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Find below collaborations, license and distribution agreements, grants, investments and loan agreements from Austria, Germany and Switzerland or involving organisations from these countries.

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Zytoprotec–Baxter: investment, 201301 financing €2m from new investor Baxter Ventures 2013-01-29
Zürcher Kantonalbank–Bellevue: investment, 201409– acquisition 100% of Adamant Biomedical Investments AG from ZKB 2014-09-05
Zymeworks–Minapharm: GlymaxX technology, 201510– supply service cell line development for bispecific antibody production applying GlymaxX by ProBioGen 2015-10-14
Zweckverband Landeswasserversorgung–Danaher: mass spectrometer, 201012– supply AB Sciex TripleTOF 5600 to Waterworks Langenau + collab method developm 2010-12-08
Zivak Technologies–Tecan: automated liquid handling, 201310 supply Cavro Omni Robot for use with clinical Dx HPLC + LC-MSMS systems 2013-10-22
Zinsser Analytic–Kohlberg Kravis Roberts: investment, 201609 acquisition of ILS Gmbh + Zinsser Analytic GmbH from Mr+Ms Zinsser by Gardner Denver 2016-09-01
Zinc Ahead–Veeva Systems: investment, 201509 acquisition $130m in cash incl $10m deffered consideration over 3 years 2015-09-29
ZIM Plant Technology–Yara: investment, 201311–201401 acquisition by Yara
ZIM Plant Technology–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201204 investment by HTGF 2012-04-04
Ziarco–Novartis: investment, 201612 acquisition €na by Novartis ANNOUNCED 2016-12-16
Zespri–Metabolomic Discoveries: metabolomic services, 201601– supply service MS-based profiling of kiwi fruit using Flavour Profiler Technology 2016-01-18
Zernike–Bremen (govt): grant, 201008 investment €9.6m for opening up for development the estate for Jacobs Science Park JUST 2010-08-31
Zeltia–Scienion: DNA microarrays, 201211– collab expansion product integration to provide molecular microarray solutions Genomia SAU 2012-11-05
Zellkraftwerk–MHH: Switch-Antibodies technology, 201510– license ww excl to Zellkraftwerk GmbH from MHH 2015-10-20
Zellkraftwerk–Helmholtz: investment, 201510 Ascenion acquires equity position under license agreem with MHH for Switch-Antibodies technology 2015-10-20
Zellkraftwerk–Canopy Biosciences: investment, 201904 acquisition of Zellkraftwerk GmbH by Canopy Biosciences 2019-04-29
Zedira–Univ Marburg: structural biology, 201502 collab existent w group of Prof Gerhard Klebe 2015-02-03
Zedira–R-Biopharm: investment, 201206 existing investor is R-Biopharm AG 2012-06-22
Zedira–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 200912 existent Zedira GmbH is active investment of HTGF 2009-12-28
Zedira–Germany (govt): grant, 201611– BMBF KMU-Innovativ funding €1.5m for 3y to support developm of ZED1227 in diabetic nephropathy 2016-11-30
Zedira–Germany (govt): grant, 201502– BMBF funding €1m to support further coagulation factor XIIIa inihibitor development 2015-02-03
Zedira–Cardiff Univ: drug discovery, 201509– collab research role of transglutaminase 6 in disease pathway of cerebellar ataxia 2015-09-22
Zavante Therapeutics–SEVERAL: investment, 201603 financing round Series A $45m with $35m from new investors + $10m conversion of convertible notes 2016-03-30
Zavante Therapeutics–Nabriva: investment, 201807 acquisition upfront 8.2m Nabriva ordinary shares (=19.9% shareholding) + $97.5m milestones 2018-07-24
Yumda–Chemie.DE: investment, 201704 acquisition of Yumda GmbH by Chemie.DE Information Service GmbH 2017-04-01
Yukin Therapeutics–SEVERAL: investment, 201906 financing round €3.3m co-led by Advent France Biotechnology + Medicxi 2019-06-04
Yuhan–Cevec: CAP technology, 201212– license to use CAP + CAP-T cell expression systems therapeutic protein developm + production 2012-12-20
YES Pharma Services–Auctus Capital: investment, 201410 acquisition of majority share by funds advised by Auctus Capital Partners AG 2014-10-22
Xtal Concepts–Hamburg (govt): investment, 201207 investment in Xtal Concepts GmbH by Innovationsstarter Fonds Hamburg 2012-07-16
Xradia–Carl Zeiss: investment, 201306–201307 acquisition of Xradia Inc renamed Carl Zeiss X-ray Microscopy Inc 2013-06-13
Xpand Biotechnology–Kuros: investment, 201612 merger acquisition of Xpand Biotechnology BV by Kuros Biosciences AG for up to 2.105m new Kuros shares 2016-12-19
Xiril–Sias: investment, 2012 acquisition of Xiril AG by Sias AG 2012-01-01
Xigen–Instinctif Partners: public relations, 201701 service existent by Instinctif Partners 2017-01-05
