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Roche. (2/4/09). "Press Release: Strong Operating Results for Roche in 2008. Double-digit Sales Growth". Basel. 2009-02-04
Genomatix Software GmbH. (2/4/09). "Press Release: GeneCore Facility at the EMBL Purchases Genomatix’ Next Generation Sequencing Data Analysis System. Thorough Tests with Real Life Data Let EMBL Go for Genomatix". Munich & Heidelberg. 2009-02-04
Priaxon AG. (2/4/09). "Press Release: Priaxon Receives Research Grant". 2009-02-04
SIRS-Lab GmbH. (2/4/09). "Press Release: Sirs-Lab Appoints Ed Currie as Executive Vice-President, Corporate Development". 2009-02-04
Leica Microsystems AG. (2/4/09). "Press Release: Leading-edge Laser Microdissection Technology". Wetzlar. 2009-02-04
Roche. (2/3/09). "Press Release: Roche NimbleGen and 454 Life Sciences Capture the Targeted Resequencing Market on a Global Scale". Madison, WI. 2009-02-03
Roche. (2/3/09). "Press Release: Avastin and Tarceva in Combination significantly Improves the Time Patients with Advanced Lung Cancer Can Live without their Disease Worsening". Basel. 2009-02-03
Ascenion GmbH. (2/3/09). "Press Release: Fast Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases. Ascenion Mediates License Agreement between MHH and Roche Diagnostics". Munich. 2009-02-03
Ablynx N.V.. (2/3/09). "Press Release: Ablynx Receives €3 Million in Milestone Payments as Part of Its Strategic Alliance with Boehringer Ingelheim". Ghent. 2009-02-03
Ibidi GmbH. (2/3/09). "Press Release: ibidi Establishes Partnership with Seahorse Bioscience". Munich. 2009-02-03
imaGenes GmbH. (2/3/09). "Press Release: imaGenes Offers First Global DNA-Methylation Analysis Service, Uses Diagenode MeDIP Kit". Berlin & Liège. 2009-02-03
ProBioGen AG. (2/3/09). "Press Release: Sanofi Pasteur Accesses ProBioGen’s AGE1.CR Cell Lines for Various Pox-vectored Vaccine Products under Development". Berlin. 2009-02-03
Roche. (2/2/09). "Press Release: Knowledge and Competence in Point of Care Testing – the cobas® Academy". Rotkreuz. 2009-02-02
Millipore Corporation. (2/2/09). "Press Release: Millipore Expands Cell Biology Offering with Acquisition if Guava Technologies". Billerica, MA. 2009-02-02
Biocrates Life Sciences AG. (2/2/09). "Press Release: Biocrates’ Metabolomics Expertise Provides New Insight into Functional Genomics". Innsbruck. 2009-02-02
DxS Ltd.. (2/2/09). "Press Release: DxS Grants DuPont License to Scorpions Technology for Food and Beverage Diagnostics". 2009-02-02
Cenix BioScience GmbH. (2/2/09). "Press Release: Cenix BioScience Signs Research Agreement with Boehringer Ingelheim for RNAi Based Target Discovery". Dresden. 2009-02-02
Genedata AG. (2/2/09). "Press Release: Genedata and Roche Extend MS-based Proteomics Biomarker Discovery Collaboration". Basel. 2009-02-02
Analytik Jena AG. (2/1/09). "Press Release: Analytik Jena AG Acquires 5% in CyBio AG and Announces Takeover Bid". 2009-02-01
SPECS GmbH. (1/30/09). "Press Release: SPECS Acquires Nanonis and Unveils Aarhus SPM with KolibriSensor". 2009-01-30
Roche. (1/29/09). "Press Release: 454 Sequencing Helps Identify Herpes-like Viruses that may Contribute to Pandemic Decline of Tropical Reefs". Branford, CT. 2009-01-29
MorphoSys AG. (1/29/09). "Press Release: MorphoSys Appoints new Head of Research Antibody Business. Dieter Feger Joins MorphoSys from Leading Diagnostic Supplier Abbott Diagnostics". 2009-01-29
Nova Capital Management. (1/29/09). "Press Release: Nova Exits Specialist Radioactive Products and Service Business". 2009-01-29
Crelux GmbH. (1/29/09). "Press Release: GVK Biosciences and Crelux Set Up Fragment-based Drug Discovery Platform to Deliver Lead Molecules". Munich & Hyderabad. 2009-01-29
Biofrontera AG. (1/29/09). "Press Release: Patient Recruitment in Biofrontera’s International Phase III Study with BF-200 ALA Completed". Leverkusen. 2009-01-29
Siemens AG. (1/29/09). "Press Release: Early Detection of Increased Thrombosis Risk. New Antithrombin Test by Siemens Healthcare for the European Markets". Erlangen. 2009-01-29
