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Find below all kinds of products and services from companies Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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Jardiance® sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibitor Boehringer Ingelheim (Group) 2014-05-01
Sciex IVD-MS™ Kit for Amino Acid and Acyclarntines in Dried Blood Spots (IVD-MS™ Newborn Screening kit) clinical mass spectrometry-based test Danaher (Group) 2014-05-01
NexION® 350 ICP-MS ICP mass spectrometer (ICP-MS) PerkinElmer (Group) 2014-04-30
G02113 (SomPharmaceuticals) hypothalamic hormone Amryt Pharma (Group) 2014-04-29
Zykadia™ cancer drug_o Novartis (Group) 2014-04-29
DiaPep277® antidiabetic_o Horizon Pharma (Group) 2014-04-24
Kuvan® pharmaceutical_oo Merck (DE) (Group) 2014-04-24
POSSUMweb Dysmorphology Database (Pictures of Standard Syndromes and Undiagnosed Malformation) biological/chemical database_o Qiagen (Group) 2014-04-24
Votrient® angiogenesis inhibitor GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) (Group) 2014-04-22
SpineJack® system implant Vexim (Group) 2014-04-14
Immunoscore® cancer prognosis tool clinical test_other Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC) 2014-04-07
Liat™ Analyzer (Laboratory-in-a-tube System) molecular diagnostics Roche (Group) 2014-04-07
Liat™ Influenza A/B Assay diagnostic test Roche (Group) 2014-04-07
CLC Cancer Research Workbench software tools packages (bioinformatics) Qiagen (Group) 2014-04-03
QIAxpert® system spectrophotometer Qiagen (Group) 2014-04-03
NovoCyte™ flow cytometer cell analysis technology Agilent (Group) 2014-04-02
Progenesis® QI LC-MS s/w mass spectrometry software (MS software) Waters (Group) 2014-04-02
cobas® HPV test diagnostic test Roche (Group) 2014-04-01
Sciex IVD-MS™ Immunosuppressants kit clinical mass spectrometry-based test Danaher (Group) 2014-04-01
SkyScan™ 2211 X-Ray Nano-CT system computed tomography (CT) technology Bruker Corporation (Group) 2014-04-01
F2H® Kit (Fluorescence Two-Hybrid Kit) reagents (bio/biochemical)_o ChromoTek GmbH 2014-03-31
F2H® technology (Fluorescence Two-Hybrid technology) proteomic technology ChromoTek GmbH 2014-03-31
Sgx Clarity™ System molecular diagnostics Singulex Inc. 2014-03-31
SMC™ technology (Single Molecule Counting technology, Singulex) molecular diagnostics Singulex Inc. 2014-03-31
Pergoveris™ anterior pituitary lobe hormone or analogue Merck (DE) (Group) 2014-03-27
Neuraceq® contrast medium / imaging agent Piramal (Group) 2014-03-19
b-portable® POC diagnostic device diagnostic device, clinical Biametrics GmbH 2014-03-18
b-screen® microarray screening device biochip detection technology Biametrics GmbH 2014-03-18
MetIDQ™ software software tools (bioinformatics)_o Biocrates (Group) 2014-03-18
BAY 81-8973 (plasma protein-free rFVIII) haemostat_o Bayer (Group) 2014-03-11
M908™ handheld mass spectrometer mass spectrometer_other 908 Devices Inc. 2014-03-10
Mastercycler® nexus GX2 standard thermocycler (non-real-time) Eppendorf (Group) 2014-03-10
Mastercycler® nexus X2 standard thermocycler (non-real-time) Eppendorf (Group) 2014-03-10
SpectroDive™ software (for MRM + PRM testing) mass spectrometry software (MS software) Biognosys AG 2014-03-07
Floratil® pharmaceutical_oo Merck (DE) (Group) 2014-03-06
SeptiCyte® technology molecular diagnostics Immunexpress (Group) 2014-03-05
autoflex™ speed MALDI-TOF(/TOF) with 2kHz Smartbeam™-II laser time-of-flight mass spectrometer (TOF-MS) Bruker Corporation (Group) 2014-03-03
GC-APCI II source (Bruker) ionisation technology (mass spectrometry) Bruker Corporation (Group) 2014-03-03
TopSolids™ NMR Software software tools (bioinformatics)_o Bruker Corporation (Group) 2014-03-03
Pico Spotter™ biochip print/spotting technology PolyPico Technologies Ltd. 2014-03-01
tiotropium Respimat® bronchospasmolytics & asthma drugs_o Boehringer Ingelheim (Group) 2014-03-01
Velphoro® pharmaceutical_oo Fresenius (Group) 2014-03-01
FTD™ technology (Spark Holland) sample preparation (technology)_o Spark Holland (Group) 2014-02-28
PlasmaDeepDive™ MRM Panel (service or product) research test Biognosys AG 2014-02-28
SATIN technology (Selective Antibiotic Target IdentifactioN technology) drug discovery technology_o Discuva Ltd. 2014-02-28
Spark DBS Autosampler™ laboratory automation equipment_o Spark Holland (Group) 2014-02-28
PGx GenoChip technology DNA chip technology (array, bead, lab-on-a-chip) PharmGenomics GmbH 2014-02-23
emPCR (emulsion PCR) PCR technology Roche (Group) 2014-02-21
PTR-TOF 1000 trace gas analyser time-of-flight mass spectrometer (TOF-MS) Ionicon (Group) 2014-02-18