Xenikos–MC Services: public relations, 201605 service existent for Xenikos BV by MC Services AG Düsseldorf 2016-05-24
Xencor–Selexis: cell line development, 201611– supply service strategic agreem for SUREtechnology for developm of multi-specific antibodies 2016-11-03
Xencor–Selexis: cell line development, 2011– supply service agreem for SUREtechnology for developm of multi-specific antibodies 2011-01-01
Xencor–JSR Corp: cell line development, 201802– four commercial licenses to use Selexis’ SUREtechnology for developm of bispecific antibodies 2018-02-26
Xencor–Boehringer: rec protein production, 201202– service + collab developm + manufacture + supply of mABs using Xtend technology for Xencor 2012-02-21
Xeltis–VI Partners: investment, 201412 financing round Series B totalling €27m incl co-investor VI Partners 2014-12-02
Xeltis–SEVERAL: investment, 201711 financing round Series C €45m led by a global strategic investor + incl Ysios Capital + LSP + Kurma Partners et al 2017-11-15
Xeltis–SEVERAL: investment, 201512 financing round Series B extension €3m bringing total Series B to €30m 2015-12-17
Xeltis–SEVERAL: investment, 201412 financing round Series B €27m co-led by LSP + Kurma Partners plus VI Partners + current investors 2014-12-02
Xeltis–Life Sciences Partners: investment, 201412 financing round Series B totalling €27m co-led by LSP + Kurma Partners 2014-12-02
Xeltis–Kurma: investment, 201412 financing round Series B totalling €27m co-led by LSP + Kurma Partners 2014-12-02
X4 Pharmaceuticals–Arsanis: investment, 201811– reverse merger with former X4 owners to hold 70% + Arsanis to be renamed X4 ANNOUNCED 2018-11-27
X-Zyme–Johnson Matthey: investment, 201007 acquisition 2010-07-05
WuXi PharmaTech–Ally Bridge Group: investment, 201702 existent investment of ABG 2017-02-23
Wise (IT)–SEVERAL: investment, 201705 financing round Series B €6.5m led by Prinicpia SGR + incl Atlante Ventures + HTGF + F3F + Antares 2017-05-25
Wiley–Medical Univ Innsbruck: MSforID Library, 201106 collab Wiley publishes MSforID as Wiley Registry of Tanden Mass Spectral Data 2011-06-14
Wiley–GeneBio: SmileMS software, 201105– collab ww non-excl co-distribution of SmileMS with LC-MS/MS libraries 2011-05-30
Wilex–Yorkville Group: investment, 201003– standby equity line up to $20m new shares to be purchased within 3y by YA Global Master SPV on request 2010-03-23
Wilex–UCB: credit, 201012–201405 subordinated loan up to €2.5m interest rate 6% annual from UCB Pharma SA REPAYMENT WAIVED 5/14 2010-12-17
Wilex–TVM: investment, 200907 existent current public portfolio company of TVM 2009-07-01
Wilex–SEVERAL: investment, 201704– capital increase €4.99m with rights issue to existing shareholders incl dievini Hopp 2017-04-24
Wilex–SEVERAL: investment, 201604 capital increase €4.13m with 2.25m new shares at €1.84/share whereof >50% to Dievini Hopp 2016-04-25
Wilex–SEVERAL: investment, 201512 investment €815k w 443,124 new shares at €1.84/share to existent shareholders 2015-12-09
Wilex–SEVERAL: investment, 201504 capital increase €4.16m with 1.5m new shares €2.8/share 2015-04-07
Wilex–SEVERAL: investment, 201201–201202 capital increase €9.93m with 3.2m new authorised shares €3.1/share 2012-01-09
Wilex–SEVERAL: investment, 201007–201008 private placement €10m 2.46m new shares €4.1/share to existing investors incl Hopp + UCB 2010-07-19
Wilex–Nuclea Biotechnologies: investment, 201309 acquisition 100% of Wilex Inc by Nuclea w repayment $2.5m interfirm loan + $2.5m services + royalties 2013-09-06
Wilex–Hopp Group: investment, 201702– financing commitment of up to €10m by Dievini Hopp [not announced whether credit or investment] 2017-02-06
Wilex–Hopp Group: investment, 201512 investment €1.712m w 930,560 new shares at €1.84/share dievini Hopp BioTech holding 2015-12-09
Wilex–Hopp Group: credit, 201012– subordinated loan up to €7.5m interest rate 6% annual from Dievini Hopp BioTech Holding GmbH & Co KG 2010-12-17
Wilex–Germany (govt): grant, 201202– BMBF funding of up to €2.6m for developm of WX-037 within m4 Cluster Initiative 2012-02-06
Westburg–Medicyte: cell technology, 201302– distribution of upcyte + vericyte technology + products in Benelux by Westburg BV 2013-02-13
Westburg–Analytik Jena: investment, 201107 acquisition 20% stake in Westburg BV for €150k 2011-07-18
Werum–Körber: investment, 201402– acquisition of newly formed Werum IT Solutions AG by Körber Medipak 2014-02-10
