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Find below deals from the Northern German Federal States of Bremen (HB), Hamburg (HH), Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (MVP), Niedersachsen (NS) and Schleswig-Holstein (SWH). Listed are deals for this region as well as from organisations located there.

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OTHER–AMP Biosimilars: biopharmaceutical, 201506– license for biogeneric humanised MAb ABY-021 in China to mid-sized Chinese pharma company 2015-06-10
LabCorp–Sysmex: molecular diagnostics, 201506– strategic alliance of Sysmex Inostics + Covance to support personalised drug developm 2015-06-01
OTHER–AMP Biosimilars: biopharmaceutical, 201505– license for biogeneric ABY-018 in China to mid-sized Chinese pharma company 2015-05-28
Stage Cell Therapeutics–Juno Therapeutics: investment, 201505 acquisition remaining 95% for €52.5m cash upfront + 486.3k shares + €135m milestones 2015-05-11
Facio Therapies–Evotec: drug discovery services, 201504– supply screening service €na to identify drug for muscular wasting disease FSHD 2015-04-29
Univ Utrecht–Bruker Corp: mass spectrometer, 201504 supply existent UMC Utrecht has beeen using MALDI Biotyper for years 2015-04-27
Biofrontera–Maschmeyer Group: investment, 201404 DIVESTMENT Maschmeyer sells 1m remaining shares to existent institutional investors of Biofrontera 2015-04-08
AMP Biosimilars–MC Services: public relations, 201504 service existent by MC Services AG 2015-04-02
Innovative Medicines Initiative–Univ Hamburg: cancer biomarker, 201504– collab UKE is coordinating partner of CANCER-ID project 2015-04-01
Asahi Kasei–Evotec: drug discovery, 201503– supply service €na screening for inhibitors of ion channel targets 2015-03-26
Selvita–Bruker Corp: mass spectrometer, 201503 supply existent use of microflex LT MALDI-TOF MS system by Selvita 2015-03-16
MeVis–Varian Medical Systems: investment, 201412– public cash tender offer €30m with €17.5/share ANNOUNCED 2014-12-17
KWS Saat–Metabolomic Discoveries: metabolomic services, 201412– supply service 3y to study + improve KWS crops on biochemical level 2014-12-05
NEU² project–Metabolomic Discoveries: biomarker discovery, 201411– collab to identify metabolomic markers for MS with Fraunhofer IME + UKE 2014-11-20
MYR GmbH–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201410 financing round totalling €7.9m from Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund + HTGF 2014-10-31
MYR GmbH–Russia (govt): investment, 201410 financing round totalling €7.9m from Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund + HTGF 2014-10-31
MYR GmbH–SEVERAL: investment, 201410 financing round €7.9m from Maxwell Biotech Venture Fund + HTGF 2014-10-31
Deutsche Messe–Select Biosciences: European Lab Automation conference, 201410–201510 collab co-hosting of ELA 2015 + Labvolution 2015 in Hannover 2014-10-30
4 Animals AlsterScience–Hamburg (govt): investment, 201410 seed financing round from HTGF + Innovationsstarter Fonds + Business Angel 2014-10-09
4 Animals AlsterScience–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201410 seed financing round from HTGF + Innovationsstarter Fonds + Business Angel 2014-10-09
4 Animals AlsterScience–SEVERAL: investment, 201410 seed financing round from HTGF + Innovationsstarter Fonds + Business Angel 2014-10-09
SensoQuest–Eppendorf: thermal cycler, 201409– license covering gradient technology for thermal cyclers to SensoQuest GmbH 2014-09-15
