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Find below collaborations, license and distribution agreements, grants, investments and loan agreements from Austria, Germany and Switzerland or involving organisations from these countries.

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International Council of Biotechnology Associations–VCI: biotechnology, 201407 DIB is founding member of ICBA 2014-07-10
InSphero–Protea Biosciences: tissue analysis, 201407– collab product integration LAESI molecular MS imaging with 3D InSight microtissues 2014-07-09
Sophia Genetics–Endeavour Vision: investment, 201407 financing round Series B $13.75m led by Invoke Capital + Endeavour Vision + Swisscom 2014-07-08
Sophia Genetics–Invoke Capital: investment, 201407 financing round Series B $13.75m led by Invoke Capital + Endeavour Vision + Swisscom 2014-07-08
Sophia Genetics–SEVERAL: investment, 201407 financing round Series B $13.75m led by Invoke Capital + Endeavour Vision + Swisscom 2014-07-08
Analyticon Discovery–BRAIN: investment, 201407 acquisition of majority share €na by BRAIN w remaining shares held by management + key personnel 2014-07-03
Miacom Diagnostics–Fosun: investment, 201407 acquisition of 37% share by Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical Group 2014-07-02
Seragon Pharmaceuticals–Roche: investment, 201407– acquisition $725m upfront cash + $1b milestones by Genentech ANNOUNCED 2014-07-02
AbbVie–Apogenix: TRAIL receptor agonists, 201407 aquisition of ww rights to all TRAIL receptor agonists of Apogenix by AbbVie 2014-07-01
GeneWeave–SEVERAL: investment, 201407 financing round Series B $12m from Decheng Capital + Claremont Creek Ventures + XSeed Capital 2014-07-01
Qiagen–Altano Diagnostics: real-time PCR test, 201412– distribution ww of RealStar Ebolavirus RT-PCR Kit 1.0 by Qiagen 2014-07-01
Qiagen–Altano Diagnostics: real-time PCR test, 2014Q3– distribution of RealStar Filovirus RT-PCR Kit by Qiagen outside US 2014-07-01
Santhera–SEVERAL: investment, 201407–201408 sale CHF13.4m of 200k treasury common shares at CHF66.85/share 2014-07-01
RedHill Biopharma–Wilex: upamostat, 201406– license excl ww for Mesupron outside Greater China $1m upfront + royalties of up to 30% on net revenues 2014-06-30
Medigene–SEVERAL: investment, 201406–201407 capital increase €15.9m 3m new shares + 818.7k convertible bonds 2014-06-27
GW Pharmaceuticals–SEVERAL: investment, 201406 public offering $126.3m with 1.455m ADSs at $86.83/ADS at Nasdaq 2014-06-25
Merck (DE)–Mersana: ADC technology, 201406– collab €na using Flemixer technology to develop ADCs 2014-06-24
Agilent–Bruker Corp: chromatography data system, 201406 collab product integration exchange of instrument drivers for Compass CDS + OpenLab CDS 2014-06-23
Argen-X–SEVERAL: investment, 201406–201408 IPO €41.8m 4.7m+0.2m shares at €8.5/shares at Euronext Brussels 2014-06-23
Bayer–Dimension Therapeutics: gene therapy, 201406– collab €20m upfront + $232m milestones + royalties developm of Hemophilia A gene therapy 2014-06-23
CytoTools–Instinctif Partners: public relations, 201406 service existent by Instinctif Partners 2014-06-23
CytoTools–SEVERAL: investment, 201406 capital increase €1.7m of CytoPharma GmbH incl €0.3m from >40% owner CytoTools 2014-06-23
Definiens–SEVERAL: investment, 201406 financing round €15m led by Wellington Partners + co-led by Gilde Healthcare 2014-06-23
Dimension Therapeutics–SEVERAL: investment, 201406 financing round $30m from OrbiMed + Fidelity Biosciences 2014-06-23
Paion–SEVERAL: investment, 201406–201407 capital increase €46.26m placement of 18.5m new shares €2.5/share 2014-06-18
Bruker Corp–Max Planck: mass spectrometry s/w, 201406 collab MaxQuant proteomics s/w supporting Bruker UHR-QTOF MS with MPI Matthias Mann group 2014-06-16
Florida State Univ–Bruker Corp: FTMS magnet, 201406 supply of 21 Tesla magnet for FTC-ICR MS co-designed by NHMFL 2014-06-16
Thermo Fisher–Excellims: ion mobility spectrometer, 201406 collab co-developm + product integration of MA3100 HPIMS with Orbitrap-based MS systems 2014-06-16
Univ Copenhagen–Thermo Fisher: mass spectrometer, 201406 supply existent Jesper Olsen at NNF CPR has been early-access user of Q Exactive HF system 2014-06-16
Covidien–Medtronic: investment, 201406– acquisition $42.9b in cash + shares ANNOUNCED 2014-06-15
Merck (DE)–MorphoSys: antibody cancer drug, 201406– strategic collab €na using Ylanthia to identify MAbs against immune checkpoints in cancer 2014-06-12
