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Müller, Steffen (Merck KGaA 200601) n. a. Merck (DE) (Group) Germany
Märzendorfer, Walter (Siemens 200909 Siemens Healthcare Head Magnetic Resonance) n. a. Siemens (Group) Germany
Möhler, Hanns n. a. University of Zurich (UZH) Switzerland
Mölders, Monika (Roche 201308 Roche Diagnostics GmbH) n. a. Roche (Group) Germany
Nagel, Roman n. a. ING (Group) Germany
Narayanan, Sabrina (Biofrontera 200801– Media-Scientific Expert before Galderma) n. a. Biofrontera (Group) Germany
Navabi, Stefanie (Biometra 200710) n. a. Analytik Jena (Group) Germany
Neiss, Ursula n. a. Roche (Group) Germany
Neubauer, Gerd n. a. Industrie- und Handelskammer Germany
Neuhaus, Eckhart (Advalytix co-founder) n. a. Danaher (Group) Germany
Neumann, Birgit (Bayer Technology Systems 200503) n. a. Bayer (Group) Germany
Neumann, Lars (Proteros 201305 VP Discovery Projects + Project Manager) n. a. Proteros (Group) Germany
Neusser, Marcus (Bio-Rad Laboratories GmbH 200512) n. a. Bio-Rad (Group) Germany
Niebling, Anna (AntiProt GmbH 2007) n. a. AntiProt GmbH Germany
Niederfeld, Thomas (Avontec 200404– joined from Carl Zeiss) n. a. Avontec GmbH Germany
Niemeyer, Christof M. n. a. Technical University Dortmund (TU Dortmund) Germany
Nietfeld, Wilfried n. a. Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science Germany
Niethammer, Thomas n. a. Eurofins (Group) Germany
Nordhof, Eckard n. a. Scienion (Group) Germany
Nüsslein-Vollhard, Christiane n. a. Taconic (Group) Germany
O'Day, Daniel (Roche Molecular Diagnositcs –200708–) n. a. Roche (Group) United States (USA)
Oberholz, Alfred (VCI 200808 chairman) n. a. VCI (Verband der Chemischen Industrie e. V.) Germany
Oberländer, Monique (CCS Cell Culture Service 201105) n. a. Evotec (Group) Germany
Oberländer, Uwe (Roche Diagnostics GmbH 200703 Leiter Marketing Labordiagnostik) n. a. Roche (Group) Germany
Oldekor, Herr n. a. Deutsche Bank (Group) Germany
Olek, Alexander (Epigenomics 200508) n. a. Epigenomics (Group) Germany
Orquera, Christian n. a. Bankgesellschaft Berlin (Group) Germany
Oster, Wolfgang n. a. PolyTechnos Funds Germany
Otto, Bernd n. a. Fraunhofer (Group) Germany
Otto, Janko n. a. Schott (Group) Germany
Parikh, Tobias n. a. LSA Life Science Agency GmbH Germany
Parrett, William G. (Deloite Touche –2007 retired) n. a. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Group) United Kingdom (GB)
Peine, Günter (BioTop 200503) n. a. Berlin (govt state) Germany
Pelkmans, Lucas (ETH Zurich 200603) n. a. ETH Zürich (ETHZ) Switzerland
Penninger, Josef (IMBA + Uni Toronto + Uni Wien 200502) n. a. Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) Austria
Peters, Sabine (Amodia Bioservice 2003) n. a. Amodia Bioservice GmbH Germany
Peters, Sonja (Q-Bioanalytic 200607) n. a. Q-Bioanalytic GmbH Germany
Pfleiderer, Wolfgang (Chemogenix 2000) n. a. Roche (Group) Germany
Philippsen, Peter n. a. University of Basel Switzerland
Philips, Craig W. (Cell Therapeutics 200808– before Bayer Healthcare Oncology) n. a. Cell Therapeutics (Group) United States (USA)
Pieper, Dietmar (GBF 200503) n. a. Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft (HGF) (Group) Germany
Piontek, Michael (Artes Biotechnology 200503) n. a. Artes Biotechnology GmbH Germany
Pirooznia, Nima (Kompass Prive Equity 200912) n. a. Kompass (Group) Germany
Plate, Klaus (Technologiepark Heidelberg 200501) n. a. Heidelberg (govt city) Germany
Plattner, Hasso (SAP founder) n. a. HassoPlattnerVentures Management GmbH Germany
Platzer, Erich (HBM Bioventures 200604) n. a. HBM (Group) Switzerland
Plümpe, Jörg (Active Motif Chromeon GmbH 200901) n. a. Active Motif (Group) Germany
Pohle, Klaus (Schering) n. a. Bayer (Group) Germany
Pohlücke, Axel (DZ Bank 200603 Head Corporate Finance, Equitites + M&A) n. a. Volks- und Raiffeisenbanken (DE) (Group) Germany
Porter, Mark (Qiagen Instruments 200705) n. a. Qiagen (Group) Switzerland
Posch, Johannes (Tecan 200506) n. a. Tecan (Group) Switzerland
Posner, Lawrence E. (Bayer Pharma Div 1988–2003 Senior VP retired) n. a. Bayer (Group) Germany
Possinger, K. n. a. Humboldt University Berlin Germany