Roche. (1/28/09). "Press Release: Roche Delighted about Pool Extension". Basel. 2009-01-28
Genomatix Software GmbH. (1/28/09). "Press Release: Genomatix Joins Illumina-Connect Program". Munich & Ann Arbor, MI. 2009-01-28
Novartis. (1/28/09). "Press Release: Novartis Increases Dividend by 25% Based on Strong 2008 Results from Strategic Healthcare Portfolio". Basel. 2009-01-28
Mettler Toledo. (1/28/09). "Press Release: Best Illuminated Displays in Laboratories". 2009-01-28
23andMe, Inc.. (1/28/09). "Press Release: 23andMe and mondoBIOTECH Partner to Advance Research of Rare Diseases". Davos. 2009-01-28
CyBio AG. (1/28/09). "Press Release: Cisbio Bioassays Selects CyBio Robotic Workstation to Enhance Custom Assay Development Capabilities". Bagnols-sur-Cèze. 2009-01-28
Qiagen. (1/27/09). "Press Release: Morphology Preservation and Biomolecule Stabilization now Available in One Tissue System". Venlo. 2009-01-27
Peqlab. (1/27/09). "Press Release: Because It's Cell Disruption Nucleic Acid Purification Start with!". 2009-01-27
Eppendorf AG. (1/27/09). "Press Release: Eppendorf Young Investigator Award 2009. Call for Entries!". 2009-01-27
Sigma-Aldrich Corporation. (1/27/09). "Press Release: Sigma-Aldrich Launches Your Favorite Gene Powered by Ingenuity". St. Louis, MO. 2009-01-27
Roche. (1/27/09). "Press Release: Roche Applied Science Makes Exome Sequencing a Reality, a Giant Step towards Personalized Medicine". Madison, WI & Branford, CT. 2009-01-27
Gen-Probe Incorporated. (1/27/09). "Press Release: Gen-Probe and Novartis Agree to Extend and Expand Blood Screening Collaboration". San Diego, CA. 2009-01-27
Novartis AG. (1/27/09). "Press Release: Novartis and Gen-Probe Agree to Extend and Expand Blood Screening Collaboration". Emeryville, CA. 2009-01-27
Novartis AG. (1/27/09). "Press Release: Novartis and Medicine for Malaria Venture Launch Coartem® Dispersible, the First ACT* Developed for Children Suffering from Malaria". Basel. 2009-01-27
Qiagen. (1/27/09). "Press Release: Qiagen als »ausgewählter Ort im Land der Ideen« ausgezeichnet". Hilden. 2009-01-27
BIG Bremen. (1/27/09). "Pressemitteilung: Patentvermarktung neu aufgestellt. InnoWi GmbH wird Gesellschaft der Hochschulen – BIG Bremen zieht sich nach erfolgreicher Startphase zurück". 2009-01-27
Graffinity Pharmaceuticals GmbH. (1/26/09). "Press Release: Graffinity and Élan Launch Fragment-based Drug Discovery Collaboration". Heidelberg. 2009-01-26
Qiagen. (1/26/09). "Press Release: Qiagen Announces new President for Qiagen Japan". Venlo & Tokyo. 2009-01-26
Qiagen. (1/26/09). "Press Release: Automated Solutions Available from Qiagen for Entire Laboratory Workflow". Palm Springs, CA. 2009-01-26
Peqlab. (1/26/09). "Press Release: Multi OneTouch Filter Tips – the perfect Tip with no Compromises". 2009-01-26
Bruker Daltonics. (01/26/09). "Press Release: Bruker Installs State-of-the Art, High-Field 12 and 15 Tesla FTMS Systems at the Leiden University Medical Center Proteomics Facility". Billerica, MA. 2009-01-26
AC Immune S.A.. (1/26/09). "Press Release: AC Immune Shapes Its Future as World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2009. CHF 40 Million Raised in Successful Round C – Key Appointments of Chief Financial Officer and Chief Medical Director". Ecublens. 2009-01-26
Roche. (1/23/09). "Press Release: MabThera Receives Positive Opinion in Europe for First-line Treatment for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia". Basel. 2009-01-23
Roche. (1/23/09). "Press Release: Foundation-laying Ceremony for new R&D Building at Roche Basel". Basel. 2009-01-23
Merck KGaA. (1/23/09). "Press Release: Oral Investigational Treatment Cladribine Tablets for Multiple Sclerosis Significantly Reduced Relapse Rate in Phase III Pivotal Trial". Darmstadt. 2009-01-23
Millipore Corporation. (1/23/09). "Press Release: David Newman, Millipore Director of EHS & Sustainability, to Present on Millipore’s Energy Program at Interphex 2009". Billerica, MA. 2009-01-23
Protaffin Biotechnologie AG. (1/23/09). "Press Release: Protaffin AG Granted Patent in EU for Lead Anti-inflammatory Product PA401". Graz. 2009-01-23