Genkyotex–Halsin Partners: public relations, 201406 service existent by Halsin Partners 2014-06-11
Idenix–Merck (US): investment, 201406– acquisition $3.85b cash tender offer $24.5/share ANNOUNCED 2014-06-09
4SC–Strüngmann Group: credit, 201406–201612 loan of up to €10m w 8% interest from Santo Holding (Deutschland) GmbH 2014-06-05
Genia–Roche: investment, 201406 acquisition $125m in cash + $225m milestones ANNOUNCED 2014-06-02
B Braun–CeGaT: personalised medicine, 201406 collab establishment of B Braun CeGaT LLC in Pennsylvania 2014-06-01
Saab–Bruker Corp: analytical instruments, 201406–201511 supply chemical detectors for Saab AWR system delivered to client in Kuwait 2014-06-01
Luphos–AMETEK: investment, 201405 acquisition of Luphos GmbH by AMETEK 2014-05-30
Bayer–Argen-X: antibody technology, 201405– collab use of SIMPLE Antibody platform to discover + develop therap antibodies against Bayer targets 2014-05-28
Euprotec–Evotec: investment, 201405 acquisition 100% for £1.9m cash upfront + deferred business performace-based payment 2014-05-28
GSK–Genedata: Genedata Biologics, 201405– supply + collab GSK Biopharm RnD 2014-05-28
Roche–Stratos: DNA sequencing technology, 201405– collab r+d of SBX technology incl strategic investment by Roche 2014-05-26
Stratos–Roche: investment, 201405 strategic investment in Stratos Genomics in connection with collab on SBX technology 2014-05-26
Neuway Pharma–SEVERAL: investment, 201405 financing round Series A €2.7m led by Wellington Partners 2014-05-25
Neuway Pharma–Wellington Partners: investment, 201405 financing round Series A totalling €2.7m led by Wellington Partners 2014-05-25
Affimed–SEVERAL: investment, 201405–201409 IPO $56m+$8.4m offering 8m+1.2m common shares $7/share at Nasdaq 2014-05-23
Biobase–Qiagen: investment, 201405 acquisition €na by Qiagen 2014-05-20
Merck (DE)–Sysmex: molecular companion diagnostics, 201405– collab developm + commercialisation blood-based RAS biomarker mutation status test 2014-05-19
Bayer–Boston Scientific: investment, 201405–201409 acquisition $415m of interventional device business by Boston Scientific 2014-05-15
Co.don–SEVERAL: investment, 201405 capital increase €5m 2.6m new shares €1.9/share 2014-05-15
Thermo Fisher–Evans Analytical: ionisation technology, 201405– collab developm pulsed ion source technology for glow discharge MS 2014-05-14
Locate Therapeutics–Heraeus: investment, 201405 undisclosed investment €na by Heraeus 2014-05-09
Affymetrix–Danaher: lab automation, –201405 collab product integration fully automated ViewRNA eZ Assays on Leica BOND RX staining platform 2014-05-08
ImaginAb–SEVERAL: investment, 201405 financing round Series B $21m led by Mérieux Développement 2014-05-08
Lophius–SEVERAL: investment, 201405 financing round €2m VRD GmbH + S-Refit + another existing investor 2014-05-08
Eternygen–Evotec: drug discovery services, 201405– colllab identification + developm small-molecule inhibitors agianst target in metoblic disease 2014-05-06
Anokion–SEVERAL: investment, 201405 financing round Series A CHF33m ($37.5m) led by Novartis Venture + Novo Ventures + Versant Ventures 2014-05-05
Bayer–Cenix BioScience: drug target discovery, 201405– supply research service €na RNAi-based techn to identify targets for undisclosed indication 2014-05-05
Novartis–Ophthotech: pegpleranib, 201405– excl license + commercialisation agreem outside of US 2014-05-01
OptiBioCat project–EU (govt): grant, 201405– FP7 grant €7m to develop biocatalysts for cosmetics production 2014-05-01
Quantapore–SEVERAL: investment, 201405 financing round Series B up to $35m from undisclosed investors 2014-05-01
SomPharmaceuticals–SEVERAL: investment, 201404 private placement CHF750k Series A 2014-04-29
AllPure Technologies–Sartorius: investment, 201404– acquisition of majority stake €na by Sartorius Stedim Biotech signed 2014-04-28
CytoTools–SEVERAL: investment, 201404 capital increase €2.3m of DermaTools Biotech GmbH from mother CytoTools + existing investor 2014-04-28
Merck (US)–Agenus: antibody cancer drug, 201402– collab + license up to $100m milestones + royalties use of 4-Antibody Retrocyte Display technology 2014-04-28
Sequana Medical–SEVERAL: investment, 201404 financing round Series C CHF23m ($26.2m) led by LSP with NeoMed remaing largest investor 2014-04-28
Filgen–Metabolomic Discoveries: metabolomics, 201404– distribution excl of Metabolomic Discoveries’ technologies in Japan by Filgen 2014-04-25