Werfen–Protagen: biomarker, 201608– license semi-excl for use of BICD2 biomarker for diagnosis of systemic sclerosis to Inova Diagnostics 2016-08-11
Wellington Partners–UTIMCO: investment, 201907 final closing totalling €210m WPLS-V fund incl new investor UTIMCO 2019-07-31
Wellington Partners–Univ Texas: investment, 201907 final closing totalling €210m WPLS-V fund incl new investor Univ Texas/Texas A&M Investment Company 2019-07-31
Wellington Partners–Talanx: investment, 201907 final closing totalling €210m WPLS-V fund incl new investor Talanx 2019-07-31
Wellington Partners–SEVERAL: investment, 201907 final closing €210m WPLS-V fund incl investors KfW Capital + Talanx + UTIMCO + Univ Texas + EIB 2019-07-31
Wellington Partners–MC Services: public relations, 202001 service existent by MC Services 2020-01-08
Wellington Partners–Germany (govt): investment, 201907 final closing totalling €210m WPLS-V fund incl new investor KfW Capital 2019-07-31
Wellington Partners–EU (govt): investment, 201907 final closing totalling €210m WPLS-V fund incl exisiting investor EIB/EIF 2019-07-31
Wellington Partners–Consilium: public relations, 201907 service existent by CSC 2019-07-31
Wellington Partners–CMS: legal services, 201811 supply service legal advice by CMS for both lead investors HBM + Wellington of Adrenomed Series D 2018-11-01
Weizmann Institute–XL-protein: PASylation technology, 201410– Yeda acquires ww excl marketing + outlicensing rights to PAS-YNSa8 dev by XL + Weizmann 2014-10-21
Weizmann Institute–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, –201006– supply existent LTQ-XL-Orbitrap at Biological Mass Spec Facility 2010-06-18
Weizmann Institute–Bruker: MRI system, 201710 supply Biospec 15.2 Tesla USR preclinical UHF MRI system 2017-10-18
WeissBioTech–BRAIN: investment, 201411 acquisition €na of majority shareholding in WeissBioTech GmbH by BRAIN AG 2014-11-27
WBM Health Science–Medicyte: cell technology, 201306– collab promotion of Medicyte products + services in India by WBM 2013-06-25
Waters–Tecan: liquid handling technology, 201201– supply €na OEM Freedom EVO platform for Waters clinical lab assays with ACQUITY TQD LS/MS/MS 2012-01-17
Waters–Biocrates: AbsoluteIDQ Kits, 201205– collab Waters Xevo TQ MS editions of established AbsoluteIDQ p180 + p150 kits 2012-05-14
Waters–Andrew Alliance: automated liquid handling technology, 201902–collab new solutions for LC-MS research 2019-02-06
Waters–Andrew Alliance: automated liquid handling technology, 201706– collab co-marketing semi-automated sample prep solution 2017-06-01
Warp Drive Bio–Revolution Medicines: investment, 201810 acquisition of Warp Drive Bio by Revolution Medicines 2018-10-16
Wagner Analysen Technik–Orexo: investment, 201107 acquisition €1.4m + milestones by Kibion AB 2011-07-14
Wageningen Univ–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201511 supply existent use of Q Exactive GC system by Marc Tienstra at RIKILT 2015-11-03
Wageningen Univ–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201503 supply existent Hans Mol RIKILT Wageningen UR early access user of Q Exactive Focus 2015-03-09
VTU–Univ Oxford: recombinant protein production, 201109 collab existent Univ Oxford is partner of VTU Technology GmbH 2011-09-13
VTU–TU Graz: recombinant protein production, 201109 collab existent Graz Univ of Technology is partner of VTU Technology GmbH 2011-09-13
VTU–KonValue: investment, 201810 acquisition of VTU Technology by KonValue Group from VTU Holding GmbH + renaming as Validogen GmbH 2018-10-22
VTU–ACIB: recombinant protein production, 201109 collab existent ACIB is partner of VTU Technology GmbH 2011-09-13
Volution Immuno Pharmaceuticals–Celsus Therapeutics: investment, 201508– reverse merger acqu of VIP by Celsus to be renamed Akari Therapeutics 2015-07-13
Vivoryon–Trophic Communications: public relations, 201910 service existent by Trophic
Vivoryon–SEVERAL: investment, 201910– public rights offering €30m–€70m incl Claus Chrisitansen + Den Danske Forskningsfond + T&W Holding + MorphoSys 2019-10-08
Vivoryon–MorphoSys: investment, 201910– public rights offering totalling €30m–€70m incl €15m but limited to max 19.98% holding from MorphoSys AG 2019-10-08
Vivoryon–MC Services: public relations, 201910 service existent by MC Services 2019-10-08
vivoPharm–Protea Biosciences: investment, 201503–201601 acquisition $12m in cash + shares subject to raising necessary financing NOT REALISED 2015-03-31
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