10-22
Evolva–SEVERAL: investment, 200912 financing round Series B 2nd tranche CHF16m incl new + lead investor Entrepreneurs Fund 1999-10-22
Evolva–Ventureast: investment, 200912– commitment to invest CHF5m in Evolva Biotech Pvt Ltd by Ventureast Trustee Co Pvt Ltd 1999-10-22
CLIB 2021 Cluster–Protagen: industrial biotechnology, 2010 collab Protagen is project partner of CLIB 2021 2000-01-01
OncoTyrol project–Protagen: cancer diagnostics, 2010 collab existent Protagen is project partner of OncoTyrol 2000-01-01
Biocentric–Hain Lifescience: molecular diagnostics, 2001– exclusive distributor of Hain products in France 2001-01-01
Glycotope–Eckert Wagniskapital: investment, 2001 founding investor Eckert Wagniskapital und Frühphasenfinanzierung GmbH 2001-01-01
International Univ Bremen–Bremen (govt): credit, 2003 loan guarantee for €50m given by Federal State of Bremen 2001-01-01
International Univ Bremen–Bremen (govt): grant, 2001 start financing support €230m from Federal State of Bremen 2001-01-01
Selexis–SEVERAL: investment, 2001 seed financing CHF100k 2001-01-01
Cardion–ROI Verwaltungsgesellschaft: investment, 200107 existent 2001-07-08
Kourion Therapeutics–ROI Verwaltungsgesellschaft: investment, 200107 existent 2001-07-08
NatLifE 2020 project–BRAIN: food biotechnology, 2011– partner + coordinator NatLifE 2020 alliance with 22 partners 2001-11-01
ETG GmbH–Analytik Jena: investment, 2002 acquisition of 20% share by Analytik Jena AG 2002-01-01
Grabner Instruments–Chandler Instruments: investment, 2002 acquisition of Grabner by Chandler 2002-01-01
BMS–Lonza: biologics contract manufacturing, 2003– supply of commercially marketed biological drug by Lonza 2003-01-01
BMS–Lonza: biologics contract manufacturing, 201410– expansion supply €na incl 2nd commercially marketed biological drug by Lonza 2003-01-01
Chandler Instruments–AMETEK: investment, 2003 acquisition of Chandler Instruments by AMETEK 2003-01-01
Inula–Metrohm: investment, 2003 acquisition 2003-01-01
Bioserv AG–NONE: investment, 200304– bankruptcy filed Local Court Rostock 2003-04-11
KaVo Dental–Danaher: investment, 2004 acquisition €350m by Danaher 2004-01-01
BASF–Jacobs Univ: SeSaM technology, 200409 license existent filed US + EP patents assigned to BASF AG 2004-09-30
Actelion–Enamine: chemical compound library, 2005– collab supply of screening compound library to Actelion 2005-01-01
Bruker BioSciences–GeneBio: Phenyx MS software, 200502– collab multi-y ww distribution of Phenyx by Bruker Daltonics with own MS s/w + systems 2005-02-03
Schott–Adcuram: investment, 200503 acquisition of Duran Group by Adcuram 2005-03-01
Agennix–SEVERAL: investment, 200503 private placement $22m 2005-03-30
Univ Alberta–Bruker BioSciences: mass spectrometer, 200512 supply purchase Bruker 9.4T Apex-Qe FTICR by Dept Chemistry MS Facility 2005-12-01
Bruker BioSciences–Germany (govt): grant, 200512– BMBF grant for developm mass spec-based RA test by Bruker Daltonik + Panatecs + Univ Göttingen 2005-12-20
Panatecs–Germany (govt): grant, 200512– BMBF grant for developm mass spec-based RA test by Panatecs + Bruker Daltonik + Univ Göttingen 2005-12-20
Debiopharm–Dr. Reddy’s: drug discovery services, 2006– collab service by Aurigene 2006-01-01
Invitrogen–Biomeva: investment, 2006 management buy-out of BioReliance Manufacturing GmbH from Invitrogen Europe Ltd RENAMED Biomeva GmbH 2006-01-01
Roche–AC Immune: therapeutic antibodies, 2006– license excl for anti-Abeta program to Genentech 2006-01-01
Serono–Newron: safinamide, 2006–201110 collab + excl ww license for developm + manufacturing + commercialisation TERMINATED 10/11 by Merck Serono 2006-01-01
Trimed Biotech–AOP Orphan: investment, 2006 acquisition 2006-01-01
Umetrics–MKS Instruments: investment, 2006 acquisition by MKS Instruments 2006-01-01
Boehringer–KMG Chemicals: investment, 200602 acquisition animal insecticide business of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc 2006-02-22
Cedi-Diagnostics–Prionics: investment, 200603 acquisition €na 2006-03-14
4SC–SEVERAL: investment, 200605 capital increase €4,3m placement of 931.3k shares €4.65/share to institutional investors 2006-05-11