RNAiONE technology RNAi technology Sirion Biotech GmbH 2014-02-17
Anchored Multiplex PCR (AMP™) PCR technology ArcherDX Inc. 2014-02-14
Archer™ Analysis Pipeline s/w genomic software tools ArcherDX Inc. 2014-02-14
Archer™ Targeted Sequencing technology (Archer™ NGS) DNA sequencing ArcherDX Inc. 2014-02-14
Haploid Gene Trap Mutant Collection (haploid cell line bank) cell bank_o Horizon Discovery (Group) 2014-02-12
mitramaze® valve repair system cardiovascular device Coramaze Technologies GmbH 2014-02-12
EBiSC (European Bank for induced pluripotent Stem Cells) stem cell therapy Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) 2014-02-10
C1™ Single-Cell Auto Prep System sample preparation (technology)_o Fluidigm (Group) 2014-02-06
Select-eV® ion source ionisation technology (mass spectrometry) Schauenburg (Group) 2014-01-28
variable-energy electron ionisation technology ionisation technology (mass spectrometry) Schauenburg (Group) 2014-01-28
CliniMACS CD34 Reagent System diagnostic device, in vitro Miltenyi Biotec (Group) 2014-01-24
HexaBody™ platform antibody technology Genmab (Group) 2014-01-24
Ion AmpliSeq Exome Kit reagents (bio/biochemical)_o Thermo Fisher (Group) 2014-01-23
Ion Proton Sequencer DNA sequencing system_other Thermo Fisher (Group) 2014-01-23
Ion Reporter Software genomic software tools Thermo Fisher (Group) 2014-01-23
DXRxi Raman Imaging Microscope analytical instrument_other Thermo Fisher (Group) 2014-01-21
OrganoPlate™ 3D-culturing technology organ-on-a-chip technology Mimetas B.V. 2014-01-13
MyCell® product stem cell technology Fujifilm (Group) 2014-01-08
Sera-Mag™ magnetic beads magnet technology (analytical) Thermo Fisher (Group) 2014-01-06
Akynzeo® pharmaceutical_oo Roche (Group) 2014-01-01
EBS Therapy medical device_o EBS Technologies GmbH 2014-01-01
Feed Plate® plate (laboratory)_o PS Biotech GmbH 2014-01-01
LSP 5 fund (Life Sciences Partners) fund, human health Life Sciences Partners (LSP) 2014-01-01
nanoIR2 system infrared spectroscopy Bruker Corporation (Group) 2014-01-01
Ortho Vision™ blood diagnostics device diagnostic device, clinical Johnson & Johnson (JnJ) (Group) 2014-01-01
Spectro Genesis ICP-OES condition monitoring system ICP optical emission spectrometer (ICP-OES) AMETEK (Group) 2014-01-01
BioSensAll™ technology drug discovery technology_o Domain Therapeutics (Group) 2013-12-31
Gazyva® / Gazyvaro® antibody cancer drug Roche (Group) 2013-12-31
Health for Life Capital™ fund (HFL) fund, human health_o BPCE (Group) 2013-12-20
Bruker Dash Reporting (based on Dash Designer) mass spectrometry software (MS software) Bruker Corporation (Group) 2013-12-18
Eurofins »Twin Test« (DNA testing service) clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Eurofins Medigenomix Forensik GmbH 2013-12-10
FynomAb technology antibody technology Johnson & Johnson (JnJ) (Group) 2013-12-09
Harmony™ Prenatal Test clinical genomic test (nucleic acid diagnostics) Roche (Group) 2013-12-05
Ecoporous™ silica manufacturing technology liquid chromatography (LC) Merck (DE) (Group) 2013-12-03
rePAX® co-expression technology protein expression technology Redbiotec AG 2013-12-03
SeroTag® Autoantibody Profiling biomarker discovery technology Protagen (Group) 2013-12-03
Titan™ UHPLC column (Supelco) liquid chromatography (LC) Merck (DE) (Group) 2013-12-03
Gilde Healthcare III fund (GHC III) fund, human health_o Gilde Investment (Group) 2013-11-26
MALDI Biotyper CA system time-of-flight mass spectrometer (TOF-MS) Bruker Corporation (Group) 2013-11-26
RainDrop™ Digital PCR System thermocycler (thermal cycler)_o Bio-Rad (Group) 2013-11-26
GravityPLUS™ 3D Cell Culture Kit cell culture technology_o InSphero (Group) 2013-11-25
ProMark™ prostate cancer prognostic multiplex immunofluorescence test data integration and analysis software (bioinformatics) Metamark Genetics Inc. 2013-11-20
SPE9600 Automated 96-well-plate SPE system sample preparation, protein (technology) Zivak Technologies (TR) 2013-11-20
ZinMass Clinical LC-MS/MS Analyzer mass spectrometer_other Zivak Technologies (TR) 2013-11-20
Imbruvica™ BTK inhibitor AbbVie (Group) 2013-11-13
Ingenuity® iReport™ biological data interpretation solution data integration and analysis software (bioinformatics) Qiagen (Group) 2013-11-13
Maverix Analytic Platform genomic software tools Maverix Biomics Inc. 2013-11-13
sciLiner dispenser biochip print/spotting technology Scienion (Group) 2013-11-13
Favolir® asthma drugs Vectura (Group) 2013-11-08
ImmTAC technology drug discovery technology_o Immunocore (Group) 2013-10-31
Ultibro® Breezhaler® bronchospasmolytics & asthma drugs_o Novartis (Group) 2013-10-31
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