CovalX AG. (1/23/09). "Press Release: Mario Hochstrasser Elected to the Board of Directors of CovalX AG". Zürich. 2009-01-23
Qiagen. (1/22/09). "Press Release: Qiagen and Applied Biosystems Settle all Disputes over Real-time PCR Thermal Cylcer Patens. Rotor-Gene™ Q now fully »Licensed Real-time Thermal Cycler« for all Molecular Research and Diagnostic Applications". Venlo. 2009-01-22
Epigenomics AG. (1/22/09). "Press Release: Sysmex and Epigenomics AG Announce Strategic R&D Collaboration in Colorectal Cancer Diagnostics". Berlin & Kobe. 2009-01-22
Roche. (1/22/09). "Press Release: Roche NimbleGen Microarray Technology Enables the Highest-resolution Map of Human Genome Copy Number Variation". Madison, WI. 2009-01-22
Novartis AG. (1/22/09). "Press Release: Novartis Launches Extavia®, a new Therapeutics Option to Help Patients Combat Devastating Symptom of Multiple Sclerosis". Basel. 2009-01-22
Roche. (1/21/09). "Press Release: RoActemra Approved in Europe to Treat Patients Suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis". Basel. 2009-01-21
Novartis AG. (1/21/09). "Press Release: Four Innovative Novartis Medicines for Cancer, Asthma, High Blood Pressure and Wet AMD Approved in Japan". Basel. 2009-01-21
Scienion AG. (1/20/09). "Press Release: Scienion Appoints Günter Bauer as CBO". Dortmund & Berlin. 2009-01-20
Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.. (1/20/09). "Press Release: Teva and Lonza Announce Strategic Partnership to Become a Leading Global Provider of Biosimilars". Jerusalem & Basel. 2009-01-20
MorphoSys AG. (1/19/09). "Press Release: MorphoSys Provides Update on Pipeline Activities in 200901/19/2009. MorphoSys to Accelerate the Expansion and Advancement of Its Proprietary Pipeline". 2009-01-19
Intercell AG. (1/19/09). "Press Release: Intercell Signs Exclusive Agreement for Marketing and Distribution of Its Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine in Japan and Korea". Vienna. 2009-01-19
Qiagen. (1/19/09). "Press Release: Qiagen Appoints new Head of Global Regulatory Affairs. Tom Clement to Direct and Execute Enhanced Strategy for Expanding Scope of Regulatory Approvals for Molecular Diagnostic Products". Venlo. 2009-01-19
Caprotec Bioanalytics GmbH. (1/19/09). "Press Release: Caprotec Bioanalytics Announces Launch of New Products for Research and Drug Development". Berlin. 2009-01-19
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (1/19/09). "Press Release: HiperScan GmbH Sets New Standards in Near Infrared Spectroscopy (NIR) Analytic". Dresden & Bonn. 2009-01-19
november AG. (1/16/09). "Press Release: november AG Neunmonatsergebnis. Stabilisierung der Unternehmensgruppe deutlich vorangeschritten". Erlangen. 2009-01-16
Novartis AG. (1/15/09). "Press Release: US Department of Health and Human Services Awards Novartis USD 486 Million Contract to Build Manufacturing Facility for Pandemic Flu Vaccine". Basel. 2009-01-15
Fujifilm Corporation. (1/15/09). "Press Release: Fujifilm Acquires Russian Distributor of Its Medical and Imaging Products. Establishing Overseas Local Subsidiaries in BRICs". 2009-01-15
Jado Technologies GmbH. (1/15/09). "Press Release: Jado Technologies Announces Departure of CEO". 2009-01-15
DxS Ltd.. (1/15/09). "Press Release: DxS Expands in US with Appointment of Jane Papdaki-Markley as Sales and Marketing Director for North America". 2009-01-15
High-Tech Gründerfonds Management GmbH. (1/15/09). "Press Release: High-Tech Gründerfonds Realizes Successful Partial Exit – Strategic Investors Strengthen Natural Product Lead-discovery Company InterMed Discovery". Bonn. 2009-01-15
Merck KGaA. (1/14/09). "Press Release: New Data Reinforces Consistent Efficacy Profile of Erbitux in First-line mCRC Patients with KRAS Wild-type Tumors". Darmstadt. 2009-01-14
Roche Diagnostics. (1/14/09). "Press Release: Roche Diagnostics Announces Agreement with Hannover Medical School for Growth-differentiation Factor-15 (GDF-15) Cardiac Test". Rotkreuz. 2009-01-14