Merck (DE)–S-Target Therapeutics: S-TIR technology, 201409– license excl ww €na to Allergopharma to develop antiallergics 2014-09-02
CHDI–Evotec: drug discovery services, 201409–201708 collab service extension CDHI funding up to 52 full-time scientists for Huntington’s disease drugs 2014-09-01
Univ Hamburg–Bruker Corp: MPI system, 201409 supply installation of 1st commercial MPI PreClinical system at UKE 2014-09-01
Eppendorf–Wallinger Ricker Schlotter Tostmann: legal services, 201408 Eppendorf is client of WRST with regard to gradient PCR patent litigation 2014-08-25
SensoQuest–Rehberg Hüppe: legal services, 201408 SensoQuest is client of RHP with regard to gradient PCR patent litigation 2014-08-25
Bruker Corp–F-DGSi: gas generator, 201408 supply + collab existent resale of F-DGSi gas generators by Bruker with Bruker instruments 2014-08-22
i3 Membrane–DBU: grant, 201408 existent €250k to support developm of steel-based membrane technology 2014-08-01
i3 Membrane–Hamburg (govt): investment, 201408 investment by Innovationsstarter Fonds Hamburg + HTGF 2014-08-01
IBL International–Tecan: investment, 201407 acquisition €29m in cash 2014-07-30
Qiagen–Altano Diagnostics: real-time PCR test, 201412– distribution ww of RealStar Ebolavirus RT-PCR Kit 1.0 by Qiagen 2014-07-01
Qiagen–Altano Diagnostics: real-time PCR test, 2014Q3– distribution of RealStar Filovirus RT-PCR Kit by Qiagen outside US 2014-07-01
Bruker Corp–Max Planck: mass spectrometry s/w, 201406 collab MaxQuant proteomics s/w supporting Bruker UHR-QTOF MS with MPI Matthias Mann group 2014-06-16
Merck (DE)–Sysmex: molecular companion diagnostics, 201406– collab developm + commercialisation blood-based RAS biomarker mutation status test 2014-06-01
Euprotec–Evotec: investment, 201405 acquisition 100% for £1.9m cash upfront + deferred business performace-based payment 2014-05-28
Biobase–Qiagen: investment, 201405 acquisition €na by Qiagen 2014-05-20
Eternygen–Evotec: drug discovery services, 201405– colllab identification + developm small-molecule inhibitors agianst target in metoblic disease 2014-05-06
AllPure Technologies–Sartorius: investment, 201404– acquisition of majority stake €na by Sartorius Stedim Biotech signed 2014-04-28
Biobase–Murdoch Childrens Research Institute: POSSUMweb database, 201404– distribution ww excl by Biobase GmbH 2014-04-24
European ScreeningPort–Fraunhofer: investment, 201406 restructuring of ESP becoming part of Fraunhofer IME 2014-04-23
Diana–Symrise: investment, 201404– planned acquisition €1.3b ANNOUNCED 2014-04-12
Omni Life Science–ACEA Biosciences: cell analysis technology, 201404 collab OLS is excl distributor for ACEA in Austria 2014-04-09
Omni Life Science–ACEA Biosciences: cell analysis technology, 201404 collab OLS is excl distributor for ACEA in Germany 2014-04-09
Protea Biosciences–Bruker Corp: mass spectrometer, 201404 supply + installation of UltrafleXtreme MALDI TOF/TOF mass spectrometer for MS imaging 2014-04-08
Debiopharm–Evotec: drug discovery services, 201404– collab + licensing discovery + developm of cancer drugs 2014-04-02
Convergence Pharmaceuticals–Evotec: drug discovery services, 201403– collab €na pain drug r+d with Panion Ltd 2014-03-31
Univ Oulu–Bruker Corp: mass spectrometer, 201403 supply existent UltrafleXtreme MALDI Tof/Tof listed on web site of MS Core Facility 2014-03-30
Bionamics–Evotec: investment, 201403 acquisition €na 100% against cash + future milestone payments 2014-03-24