Biobase–Murdoch Childrens Research Institute: POSSUMweb database, 201404– distribution ww excl by Biobase GmbH 2014-04-24
Boehringer–Hydra Biosciences: CNS drugs, 201404– collab ww r+d small-molecule TRPC4/5 inhibitors for CNS diseases 2014-04-24
Clal Industries–Hyperion Therapeutics: investment, 201404–201406 acquisition of Andromeda Biotech for $12.5m in cash + 313k shares 2014-04-24
CRISPR Therapeutics–Versant Ventures: investment, 201404 financing round Series A $25m from Versant Ventures 2014-04-24
Isarna Therapeutics–SEVERAL: investment, 201404 financing round €5.5m from existing investors incl ATNewTec + Global Asset Fonds + MIG 2014-04-24
European ScreeningPort–Fraunhofer: investment, 201406 restructuring of ESP becoming part of Fraunhofer IME 2014-04-23
GSK–Novartis: OTC drugs, 201404–201503 collab establishment of OTC joint venture with Novartis owning 36.5% 2014-04-22
Novartis–GSK: cancer drugs, 201404–201503 acquisition $14.5b + $1.5b milestones of GSK oncology products + opt in GSK oncology pipeline 2014-04-22
Novartis–GSK: investment, 201404–201503 acquisition $5.25b upfront + $1.8b milestones + royalties of Novartis vaccine business excluding flu business 2014-04-22
Novartis–Lilly: investment, 201404–201501 acquisition $5.4b in cash of Novartis Animal Health Divison by Eli Lilly 2014-04-22
High-Tech Gründerfonds–Bayer: investment, 201404 investment of Bayer Pharma AG in High-Tech Gründerfonds II 2014-04-19
Daiichi Sankyo–Max Planck: drug discovery services, 201404– supply screening services by LDC using LDC + Daiichi compound libraries 2014-04-17
4SC–EU (govt): grant, 201404– €450k grant for 4SC Discovery GmbH as part of the CV genes-at-target project 2014-04-15
Biocartis–Danaher: Evalution multiplex detection platform, 201404– collab + supply co-developm + manufacturing by Invetech 2014-04-15
Essen BioScience–SFW Capital Partners: investment, 201405 strategic investment in Essen BioScience by SFW 2014-04-15
Diana–Symrise: investment, 201404– planned acquisition €1.3b ANNOUNCED 2014-04-12
Qiagen–Austrian Academy of Sciences: biomarker, 201404– license excl ww to biomarker calreticulin (CALR) from CeMM Vienna 2014-04-10
Omni Life Science–ACEA Biosciences: cell analysis technology, 201404 collab OLS is excl distributor for ACEA in Austria 2014-04-09
Omni Life Science–ACEA Biosciences: cell analysis technology, 201404 collab OLS is excl distributor for ACEA in Germany 2014-04-09
Piqur Therapeutics–SEVERAL: investment, 201404 financing round Series A extension CHF18m led by Versant Ventures with CHF11m 2014-04-08
Piqur Therapeutics–Versant Ventures: investment, 201404 financing round Series A extension totalling CHF18m incl CHF11m from Versant Ventures 2014-04-08
Protea Biosciences–Bruker Corp: mass spectrometer, 201404 supply + installation of UltrafleXtreme MALDI TOF/TOF mass spectrometer for MS imaging 2014-04-08
IQuum–Roche: investment, 201404 acquisition $275m upfront + $175m milestones 2014-04-07
Roche–Oryzon Genomics: LSD1 inhibitors, 201404–201707 collab $21m upfront + short-term milestones + $500m milestones + royalties TERMINATED 7/17 2014-04-07
Roche–Oryzon Genomics: LSD1 inhibitors, 201605–201707 collab extension developm of ORY-1001 TERMINATED 7/17 2014-04-07
Merck (DE)–Auxogyn: IVF test, 201404– license excl for commercialisation of Eeva Test in Europe + Canada to Merck Serono 2014-04-03
Debiopharm–Evotec: drug discovery services, 201404– collab + licensing discovery + developm of cancer drugs 2014-04-02
Bayer–Targenomix: plant target discovery, 201404–201903 collab 5y to discover molecular targets in plants using systems biology 2014-04-01
EcoMetals project–BRAIN: industrial biotechnology, 201404– collab BRAIN AG is industrial project partner in German-French EcoMetals research programme 2014-04-01
EcoMetals project–Germany (govt): grant, 201404– funding €4,2m from BMBF for 7 German project partners 2014-04-01
EcoMetals project–Helmholtz: industrial biotechnology, 201404– collab HZDR is lead scientific project partner in EcoMetals research programme 2014-04-01
Pierre Fabre–Affimed: antibody technology, 201404– collab use of AbCheck’s AbSieve discovery platform to discover ABs against targets of CIPF 2014-04-01
Roche–Hitachi: immunoassay + chemical analyser, 201404–202403 collab strategic alliance developm + production 10y extension 2014-04-01
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