Biofrontera AG. (1/14/09). "Press Release: Biofrontera AG Places a Capital Increase". Leverkusen. 2009-01-14
Bruker Daltonics. (01/14/09). "Press Release: Bruker Daltonics Announces Order for 51 Mass Spectrometers". Billerica, MA & Yokohama, Japan. 2009-01-14
Micromet, Inc.. (1/13/09). "Press Release: Data Published in Nature Cell Biology Reveal novel Function of Drug Target EpCAM in Cancer Cell Signalling". Bethesda, MD. 2009-01-13
Merck KGaA. (1/13/09). "Press Release: Merck KGaA and Apitope Announce Licensing Agreement on Novel Peptide Therapeutics for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis". Darmstadt. 2009-01-13
Apitope Technology (Bristol) Ltd.. (1/13/09). "Press Release: Apitope and Merck Serono Announce Licensing Agreement on Novel Peptide Therapeutics for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis". Bristol & Hasselt. 2009-01-13
Novartis AG. (1/13/09). "Press Release: Afinitor® Phase II Trial Results positive Results in Patients with Advanced Gastric Cancer after Failure of one or more prior Treatments". Basel. 2009-01-13
Novartis AG. (1/13/09). "Press Release: New Study first to Confirm Sandostatin® LAR® Controls Tumor Growth in Patients with rare Gastrointestinal Tumors". Basel. 2009-01-13
Definiens AG. (1/13/09). "Press Release: Definiens Forms Strategic Partnership with Tessella. Tessella and Definiens Partnership Delivers a Seamless Service for Large-scale Integration of Image Intelligence Technology into the Enterprise Infrastructure". 2009-01-13
Febit Holding GmbH. (1/13/09). "Press Release: Febit Appoints Heinz Blunier as COO. Febit Today Announced the Appointment of Heinz Blunier to the Newly Created Position of Chief Operating Officer". 2009-01-13
Allianz Global Investors Deutschland GmbH. (1/13/09). "Pressemitteilung: cominvest wird Teil von Allianz Global Investors Deutschland". 2009-01-13
Qiagen. (1/12/09). "Press Release: EU Launches Project to Improve In-vitro Diagnostics. Qiagen led-consortium to Develop Standards for Patient Sample Processing in Order to Facilitate the Discovery and Prediction of Diseases". Venlo. 2009-01-12
Scienion AG. (1/12/09). "Press Release: Scienion Launches Microfluidic sciSWIFTER – Joint Commercialization with Matrical Bioscience". Dortmund & Spokane, WA. 2009-01-12
Micromet AG. (1/12/09). "Press Release: Micromet Enters into Agreement for Solid Tumor BiTE Antibody with Bayer Schering Pharma AG". Bethesda, MD. 2009-01-12
Bayer. (1/12/09). "Press Release: Exclusive Licensing Option for Solid Tumor Antibody". Berlin. 2009-01-12
HS LifeSciences AG. (1/12/09). "Press Release: HS LifeSciences AG Announces the Establishment of QureInvest AG". Zürich. 2009-01-12
Peqlab. (1/12/09). "Press Release: peqPOWER Power Supplies – Perfect Quality for Daily Use!". 2009-01-12
Millipore Corporation. (1/12/09). "Press Release: Millipore Corporation Supports President-elect Obama’s Plan to Review Stem Cell Research Policy". Billerica, MA. 2009-01-12
Biobase GmbH. (1/10/09). "Press Release: Launch of BKL Plant and ExPlain Plant". 2009-01-10
Wilex AG. (1/9/09). "Press Release: UCB and Wilex to Enter into Strategic Alliance to Develop UCB’s Preclinical Oncology Portfolio". Munich & Brussels. 2009-01-09
Millipore Corporation. (1/8/09). "Press Release: Millipore Welcomes new Bioscience Division President. Jon DiVicenzo Officially Assumes new Role". Billerica, MA. 2009-01-08
Eppendorf AG. (1/8/09). "Press Release: Visit our Virtual Lab". 2009-01-08
Mettler Toledo. (1/8/09). "Press Release: New Entry-level pH Equipment for Quick and Safe Food Analysis". 2009-01-08
Plexxikon Inc.. (1/8/09). "Press Release: Plexxikon and Roche Enter second Partnership to Develop PLX5568 for Polycystic Kidney Disease". Berkeley, CA & Basel. 2009-01-08
Bayer. (1/8/09). "Press Release: Bayer Schering Pharma Enhances Research in Cancer Imaging. Licensing Agreement with Hamamatsu Photonics K.K. Japan". Berlin. 2009-01-08
Tecan Group Ltd.. (1/8/09). "Press Release: Tecan Launches new Range of Disposable Tips for 96-MultiChannel Arm™". 2009-01-08
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