Evotec–Reach Separations: chromatography, 201403– collab with Reach becoming technology partner providing small molecule chromatography 2014-03-19
Sysmex–Roche: PCR technology, 201402– license ww non-excl for emPCR patent portfolio to Sysmex Inostics GmbH 2014-02-21
Centogene–OMERS (CA): investment, 201402 acquisition of Centogene’s Canadian business by LifeLabs 2014-02-19
Werum–Körber: investment, 201402– acquisition of newly formed Werum IT Solutions AG by Körber Medipak 2014-02-10
LABiTec–HUMAN Diagnostics Worldwide: investment, 201401 acquisition €na of LAbor BioMedical Technologies GmbH 2014-01-30
Axel Semrau–Bruker Corp: GC/MS solutions, 201401– collab configuration + sale of automated GC/MS solutions by Semrau using SCION TQ GC/MS systems 2014-01-21
Probi–Symrise: investment, 201401– mandatory offering SEK40.1/share for all remaining shares of Probi AB after increase of Symrise holdings to 30.03% 2014-01-10
Automation Partnership–Sartorius: investment, 201310–201312 acquisition €33m in cash of TAP Biosystems Group plc by Sartorius Stedim Biotech GmbH 2013-12-16
Euroimmun–Mecklenburg-Vorpommern (govt): grant, 201312– grant €3.15m to support total Euroimmun €14m investment to expand Dassow facility 2013-12-04
MeVis–PERSON: investment, 201311 shareholding of voting rights of Carl JG Evertsz has fallen to 14.995% 2013-11-11
JnJ–Evotec: drug discovery services, 201311– collab drug target discovery for Alzheimer drugs with JnJ Innovation Centre California 2013-11-08
Thermo Fisher–Univ Utrecht: mass spectrometry, 201311– collab developm applications + appointm of A Makarov as Professor 2013-11-04
IROA Technologies–Bruker Corp: mass spectrometer, 201310 supply existent IROA uses Bruker MS for metabolomics research 2013-10-31
AstraZeneca–Evotec: kidney disease drugs, 201310– license + collab agreem €na giving AZ access to selected series of molecules to treat CKD 2013-10-21
CV genes-at-target project–Evotec: genomic drug target discovery, 2013– collab European ScreeningPort is partner in FP7 project 2013-10-15
CV genes-at-target project–Univ Lübeck: genomic drug target discovery, 2013– collab Univ of Lübeck is partner in FP7 project 2013-10-15
Bayer–Sysmex: molecular companion diagnostics, 201310– collab master agreem for developm of blood-based CDx for cancer drugs by Sysmex Inostics 2013-10-09
Sartorius–PERSON: investment, 201310 existent family of the late Horst Satorius owns 50.09% bound by last will of Horst Satorius 2013-10-09
Findeisen Laborbedarf–Omnilab (DE): investment, 201310 acquisition of Findeisen Laborbedarf GmbH by Omnilab-Laborzentrum GmbH & Co KG 2013-10-01
Indivumed–Sysmex: investment, 201309–201310 acquisition of 100% of Inostics GmbH + its subsidiary Inostics Inc by Sysmex Corp 2013-09-25
Microstim–SEVERAL: investment, 201309 financing round €500k MVP + HTGF + Fides Finanz-Invest 2013-09-17
Bruker Corp–Siscapa: SISCAPA assay technology, 201309– collab extension developm SISCAPA-MALDI workflows + installation in demo facility 2013-09-16
Evotec–Harvard Univ: drug discovery, 201309– collab €na drug discovery for ALS using iPS cells with HSCI 2013-09-12
Q-Bioanalytic–EU (govt): grant, 201309–201608 FP7 grant €670k as member of DIAGMAL project 2013-09-01
Evotec–BVF Partners: investment, 201308 capital increase €30m 11.8m new shares €2.55/share to Biotechnology Value Fund LP 2013-08-31
Omnilab (DE)–Serva Electrophoresis: electrophoresis, 201308– distribution of Serva products + reagents by Onmilab 2013-08-22