Poustka, Anne-Marie n. a. Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft (HGF) (Group) Germany
Prause, Guido (Fraunhofer MEVIS 200901– before MeVis Research) n. a. Fraunhofer (Group) Germany
Prechel, Helmut (Biozym Scientific 200512) n. a. Biozym (DE) (Group) Germany
Pretsell, Douglas (Northbank Communications Munich 200508) n. a. Instinctif Partners (Group) Germany
Prokešová, Barbora (DataApex 201203) n. a. DataApex (CZ) Czech Republic
Prüfer, Dirk (University of Munster 200808) n. a. University of Münster (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster) Germany
Pucci, Poalo (Bayer Schering Pharma 200701) n. a. Bayer (Group) Germany
Puttar, Thomas n. a. Biomeva GmbH Germany
Pühler, Alfred (Univ Bielefeld Prof) n. a. University of Bielefeld Germany
Pääbo, Svante (Max Planck 200805 MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology Leipzig) n. a. Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science Germany
Quennet-Thielen, Cornelia (Germany (govt) 200808 Secretary of State BMBF) n. a. Germany (govt) Germany
Questier, Bernard (Evotec OAI 200310–200408) n. a. Evotec (Group) Germany
Rabus, Werner W. n. a. Eisenführ, Speiser & Partner Patentanwälte Rechtsanwälte PartGG (Eisenführ Speiser) Germany
Rachel, Thomas (BMBF 200709 Staatssekretär) n. a. Germany (govt) Germany
Rajathurai, Arnold (Bayer Technology Systems 200503) n. a. Bayer (Group) Germany
Rajewsky, Klaus (Harvard Univ 2002– before Univ Cologne) n. a. Harvard University United States (USA)
Rajmann, Britta n. a. Wiley (Group) Germany
Rapp, Ulf R. (Universität Würzburg 200504) n. a. University of Würzburg Germany
Raschke, Eva n. a. Thermo Fisher (Group) Germany
Ratcliffe, Andrew (Cellzome 200809– Director Chemistry before UCB Celltech) n. a. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) (Group) United States (USA)
Rausch, Oliver (Cellzome 200809 Senior Director Biology before UCB Celltech n. a. GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) (Group) United States (USA)
Rautter, Joachim (Peppermint –200607–2009–) n. a. Peppermint. (Group) Germany
Reckmann, Bernd (Merck KGaA 200807–) n. a. Merck (DE) (Group) Germany
Reddy, David (Roche 200611 Influenza Pandemic Taksforce Leader) n. a. Roche (Group) Switzerland
Reich, Jens n. a. Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft (HGF) (Group) Germany
Reichel, Matthias n. a. Leibniz-Gemeinschaft
Reim, Wolfgang (BB Medtech 200705– Verwaltungsrat) n. a. Bellevue (Group) Switzerland
Reimann, Andreas (Agilent Technologes Sales & Services GmbH & Co. KG 200706) n. a. Agilent (Group) Germany
Reinhardt, Marc n. a. Capgemini (Group) Germany
Reinhold-Hurek, Barbara (Univ Bremen) n. a. University of Bremen Germany
Reis, André n. a. University of Erlangen-Nuremberg Germany
Reisenauer, Mark (Micromet 200709– Senior VP + CCO) n. a. Amgen (Group) Germany
Reschauer, Stephan (Epidauros 200603 Patents + Licensing) n. a. Danaher (Group) Germany
Reusch, Philipp (Reusch Rechtsanwälte 200809 Saarbrücken) n. a. Reusch Rechtsanwälte (Saarbrücken) Germany
Rheinwald, Gerd (ACD/Labs 201003 Application Specialist Advanced Chemistry Development Germany GmbH) n. a. Advanced Chemistry Development (ACD/Labs) (Group) Germany
Ricci, Paolo n. a. Merck (DE) (Group) Switzerland
Richter, Thomas n. a. M.M. Warburg (Group) Germany
Ricken, Hans Joachim (Temmler Group 200612 Owner) n. a. Temmler (Group) Germany
Rieger, Markus n. a. GoingPublic Media AG (FSE: WKN 761 210) Germany
Riemann, Gunnar (Bayer HealthCare 200603) n. a. Bayer (Group) Germany
Rippmann, Friedrich (Merck KGaA 200609 Director Bio- + Cheminformatics) n. a. Merck (DE) (Group) Germany
Risse, Bernd (Roche Diagnostics 200503) n. a. Roche (Group) Germany
Rodatz, Wolfram (Digilab BioVisioN 200603– before Bio-Rad) n. a. PXBioVisioN GmbH Germany
Roschmann, Elke (Epidauros 200707– promoted to Head Strategic Development + Licensing) n. a. Danaher (Group) Germany
Rosengart, Frau n. a. BASF (Group) Germany
Rosenkranz, Bernd (Jerini 200306– before HMR + 3ClinicalResearch AG) n. a. Shire (Group) Germany
Rosenkranz, Frau (Polytechnos) n. a. PolyTechnos Funds Germany
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