Max Planck–Waters: mass spectrometer, 200606c–200711c supply Synapt HDMS System as one of 1st customers 2006-06-01
CHILL-ON project–Hochschule Bremerhaven: food safety, 200607–201012 FP6 Integrated Project incl partner + project co-ordinator ttz Bremerhaven 2006-07-01
CHILL-ON project–Q-Bioanalytic: food safety, 200607–201012 FP6 Integrated Project incl SME partner Q-Bioanalytic GmbH 2006-07-01
Kinaxo–SEVERAL: investment, 200607 seed financing round €600k High-Tech Gründerfonds + Founders + BioM AG 2006-07-27
LPI Light Power Instruments–JPK Instruments: investment, 200608 acquisition 100% by JPK 2006-08-01
UCB–Kinaxo: mass spectrometry services, 200611– supply services using KinaTor technology to support lead optimisation 2006-11-06
Greenovation–SEVERAL: investment, 200611 2nd financing round €5.4m incl new + lead investor Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn with €3.5m 2006-11-25
Greenovation–Zukunftsfonds Heilbronn: investment, 200611 2nd financing round totalling €5.4m incl new + lead investor ZFHN with €3.5m 2006-11-25
CovalX–Switzerland (govt): grant, 2007– KTI grant for co-developm of cross-linking molecules with Prof Renato Zenobi ETHZ + ABI 2007-01-01
Evocatal–SEVERAL: investment, 2007 seed financing round 2007-01-01
Jacobs Univ–Bremen (govt): grant, 2007–2011 support funding of €23m by City of Bremen 2007-01-01
nAmbition–JPK Instruments: investment, 2007 acquisition of remaining shares by JPK 2007-01-01
Subitec–SEVERAL: investment, 2007 1st financing round incl investor HTGF 2007-01-01
Boehringer–Xencor: XmAb technology, 200702–license €na to optimise therapeutic antibodies 2007-02-13
EndoArt–Allergan: investment, 200702 acquisition $97m in cash net of excess cash 2007-02-22
Noxxon–LCF Rothschild: investment, 200704 investment in Noxxon by Edmond de Rothschild Investment Partners 2007-04-01
Hepa Wash–SEVERAL: investment, 200705 seed financing round €1.1m from private investors 2007-05-29
Madaus–Rottapharm: investment, 200706 acquisition 100% of Madaus Pharma from Droege International Group AG by Rottapharm 2007-06-13
Max Planck–Advion: mass spectrometry technology, 200706 supply existent Matthias Mann works with Advion technology 2007-06-19
Ansyco–Extrel: quadrupol mass spectrometer, 200707– distribution in Germany by Ansyco 2007-07-01
Numico–Danone: investment, 200707–200711 acquisition public cash offer for all shares €12.3b €55/share 2007-07-09
Omnilab (DE)–Sparkassen (DE): investment, 200708 investment nwk/nwu becomes shareholder of Omnilab 2007-08-13
Cevec–Germany (govt): grant, 200708–2008 grant €500k for development of CAP® technology from BMBF BioChancePLUS 2007-08-28
JenaValve–SEVERAL: investment, 200709 financing round Series A-2 €10m led by EdRIP + incl Atlas Venture + NeoMed 2007-09-21
Ecron–Manipal: investment, 200711 merger acquisition of Ecron GmbH by Manipal AcuNova Ltd 2007-11-05
Caprotec–Berlin (govt): investment, 200711–200801 seed financing round totalling €6m incl investor VC Fonds Berlin GmbH 2007-11-22
Caprotec–Creathor Ventures: investment, 200711–200801 seed financing round totalling €6m incl investor Creathor Venture 2007-11-22
Korea Basic Science Institute–Bruker BioSciences: mass spectrometer, 200712 supply installation world¹s first 15 Tesla ESI/MALDI FT-ICR MS 2007-12-01
Bayer–BioInvent: antibody library, 2008 license to n-CoDeR libraries for development of therapeutic antibodies 2008-01-01
BioNTech–SEVERAL: investment, 2008 seed financing round 2008-01-01
Boehringer–Beactica: drug discovery services, 2008– collab fragment-based drug discovery services for oncology-relevant kinases 2008-01-01
Corimmun–SEVERAL: investment, 2008 financing round Series A led by MIG AG 2008-01-01
Genentech–Symphogen: therapeutic antibodies, 200806– collab up to >$330m discovery + developm incl Symplex + Sympress technologies 2008-01-01
GUARDED project–EU (govt): grant, 200801–201012 funding €3.5m from European Defense Agency as JIP-FP project 2008-01-01
GUARDED project–Ionicon: PTR-MS, 200801–201012 collab Ionicon is project partner developing rugged + compact PTR-MS instrument 2008-01-01
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