Eppendorf–Manufactus: manufacturing software, 201308– supply use of eKanban System IKS by Eppendorf Liquid Handling GmbH 2013-08-16
Axa–Klocke: investment, 201308–201311 acquisition €na of Animal Health div of Riemser Pharma GmbH + production facility in Riems by IDT Biologika 2013-08-01
Capical–SEVERAL: investment, 201307 financing Series A from M-Invest + KfW 2013-07-30
Poonawalla–Deutsche Stiftung Impfstoffforschung: tuberculosis vaccine, 201307– acquisition of rights to VPM1002 by Serum Institute of India from VPM 2013-07-23
CI3 Cluster–Avia: personalised immunotherapy, 201307 collab existent Avia Industrial Services GmbH is cluster partner 2013-07-21
CI3 Cluster–Euroimmun: personalised immunotherapy, 201307 collab existent Euroimmun AG is cluster partner 2013-07-21
CI3 Cluster–Germany (govt): personalised immunotherapy, 201307 collab existent Friedrich Loeffler Institute is cluster partner 2013-07-21
Sartorius–BlueSens: gas analyser, 201307– collab co-marketing as private label products under SSB brand BioPAT Xgas 2013-07-16
CLC bio–SciEngines: bioinformatics, 201307 collab integration of CLC sequence analysis s/w with SciEngines Rivyera computers 2013-07-09
Dow–Evotec: chemical services, 201307– collab research €na chemical proteomics services to support compound developm at Dow AgroSciences 2013-07-09
Bruker Corp–CovalX: mass spectrometry, 201306– collab ww support to combine CovalX high-mass systems with Bruker autoflex + ultraflex instruments 2013-06-06
Bruker Corp–3M: MALDI Imaging, 201306– license excl to technique for performing MS analysis on FFPE tissue 2013-06-04
Univ Hamburg–Bruker Corp: mass spectrometer, 201306 supply existent MALDI Molecular Imager used by Prof H Schlüter in FFPE prostate cancer study UKE 2013-06-04
Evotec–Harvard Univ: drug discovery, 201305– collab identification + optimisation of small molecule antibacterials 2013-05-16
Bruker Corp–SCiLS GmbH: SCiLS Lab s/w, 201305– collab excl partnership for use of SCiLS Lab s/w w Bruker MALDI Imaging solutions 2013-05-14
Univ Jena–Bruker Corp: mass spectrometer, 201305 supply Prof v Eggeling existent user of Bruker MALDI Imaging equipment 2013-05-14
Univ Jena–SCiLS GmbH: SCiLS Lab s/w, 201305 supply existent Prof v Eggeling is beta tester of SCiLS Lab s/w using Bruker MALDI Imaging equipment 2013-05-14
Evotec–Harvard Univ: drug discovery, 201304– collab target validation for epigenetics-guided cancer drug discovery Dana-Farber Cancer Institute 2013-04-30
Roche–Evotec: drug discovery services, 201304–201604 collab extension for 3 years discovery small molecule drugs for Genentech 2013-04-22
Rodos BioTarget–High-Tech Gründerfonds: investment, 201304 financing round €2.6m with Enjoy Venture + HTGF + KfW ERP Start Fund + private investors 2013-04-17
Rodos BioTarget–SEVERAL: investment, 201304 financing round €2.6m from Enjoy Venture + HTGF + KfW ERP Start Fund + private investors 2013-04-17
Monsanto–Dieckmann: seeds, 201304 acquisition €na part of European business incl rape + rye seeds by Monsanto Agrar Deutschland GmbH 2013-04-11
Univ Bremen–DFG (DE): grant, 201304– Core Facility grant 3 years up to €450k for MALDI-MULTI MALDI Imaging Core Facility 2013-04-01
Eppendorf–HB Technologies: software solutions, 201303 supply existent Eppendorf listed as life science customer 2013-03-18
Optimare–Aerodata: investment, 201303 acquisition €na of bankrupt Optimare Group by Aerodata AG 2013-03-01
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